AOC Issues Open Threat to Fellow House Democrats

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently threatened fellow Democratic lawmakers who dared to go against her wishes by voting for a bill approved by their Republican counterparts.

In a closed-door meeting, the freshman representative made it clear in no uncertain terms that moderate Democrats could find themselves facing far-left challengers in the next election if they didn’t toe the line and do what she wants them to do.

The bill that caused the kerfuffle was the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, an odd name considering the fact that only Democrats were willing to vote for it in the first place. However, right before the vote took place, Republican members of the House of Representatives offered a “motion to recommit”, adding an amendment stating that ICE must be notified if an undocumented individual attempted to buy a firearm. Surprisingly, 26 Democrat representatives broke ranks with their party and voted for the passage of the amendment, which was then added to the new bill.

Naturally, it’s not hard to see why Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and her progressive colleagues would be furious at what they view to be a betrayal of their principles. Even Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi, who is not nearly as far-left as Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, was displeased by the embarrassment caused by the clear rift in her party. However, AOC’s threat that Democrats who vote with Republicans are “putting themselves on a list” did not pass unnoticed.

While Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omar and other progressives receive extensive news coverage, they did not in fact do anything to help the Democratic Party win control of the House of Representatives in 2018. The only reason the Democrats gained as many seats as they did in the last mid-term election was the fact that moderate Democrats stood up to represent the party in areas where Republican lawmakers typically won the majority of the vote.

Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, who won one of the closest general election contests in the United States, has made the obvious point that AOC and her cohorts need to consider what it’s like to represent a swing district. Moderate Democrats who side with far-left members of their party every single time a vote comes up are almost certain to have a very short career as voters from their districts will go for a more conservative candidate when representatives come up for election again. Given that fact, it makes sense that they are less than pleased about the idea of having to fend off not just a Republican challenger, but also a progressive primary challenger from their own party.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has clearly not thought very hard about her threat to primary moderate Democrat lawmakers who don’t fall in line with her agenda. If she did actually opt to try to oust them in the next election, there are only two possible results. One is that the progressive candidate wouldn’t get past the primaries. Not all Democrats embrace the far-left, and the odds are high that they would stick with an incumbent who has shown an ability to work across the aisle. The other possible result is that the far-left primary challenger would actually win the primary, and then get wiped out in the general election. Swing states tend to vote for reliable individuals.

The obvious party disunity caused by AOC’s recent threat won’t just affect local elections in a few years. The rift in the Democratic Party has already made national news, and moderate Republicans, moderate Democrats and independent voters can see the far-left’s hostile takeover. Voters in general prefer a sense of stability, and that is the opposite of what AOC and others like her are giving them.

~ Conservative Zone

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48 thoughts on “AOC Issues Open Threat to Fellow House Democrats”

  1. AOC is a communist, a hater of America, supported by Soris money, dishonest, terribly uneducated in facts of the laws of our Nation, has no facts on anything of which she speaks. Publicity for her is ridiculous and dangerous. She is the enemy!!!


    2. No, let’s be PERFECTLY CLEAR here!!!!!! All Dems are a threat, PERIOD!!!!!!!! I say put all of them on the firing line!!!!!!! Right along with the ‘grand master’ himself, George Soros!!!!!!

  2. AOC is a communist, a hater of America, supported by Soris money, dishonest, terribly uneducated in facts of the laws of our Nation, has no facts on anything of which she speaks. She is the enemy!!!

    1. You are so right in what you say. She is a danger to this country and it’s ideals. She needs to be gone before any more harm to our America. What a total moron she is, too dumb to realize how dumb she is.

  3. Cry baby getting eased out of her own so to speak party. She is too dumb to realize it. Keep her busy boys till you dump her out the back door.


  5. Like to see this south American p.o.s. get buried by a mac truck or a snipers Bullitt! BIATCH be dumber than a box of rocks, ugly as the butt-end of a RHINO, and as dangerous as that traitor, liar, muslim, and fake barass obuttf–k!

  6. AOC really looks like she should be wearing a Cuban military jacket as she stands with that crazed look infront of the microphone. Fidel Castro would be proud…….

    1. Good comment.
      That’s how it is supposed to work.

      But in reality, AOC is a Soros implant in the Democrap party designed to enable a global movement to systemically dismantle America.

  7. Noteriety is not the same as popularity, something aoc will find out quick enough, the same goes for omar

  8. Roger she stole money for her boyfriend, she only works for her and him, they are both felons, lock them up and i do not think a felon should not hold a public office, excuse me a democrat can see Hillary!

  9. A congressional ethics committee would bring charges against her except for one thing…….we have a Congress with no ethics!!!

  10. deport George Soros and these idiots will go away. It is past time we clean out the dirty democrat socialist.

  11. AOC is great, she is doing the correct thinking of how she will be taken down, if not before the next election at the next election. AOC is alienating all those Americans, that love this country to submit their votes for the GOP next time. There is no space for communism in the US although the Demoncrats are loud in mouth and spirit, they are at the top of the mountain now! but, its going to hurt at the drop so GOPs please take count and look at what the future is going to be if we continue to shut our mouth and don’t do anything for those real American.

  12. Her election speaks volumes about her constituency. Maybe things will change when NY collapses financially and all of those with the wherewithal leave for more friendly environments. There will be a lot of cheap houses up there and only minimum wage or welfare illegal aliens as renters. If I was in her district, I would leave now.

  13. AOC has some major mental issues. If she’s not on meds she desperately needs to be. Who is she to threaten anyone let alone people from her own party who have been in politics for years. She is somebody’s puppet and that’s a given. They pull the strings and she jumps and she says whatever they want her to say regardless of how ludicrous and just plain stupid it is.

  14. Pelosi, Ohmar,AOC, Schumer, Schift. Same on You!!!!! You work for the people, NOT your lobbyist or donors!!! All of you need to leave with treason charges for presidential harassment!

  15. HEY EVAH’BODY ! I see AOC got loose again … so now she issues a threat to the rank-n-file membership of the Democrapic Partie …. GIRL, the greatest threat to the partie is Y-O-U, THE IMMEASURABLY STUPID AOC !!! And all the while, POTUS is looking in from afar, realizing there IS no threat to “HIS SEAT IN THE WHITE HOUSE” … making him focus, rather, on HIS AGENDA for the NEXT 6 YEARS …. GO FOR IT, MR. PRESIDENT !

    ( It truly is a GREAT TIME to be an INDEPENDENT, and OBSERVE all this …LOL ! )

  16. Oh yeah!!!Talaib needs to be added to the get out of there card for behavior and language not acceptable for a US citizen elected Congress Woman!! Treason for Presidential harassment.

  17. The Democrat leadership better do something before this little snit really screws up Congress and causes major problems for Americans who thought congressmen and women were supposed to represent the peoples interests and not the personal agenda of criminal elements within the political ranks!

  18. AOC has been off her meds since moving to W. D.C. and cohorting with the 2 Islamic America Haters. She and her boyfriend need to be brought up on charges of the shell game they are playing with campaign funds. This treasonous Marxist needs to learn the Uncle Sam is not always stupid and does have the power to deal with ignorant, lying, dishonest new Congresswomen.

  19. AOC and Omar are both a threat to America and Congress. They are insane with Power. Send AOC back to her N.Y. bar where she can stay Drunk On Power and Omar should be Impeached, Arrested and Deported as an Undesirable to the U.S.

  20. That’s what you get, when you give an immature, overbearing child too much power. You get a spoiled assed little brat who thinks she is special, and will walk on anyone necessary to gain more power. Watch out America, you have created a monster.

  21. Surprised, you mean some of the Democrats CAN think and vote for the good of the country without getting permission. WOW. Cortez needs to be put in her place or removed. She needs to go back to tending bar.

  22. What does President Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have in common? They both like to sleep with a lot of women! AOC is a big-time lesbian with multiple partners, usually getting together in groups! Her subversive, anti-American lovers are Ashleigh Banfield, Ariel Gold, Angela Davis, Sonny Hostin, Michelle Goldberg and Maria Cardona!

  23. With her mouth and her threats, I’m hoping she gets her arse kicked out of the House in the next election unless she is able to do something so stupid she gets herself removed before 2020. Go AOC, keep up the crappy job you are currently doing! We love it,

  24. This woman is very dangerous!! However, she does represent a segment of the younger generation that feels they are ENTITLED to whatever they want. They throw a tantrum, threaten anyone, rant and act the fool to get what they want. It’s okay to break campaign finance laws because she’s AOC!! But in all reality she needs a time out (JAIL). There’s a old saying “a empty barrel makes the most noise” and she is proving this right. The people in her district have been CONNED and for their own sake she needs to be recalled NOW!!

  25. No such thing as a moderate dummiecrap, none of you deserve to be in Congress. Your district needs to vote you out and elect REAL AMERICANS. I understand getting rid of the Rinos, but you are the reason we have NASTY Piglousy as speaker, along with the Rinos that betray Americans all the time.


  27. Anyone who EVER votes for ANY DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party candidate or politician has already proven that they are anti-American and want the further destruction of the US. Why would ANYONE with brains want things such as transgender bathrooms, unions, criminals voting, illegal aliens, higher taxes, frivolous lawsuits, more government control, Muslim terrorism, less law enforcement, release of prisoners, total gun control and confiscation, teenage voters, LGBTQ power, BLM, AntiFa, increased racism, punishing the wealthy, a single political party forever, gay marriage, climate control and ridiculous environmental restrictions, banishment of all religions except for Islam ( and of course, Jews want Judaism which completely CONFLICTS with Islam, but go figure…..), destruction of American culture in order to push TURD WORLD cultures, reduction of private businesses to promote government owned businesses, punishment of White males, increased feminism, support for socialist governments of the world, increased support of homelessness, revoking of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, sanctuary cities, allowing more drugs and government funding of drug usage, government paid abortions on demand and many more examples of the dissembling of the US done by anti-American brainless idiots? Can ANY DemonCRAP dispute or discuss any of their party platform points, as listed above, intelligently, and without hostility?

  28. The best thing that can happen with this power hungry, overly ambitious, arrogant, under talented, B!TCH, Alexandria Occasionally-Cortex, is for her to be voted out of office by the rest of the anti-American minority voters in her district who might finally wake up to her childish, selfish, attention-grabbing antics. Or, she is found guilty of various instances of corruption and is removed by the DemonCRAP Party, but that will never happen to this high profile darling of the Party. But, sadly, these voters are too interested in getting freebies and voting for anyone, especially those of their own ethnic group or gender, who promise freebies in exchange for votes. Minorities have already destroyed the US, gleefully aided by the DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party which knows that massive invasions of anti-American minorities are their only hopes of keeping power in the future, until their evil stupidity causes the entire system to collapse within a short period of time.

  29. The DemonCRAP (socilalist/communist) Party WANTED these newly elected ethnic oriented diverse congresswomen because they thought it would invigorate their party and move it more progressive. But what the idiots didn’t plan for was HOW EFFING radical these she B!TCHES really were, and now they are starting to see that their radical anti American ideas and desires just may eventually hurt them with the more moderate, if any, DemonCRATS who may NOT want to destroy the US, but still vote that evil party anyway. Their initial delight after the November elections is starting to fade as they see the reality of Alexandria Occasional- Cortex thinks she alone runs the entire country, and we are amazed that Nasty Piglousy accepts this within that radical anti America DemonCRAP Party. We, the loyal patriotic citizens of the US are glad to see the radial progressives lose their power which is good for the US and the world. Please google a video about the Justice Democrats to see just how dangerous these ethnic minority congresswomen and their puppet handlers really are.

  30. The Justice Democrats. Are people aware of how dangerous this newly organized political organization this is? Please watch a video by Mr Reagan 03/08/19 titled “The Brains Behind AOC” found on YouTube.
    I will try to explain the background of this rapidly growing movement. There is a group called ‘The Young Turks” founded by a nasty wealthy anti American kosher kommunist by the name of Cenk Yugar. Please forgive any and all misspellings of names. He also was responsible for forming a group now known as “The Justice Democrats” along with Saikat Chararbarti, Alexandra Rojas, other socialists and advised by Corbin Trent, Zach Exley, and a man called Waleed, but all of these people are puppet masters controlling not just AOC, but wanting to take over the entire DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party through the deep selection of easily manipulated candidates who have voter appeal, but are entirely controlled by others such as these dangerous people. You can easily see that when AOC is coached, she spews The Justice Democrat line, but when she is left to answer questions on her own without prepared statements, she falls miserably and we can see he really stupid she is. So this new political group has carefully selected proposed candidates and then have funded, supported and marketed these mostly younger minority candidates who lean far left and want to change the US through liberal social legislation that are then proposed by these newly elected congress people. And of course, many young people want these new laws because they all for free housing, education, and jobs all paid for by taxing the rich. The Justice Democrats initially wanted to gain control of NY 14th Congressional District by getting AOC elected, and are now empowered with their victory and want even more power. Look at the idiocy by these newly elected especially minority DemonCRAPS just in the last 2 months to see how dangerous this anti American movement is. You can see many DemonCRAPS jumping on board this new movement, also tied into the Green New Deal which was actually written in one weekend by the Justice DemonCRAPS while AOC wasn’t even a part of it until they gave it to her. The DemonCRAP Party doesn’t even want to be center any longer, they want to be radically far left, and we can only hope that MOST loyal patriotic Americans see this and start voting with their heads to keep the US safe and free of falling into TURD WORLD SH!THOLE status.

  31. Only in America can a hate filled, egotistical, wrong headed nobody get so much attention. She is a threat to our way of life. The media needs to stop giving her undeserved attention. She thrives on it and it only serves to empower her.

  32. Let the twit keep flapping her gums – -she is talking herself right out of any political future; and let’s just make sure her “career” is a short one. She can always go back to bartending- -IF she doesn’t wind up in prison for fraud first.

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