Did China’s Efforts to Compete with U.S. Contribute to the Outbreak?

The U.S. is set to investigate whether the novel coronavirus, which created a worldwide pandemic, escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China instead of the circulating rumors that it began at a wet market in China.

Information is being gathered by intelligence operatives on the laboratory and the initial outbreak of the virus. Analysts want to create a timeline of what the government knew and is working on “creating an accurate picture of what happened,” say sources.

When the investigation is complete, which is expected to be very soon, the findings will be promptly reported to the Trump administration. The president and White House policymakers will then determine how they will hold China accountable for the devastation the pandemic has caused as well as the loss of life.

U.S. Officials and the intelligence community have now confirmed to Fox News that while the outbreak is likely to have originated in a Wuhan lab, it was not man-made or engineered inside China as some sort of bioweapon. Instead, sources point to the structure of the virus, which indicates that the genome mapping specifically shows it was not genetically altered.

It is said that it was part of China’s effort to show that they are equal or greater in their ability to identify and combat viruses than those in the U.S. The initial transmission of the virus was a naturally occurring strain that was being studied by Dr. Shi Zhengli, who was working on antivirals and immunizations for coronavirus with bats. But then, it somehow made it into the population in Wuhan.

If that wasn’t bad enough, U.S. officials are 100 percent confident that China went to great lengths to cover up the fact that the virus was out. According to sources, the World Health Organization was either complicit in the coverup or looked the other way.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday reiterated that the administration was looking at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and have even accused the Chinese government of stonewalling scientists from finding out the truth about what really happened.

“We know that the first sightings of this occurred within miles of the Wuhan Institute of Virology. We know that this – the history of the facility, the first BSL-4 lab where there’s high-end virus research being conducted, took place at that site,” Pompeo said on the Hugh Hewitt Show. “We know that the Chinese Communist Party, when it began to evaluate what to do inside of Wuhan, considered whether the WIV was, in fact, the place where this came from.”

“And most importantly, we know they’ve not permitted the world’s scientists to go into that laboratory to evaluate what took place there, what’s happening there, what’s happening there even as we speak,” he said.

There has been speculation all over the world that the virus originated in a Chinese laboratory. A February study on the origins of the virus from the South China University of Technology concluded: “In addition to origins of natural recombination and intermediate host, the killer coronavirus probably originated from a laboratory in Wuhan.”

If this is the case, and the virus did indeed escape from a Chinese laboratory, the global retaliation against the Chinese government could be significant, as the virus has sickened and killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world and destroyed many economies.

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23 thoughts on “Did China’s Efforts to Compete with U.S. Contribute to the Outbreak?”

  1. Investigate the possible connection
    between millions of dollars Obama
    poured into the Chinese lab…and the
    timing of the release of this virus..
    Conspiracy theory…possible
    But also possible that Obama planned
    this little insurance policy to explode
    just before the elections.

      1. I also agree. Creepy Joe and his dope-addict son became millionaires through China. And, of course, Obummer just bought a multi-million dollar mansion. I hope all the confused and bubble-headed dopes that voted for these jerks were the first to enjoy the Wuhan surprise! Of course, this post is not PC!!

  2. China is like watching a bad movie Austin Powers Dr Evil world domination getting back at Trump for tarriffs that our previous administrations had no balls to protect American businesses and workers. Just like phentanal the Chinese mafia and in partnership with Chinese Communist government in order to kill our children manufactured this deadly drug and shipped it to America and Europe…….I believe this virus was a get even with America for upsetting there exports to America and the Democracy’s ran the cover for this by bougus impeachment inquiry of our president this is a biological war that China has set upon the planet for there world domination it’s sickening……..like Austin Powers said we got SHAGED…….God Bless America

    1. I agree and im certain they had no idea nor did they care what the fuk they were doing when they released this pandemic. I hope the truth comes out but i dont see how that will happen. They need to get every message, text, phone call decipherd at the WHO then maybe some light will come to truth.

  3. WHY has that America-hating…back-stabbing traitor of This USA been allowed to STAY in this Country ( Running around Free While he Is Busy doing His DIRT against This Country ? IT is TOO Plain to Be ignored..That This Character ( Who Lied and Bam-boozled his and his .. sic,, Sidekicks ` Way thru TWO terms OF THIS “Killer Action Must GO. ) How much more Proof do we need to Face The True Facts ? Why do you Think This Excuse for A Human ‘Took up Residence Right Down the Boulevard from OUR White HOUSE ?? His Scheme to Move back there has Never stopped. ( As ridiculous as something such as this ever occuring…. ) ….. Circumstances are Manufactured By CRAZY Ones Every day ,,,,to Force Situations along . IS THIS ”Escaped ? pandemic One of THe Tools used >> ( One that Escaped too soon to harness ?? THINK about THAT,,PEOPLE. NO, IT was NOT Unplanned..IT simply got UNharnessed..AND Spread Too Indiscriminately..to be Directed … ‘pin-pointed’. NOW ..Millions of LIVES are obliterated…And Untold Damages done. It is A Misguided WEAPON that..misfired too soon …and quickly Spread. This Is BOUND to have Permanent and LASTING effects on The Whole WORLD>>>One that China will NEVER BE Able to Overcome..OR to Alter consequences One Fraction. Our President IS going to GET All OF THE Hidden Facts OUT…And These ‘so-called’ Leaders of That Communist Regime WILL BE Punished to the FULL extent of The Law of JUSTICE… And ..GOD Willing.. VERY SOON. They have Brought untold Misery to BEAR on Every one IN This Universe.. ..THE TRUTH always DOES Come To surface…And SOMETIMES it takes Some Strong Delving to GET to THE SOURCE…BUT <>>2020 ! GOD Bless America….AND Punish THE Wicked !! YES. FAUCI is ONE lying Piece of that SWAMP..He and his Accomplice who HAS To have Been Aware From the beginning..;2014…or,,before. AS The old Saying GOES “” The TRUTH Shall SET You Free !” In this Case.. IT is Going to bury a Barnyard of Saboteurs. WE All KNOW Who THEY ARE !

  4. GREAT way to “curb overpopulation” in your OWN country, while DESTROYING productivity from your COMPETITORS in OTHER countries . . . WHAT a RACKET – it’s time to make CHINA pay! They are NOT good neighbors, allies or friends. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. What a disgrace. And the Demos are going to blame president Trump for all this, what a shame. China needs to pay big time for all they have caused threw out the nations.

  6. China should make reparations in the billions of dollars to many countries for the virus unleashed on the world. This fiasco fits their geo- political strategy on the world stage. This is a huge economic and social tragedy in multiple countries. They are the Godless Communist party and it shows.

  7. China’s goal is not to compete with U.S., but the domination of the world and U.S. is obstructing that dream. The dream ran well while the last 3 administrations but stopped and reversed with the election of Trump. They needed a FAKE PATRIOT back in power by next election.
    Few months back trying to apiece Trump buying time accepted a deal. Later refused to sign it because any deal is worst that the “none deal” deal they had. Then came the increase of tariffs, and they signed Phae-1 which in no way they can comply with.
    By the end of 2019 hopes that Democrat’s hoaxes can help them, vanished looking at the success of the economy. January 2020 time running out something should be done. How much lucky they could get? Chinese virus suddenly appears in the scene

    S WORLD.

  9. I am a Republican and proud of it. I voted for President Trump and will again in 2020. I want to know about all the foreigners living here. They are taking over states here and getting positions in our government such as the house of Rep’s and the Senate is next. They hate americans and most want americans to die. China is also buying up pork and other manufacturing companies as well as buying land everywhere in the USA. China wants to import pork and chickens from our country and then sell it back to us after they process it. I do not want to eat it. They already manufacture a lot of our medicines. What are we doing!!!! We need to manufacture most of our products right here in the USA. We have enemies inside our borders as well as abroad. Americans needs to wake up!!!!! We do not need to be dependent on other counties.
    China wants to inport ake up and see the light.

    1. Jackie, as to “all the foreigners living here” that are “taking over states here” and that are “American-haters”, you are obviously talking about the Islamic Plague introduced by their Kenyan godfather, the Muslims. I am not too politically-correct to name them or their contributing source, two-term “President” Obama, and I will be the voice of many Americans too timid to do so by insisting that they and their misogynistic death-cult religion be removed from our Homeland, before we suffer an event that will make 9/11/2001 seem like a holiday fireworks display. We have been warned. Removing their lead Representative Ilhan Omar would be an excellent start, America.

  10. Little more than two decades ago, America was still American and the only import that was marked “Made in China” that was purchased and used by Americans was Fireworks, and only then, seasonally. That has changed when Globalization was introduced, and now even famous American names like John Deere and Remington are either assembled in or manufactured by Red China. Hardly anything Americans once trusted to use and purchase is proudly “Made in USA”. Americans need to begin insisting that manufacturers return to the US and make American products in America. We need to end Globalization and boycott products made & imported from Red China, before we are nearly destroyed as a nation by yet another lab-created “Super Virus”. We have been warned.

  11. As the article pointed out that the virus was not a bioweapon. I can live with that, but the way China withheld information and continued to send people who were infected with the virus all around the world changes the issue of whether the virus was made for a bioweapon into the Chinese still used the virus as a bioweapon to bring down many of the worlds economies. This is a perfect definition of a bioweapon or a weapon of mass destruction.

    China needs to be held responsible for this by the entire world. I guess if there is a silver lining to this dark cloud, is that every country (including the United States) that has allowed China to produce the majority of our pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment will hopefully be bringing those back to our own countries! We’ve allowed China (a Communist Country) obtain most of our manufacturing all in the name of cheaper prices and have basically cut our own throats!

  12. YES,I totally believe that china wants to be the world leader on many levels.The chinees corona virus was the start of that. I’m also convienced that somehow, some way the chinees,democratic communist socialist party is and has been involved with chine to accomplish that. We all know the ring leaders of the Chinees Democratic communist socialist party is. This virus they created has hurt all real Americans and as the largest economy and the best people in the world need to make them pay. And I mean all of them even the ones over here. How can anyone that loves our country do these horrible things to this nation. I think we all know who the real haters are. One last thing BRING ALL MANUFACTURING BACK TO THE UNITED STATES, WE HAVE THE BEST PEOPLE TO DO SUCH THINGS. The companies that refuse to return, then charge all of them an incrediablly large TAX FEE. Not one time either.

  13. I agree with all these comments. Glad to see there are others that understand. Couple things that I have recently found out. China had put in the phase one trade deal that in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, that obligations can’t be enforced. The head of the largest pension in California happens to be a Chinese Communist spy that had, in October, sold off the investments that were a hedge against lower oil prices. This spy then lied about what he had done and recently blew his cover. Many billions were lost as China knew in November there would be this virus and to inflict as much pain on America as possible. We now know that China was behind the fear campaign spreading rumours of an imminent gov lockdown. Why would they do this? This sh.t was planned. China one month before any word of the virus was quietly buying the worlds supply of ppe..wonder why..not only to protect themselves , but to starve us of resources for maximum effect. Anybody catch the fact that the Liberals are paying retail employees 3 times their normal salary to stay home? This translates to treason! How are we going to open up when employees are going to take such a big salary cut to go back to work. The Socialists had this all planned. This is evil! There is so much more going on than I can write here and trust me, if we are seeing this the feds are already 2vsteps in front of us. There has never been a more important time in our lives to vote. If the Liberals win this election our great Country will be finished.

  14. All of the above comments are justified. For varification READ: “Mao” “ the unknown story”, by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday. This should be required reading for every American or anyone wishing to become an American!!!

  15. “Did China’s Efforts to Compete with U.S. Contribute to the Outbreak?”

    It’s a good possibility that China used the Wuhan virus as a staging for competition with the US. Certainly if I had been the Chinese leadership, I would have seen this as a perfect opportunity to get a leg up.

  16. The Sars COV-2 virus has a furin based polybasic clevage site that is not in the Sars virus. Furthermore, that it originated from the Wuhan Lab does not support a conclusion that the wet market was not involved also. There are reports that unscrupuless lab workers at the lab SOLD the carcasses of lab animals TO the wet market.

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