2.4 Million Fraudulent Voter Registrations Uncovered in New York (More Than Enough)

Presidential Race Election Ballet Close Up Democrat Vs Republican

Back in 2020, as the mountains of evidence about the 2020 election were still piling up, we speculated that Donald Trump may have even won his home state of New York. A lot of people thought that we were suffering from “hopium,” or that we had perhaps gone a little crazy.

We were not wrong, though. A new peer-reviewed study has just been published proving that there are as many as 2.4 million fraudulent voter registrations on the voter rolls in New York. That’s more than enough votes to have “defeated” Donald Trump in 2020, or Lee Zeldin in the 2022 race for governor.

The research is published in the Spring 2023 edition of the Journal of Information Warfare, a publication for cyber geeks, math wizards and other types of really smart nerds. The study is titled, “The Caesar Cypher and Stacking the Deck in New York State Voter Rolls.”


The research was conducted as part of an independent audit of the NYSVoter Database. The math nerds found that every voter in New York is issued two identification numbers. Both numbers contain, according to the researchers, “steganographically concealed record attribute information.”

That’s nerd-speak for saying there is a secret code hidden in plain sight in the publicly available voter registration records. Steganography was the simple type of code that armies used to send secret messages during World War II and previously. A soldier might receive a letter that appears to be a boring letter from his girlfriend back home. But by decoding a message in the letter with a cipher, the soldier learns that his squad is supposed to sneak into the German ammo depot from the northwest and blow it up next Tuesday at 3 a.m.

Hidden algorithms are being used in the NYSVoter Database, and the researchers have already cracked the first one. It’s a simple algorithm called a ‘Caesar Cipher,’ which changes the order of a group of voter ID numbers in the database. This creates a hidden structure inside the NYSVoter Database, similar to a stacked deck of cards.

This allows the New York Secretary of State, or whatever hidden entity is in charge of the secretive, unaccountable database, to place a hidden tag on every ID that is identified as fraudulent. Those fraudulent registrations, which can only be identified by the person or entity with the correct cipher, can be pulled out of the database and used to create the exact number of fake votes needed to steal any New York election.

Just as you would pull an Ace out of a stacked deck of cards to cheat at poker, the Democrats are able to pull these tagged, fraudulent voter IDs out of the NYSVoter Database to use them to swing an election when necessary. This is not a conspiracy theory. These researchers have proven the fake registrations exist and can only be identified by mathematically cracking the algorithm used to churn out the results that Democrats want.

The researchers state, “Canvassing has uncovered cases where false votes were added to false registrations or genuine votes were erased.” The private audit of NYSVoter Database found that one completely fictitious voter—a person that does not even exist—had requested 22 absentee ballots in 2022 be mailed to a rented mailbox. And there are as many as 2.4 million of these fraudulent registrants in the system that do not exist.

Donald Trump “lost” New York to Joe Biden by 1.99 million votes in 2020. Lee Zeldin lost the New York gubernatorial race to Kathy Hochul by a mere 377,000 votes. This published, peer-reviewed research proves that both of those races could have been stolen. All the Democrats in charge of the system have to do is A) stop counting the votes when they realize they’ve lost the race; and B) let the algorithm pull out X number of fake votes and insert them into the vote totals to steal an election.

The study is behind a paywall, but you can read the abstract of it HERE.

This is the full link:


We recommend sending that link to your Member of Congress. If we can get just one or two Representatives talking about this publicly and on the record, such as Marjorie Taylor-Greene or Paul Gosar, it will shine a light on this electronic election fraud system that is probably being used in multiple states. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and when these people are exposed, they will stop using these obviously fraudulent systems.

The CEO of Dominion Voting Systems was recently heard privately saying that he believes the company’s value could go to $0 as a result of the 2020 election. This is how we will win in the end. Keep exposing the liars. Keep sharing the proof with anyone and everyone you can share it with.

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24 responses to “2.4 Million Fraudulent Voter Registrations Uncovered in New York (More Than Enough)”

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  2. I knew deep in my soul that the demonic democrats had somehow, someway stole these different elections; depending on what and where the greatest need for them to win was located….
    Now it’s finally coming to light EXACTLY how they could’ve done it….I’m not worried at all because I know that GOD is in control of every situation and will handle it the way HE wants to…

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  3. This is insane people should vote in person with an ID and once their vote is cast another vote be this person is a crime, arrest the wrong doers.

  4. Please try sending this article to as many members of Congress as you can, yourself, or publishing it in as broad a way as you can.. Some of us out here who are intensely interested in seeing something done about the problem of elections don’t have a voice and would just have our emails ignored anyway.

  5. And still those that protested our corupt elections are still in jail three years before even a trial by a Democrat judge and Democrat jury in DC, FBI hides evidence that showed that these people were not the threat but the FBI, CIA, under cover DC police and Nasty Nancy set them up for the purpose that all can see that anyone who says elections were fraud, rigged, corupt will go to prison because they own the DC court system, and NYC Court systems so they make sure their judges are in charge of all their opponents cases. Election fraud allowed to be gotten away with will be the death of America.

  6. So, voting fraud IS a real thing! We ALL knew when the vote counting stopped that something was up, and many said so – only to be shamed and all swept under the rug. My own so-called “representatives” are Democrats, deep state or not, know they probably won’t fink on their own – so guess this is a message/job for MTG. We can’t stop saying it: The 2020 Presidential election WAS highjacked by the lying, thieving Dems, but this should never, ever be allowed to happen again..

  7. EVERYBODY knew that the election was stolen. The courts knew, but denied the hearing of the evidence on the grounds of “lack of standing”. That essentially said that 74 MILLION voters had no standing to bring a lawsuit demanding accountability for the election. Why did the courts do this? Because they knew that, if the election was seriously investigated and litigated, the fraud perpetrated by the DimComs would be exposed, and there was a very real possibility that a civil war would be sparked off. In their erroneous reasoning, they believed that they were protecting the country from a civil war by refusing to hear the evidence. THEY WERE WRONG. All they did was postpone it. The DimComs absolutely knew that they had committed treasonous crimes by installing a puppet dictator into OUR White House. The voters ALL knew that, even if the election wasn’t stolen, there was at least enough evidence that the election was questionable and needed to be forensically audited in all 50 states. Just because the DimComs got what they wanted, they were uninterested in investigating the integrity of our elections. Now, here we are 3 years later, living in a dumpster fire from hell because Traitor Joe was installed instead of elected. What a crock of sh–!!!

    • More than risking a civil war by fraudulent elections of 2020 and 2022, it changed how New York was being run and kept it from being cleaned up, and actually put our entire country at risk of collapse by this DESTRUCTIVE Administration. We are handing our country over to China, destroying the lives, retirements and security of our citizens. Instead of getting ahead under Trump, we are being attacked financially, living pay check to paycheck for many. Lives are being lost to the invasion of wide open borders to illegals, terrorists, Fentanyl and other drugs that cause the death of our citizens. We have a President who apparently is raking in payoffs from enemies and corrupt regimes, for himself and his crooked crime family. Going from a very questionable $2.5 M worth during his Senate years to over $9 M after 8 years as VP. NOT POSSIBLE, EITHER ONE, if not corrupt gains. And remember the big truck that came from NY to PA during vote counting? Driver said it was boxes of ballots.
      It isn’t enough to say we don’t want to this to happen again. Of course we don’t. But this week N Korea is threatening Japan with huge “test missiles”, China is threatening Taiwan, Phillipines, Japan, and even Russia now. Our President’s son is brokering deals for China to buy copper and Cobalt mines in Africa, defeating American companies trying to buy them. Every day Biden is pounding another nail in our coffin, apparently with glee or total disregard, and he has 18 Mos to go…
      We CANNOT ignore the possibility of ousting this treasonous, nasty and corrupt Administration. USE IT to Declare the 20 and 22 elections corrupt and throw the elections out along with the basement coup groups resulting from it. Reinstall Trump for the remainder, plus the next term, and PROSECUTE these corrupt people with strong enough cinsequences so they don’t ever do it again. Who knows what disasters befall us in 18 Mos span if we don’t.

  8. Why is Biden still in office? How many more dishonest and unlawful things does he have to do before America says..,.ENOUGH? Before the courts say…ENOUGH? It’s time to take action. Defund the DOJ. Defund the IRS. Defund the FBI. Defund the CIA. Impeach the majority of the Biden administration. And most of all IMPEACH BIDEN.

  9. Take away the money that pays here salary and the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and IRS will dismantle itself. All the crooks will go else where for there easy money. We The People must win! The crooks have had there way to long dismantle those forces that ate against us now!

  10. The stolen election was planned by people who have no respect for any one but themselves but judgement day is coming and then Pure Justice will be passed out by The True Judge and all the secrets of men will be brought to light!!! Praise be to The Lord!!!!

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  12. When the Truth comes out the Republicans should act immediately to prove that the election was stolen and remove the presidential impersonator “Tool” that the democrat handlers put in office!

  13. I an American Citizen am FED UP with all the BS from both parties. The Democrats and their hunger for World Control and their Republican co-horts who expose their Criminality but too SPINLESS to stop them while asking for more and more donations from WE THE PEOPLE to keep their own sliver of power in the Washington DC Swamp.

  14. That is exactly what happened. The counting stopped and when the dems had lined up enough votes the counting was restarted and all of a sudden trump was losing after all the winning. Happened just as described.

  15. Drain The Swamp – then PURGE The Swamp – then examine ALL the States’ low-life bureaucracies and PURGE them too !
    The USA has already lost her balance on the REAL Scales of Justice, and so long as the Demonrats continue to get away with their criminality there will be NO CHANGE.
    Every “Alphabet Agency” – the FBI, CIA, DoJ, etc etc – ALL must be PURGED with ZERO leniency ! If they’re criminals they must be treated like criminals ! JAIL THE LOT !!
    God is not happy with the “American Swamp” – but it is down to US to fix it !

  16. V funny how the rump supporters are on here commenting that Biden needs to be locked up. Saying “How many more crimes must he commit before he gets caught?” When 45 has so many subpoenas it’s like he lives in a court room and if they can make a gold plated one he will be in a cell soon too. Lol

  17. Mark Mywords that statement you made should show you that we are right because Democrats have gone after President Trump for eight long years and have investigated him 8 long years and just look at what they do charge him with a rape that they didn’t charge him with but gave money for no rape, tax evasion businesses by James another Democrat who campaigned on getting Trump, now Stormy that was already done way back when but a Democrat DA is making up crimes as he goes along of campaign fraud , Jan 6 th set up by Democrats, Phone calls to Ukraine but now we see Biden in past clips actually making statements of impeachable offense, Russia Hoax which has been proved fake by Hillary Clinton bought and paid for fake documents, documents that President declassified that had at Mar Logo that FBI raided that had security compared to a Senator Biden having documents that he legally should not have had in many different locations with no security and no charges are filed against him. I would say to you sir that the innocent are being charged as the corupt Democrats walk Scott free, You can support a Corupt biden all you want and condemn a real true American president in Trump all you want because we are a free country at the moment but under Biden ,your man ! it will not be for much longer, as our side is the only ones being arrested or silenced right now but when you wake up your day just might be coming and don’t say we didn’t warn you corruption rots everything not just one side as you seem to think. I paid attention in history class about Hitler and the Biden Regime is doing everything Hitler did to take over the German people and kill and enslave Jews and other minorities in Germany. That is also why they don’t teach real history anymore in the brainwashing public School systems.

  18. All the trumped up charges against President Trump are merely smoke screens to occupy and entertain little minds who haven’t been able to figure out the truth yet. Simpletons!

  19. As for u mark my words trump ran this country like a business and he did great at it,better then any other president by far.MAGA

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