COVID-19 Relief: Wealthy Democrats Played Politics While Americans Died

During one of the darkest hours in recent history, wealth Democratic Party leaders blocked a coronavirus relief package twice so that they can line it with corrupt payouts to their liberal elite cronies.

“The Democrats put partisan interests ahead of what’s good for the nation by blocking the cloture vote this evening to proceed on the CARES Act,” Jobs Creator Network president Alfredo Ortiz reportedly said. “Millions of small businesses and employees around the country need the relief that this bill offered.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took advantage of a rare opportunity. Several GOP Senators are under self-quarantine after being exposed, and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul recently tested positive for COVID-19. Republicans did not necessarily have a majority with several sidelined. That gave Democrats voting power, and they seized the moment to deny everyday Americans relief.

Pelosi and Schumer demanded the COVID-19 relief package be stuffed with pork spending for their radical left-wing base. They are also using a smokescreen that the delay is about increasing individual payouts. Before Congress voted to pass the final bill, Pelosi rolled out a suspect wish list that puts money in the pockets of traditionally left-wing organizations under a phony COVID-19 banner. These are some highlights:

  • PBS: $300 million
  • Migrant & Refugee Assistance: $300 million
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (climate change): $33.2 million
  • John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: $35 million

“The Democrats want the Virus to win? They are asking for things that have nothing to do with our great workers or companies. They want Open Borders & Green New Deal,” President Donald Trump tweeted. “They have to get together and just stop with the partisan politics, and I think that’s happening. It is about putting our great workers and companies BACK TO WORK!”

Tragically, this money could be added to the checks the Trump Administration proposed to keep working people afloat until the crisis subsides. The Jobs Creator Network also criticized the pair of multi-millionaire Democrat leaders for failing to act swiftly and use a direct pipeline into the pockets of working families and small businesses.

“Small businesses will know who is to blame for holding up the loans and grants they require to stay operational and pay their employees. April 1st is right around the corner and in the real world that is when rent, car, and mortgage payments are due,” Ortiz said. “Ordinary Americans need the checks that the CARES Act would provide now, not a month or two from now. Millionaires like Pelosi and Schumer obviously don’t need to worry about these concerns facing their constituents.”

There have been outrageous negotiation holdups with Senator Schumer. He was refusing to allow his constituency to move the relief package forward until measures were put in place to add regulations and expenses to the already devastated airline industry over its “carbon footprint.”

“They ought to be embarrassed,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said. “This is no time for this nonsense.”

When all of this is over, Americans will never forget what the Democrats did while the world burned.

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60 thoughts on “COVID-19 Relief: Wealthy Democrats Played Politics While Americans Died”

  1. Demorats playing political games. Not a shocker. If you’re a demotard, you play (dirty) politics. It’s what you do. Democraps love to fund these worthless griffters. B Hussein Oblamer’s first relief package during the GFC (great financial crisis) was $700b to solar energy (went out of business), teachers unions (for contributions) and shovel ready jobs (that were not). Then, of course, they lie that they’re holding up current bill because it’s not “worker friendly”. Lying, It’s also what they do.

    1. To Nazi Nancy, Hook nose German Jew hater Charles Chuck, money, power, corruption means more than human lives do, This Jew is voting for DJT.

      1. You nailed it on these 2 for sure! These 2 and a host of other demoncRATS are the scourge of our country! Just look at them, almost every damn one are crooked as a dogs hind leg! We need to replace every damn one as humanly possible! Vote them out or have them thrown out, we the people have the power to do that! This is serious business, the future of America as we know it depends on how many of these THIEVES WE SEND PACKIN!

      2. Pelosi gave JFK performing arts 35 million last relief and the arts stopped working right prior to relief or immediately after. Performing arts are good but not a priority. The issue right now is people need food and shelter and they need their businesses to provide for their families not entertainment for the elite. Using common sense protection we can help keep businesses open.

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

      1. if the Democrats win all three houses of government Americans will lose everything.. They will turn us into a communist country like Russia and China and others like them.. Where the super rich democrat’s control the USA and we American’s are the peasant’s are poor baggers begging in the streets.. If They control all 3 houses of government.. they will yake away all our constitutional right.. free speech.. the right to bear arms.. the right to real peaceful demonstration’s.. Anyone who speaks up or protest will be shot dead or life in prison. Look up what China did to peaceful protestors in tinman square in China.. China shot and killed ever one who was protesting against the Chinese government .. that’s what democrats will turn America into.. once that done America will longer be a free country..


  2. Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of the Dim Gang need the BOOT! This is ridiculous to say the least. I just hope people remember all this come November. KAG 2020!

  3. It is time for Americans to become responsible to themselves and every other American by voting the democrats out of office. They have proved over and over and over again that they do NOT have the interests of the American people at heart. Their only interest is to resist the PResident of the United States when they KNOW he has done a good job. They are controlled by George Soros and want globalization where the very rich will control food, water, fuel, guns, medical attention and every other right we have. Vote Republican across the board in November. It is paramount to maintaining your freedom and your rights.

    1. You are right, TRUMP is refusing to spend 1 billon dollars on ventolators to help keep people with coronavirus alive because it is too much money. I’m sure allot of them are those Dumbass DEMOCRATS so why should the American tax payer have to waste their money on CRAP like that. In this case God is not charge, TRUMP is!! My only hope is that one of your family member is not among those who are DESPERATELY in need of a ventilator and being told that there no machines are available. I AM SURE THAT THIS THE DEMS FAULT AS WELL. JUST SAYING!!

      1. Hey stupid Frank didn’t you get the info where getting free ventolators from American company’s as soon as the can make them .You dipshift democrat .

        1. Hey Frank If your not a dem you sure do sound like one , but as they say if the shoe fits then. Wear it.
          ALL the ventilators will be made right here in America.

      2. I don’t know where you got that info. But I will say this states like michigan,california,Michigan,, York , etc, refused PPE,FIELD HOSPITALS, AND THREATEN AND FIRED DOCTORS WHO HAD THE MEDICATIONS TOO S A VE PEOPLE.. HYDROXYCHORQINE , AMA, SAID IT NOW A LIFE Saver. A.long with resiv can’t spell it.. doctors here were told if you write a prescription for that penny a pill hydroxy WE THE DEM O CRATS WILL PULL YOUR MEDICAL LICE NSE. CAL8FORNIA,TEXAS DOCTORS WERE DISMISSED FOR EVEN SAYING IT WAS A LIFESAVER

  4. The GOP, need too really GET BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP, 100%, or else face reality about LOOSING OUR COUNTRY!, RINO’S need too be REPLACED, with REAL TRUE LEADERS. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  5. The question today is will “Speaker Pelosi pass the bill ,today in the House or throw another ‘monkey wrench in it and delay the payments today to we the American people , again”????? You ever get the feeling that she is is trying to “destroy the criminal Democrat Party Mob so they lose the 2020 election for they are going to dump her after the 2020 election no matter what happens”!! BIG SORE LOSER AGAIN!!!!!! Dump them all in the 2020 election, period!!!!!

    1. Daniel, I believe Pelosi is trying to do anything possible to keep Trump from getting reelected, even if it means destroying America or the economy. Everyone knows the only thing that would stop Trump is a destroyed economy. Pelosi thinks she can blame Trump if and when we crash and she will sweep in and take over the lives of all the poor, stupid soles. Seems she is wrong, again, since Trump;s approval numbers keep going up and hers are going down.

      1. His numbers just when down as far as I’m concerned. He will sign this despicable bill, and I will not vote for him because of it. This is why Presidents need line item vetoes. But Congress will never allow that because a conscientious President would go through their bills and veto every bit of pork.

  6. Pelosi and her state of California are nothing but a burden on the rest of the country. With any luck she will be at home in California when the San Andreas decides to sink California into the Pacific. That would take care of the Pelosi clan and the Hollywood degenerates all in one shot. I guy can dream can’t he. ???

  7. Dem demanded more oversight for the $$ sent to companies so the companies did not use the $$ for stock buy backs and executive compensation. Those oversights were already in the bill BEFORE Pelosi stuck her nose in it and potus said he also wanted those provisions in ANY bill. Why did the dems push this??? Because, in 2008 the outrageous bill they wrote and voted for did NOT include oversight and the companies did exactly what the dems are complaining about now. Obama/Biden even forced some companies to take bail out money even if they said they did not need/want it because Obama did not want companies that did take the money to look “bad”. Dems ALWAYS accuse the gop of doing the wrong things they do – collude with Russia, pay to play with Ukraine, sexual harassment, racist, etc.

  8. Yup, that is what they are….come Nov2020…
    Let us remove that end off, the Fat to be rendered and tossed

  9. To aid coronavirus testing, Nancy Pelosi asks all Americans to send a stool sample toHer address is:
    Honorable Nancy Pelosi
    1236 Longworth H.O.B.
    Washington, DC 20515
    You may also send your stool sample to Pelosi’s San Francisco office but they are already dealing with a lot of feces already from local residents. Her San Francisco address is:
    Queen Nancy Pelosi
    90 7th Street
    Suite 2-800
    San Francisco, CA 94103 her office

  10. The problem is that the brain dead dem.followers that put them in place have to face reality and change the way that they vote to get rid of these deplorable creatures . But I fear that they lack the ability to reason. These deplorable people headed by Pelosi and Schumer are a treasonous virus and the only way to get rid of a virus is to exterminate it . Arrest and prosecute the entire treasonous gang.

  11. They live in fancy homes, drive fancy cars, security guards, eat fancy meals prepared by ILLEGALS they have working for them for lousy pay, they have everything necessary for a good life, all paid for by the sweat of AMERICANS and yet they have no compassion for the AMERICAN PEOPLE who paid for all of thier gracious amenities!!! All they are concerned about is thier agenda and how much anguish they can cause TRUMP and the AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! Thier TDS hatred for Trump is disgraceful and they all need to be taken out of office for violating thier sworn oath to protect AMERICA AND AMERICAN CITIZENS, without reservation or malice, they are all traitorous individuals and should be fired from thier corrupt positions!!

  12. so far i saw 635 million $ for 300 for the refugee mean migrand 300 millon for somthing else art 35 when i would see something for the people who are retiree never we the one who put the money in there with our taxes and we don’t anything in return the health insurance increase the medication increase and the medicactions double
    the best thing would be to replace Pelosi and Shumert they dont care about the American

      1. You are 100% correct, they’re using this virus as an excuse so they don’t have to go on RECORD about how they voted! How about wear a mask and gloves…go the hell to work and PUT YOUR VOTE ON RECORD. That will definitely help me to decide who I’m voting for!! And that’s what their afraid of! Pansy Asses!

      2. 30,000.00 raise to themselves for life they were on TV all smiles.its all about spending all our taxpayers money. It’s all about the money/ power / nothing to do with helping the people.

  13. I sent an e-mail to Mitch McConnell telling him if he allowed this despicable, pork-filled bill to pass, I would hold my nose and vote for his opponent in the upcoming election. I am never again going to vote for a Republican. They have a majority in the Senate and yet here they are bowing to the wicked b*tch Pelosi and her pork. They are lily-livered, chicken sh*t, spineless A-holes. Democrats may as well run the Senate along with the House. I am outraged at $300 milion going to immigrants (and you know that means illegals) and refugees, the Democrats’ future voters. And why would we be allowing refugees into the country at this time? Did you notice that EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING gets something in this bill with the notable exception of SENIOR CITIZENS. Of course, we suffered nothing from this virus, did we? We lost life savings because of the panicked, selfish “investors,” who could give a sh*t about who they are hurting, but that doesn’t rate any of that government largesse for Senior Citizens. And I won’t vote for Trump because he tweeted that the Republicans should throw Thomas Massie out of the party. He is my representative and has always been behind Trump, but because he is against the pork in this bill, he delayed passage and demanded a quorum vote. MSN is my home page and they tore into Massie also saying he was putting the lives of the House members at risk. And boo hoo wouldn’t it be awful if one of them got sick because they had to return to Washington to cast their vote. A quorum means that everybody who voted for this despicable bill will have to be on record. Plus, where is all this money coming from?

    1. People need some cash for Christmas etc so the emocrats have used blackmail, and I use that word advisedly to push their cr*p through. At over 5000 pages nobody can read all the items in this bill. Lookrward to more of this and btw whilst you may not agree with Mr McConnell he is far better than the people in the Democrat camp. BTW what makes you think if Joe B is installed as POTUS there will ever be more elections of any kind of fair nature?. Wake up and smell the coffee sir and it may already be too late.

  14. Why aren’t the top of the Democratic Party order charges for their attempted coup d’stat? They should be under house arrest and facing trial for treason. What is wrong with members of the party and why do they continue to support the insanity! You would think that is enough intelligence in the party membership to expel Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler and find a qualified candidate to run for president!

  15. I am praying for everyone who has suffered from this virus. I am vigorously praying for President Trump and his family and Vice President Pence and his family as well. Those 2 great men are working hard to keep us TRUE Americans safe and secured. Anyone who votes for the dizzy dems in November is a retard. That little temper tamper that Pissy Pelosi demonstrated during President Trump’s innugrurational speech should end her stupid behind in jail. I despise the sight of her non trusting, lie (making up lies) behind. Kick her and her boy friend Schumer in jail.

  16. Congrats to Conservative Zone. Judging by the moronic comments displayed here your dishonest and misleading essay encourages and perpetuates the ignorance and hate of these credulous souls.

  17. “It is not enough that I win, but that my friends lose.”

    This is a saying that’s been around for hundreds of years, because there will always be people who must win at all costs, and the proof that they won can only be that everybody else is a loser.

    That would be the Democrats.

  18. They will never forget because they will never know in the first case. Media will not publish the dark side of the Democrats only the little bits of brightside. The Democrats doing anything at all wrong is not in the current playbook. America has been screwed and it mostly does not even know it and for sure not the how and why.

  19. Give Soros the boot! Like the UK did but only after he and his minions drove the Pound into the ground. Boot this worthless meat sack with an Exit-only Visa. Our problems with BLM will go away -without his money they will dry up and be scattered to the wind!

  20. Simple solution. For the time period that the last business in the U.S. is in lockdown, so are congresses paychecks. Of course, they have residual monies that would overflow our bank accounts I’m sure. But it might send a message. I’m so sick of the corruption. What are we to do? I cant send money but I pray daily. God used this to open our eyes and now we must fight the fight.

  21. The democratic party unleashes hell on earth , you’ll see ! Just look at their coronavirus package , there sending more money to other countries and unimportant junk to get their pandering , ( money to my pass bills not worthy of passing ) democrates have no shame , neither does the anti-Christ . The simulations are so unbelievably real . Real Americans better get it together , and the supreme Court needs to have a hearing on the voting fraud in this country , Schumer said everything is on the table . To cheat .

  22. We need to take our Country back by what ever means necessary. Elections don’t work anymore. the corrupt Demoncrackheads have proven that. It’s time to take out the trash!

  23. Pelosi and Schumer are pathetic opportunists – I pray that sometime in their lives, something crucial is withheld from them to cause them the suffering they have inflicted on Americans in need. I do believe God will rule.

    1. You have stated it all out correctly, with one exception. These Politicians spout about how they beLIEve in God to our faces and laugh behind our backs about how they so easily pulled the wool over our eye’s. It’s time to pull back the blinders, cotton wool from our ears and gags from our mouths. Now I am not a person who organises things, But I feel we need an organised March on Washington DC during the summer after they return from Another of They’re PAID Breaks at OUR EXPENSE. Every person still has the RIGHT to visit OUR Capitol Buildings. We also still have the right of Free speech. So how many people would like to go on an INDIVIDUAL VISIT to OUR CAPITOL BUILDINGS? IF We can get a list together of individual people from each state them contact tour bus companies for transportation and cost of individual tickets for the trip I feel sure this could be done. Could anyone with these type of skills set up a WEBSITE for Individuals who would like to Visit our Capitol could show they’re interest by State and city. This would probably be a 3/4 day trip. I feel sure this could legally be set up so as not to break any laws. Megaphones WELCOMED and TRUMP USA CHANTS are optional.

  24. This article was 9 months ago, but this sh_t is STILL GOING ON. These leaders still have their jobs, still refusing the American people help, but dishing out BILLIONS to other countries and for procedures We the People don’t have a voice in.
    We the People are a thing of the past. Greed has taken over our government and every other entity.
    Only took us 220 to ruin our country due to greed. Note: they always have enough money to give themselves a raise, but nothing for us. Just Kibbles n Bits tossed to the taxpayers, while they go on vacations, enjoy their mansion homes, defy their quarantine directives, get their hair done And lie, lie, lie, lie.
    We the People keep waiting for you idiots to do the right thing, to come clean like the average human being. We still believe you are human, but you’re not.
    One of these days my fellow Patriots, we’ll be done waiting, and we’re about there. In the beginning we went to war between the states. It’s so close to being that again.
    We love our country, you love money. You’ve sold your souls to the Devil. We the People look forward knowing your eternity will be in hell. You deserve it, you’ve earned it. Jesus will say, ” I never knew you ” and push you first into the fiery pits. Good riddance.

  25. I think it is kinda odd that the Republicans are the ones that are testing positive, not so much the Democrats. Wonder why?

  26. I am almost 90 years of age and have never voted for a single DEM…they USE people and ABUSE the privileges of their positions! What they have done to this Country since Obama got “elected” has been enough to break the country,,,, they waste, steal and give our tax dollars to ANY radical Cuse or Group who will “KICK BACK” to them.
    The most recent Crime has been the 2020 election and the Pissant Biden and his’
    “Chip off the block” son,,,, HUNTER who is working towards getting to be a Candidate for some office…you can BET on that!
    They have no Shame, no Morals, and will “Fleece” anyone who will stand for it ….anyone remember seeing the Pallet load of CASH being transferred to IRAN by our most illustrious Obama! My guess is he got several Million of those dollars for that DEED!

  27. These “wealthy Democrats” are partly the result of the corruption that is America today. From coast to coast and border to border many of the people are fat and lazy and are out to get every hand out and benefit available at tax payer expense. We are becoming like ancient Rome where the “sheep” stated, “Give us bread and circuses and we care not what laws you pass.” The corrupt politicians get away with their criminal activity because “We the People” are too easily distracted by “shiny objects” which have no real value. It is telling that Congressmen come into office with little but then retire wealthy. We the People are getting what we deserve when we keep voting for Dems and RINOS.

  28. How come everyone voted, yet Biden got elected? That’s the question you should be asking? In 2016 Hillary couldn’t beat Trump in an unfair election. Because the Democrats bowed to the power of Satan to get her elected. Look at how many free concerts were given for her by the big names in the music business. She had all of the Hollywood elites to back her. This probably won’t pass muster to get published. Since even the sites that are sooo conservative have decided to censor my post. Did anyone else hear Nancy Pelosi say when they started the business about Russia meddling in the election, “we have the Chinese!”. Made me wonder what she was talking about. Until if you look at this whole business of the Covid 19 mess. Put two and two together! Do you really believe Biden won, fair and square? When the Democrats haven’t let the people of the United States pick the candidate they wanted to run to represent the Democratic party. These last two elections it wasn’t the voting Democrats that selected the candidate to run. The DNC has selected the candidate that they choose to run in the election. So, let me say this with a laugh. If you were stupid enough to vote for a candidate not of your own choosing, that makes you one thing. A FOOL!!! I voted for Trump, as did a lot of people. One thing for sure, I’m not showing my butt, like a lot of Democrats did in 2016. I’m still willing to be an American, be fair and give Biden a chance. I may not like it, but that’s what I’m going to do. Hopefully soon we can put this pandemic, sickness and death behind us. But, what I really hope for is that the DNC will be disbanded, because in two elections they have showed me nothing but the dishonesty of this party. Not those elected by it, but a candidate should be chosen by the people that are voting them into office. Not by the organization that runs the office. The DNC, needs to go!

  29. Also, I would like to say to all of those in Congress and the Senate. I j hope we always have an Electoral College, the reason for that being is the popular vote. Do you realize how bad the popular vote would suck? It would be like the High School nerd couldn’t sit with the popular kids. Which is what I’m seeing now in DC. Its like a lot of people elected because they were trusted, but once they got to the position their in-their morals vanished! For once, I wish you people would realize you work for me. (Or at least are supposed too!). It looks like you could forget about extra for everyone else when we as American voters have lost our lives, members of our families, been pushed to the brink of starvation, and eviction. While you want to fund a bunch of programs that have no relation to what you were put into office for. Take care of us first! Be sure to make sure we have first. Why should we care about giving money to the Kennedy Center? There is a lot of wasteful programs included in this last stimulus bill. You need to direct more money to help out us, we the people of the United States!

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