Elizabeth Warren’s New Goal is to get Native Americans to Like Her

When Sen. Elizabeth Warren made the puzzling claim that she was Native American, she probably hoped that it would get little media attention. Once President Donald Trump targeted her, though, mockingly referring to her as “Pocahontas”, any hope that she would get a free pass on this claim went out the window.

Unable to provide even a shred of evidence that she is, in fact, of Native American heritage, Warren has been left with two options: either she can admit that she made the whole thing up early in her career in order to secure a “diversity hire” slot at Harvard and completely obliterate any positive perception she may still have or she can double down on her claims and fight harder than ever to prove the unprovable. Unsurprisingly, Sen. Warren has chosen the latter option.

Her new mission now seems to be to get true Native Americans to like her so that she will have their support when her political opponents inevitably attack her false claims.

Sen. Warren’s new plan of action was first set into motion when she spoke at the National Congress of American Indians. Throughout her speech, Warren continually referred to Native Americans as “our people” – which was no-doubt grating to a group of Native Americans listening to a white woman speak. During her speech, Warren also attempted to supply evidence for her supposed ancestry by talking about how her family has high cheekbones, and the fact that she once submitted a recipe to a Native American cookbook. Ironically, though, high cheekbones is more of a racist caricature of Native Americans than it is an actual characteristic of Native American people. As for her cookbook submission, it goes without saying that a knowing a Native American recipe falls woefully short of making someone Native American.

Warren’s push to get Native Americans on her side didn’t stop there, though. Following her speech, Warren added her name as a co-sponsor to a number of bills related to Native American policy. What’s odd is the fact that Warren did not help write any of these bills, and at least two of them were introduced months before her speech at the National Congress of American Indians. What Sen. Warren hoped would look like her making an effort to help her people instead looks much more like her jumping on the bandwagon at the last minute without offering any real value to the bills in question in the hope that it will win her Native American support.

Warren’s campaign to win the hearts of “her people” continued, as following her speech she went on to meet with representatives from Native American tribes including the Choctaw, the Wampanoag, and the Chippewa.

The question is, will it all work? And the answer is probably not. Despite the fact that the Democratic National Committee’s Native American Caucus supports Warren and her claims, the majority of Native Americans are not too pleased with a rich white woman co-opting their heritage for political purposes. Writing for Think Progress, one Cherokee political commentator said, “She is not from us. She does not represent us. She is not Cherokee.”

Perhaps the most telling evidence that Sen. Warren is not Native American is her refusal to undergo DNA testing. With less than $200 and an Amazon account, Warren could easily purchase a highly-accurate DNA test kit from Ancestry.com and publish the results for all the world to see. If she really is Native American, this would prove all the doubters wrong and eliminate the need for her to continue engaging in this quiet campaign to win Native American support. Warren, though – likely either afraid of what the results would be or already knowing what they would be – has refused to take any DNA test.

Right now, Sen. Warren is one of the favorites to win the Democratic nomination in 2020, meaning that her attempts to prove that she is Native American without doing anything that could disprove it will likely only ramp up in the months and years to come. If Warren is somehow miraculously able to win the presidency, the United States will have the first President to ever claim to be Native American. For diversity-minded progressives, maybe that will count for something, at least.

~ Conservative Zone

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54 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren’s New Goal is to get Native Americans to Like Her”

      1. Actually it is possible . But in Mz Warrens case she is a full blooded Fugawe . Her ancestors arrived in America and set up their home . The entire time little Lizzie slept . When she awoke and went out to play with the other kids around the Warren home they asked questions about her . Little Lizzie simply blinked and said “Where da Fug a We ?”

      1. best way to deal with this terminal idiot is to ignore her totally and ignore her totally at the ballot box. She gonna end up standing there lookin’ like old Dan Tucker

      1. Do you remember the name the American Indian Chief gave to Obama, Walking Eagle? When asked why he gave Obama that name, the Chief said he was so full of Sh– he could not fly.

  1. she is a fake and should be removed from office and made to pay back any money she got from state and federal government liar liar pants on fire

  2. We, who grow up in the 50s-60s know that all communist are liars who believe if they tell the lie often enough people will begin to believe it. Those who grew up after the Cold War do not recognize squat.

  3. Many people throughout the world have “high cheekbones”. Is Melania Trump Native American? Warren’s NA recipe for crab omelet was stolen from a French chef. The only thing Liz is accomplishing, is more people are poking fun at her than before.

  4. That is what you call other Pathetic Liar of the SS DemoRATS that are nothing but a bunch of corrupt Dictators our country has ever seen,and i thought Hitler was bad but these traitors are trying like hell to to catch up with them.

  5. liberals like warren, are the most cunning, lyinest aholes on the planet…just look at them…hildabeast, bill the serial rapist, bobo, biden , lurch….they all lie all the gd time!!

  6. Refusal to take the DNA test is proof enough for me, …maybe she’s afraid the world will find out she’s a ___________. Fill in the blank if you dare

  7. Warren deserves no comment!
    She is a Leftist charlatan who is completely shameless in ripping a proud heritage for political gain!

  8. She just lost any credibility she may have had left. Unfortunately for her, there is none, there was none, and there will be none. What a putz. Does anyone know if she has a hole she can crawl back into?

  9. If I remember history.. hitler once said if you repeat a lie enough times it will be accepted as truth…. Guess the senator believes it also…

  10. When oh when will she shut up? It is about time that Warren just rolled over and died then we could all live in far better peace than having to listen to her whining. If she still insists that she is of Native American ancestry, then she should prove it. Ancestry.com and 23and me.com are both good website to check your ancestry. With her money she can afford to get it done and then show it to whoever wishes to see it. If not then GO AWAY.

  11. She is lacking any of the smart intelligence that our Indian population has. High cheekbones is not a claim to fame. Please tell me that this faking woman would not be considered by even the Liberals to throw her tomahawk into the ring for nomination. I am more Indian than she is, my Grandmother was a small percentage Indian, I don’t know which tribe, but she was legit. Please Elizabeth, give it up. Or I may have to run against you. I could run on honesty.

  12. I always thought it was illegal to commit fraud and it is apparent that this woman did indeed fraud the university when she got her job there. Why is it that a regular Joe gets caught in a similar situation, exposed as a fake and then faces the music and either is fined or has to serve some time in jail but a inner circle elitist “intellectual” (and I mean this in a very sarcastic vein) like this jerk does not have to worry at all about any repercussions?…..Someone please tell me why….

  13. In one episode of the “Beverly Hillbillies” Mr. Drysdale tries to convince some Indians (okay, I’ll say the bogus term “Native Americans”). These attempts by Warren are even more comical.

  14. It would seem that with the possible choices of likely candidates for the Dem ticket in 2020, including Joke-a-hauntus,
    the Hildebeast, Nary Kerry, Hidin’ Biden, Bill de Nauseo, Gov. Fairy Brown, Maxipad Waters, Joseph P. Kennedy III, and so forth,
    that President Trump might have a pretty good chance at a full 8 year presidency. But we must not be complacent – we must do everything we can to win every election out there, local, state and national.

  15. I believe that we are all children of God and it shouldn’t matter what type of culture you claim to be. We are a family no matter what the outside looks like. It’s about who you are on the inside. We all know Truth, and the fact of our reality is, we all made mistakes and lied about who we are just to “fit in” where we felt we was not excepted. If someone is guilty and going to be criticized and bashed on for who they feel they are apart of, than this whole world is guilty of the same allegations. Therefore, stay true to yourself. At the end of it all, the Truth will set us Free. Amen.

  16. Come on! Give these Native Americans a break! They’ve been fighting terrorism since 1492, and now must they be subjected to the rantings of this crazy woman ? They should demand a DNA test proving her claim of ancestors. Either do it or shut up about it. Of course the Leftists may believe it cause’ one of their own said it, and we all know if a Leftist says it it’s true ! The down side of this for the Native Americans is, if she does get the test and she is part Native American, they’ll have to own up to her, which would set their cause back a century or more. What a dilemma!!! Just Sayin’

    1. Some traditional NDNs wouldn’t accept the DNA approach at all; that is a tool of the “invader” to put certain people into a box so they can be “managed” (only they use the word “helped”).
      Now suppose for a moment that her response on that form was made based on what her mother had told her (as she says it came about), in other words “out of ignorant innocence” it wouldn’t be too much to overlook that, but this repeated assertion without ever having been involved in NDN life isn’t tolerable. For the same reason if against all expectations the “invader’s” test showed some characteristics of the NDNs here (i.e. on Turtle Island) the defect of never having been involved in an NDN community would allow the NDNs (at least the traditionals) to in essence disown her. Now this traditionalist p-o-v works both ways — if she had been involved with NDN communities as even just an ally the test wouldn’t have any weight.
      I think it better to stop making these calls for testing. Let the NDN world reject her as they are doing, but don’t advocate testing invented by the invaders, the NDN communities can be influenced unknowingly against their held traditions. This amounts to more corruption and if you have any sympathies for their plight, you won’t do this.
      If you don’t have any idea of the conditions they face, get a copy of the Second Trail of Tears (I think the author is Naomi Riley).

  17. Elizabeth Please, Please, Please, go back to your reservation and stay there until we call for you. Who knows; maybe in the future the country will need a fiction generator.

  18. Pretty sure she already did her DNA Test and it likely indicated a “No Indian” result.
    If it showed “Yes Indian” – she would’ve already leaked it to the Washington Post or Jake Tapper !

  19. Just like the rest of these vile, lying, legal beagles that infest ‘The Swamp’, she’ll never submit to DNA testing. That would be akin to having GrannyPants Clinton being deposed when she was ‘interviewed’ by the FBI. Lying is their stock in trade. Even being deposed is no impediment for this crowd. Remember, it was former POTUS BJ who was found guilty of lying to a federal judge. They like to refer to it as being ‘less than truthful’. A pox on all their houses!!!

  20. Betcha she DID already …. likely said “not an Indian”.
    She surely would not release that finding !

  21. Strange, isn’t it? Warren and the entire Liberal Democrat Party whines about “white privilege” then Warren uses a phony tie to being a Native American to gain a spot in college.

    So why didn’t her “white privilege” do her any good?

    Another two-faced liar and hypocrite wants the Presidency. Wasn’t Obama enough?

    1. Shame on you, Elizabeth Warren! You’re just another liar and a bad one at that. Oh,wait. You got into Harvard being deceitful. So, that lie DID work for you,but now, KARMA has come around to bite you in the ass! LMAO! I believe you suffer from some sort of mental illness. There’s pills for that. “DRAIN THE SWAMP”!!!

  22. Her claim is an insult to any recognized Indian tribe. This is a “hoax” by a pathetic political candidate, undeserving of he position she now has..I know for a fact that she couldn’t be Choctaw because the regiments of that tribe are in the Mississippi town I grew up in, and they would never admit to this

  23. I always wonder if I lied to an employer to get a high paying job, would it be right for them to fire me if I had proven to be a liar on my application for employment? Most employers would move to immediately fire that person, or perhaps never hire them. Obviously she is very smart, but lets look at the real issue. She was hired to fill a quota designed to fill a teaching positions with women and minorities, and I assume that they were not interested in the testing of verify her credentials for that position. After all, she had two very important qualifications, native America, and female. Now lets look at the other woman that may have applied for that position, she as white and very highly qualified, but lost to a very big lie. So lets look at the EOC of that time, it made it a priority to higher on race, gender before qualifications, and that was the times ere were in, but America has paid dearly for that program, as massive failures had persisted in the country because we did not get the brightest or best for many positions. Lets look at another failure in Congress, Patty Murray. I had heard her speak on one occasion, and the first question I came away with was this woman the best Washington could offer? Now there were many great women that inspire me, and she was so much more above what I had seen in the mother with tennis shoes, that I was sick to my stomach after Patty’s victory. But getting back to Senator Warren, I had not heard about her other credentials, or how she had done in her teachings in the classroom at that college, but I feel that she was a fraud and should been forced to resign her position.
    Once a liar, and self serving individual, I believe that either the money behind them gets them elected, or people just seem to never care about ethics with the politicians. I wonder where the true democrats had gone, because what use to me my parents democrats are no longer in existence. Have you ever wondered why over the ages, many older seniors became Republicans? Good example is Ronald Reagon. How can so many people stand behind was is clearly become a communist organization in America, and failures of that form or government has existed for so long. Every one has reversed or become dictatorships. Russia, N Korea, China, Cuba just to mention a few.

  24. My children are 1/8 Cherokee and they believe she made it all up to get votes !… They say she has absolutely NO Native American characteristics – especially moral ones ! She doesnt even ACT like Native Americans and they would be shamed if it turns out to be she has even a drop of their blood !

  25. Senator Warren’s best hope for becoming familial with Native Americans would be to have her staff research the histories of tribes and bands whose animal spirit guides or mascots are shrews. There she might have a window of opportunity.

  26. What a disgrace to America and to my home state of Massachusetts…she belongs back to where she came from…under that heap of dung!…and she wants to be president??…God help us!!

    What a disgrace this phony is to America!…and she wants to be president??? God help us!!

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