Biden Aide Calls for Additional Internet Censorship

The fact that Bill Russo, a deputy communications director for the Biden campaign, is calling for increased internet censorship isn’t making much news. However, his assertions that free speech is destroying democracy aren’t just laughable — they’re downright dangerous.

“If you thought disinformation on Facebook was a problem during our election, just wait until you see how it is shredding the fabric of our democracy in the days after,” he tweeted. “We pleaded with Facebook for over a year to be serious about these problems. They have not. Our democracy is on the line. We need answers.”

While Russo is currently targeting political speech that he doesn’t like, particularly President Donald Trump’s comments about mail-in voting, controversial political views aren’t the only ones that will face even greater restrictions under a Biden presidency.

Far-left Democrats aren’t just looking at how to limit speech online. The entire concept of free speech is up for discussion according to Richard Stengel, who currently heads former VP Joe Biden’s transition team. In a little-noticed op-ed penned last year, Stengel talked of adding “guardrails” and restricting speech that incites hate. His definition of “hate speech” is particularly broad, as it encompasses any speech that insults or attacks people based on their race, religion, ethnic origin, and/or sexual orientation.

That would actually mean that liberal attacks on conservative Christians would be classified as “hate speech” under Stengel’s definition, but it’s hard to believe that such a rule would be enforced in this way. It’s more likely that any restrictions on freedom of speech would target those who don’t agree with Democrats.

The First Amendment is the cornerstone of American freedoms. Bill Russo, Richard Stengel, and their ilk seem to think that it’s fine for people to think the “wrong” thoughts as long as they don’t voice them aloud, but that’s not the way freedom works.

Freedom of speech, press, association, and belief means that people can not only think what they like, but also share their thoughts and ideas with others in a public setting. Some of these views might be extreme, ridiculous, controversial, or only believed by a minority of people, but it doesn’t matter. The First Amendment is clear that this is protected speech.

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44 responses to “Biden Aide Calls for Additional Internet Censorship”

  1. Biden, democrat, progressive, communist, all one and the same. they want to control the population with a iron hand as in any other communist nation. just name them and see what they are doing. In 1959 , Nikita Khrushchev, president of Russia, was at the podium in the United Nations pounding his fist and saying they would take over this country without firing a shot. Then in ’63, 70% of the crats signed into the New American Communist Party and that is what we have now in D C . The are coming out in full force and trying to turn OUR great country into a communist country. First by dumbing down Americans, thru university, ex. antifa and blm groups of young people who have been brainwashed by far left professors etc. their brains are on mush pots for the liberal “educators”.

      • Those that voted for Biden are too STUPID to know what they have done!! Anyone with any decent intelligence (very limited these days, especially in the democrat party) could see that BIDDYBOY biden is a HUGE MENTAL MESS! He will NOT be making big decisions, but his “PuppetMaster” (like obamalama had) will be doing that behind the smoke screen he puts up.

        Biddy isn’t capable of sane thought, but only of muddled, misfiring brain death. HE AND HIS ILK WILL DESTROY AMERICA IF WE LET THEM…AND WE CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN! Be Ready Americans! This is a fight that must happen should BiddyBoy be declared president! OR we will lose our Country as we know it! YOUR DECISION…

  2. We need to get more Republican professor/teachers in our schools that actually teach the constitution the way it was written. At a lot of school/ universities history is a option. It needs to be mandatory.

    • Gold he doesn’t have a clue – there are minuscule numbers of Republicans history professor in the whole country having taught 33 years universities I never saw one and I served on presidents advisory committee is cracking where is in several other companies across campus. I do believe more history needs to be taught but it needs to be taught appropriately honestly with integrity not with bias and indoctrination

    • Goldie doesn’t have a clue – there are minuscule numbers of Republican history professor in the whole country – having taught 33 years in universities I never saw one and I served on presidents advisory committee is curriculum committee & several other committees across campus. I do believe more history needs to be taught but it needs to be taught appropriately, honestly with integrity not with bias and indoctrination.

      • Goldie is EXACTLY RIGHT. America has always been a democracy and we always lived by the constitution. We have been the best country in the world. Now we being laughed at, used. Everything our President did was for America. Now its going to be reversed. this is a real shame. Can’t believe its happening here.

        • You are so right. It is despicable what has happened to our country. President Trump tried his best to do what was best for us but got defeated by a group of crooks.

          • All of this started when Obama hit office. Obama went in office with intentions to destroy the people and this country and he’s getting just what he wanted. Through Biden he will also have control behind closed doors.

    • Amen Goldie. Yesterday I turned on my computer and Microsoft News came on. First article attacked Trump claiming his accusation of ballot stuffing, cheating, etc. was a false allegation. Just like the rest of Big Tech they are joined at the hip. Their goal, get rid of all who oppose their quest to be our brain. We are supposed to listen to, and adopt, their propaganda without question. They do not know God, and someday he will tell them to depart from him, that he never knew them. They can deceive some folks, but not everyone. They can even deceive themselves, but never will they deceive God or his son, Lord Jesus Christ. Repent and join us Big Tech. Repent and join us News Media giants. Repent or face the consequences. For God has shown us your evil heart and you have angered not only us, but you have angered God and unlike us he has the power to crush you as you would crush us. His power is much greater than yours, or your god, Satan, the BEAST, the Snake, the Dragon By all names he is EVIL and you are in danger of suffering his fate! Hell is waiting for all who deny Christ, and who defy God!

      • Mr. Hardee,
        Thank you for your words! You are exactly right and I am praying so hard
        for President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence to make it through so we can continue the path of freedom send all these evils back from where they came through Jesus and Mary, the Mother of God.
        Please continue to spread your words.
        God Bless America

  3. Every day we hear lot of threatened aganist people and free speech from these COMMUNIST SOCIALISM group. If they don’t want other people who are born in AMERICA and SUPPORT the CONSTITUTION LAWS. THEN THEY DON’T DESERVE FREE SPEECH AS WELL! BEST THEY PACK UP AND GET THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA! Take everyone who SUPPORT you with you! Because it going to get ugly if you think you going to come into this country and CHANGE IT INTO YOUR TYPE OF COUNTRY! BELIEVE it! We are a FREE COUNTRY AND WE STAND UP FOR THE FLAG AND KNEES AT THE CROSS! BUT WE ALSO WILL FIGHT YOU! SO if you want to live then LEAVE ASAP!

  4. What’s she doing there?

    More specifically: If Kamala Harris truly believes that the election was fair-and-square, and that she and Joe Biden were the rightful winners, why hasn’t she resigned from her US Senate seat yet?

    If she believes she’s going to be sworn in on January 20th with Beijing Biden, why is she holding onto her current job and the power that it conveys to her? Shouldn’t she be devoting all her time to a smooth transition? For the good of her state, shouldn’t she resign immediately so that California can get to work on selecting her replacement?

    We all know the answer. She doesn’t think the election is over. She’s hanging onto her Senate seat for now, in case the Trump campaign’s numerous swing state lawsuits prevail and the results don’t go her way.

  5. I fear for my grandchildren and try to stay up-to-date with what they are learning. Many teachers have been taught that America is a dreadful country and needs to be remade. I no longer give even one dime to universities which are the bulk of the problem. We all have to stand up.

  6. Has anyone noticed we conservatives are not threatening physical harm to these crazy libs and dems? No, because we are American patriots and not like them. Biden and his “troops” are going to take away our freedoms and have intimidated us already with their agenda. Stand up true Americans and defend Trump and our wonderful country and remember, God blesses America, only if we bless Israel (Biblical). Go live in your communist countries, dems and libs, if you like socialism so much. You will see you have no control there. Why come to America for freedom from tolitarian countries and try to turn us into what you just fled from? You are crazy, crazy, crazy!!!!! Jesus Christ is my protector so harass me and see what He does.

  7. When Trump was first elected, at that time I believed that Russia, China, North Korea and/or Iran was the biggest threat to the U. S. It wasn’t long before I changed my thinking…it’s the Democratic Party. Eight years of Obama did irreparable harm to our country, and he is still doing it. The next four years under Biden will be very difficult but might wake up all those who think he is better than Trump.

  8. Joe Biden will be nothing but a puppet for the democratic socialist propaganda party, I would bet within the first year he will no longer be president the 25th amendment was brought up but not for Trump But for Biden they’re going to get rid of him and then you’re going to have Kubala Harris as president and Nancy Pelosi if she survives her reelection be in the speaker of the house which she may not but plus it would be DP. These people who Want to silence our freedom of speech over the Internet and our freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of the Second Amendment to defend America by terrorist which is mostly the Democratic Party and the bureaucrats , The news media and Hollywood but one things for sure the guy that’s pushing for big tech companies to silence us I hope his funeral expenses are paid up because there’s gonna be a lot of defecation hitting the fan no brag just facts.

  9. The BEAST is Public Enemy Number One. The BEAST is the Mouth Piece of Lucifer. It is the News Media and is world wide. Over here it is the Democrats and socialist, progressists, and Communist, and other unsavory characters who are its army. They attack all Christians, Conservatives, and any honest person. They thrive on lies and deceit and dishonesty. They had millions of unsolicited ballots sent out to dead folks and others whom have changed addresses. Then the Cheaters went to work mailing in these fraudulent ballots. They then discarded the envelopes which contained the names, addresses, verifying signatures and postal code on them. Now there is no trail of evidence. Only a corrupt, dishonest Judge would allow this. If Trump’s complaint is not upheld, then we will know that even our Judges have forsaken us. We will be Slaves Without Chains, ruled by other men’s brains. Freedom will be gone, all will be lost. Our only hope will be when Jesus Christ comes back to rescue us.

    • Russell, i have been commenting on this for a very long time. He and his scheming son along with KILLERY SHOULD BE

  10. For this country to survive the next four years, there will need to be vigilantes. Once they start the process of becoming a socialist nation, there will be no way to stop it, other than a civil war. There won’t be a constitution. There is not one now as far as the libs are concerned. America get ready

  11. If America want’s to continue to be the excellent country that it has been for some very lengthy period of time, it’s leaders and all others had best put themself together and destroy the hatred coming from the ugly Dems before they destroy all of us! We can’t allow their shallow, hateful voices to have any clout in America if we want the country to continue to be the country that most of us love and care about!

  12. Biden, his aide and everyone else involved with him had best be removed from any part of Congress as they will destroy the country if they are not removed as soon as possible!

  13. biden you couse enough trouble most of the american people are sick of your lies.we do we dont want a communsit country we faught to keep our country free we dont need you to destroy leave our country go to china were you belong whit camella.blocking the internet wont stop us for beleving in freedom.

  14. They have united! Against pro freedom patriots and our GOD fearing country. We must remember that this is a spiritual battle, not against flesh and blood but against principalities wanting to destroy us. Prayer and fasting one meal per day until election results. Suggestion.

  15. Censor Bill Russo and Richard Stengal as they have nothing but hatred for America but I know so do most social medias. We all need to phase out of Google, Twitter and facebook. They served their true purpose for a short while now we need to leave. Hate speech has always come from the Democrats and left and now we have to continually hear/read their rhetoric. No Thanks .BYE BYE

  16. In the 1920s and 30s the first thing that the nazi party did was control the newspapers and take away the guns…they created their goon squads of brown shirted thugs with clubs that would threaten you..then beat you and then set fire to your house or business….schools were taken over with indoctrination propaganda and spies were planted every where…then certain books were banned and burned like the bible…this is how the nazi party came to power….sound familiar…

    • Get rid of Biden and Harris and the lying, cheating, communist/socialist goon squad, (Soros, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Clintons, Obamas, and their power-hungry tribe of puppets), before they destroy our country completely. Remember that the evil, scum bag Nazis’ LOST in the end. EVIL ALWAYS LOOSES! GOD IS IN CHARGE NOT THE DEMOCRATIC GOON SQUAD.

  17. They have packed every Government Agency including the Department of Education, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, and the FCC. The news media and the super rich $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Billionaires $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ of the world have joined Satan in their quest to gain control of the masses. They consider themselves the Elite, and we are the peons, peasants, serfs, or Slaves. We are at best second, or third class, servants, workers, created for their amusement. They use subliminal messages, and a repetition of their lies thinking we will succumb to their ideology because we are weak minded and inferior to them. That makes they racists, dictators, and Democrats!

  18. The people of America need to learn to stop being sheep. We are at a place and time that there is only one choice. We have to take the same stance our forefathers did. Either we stand together or we shall all hang separately. Prayer and fasting can get you into the right mindset, but we have to take the next step on our own. It falls to this generation to take our country back by whatever mens necessary.

    • Yes, we need to take action because most of the so called Republicans are bought and blinded as well.
      Pray, fast and MORE!
      Stop the diaper mask face insanity
      Say no!!!
      Keep churches open!
      Write letters bishops, priests, press the legislatures, keep the normal people rallies
      Donate to the President Trump and Vice President Pence defense funds.
      Keep pressing, praying, keep talking and reading.
      Seek the TRUTH and get it!
      Turn off the evil media if all kinds
      Protect your family and respect it
      Stay STRONG, always be a support!!
      Actually Make America Holy and Real Again!

  19. Yes. It’s not good to scare people but it is always good to be prepared for anything and everything. Never forget the name GOD gave to Abraham. It will always be with you. Always.

  20. How anyone can believe that Joe Biden was fairly elected is beyond me. No platform and no campaigning and more than 75,000,000 million people voted for him. I will never believe there are that many communist leaning people in our great Country, What is happening makes no sense. They think the American people are stupid. I’m not smart enough to have the answer to our problem. Maybe someone will shed some light on all the corruption that the media and democrats are forcing down our throats. Vented enough.

    • I agree-said the same thing.
      It makes no moral, legal, ethical sense whatsoever.
      I actually feel stupid, but I realize it is a dysfunction, a sinful manipulation of dignity and respect of humanity. It is completely EVIL!!!!
      I don’t get how their families can let this happen. It’s elder abuse!!!!!
      There is not an ounce of honesty!
      How do the spouses sleep at night?

  21. Who would have imagined that Biden’s deputy director of public affairs is convinced that free speech destroys democracy; and requires increased censorship on the Internet?This degenerate seriously thinks that real democracy is when they tape people mouth and ears with tape, cover their faces with a mask, a chain on their necks and this is democracy?

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