Crazy Bernie Adds Another Whacky Bill To His Resume

Crazy Bernie Sanders has launched another futile and bizarre campaign aimed at taking down the richest man in the world.

The Vermont senator is calling his latest anti-wealth piece of legislation the “Stop BEZOS Act.” Yes, it personally targets Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who recently earned the informal title of wealthiest person in the world. Forbes lists Bezos at a net worth of more than $150 billion. He is reportedly the first person to reach that milestone.

Along with Bezos’ record-setting personal wealth, Amazon recently crossed the $1 trillion mark in total value. After slipping back a tad, Amazon continues to hold steady just under the trillion-dollar threshold with stock values over $2,000. Bezos massive wealth reportedly exceeds those of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, combined. Adding up all this amazing economic success seems to make Bernie, well, crazy.

Bernie’s Stop Bezos Law

According to Sen. Sanders, the ecommerce mogul has enjoyed his success on the backs of workers and taxpayers.

“Amazon is worth $1 TRILLION,” Sen. Sanders reportedly tweeted. “Thousands of Amazon workers have to rely on food stamps, Medicaid and public housing to survive. That is what a rigged economy looks like.”

According to reports, Bezos’s financial portfolio increased 69 percent to $168 billion during the last year. Sen. Sanders takes exception with data that shows the average Amazon employee earned $28,446 during the same period.

Well known for his tax-the-rich and make-everything-free policies, Sen. Sanders wants to push through legislation that would tax companies whose employees receive government subsidies. That would mean companies such as Amazon, who hire part-time or short-term help, would be on the hook for any food stamps or welfare benefits the person received to fill the gap.

“In other words, the taxpayers of this country would no longer be subsidizing the wealthiest people in this country who are paying their workers inadequate wages,” Sen. Sanders reportedly said. “Despite low unemployment, we end up having tens of millions of Americans working at wages that are just so low that they can’t adequately take care of their families.”

The socialist rhetoric may sound good to liberal extremists, but the impact would be horrific for workers. Under Crazy Bernie’s plan, companies who have more than 500 employees would have to reimburse the government for its outlay of cash. Americans are fully aware of the grotesque overspending by federal agencies.

That means companies such as Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and other major employers could be on the hook for the benefits plus the administrative costs associated with the agency. Big employers would likely pay double or triple the amount received by economically-challenged Americans.

Crazy Bernie Just Doesn’t Understand Business

If Bernie Sanders believes that major corporations are going to pay more in tax penalties to offset underemployed people, his nickname truly fits. Bernie is “crazy.”

Even a novice business person understands that economic decisions are based on profit and loss. Bernie is proposing that hiring people who are receiving government benefits would costs companies more money. The business solution will neither be to pay them more nor give them more hours. Big corporations will likely send thousands of workers to the unemployment line if Bernie’s bill ever became law.

Consider the mass layoffs at these American companies:

  • Walmart – 2.3 million employees
  • Amazon – 541,000 employees
  • Kroger supermarkets – 443,000 employees
  • Yum! Brands – 420,000 employees
  • Home Depot – 406,000 employees
  • International Business Machines – 380,000 employees
  • MacDonald’s – 375,000 employees
  • Berkshire Hathaway – 367,000 employees
  • Target – 323,000 employees

Although Sen. Sanders claims the bill would end so-called “corporate welfare,” everyday Americans are well aware that it would create economic hardship for marginally employed people. Despite Bezos’ ecommerce corporation providing gainful employment to more than a half-million people, a Sanders spokesman doesn’t see this as a positive.

“Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest person in the history of the world, and Amazon is a $1 trillion company. They are the perfect example of the inequality and greed that exists in America today,” the senator’s spokesman Josh Miller-Lewis reportedly said.

If Crazy Bernie and other progressive-socialist Democrats win the midterm elections, the country could return to the anti-business practices that caused mass unemployment and wage stagnation. One has to wonder if Democrats are truly trying to scuttle the booming Trump economy or if they are just, well, crazy.

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23 thoughts on “Crazy Bernie Adds Another Whacky Bill To His Resume”

  1. I am a Trump fan. But Bernie does get you to thinking—-The ridiculousness of someone like Jeff Bozo’s wealth. He didn’t cure cancer, doesn’t give to deserving people who have had a tragedy in their lives (cancer, tornado, etc.) Yet he has all that money. The unequal distribution of wealth with some companies just boggles the mind.

    1. Judy,
      It wasn’t too many years ago that Amazon was a small internet company selling books on line. Mr. Bozo has expanded the goods and services offer to people in free exchange. He literally built the company from nothing. The company has not engaged in robbing anybody nor does it oppress its workers. It’s workers freely exchange their labor for the wage offered which is the value they bring to the company as non-skilled workers. No company pays workers according to their “needs” as they have no control over that. Amazon does offer the opportunity for workers to acquire additional skills and thereby add value to what they offer the company. Workers are not chained to their work site. The wage offered attracts sufficient workers to meet their requirement (supply and demand). If a worker can do better elsewhere, they are free to change jobs. All thriving economies have income inequality, that is not a bad thing. It means there is opportunity to achieve. Bozo, Gates and Buffet did not inherit their wealth, they built very successful companies providing employment to millions of people who freely accepted employment with them at the wages offered.

      “Yet he has all that money” This is the biggest fallacy of the left. NET WORTH DOES NOT EQUAL MONEY IN A BANK. He primary source of net worth is the market value of his Amazon stock. To generate cash he must sell it and be taxed. As far as his charitable activities, I don’t believe either of us are privy to his private actions. He may or may not be very charitable but that’s up to him.
      Countries with the lowest income inequality have 90% of their citizens poor and 10% (mostly politicians) comfortable because they use force to take what they want. Capitalism is a free exchange economy. If you find anything in Bernie’s utterances of value, I suggest a refresher course in economics 101.

    2. I agree. Bernie is correct about folks like Jeff Bezos who supports the Democrats and their desire for open borders, and taxpayer funds to support illegal aliens. However, he has employees who are currently receiving food stamps and Medicaid because they are so underpaid. Similar to Walmart, Amazon employees should not be eligible for welfare, food stamps and Medicaid, and illegal aliens should not be eligible for these benefits either. It’s time more people get cut off from the welfare system, and more companies like Amazon and Walmart are held responsible for their own employees, and illegal aliens are cut off from benefits all together. Jeff Bezos makes enough money, so even if he needs to cut his own earnings, he should take care of his employees, not have the taxpayers foot the bill.

  2. yep ol bern, is turning into a crazy old wanker, and for sure a BIG WASTE of MONEY, to back him up in any election including re-election, a NO VOTE for bernie the putz

  3. If you listen to Bernie there would be no millionaires,no billionaires,except of course him,Bernie lives in his own little world,if left to him,all of the wealth would be concentrated in a small group of elite people,and of course he would be one of them,you and I would have enough to just barely get along,with no hope of ever getting above a certain prescribed level,all of these socialist should be rounded up,lined up against a wall and shot,we all know if we would bother to research a little,that socialism doesn’t work,it has never worked,and never will,its not the riches you attain in life that counts,it about how you attain it,and what you do with it that counts,Bernie may think he has the answer to wealth and how to solve the question of great wealth,wealth carries with it the burden of great responsibility,and someone will always be trying to take your wealth from you and label you as a dirty dog if they can’t succeed,Bernie should just go away.

  4. Bernie Sanders, Doesn’t have a clue what business is about, He is a true Communist, purist form of Socialism, American people enjoy the ability to become rich, and lazy ass socialist can’t stand anyone who is rich. very jealous people, they want their money by all their give me programs and taxes. My suggestion to them is get off the couch and start working.

    1. There’s another part to this story. I’ll try to introduce it in the form of a rhetorical question: What percentage of Amazon (and/or) Walmart gross sales revenues is being used to pay taxes of some kind to some governments at some level of governments. Include payroll taxes and income taxes and all other taxes that are paid by employees using money from their wages and salaries since their wages and salaries are paid using money from their employers’ sales revenues. As such, of course, all of cost of the taxes of all kinds that are paid using money from the business revenue streams are a part of the prices that are being paid when consumers purchase their goods (and services?).

  5. Bernie is just another socialist idiot that the new mainstream
    voter is going to vote for. There are voters that never produced
    a job in their miserable lifetime. they might have worked for
    a low paying company job like Walmart or McDonalds. But they didn’t
    go far up the corporate ladder that’s where the real money is.
    In management or the corporate office. These peoples salary
    could be in the six and seven figure areas or higher.
    They are the ones that makes the corporate decisions.
    The vice presidents CEO CFO senior vice president and etc.
    That’s the corporate structure all Bernie and the rest of these
    socialist Commie idiots are going to upset the Apple Cart.
    As far as Bernie being a putz is not Bernie is a schmuck.
    The difference is a Schmuck is what you are and a Putz is what
    you have. This is not an original idea he got it from
    TV when one of the news channels did an exposay.
    Also when was the last time Bernie and other socialist
    created a job or opened a company

  6. There will always be an unequal “distribution” of wealth because there will always be an unequal distribution of ambition, drive, and determination, not to mention an unequal distribution of intellect, energy, skill and willingness to work hard. If someone is willing to take all the risks involved in creating, nurturing and growing a business that could just as easily fail, why shouldn’t they reap the benefits if it succeeds? If a worker is unhappy with his/her wage and or working conditions, shouldn’t they be looking for another job or find a way to make themselves worth more to their current employer?

  7. Bernie is socialist don’t matter how you slice it,socialism doesn’t work,Sweden it didn’t work Venezuela it didn’t work Canada,it isn’t working,health care sucks people don’t have jobs or food,but the dictator running the country in the ground eats well lot’s of money etc,

  8. Bernie I have an idea. Why don’t you risk your own money, start your own company then you can pay your employees what ever you want. You could start paying them around 3X what the job is worth. Let’s see how long your company stays in business. Every time I read something a Liberal says I think that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Then they say something even more stupid. You do not have to look very hard to see how Socialism destroys country’s.

  9. Do you ever spell-check your articles before putting them out here? the word ‘reign’ means to rule over, as in, “Queen Elizabeth reigns over Great Britain.” ‘Rein’ means to control in some way, as in, “Go easy on the reins and the horse will turn to the left or right, or even stop.”

  10. if anything, Bernie should introduce a bill raising the minimum wage, that’s all

    if workers want to earn more money, they can always up-skill and get a better paying job, but for some reason they choose not to do so – any one of them could start up something like Amazon and build it from the ground up, however it seems most are more interested in hand-outs rather than hard work

  11. WELL, Slick Willie Clinton signed NAFTA into law right after he was elected and cited OSHA, and EPA , and a host of other phony reasons to wipe out our heavy and light industries and dump millions of workers onto the welfare and unemployment rolls and Obama didn’t help with his big wind electric power waste of tax money and can’t everyone go to college and get free medical care??? NOTHING is free folks and the taxes went thru the roof and the only successful businesses were those importers who jack up the retail prices of cheap foreign products that used to be manufactured HERE by AMERICANS! Don’t trust a Dumbocrat or any cheesy politician cuz they are all paid off by lobbyists to represent special interests. They don’t represent their constituencies and only Trump has said he will try to correct these grave moves to gut America. Commies is RIGHT folks.

  12. Bernie’s motivation is obvious – restore the unemployment figures to the obummer-era standard to combat Trump’s rising popularity. Socialism is, after all, anti free-market.

    1. Former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ( Who knows what she is talking about, because the UK is Socialist) said it best :”The Problem with Socialism is that pretty soon, you run out of everybody’s money”. If you pro-Bernie folks want to see America’s future if Democrats ever completely take over this country, look to Venezuela, Cuba and other Socialist countries, where there is equality all right, everyone except the Government is EQUALLY POOR! Socialism’s final goal is COMMUNISM. Why do you think every Communist country calls itself ‘Socialist’??? You have NO freedom in Socialist countries except what the State decides you will have. Look at China, North Korea and Cuba to see that.

  13. “All pigs are created equal–‘some’ more than others–the book: “Animal Farm” By who other than: George Orwell…wonder if any socialists or communists have read it. The new term being put out there for the socialist that tickles the ear of the unenlightened is: Democratic Socialist. We have a more accurate and compelling one: “Compassionate Capitalism”

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