CNN Drops Out Of Top 25 In Ratings Freefall

The once vaulted CNN has entered a death spiral that has experts speculating whether the organization will clean house or close its doors.

Having become synonymous with the term “fake news,” the extreme liberal media outlet has been on a rabid, Trump-hating streak since predicting Hillary Clinton could not lose the 2016 presidential election and lost, big league. So taken aback by the stinging defeat Republicans handed the left that CNN stooped to such lows as tweeting out misleading photos of the inauguration attendance, professing with near certainty the president would be impeached due to the Russia probe and continued grandstanding in televised press briefing. Ratings declined.

After an early May barrage of porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer being on air a whopping 57 times in 30 days in an effort to embarrass the president, viewers handed the network a 20-point shortfall. The lawyer’s firm recently filed for bankruptcy.

With the final May ratings coming in June 1 — CNN’s 38-year anniversary — not a single show was listed in the top 25. Apparently, America has spoken. CNN equals fake news.

How Other Networks Compare

Before engaging in a comparative analysis between CNN and other networks, the Turner Broadcasting System product may want to check its powder against its own rating.

From May 2017 to May 2018, the network suffered a head-spinning 29-point drop. Given that 2017 was a dip from 2016, this ship can only take on so much water before it sinks. Some of the more edgy websites are running headlines that include: “Is CNN Permanently Closing Their Doors After a Ratings Plunge of 30 Percent?” Probably not.

But consider that this once-revered news outlet enjoyed slogans such as “The Most Trusted Name in News,” “The World Leader in News,” and “Facts First.” These are some true cable news facts CNN may find uncomfortable:

  • Compared to the same period in 2017, CNN suffered a 25-percent decline in primetime viewers.
  • CNN no longer has a “breakout star” in any hour.
  • Anderson Cooper 360 remains the network’s highest ranked show at No. 26.
  • All of the Top 25 shows garnered 1 million of more viewers.
  • Anderson Cooper 360 garnered only 888,000 viewers.
  • Anderson Cooper 360 is CNN’s only Top 30 show.
  • Fox News’ Sean Hannity ranked No. 1 with 3,261,000 viewers, more than tripling Anderson Cooper 360.
  • MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show ranked No. 2 with 2,627,000 viewers, tripling Anderson Cooper 360.
  • Fox News Network earned 7 of the top 10 highest rated news shows.
  • Comparing CNN to all cable-ranked networks, it was No. 12, falling behind both HGTV and Investigative Discovery.
  • CNN ranked last among cable news networks with a total daily viewership of only 654,000.
    In terms of consistency, Fox News has been the most-watched daytime and primetime cable news network for 197 consecutive months. When considering every cable TV station, only TNT outpaced Fox News in May, due to NBA playoff ratings that far exceeded expectations.

    Fox & Friends has enjoyed the No. 1 spot in its time slot for 199 consecutive months. Even though MSNBC held its own in May, Fox News outpaced all others with a primetime viewership that averaged 2.381 million. MSNBC came in at 1.384 million and CNN a distant 835,000.

    CNN Suffers A “Zucker” Problem

    Since the Pres. George W. Bush-era, CNN has been steadily leaning left — and its attention to fact-based reporting has been in decline. Putting some of the angriest far-left zealots on the front lines of its reporting corps has effectively unmasked its inherent bias.

    But the trend from news reporting to left-wing propaganda took a hard turn under the leadership of Jeff Zucker in 2013. Coming over from NBC Universal, Zucker was apparently given a long leash at CNN. This idea ran contrary to even liberal insiders such as communist Maureen Dowd at the New York Times.

    “How does Jeff Zucker keep rising and rising while the fortunes of NBC keep falling and falling? …many in the Hollywood community have always regarded him as …a network Napoleon who never bothered to learn about developing shows and managing talent,” Dowd reportedly said.

    Dowd goes on to say that a “honcho at another network” explains that “Zucker is a case study in the most destructive media executive ever to exist… You’d have to tell me who else has taken a once-great network and literally destroyed it.”

    As case studies go, Zucker has thrown all semblance of journalistic integrity to the wind. Under his so-called “leadership,” host Don Lemon held up a Confederate Flag on-air with the N-word painted across it in 2015. He’s still with CNN. Also in 2015, CNN host Fredricka Whitfield called the gunman who killed Dallas police officers “courageous and brave” on the air. She still works for CNN.

    These days, the few viewers CNN has remaining are subject to White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s temper tantrums and political analyst April Ryan talking about street fights with the White House press secretary. It’s a side show. But who would really know, viewers have abandoned ship.

    ~ Conservative Zone

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    23 responses to “CNN Drops Out Of Top 25 In Ratings Freefall”

    1. The liberal MSM (the anti-conservative anti-Trump opposition party) has come full circle with their leftist ideology…Even this country’s beloved TIME magazine has joined the war cry against Trump…TIME magazine has now engaged themselves with leftist propaganda journalism if favor of the Democrat party as supported by the Trump opposition haters…That being said TIME magazine should be boycotted for it too has joined the ranks of the other “fake” news media conglomerates…each trying to outdo the other when it comes to disparaging Donald Trump and his presidency….If it weren’t for Donald Trump these leftist news groups would be out of business…As with the Denver “commie” Post their pages are filled with Trump’s name…you hardly can turn the page without reading the name “Trump” some where in their columns…Apparently the insertions of Trumps name is what’s keeping the MSM alive…other wise they’d all be filing for bankruptcy.

      • Few should doubt CNN & MSNBC are extraordinarily hostile & antagonistic towards President Trump. Their negative commentary is unparalleled in journalistic, political, history. In so doing, they illuminate their own bias, progressive advocacy. In short, disingenuous, intertwining undertones to subvert Trump only marginalizes CNN & MSNBC!

    2. The only ones who are watching CNN are in the airport. That’s only because they can’t change the channel. When will the airports actually get to put up Fox News?

    3. It is amazing CNN has gone into the toilet but you look at there line up, I doubt any one good get a job except maybe at MSNBC. They are also failing. When you go from reporting the news to faking news and actually lying on the air and the cussing they do should have been taken off prime time and put on midnight to 4 AM and then go silent the resto of the time. When you get in bed with the democrat party that will do it. MSNBC is following closely.

    4. I have never watched CNN. I gave up on ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ESPN and all the rest of MSM. Now, let’s as Conservatives stop supporting Progressive Insurance(No more FLO) a George Soros owned insurance company obtaining your info thru selling insurance and even Disney has made that hard left turn too! Let’s stop supporting David Hogg’s since George Soros is bank rolling him too so they can get our guns. Let’s never forget Obama and the damage he has caused our great country.
      We as voting Americans must be smart about not being dragged into the D & R behind names. Let’s do our research and vote the very best person for this country into office. One that will help and continue to love America!

    5. CNN does not obey the law of: “Conservation of information.” It is falling into a black hole.

      sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

    6. CNN gets worse every year, and the COLLAPSE in its ratings just proves the public can tell. If the network didn’t have “captive” audiences in all those airport lounges, where CNN snagged exclusive contracts back in its heyday, their ratings would be SO bad they’d have to close down and go off the air — or fire everyone and start again with a whole new roster of on-screen “talent” and producers as well. It’s hard to believe ANY network could be WORSE than MSNBC, but CNN has broken new ground in LOUSY reporting, WORSE “reporters,” and DENSER management. How long will it TAKE those idiots to see what they’re doing wrong?

    7. cnn, Using Lower Case, is my way of showing just how Irrelevant they’ve become. … . In fact, I cannot look back, past IRAQ reporting in the early 1990’s, when they’ve been Relevant . … .

      I Despise the way, Hate towards President Trump, is spewed about on a Regular Basis, that there’s so much this Network could be, and under the current leadership, will never achieve. … . The mere fact, the likes of Don Lemon, who outed himself, as a Gay Man, which no one really cares about, has been adorned, as the one to watch, but why. … ?

      cnn, The Fake News Creator, is or soon will be totally Irrelevant, leaving room for another New Network to Rise up and into the Top Rankings. … .

      Should we soon be writing the Obituary for cnn . … ? Yeah, Why Not, after all, they’ve done all but place the last nail in the Coffin of Journalism . … . And, while we all cannot wait for that Final Broadcast of cnn, we’ll just have to wait and see. … .

    8. The problem for the lefties is they do not have the numbers the conservatives have. We outnumber them and we are the ones who buy things and spend money. ust a valid point on economics as CNN is proving. I find it interesting that a business of any kind will get into politics especially one pedaling news. They do stand out as propagandist and that point to me became clear in the election of 2016. Even though these morons bombarded all of us with the fact that Hillary was the winner we still voted against her and everything she and Bozo stood for. And surprise, their clear proclamation of her position turned out to be bogus. That was when I truly knew the media lied. It was also when I knew we were being treated like mushrooms and fed their BS. So I believe very little that I read these days and have found some solid sources of information but I balance them all out and see if any concur. I do believe nearly all sources these days are biased with only a few exceptions. Pretty sad truth!

    9. I’ve never watched cnn and haven’t watched ANY cable OR network tv for over 8 years…3 years ago I dropped netflix…
      I wish I could convince EVERY one to do the same…cnn will never go off the air because soros or suckerbird or some other fascist will bail them out…

    10. If the Clintstones/Communist News Network wants to become a believable network again, they must first FIRE Zucker, Acosta, Whitfield, Lemon and any of those blatantly democommie so-called reporters immediately. Then they must completely reorganize and start reporting the REAL truth in an unbiased, objective manner. I realize this would be an extremely novel position with today’s bleeding heart, Trump hating, completely biased media and would be met with anger and hostility from the democlowns and their lemmings. However, if they want to become viable again, somebody in that organization needs to grow some marbles and fix this debacle immediately. Real, truthful, fair, unbiased reporting will be the only way to get viewers back. GET THE CLUES!!

    11. You have to admit, CNN was fun to watch on election night. Between them and MSNBC I don’t know which one gave me the most laughs. Other than that night however there is absolutely no reason to watch either network unless you don’t want to hear any positive news concerning Donald Trump. The people doing their shows are like clowns in a circus. Every one of them make you laugh until you become so disgusted you just have to say enough is enough and go back to FOX. Where do they find these clowns, not only the hosts, but the guests too. This Zucker fool should be blacklisted and never able to work in the news field again.

    12. Go to YouTube and find the videos that show CNN staging stories and actually using their own people as victims and props and telling us it’s real news.

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