Foreign Powers Expect Biden to Make America Obedient Again

Rival nations and enemy regimes applaud what appears to be a Joe Biden win because they anticipate America will obey and serve their every demand.

If it seems difficult to fathom the idea that Iran — the world’s leader in state-sponsored terrorism — would welcome any American president, one need only recall how former President Barack Obama bowed and scraped. It’s déjà vu all over again. The White House may soon be weaker, more vulnerable, and compliant if the reported election results hold up.

“Now, an opportunity has come up for the next U.S. administration to compensate for past mistakes and return to the path of complying with international agreements through respect of international norms,” Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said.

President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran Nuclear Deal that reportedly sent more than $150 billion to the rogue regime. The leading financier of terrorism reportedly used its wealth to fund IED campaigns that killed and maimed thousands of American soldiers and civilians.

The Republican president put maximum economic pressure on Iran and stifled its ability to promote terrorism. And in return for killing and wounding American soldiers, President Trump ordered the killing of Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani, who ran the illegal IED program. Biden denounced the targeting of Soleimani and plans to re-enter the failed Iran nuclear pact. It’s easy to see why America’s enemies are celebrating the U.S. election outcome.

Second only to Iran in destabilizing the Middle East, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was reportedly overjoyed that Biden and Kamala Harris have won the White House — pending recounts and legal challenges. President Trump was the first U.S. leader to follow through on his promise to officially recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and move the U.S. embassy to the holy city. Obama and Biden failed to keep that promise as they kowtowed to Islamic fanatics in the region. Abbas took millions in U.S. and U.N. aide and funneled it into what many call the “pay-to-slay” program. Money was handed to the families of jihadists who died carrying out terror plots against Israel.

Abbas reportedly expects Biden to reverse the decision to move the U.S. embassy, denounce the Jewish state’s capital, and replenish the pay-to-slay cash.

“We don’t expect miraculous transformation, but at least we expect the dangerous destructive policies of Trump to totally stop,” Palestinian Liberation Organization official Hanan Ashrawi said. “They should change course and deal with the Palestinian question on the bases of legality, equality and justice and not on the basis of responding to special interests of pro-Israeli lobbies or whatever.”

In Europe, President Trump imposed tariffs to offset the trade inequities misused by the EU and pushed for NATO members to finally pay their delinquent military defense bills. Biden denounced the president’s efforts to stop forcing Americans to pay for Europe’s defense unfairly. Based on their previous experience with the Obama-Biden administration, NATO “allies” expect American taxpayers to foot the bill again.

“With Biden as president, the EU could expect and welcome a much more predictable and constructive US-EU relationship on trade, NATO, Iran, the Middle East and above all on climate change, if the US re-enters the Paris climate agreement,” Eurasia Group director Mujtaba Rahman said.

Everyday Americans can anticipate their taxes to go up, standard family deductions to dip, and foreign countries to prosper at your expense.

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31 responses to “Foreign Powers Expect Biden to Make America Obedient Again”

  1. With Beiden as president and his puppet masters, wish I have the funds to leave my country American. With demon-cratic snakes, beiden, pelosi would rape the American tax payers.
    Remember what I am saying, check their worth in 3.5 years!

    • Your life will not be anywhere near what it is, if we lose Trump to corrupt taking over. Foreign powers are in with him, and our insurance/ meds/ all of our ways of our our freedom, will not longer exist. Pray that we do lot use Trump is a sure thing, We had all better be worried. If a new team come in, they will secure our bank accounts to aide them in their plans. We all will have worked our lives for nothing. If they also take away our SS, where will Americans be..

    • Wish I could find some way not to pay taxes. Ridiculous for US tax payers to be funding all these countries obligations. I don’t care that they speak ill of us (if they do), we must take care of our own country and our citizens first. Biden will return to previous agreements with those who detest our way of life while his pockets are lined with foreign money for favor. Biden and Obama are pathetic weak minded men. They’d rather kowtow than stand for the country that has provided them an opportunity that no other country would have or could have. Ungrateful that’s what they are.

  2. ALL the goodness that made our country great and free, WILL be lost if Biden is declared our new president! I can not fandom how BLIND some citizens of the USA are that voted for this man! Haven’t they been paying attention as to what Biden/Harries stand for and promote??? This is sickening !!! Let’s pray Trump and his legal team uncovers all this voter fraud BS and Trump will remain our sitting president!!! Our very lives depend on this……

    • Well Linda, there were certainly people that voted for Biden, but the turth of the matter is that the Democrats are on the verge of stealing the presidential election thru fraud and manipulation of voter computers..not only was the Dems doing this but social media giants like Google, facebook and others helped manulipulate votes…In more likely hood, there will never be another presidential election again….the Dems will see to that and it will result in a dictator type government.How the Democratic party became to hate America so badly and turn to communist type beliefs is beyond me..

    • Just remember that Biden was nothing more than the socialists show dog for their true Socialist push for the Presidency, HARRIS she is a liar, under the table Grabber and totally power crazed. She will push Socialism to the very end as we slip into that socialism and become the newest Venezuela style slaves as those foolish people were for a life of communist control.

  3. Of Course these rogue Nations are thrilled with Biden’s stolen election from the man who stood up to these terror sponsoring Countries’ & let them know that if they didn’t do the right things then the wrath of GOD was going to be put upon them. Biden is nothing more than a stooge or a puppet if you will for the leftist radical Democrapic Party. They’ll use him to push Socialism on the American citizens & those who are always looking for something for nothing. Today’s Democrats are not the party of JFK, who stated: “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country”. We have allowed Muslims to be elected into the U.S. Congress when their belief system is in exact opposition to THE CONSTITUTION of the USA. Such foolishness is disasterous to our Nation

  4. It’s perfectly clear that that the Americans that voted for Biden enjoy getting screwed. There’s a sucker born every minute .


    • Biden couldn’t find his head with both hands. The Democraps would remove him and install that harlot, whose parents were not U.S. Citizens, which means she is not a Natural-born Citizen, just like Barry Obozo, which is a requirement to be President.

  6. biden and harris are the work dogs for the NWO, and that is the hog soros and his Pinocchio nefhew obama, and all are in the debt to iran and ukraine and communist china . And want the USA CITIZENS to pay off the debt and they DO NOT CARE if you are a BLUE HAT or RED HAT or a WHITE HAT, They are going to take or try to take 99% of the citizens down so they can pay off their debt to these COMMUNIST COUNTRIES .

  7. After Joe is disposed of, Kalmara will name Hillary as her vice-president.
    Yes, Hillary will be returned to the Capitol.

  8. we need fair for american voters, legal vote, and accurate count only timing absentee envelop for this steal..Any one try to abuse to change result must face with penalty.

  9. No state has certified its electrion yet.

    Some victories in court.

    North Carolina went for Trump.

    Other states will also.

    True fraud makes wrong actions and delarations null-and-void ab initio/void from its very start.

    No need to concede. . . . Not with ballot harvesting fraud, technology fraud, denial of access tro legally trained and authorized pollsters, not with Dominion Voting System Software being online and receiving a software/programming “update” / ” / “glitches” / “reprogramming the algorythms”, pre-dating of the late envelopes that arrived way too late, vans full of ballots arriving in the middle of the night, and so much more.

    One city in Pennsylvania had well over 70 eye-witnesses. There were over 500 and growing eye-witnesses across the country.

    Patience, and contacting each of our local area state district House Representatives and Senators to stay strong and keep the faith, and that we stand behind them, will further help with morale.

    Itr’s not over yet.

    Patience is a virtue.

  10. The Biden so called election must be a fraud as the majority of Americans are too informed & intelligent to vote for him, Harris & their handlers.


  12. If this travesty is allowed to stand, the true Patriots will stand up as well. always have faith in that.
    The men and women who love this country will never let the likes of groper joe and heels up harris have the reigns of power.
    The left wants a civil war so that their communist/ muslim overlords will have a backdoor in to attack us while we are fighting amongst ourselves.
    They believe that we are complacent and compliant.
    What they fail to realize, is that the vast majority of us are not. We will fight and die if necessary to defend our rights.
    Our military will not stand idly by and let foreign involvement in our internal disputes.
    Believe that when all the dust settles, from the ashes of demonrat strongholds, there will be trials and the ultimate punishments for the traitors who tried to sell us out, and the Patriots will rise to put things back in order

  13. Oh yeah! well so far the blm is bailing on the old man and over 75million in the US know he cheated to win. A ticket for civil war anyone?

  14. Iran cheers as they know damned well it’s the return of the Ovomit third term under the name of Biden Harris. This was a well planned crooked voting spree in America for Ovomit. Haven you noticed the pop ups and posts asking which is was or is the best President Ovomit or Trump day after day and hour after hour? This should of told you Ovomit was pushing for himself and that they were planning this crooked voting for Biden under the control of ovomit.

  15. Was a big mistake to not order a Marshal law from the beginning of riot movement, they had time for organizing well including all polling centers ,must bring home the American soldiers for defend their country ,many enemies is here in America.

  16. All crap in the mid-east will turn into crap, JV team will turn varsity, terrorist will resume getting pallets of unmarked bills in the late hours, Briben Hidden Biden is tripping over his tongue already while playing with Hussein in the back yard!

  17. Since they want to be communists -treat them like communists. Dust off the old communist solution -PURGE. Drag them out and shoot or hang them in the shadow of the Washington Monument. No trials or appeals just JUSTICE for the American people. It’s been used in just about every socialist/communist regime to date. HEY! GIVE IT A SHOT.

  18. Americans, stand up and do something. We can’t let this fraud that is happening win over.
    What is wrong with good people who love God and the true American way?
    I believe God will hear our pleas if we will turn and repent of all our evil ways. Rise up

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