Georgia Republicans Vow to Kill Airline Tax-Cut Bill

Last weekend, Delta Airlines announced its decision to eliminate the discount fare program for members of the NRA. The airliner made this move in the wake of the Parkland, Florida shooting, which occurred about two weeks ago. In response to this decision, Georgia’s lieutenant governor threatened to kill a substantial proposed tax cut for the airline company, which is one of the largest employers in the state.

This move jeopardized the legislation and put Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle at odds with other state officials who had advocated for the tax deal. This dispute between Delta Airlines and Cagle is just one piece of the national debate surrounding gun control after the school shooting in Florida.

On Twitter, Cagle demanded that the Atlanta-based company go back on their decision to eliminate its discount fare program for the National Rifle Association. He said, “I will kill any tax legislation that benefits @Delta unless the company changes its position and fully reinstates its relationship with @NRA. Corporations cannot attack conservatives and expect us not to fight back.”

Earlier in February, he had expressed support for the proposed tax cut. Also, a spokeswoman for Gov. Nathan Deal claimed that the tax bill was needed to encourage airline companies to open more direct routes from the state to international destinations.

Cagle serves as his state’s Senate president, which means he holds a major amount of influence over legislation and how it proceeds. Georgia Republicans have a 37 to 19 majority over the Democrats in the chamber.

Cagle was not the only one to pull back his support for the tax bill. Other Republicans also announced their decision to refuse to support the tax bill, which would lead to a $50 million sales tax exemption for jet fuel. While this tax bill would benefit a number of airline companies, it would mostly benefit Delta.

David Ralston, the House speaker, said that he felt let down by Delta. He expressed the wish that Delta had announced the decision prior to the House approving the tax bill. After the approval of the tax bill by the House, the legislation moved to the Senate the next day where it enjoyed broad support.

By Saturday, support for the tax bill essentially dissipated after Delta made the announcement that it would eliminate its discount fare program. This discount fare program would have allowed travelers to buy a discounted plane ticket to go to the 2018 annual meeting for the NRA.

After the deadly school shooting Florida, Delta Airlines was subjected to pressure from some of their customers to cut their ties with the NRA. Delta said that the decision “reflects the airline’s neutral status in the current national debate over gun control amid recent school shootings.”

Delta further noted that they support the Second Amendment, but also that the company has a policy of usually refraining from political issues. The airline cited the instance in which they withdrew financial support of a production of “Julius Caesar” last year because the Roman ruler, who is assassinated, was depicted to be similar to President Donald Trump.

The airline company was not the only corporation to cut their ties with the NRA after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Other companies that joined the fray include Enterprise, MetLife Insurance, and Symantec. Many companies that offer discounts and deals to the members of the NRA were boycotted.

Recently, FedEx declared its opposition to the stance of the NRA when it comes to gun safety and policy. FedEx stated that it “does not and will not deny service or discriminate against any legal entity regardless of their policy positions or political views.” The company also noted that it gives discounts on shipping rates to hundreds of organizations and not just the NRA.

While some customers were pleased with Delta’s decision to oppose the NRA, many customers said that they were planning to buy plane tickets from other airlines from now on. The NRA itself stated, “In time, these brands will be replaced by others who recognize that patriotism and determined commitment to Constitutional freedoms are characteristics of a marketplace they very much want to serve.”

~ Conservative Zone

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146 thoughts on “Georgia Republicans Vow to Kill Airline Tax-Cut Bill”

    1. I am very proud of Delta standing up to the NRA and should still get tax credit. No gun control can ever be passed when NRA funds or supports most of the politicans Trump took their support. The 2nd amendment they are not taking away hunting rifles or personal weapons but automatic weapons. People should not be able to order guns over the internet and gun shows should have to take pictures of person and background checks before person gets a gun.

    2. What makes Delta so priveleged to get a $40M tax break on fuel? The Ga citizens are subsidizing Delta and are having to make up the difference. Delta is wrong about the NRA, guns, and therefore wrong on their support of the 2nd amendment. The hell with Delta.



    1. Anyone who interferes with our gun rights should be locked up or all their rights taken away. Because this will surely happen if we give up our guns. I paid for my guns with money I worked hard for. And no one will get them from my warm hands. If we could afford to live in gated communities with security like the congress and other high ranking employees do then maybe we could give up some of our rights. But then the democraps will want more and more along with the republicans until we have no rights and end up like north Korean citizens have ended up. I voted for Trump but will not vote for him again. But will not vote for the democrats either. Where does this leave us. Do we have a revote, a civil war, where does that leave us.
      No where that is where. We white American citizens are screwed. If the whites don’t wake up soon they will find themselves kicked out of their own country by their own government.







        1. Agree. No tax cut for Delta or any other corporation who thinks they can go against the constitution. Tired of all the fighting. This is a gift. They never saw coming.

      2. No body is taking away your gun rights you nut. There is a difference in taking away your second amendment and banning assault weapon. Who needs assault to kill somebody unless your are in a war. It so bad when you are so dam stupid.

        1. Ever hear of the slippery slope? The AR is not an assault weapon you best get your info straight!

    2. How does Delta not giving NRA members a discount infringe on your right to keep arms? Why isn’t the Georgia legislature’s action unconstitutional? Isn’t what they are doing government abridging Delta’s First Amendment freedom of speech right. After all “corporations are people” (Mitt Romney)?

  3. This tax break is being paid by the taxpayers ….which MANY are law abiding citizens of the NRA!! Therefore .. they were not being bipartisan … that they are picking sides! The side of gun control!! Which violates our second amendment for the right to bear arms!! Why should anyone get a tax break when they violate our constitutional rights???
    Same goes for any store/company who chooses to raise the minimum age to 21 to sell guns to, without it being legal… you are going against our Constitution Rights … therefore you should be sued!! Either uphold our rights or you can’t sell any guns or ammunition at all!


  5. Yes, of course they should.
    I know they will just buy gas somewhere else, but enough of corporations playing the political game.

  6. The NRA will use any means to make money. So, how does Trump explain hurting a business to passify one of his biggest donors?

    1. First of all, Maureen, Trump is not the one putting forth the idea of taking away the tax break. It is the government of Georgia. Second, the NRA is not looking to “make money”. They are not a “business”. They are a group of people helping US, the citizens of this country, to stand against government tyranny that would look to take away our constitutional rights. I suggest you better understand the facts.

    2. Please explain how the NRA “makes money” out of any of this?

      All you are doing is parroting what the Far Left tells you. It’s just a JOKE what we’re hearing these days about the NRA and how it gets money from here and there, including the Russians! LOLOL

      Got news for you! The NRA gets its money from its members. And the Anti-Constitution Far Left like you is causing more and more people to join the NRA. So keep up the LIES and expand the NRA membership. We appreciate it!

    3. The N.R.A. is not President Trump’s biggest donor. And , furthermore, he’s not involved in what’s going on in Georgia anyway. If these corporations feel like they can piss all over their stockholder’s and follow current political views, they should, and need, to be slapped back down for such behavior.

    4. MAUREEN. Your comment is ABSOLUTE PROOF that you know nothing about the subject you are addressing. THUS, NO lucid position can be established to provide a cogent answer to a non entity.


  7. I hate ll this political correctness. The CEO of Delta is a gutless little man. I hope Delta will lose its multi-million fuel tax break.

  8. Yes, Georgia tax cut bill should go through. The only reason the Republican legislature wants to kill it is because they are probably members.

    1. Maybe you don’t care if someone wants to take away your constitutional rights but many others do understand the danger of allowing that to happen and will stand against that happening. The NRA, no matter how badly the political left wants to paint them to be, is simply a group of people standing up for the rights of we, the people. If you choose not to own a gun, that is your choice. But they are standing up to be sure that it is YOUR choice to make, not being forced by the government.

      1. You gun folks are just down right stupid. Do you all know the difference between taking away your gun rights and banning assault weapons? It is so pitiful when you don’t know the difference. What would you do if someone were to blow your behind away with an assault weapon? wake up and show some sense. We are not in a war. Killing these kids in these schools do not faze the NRA not one bit. I wonder what would they do if it was one of there kids getting blowing away or your child? would you feel the same way about anybody having an assault weapon? There is no common sense involve here. Guns are more important then people. What a shame..

      2. In the last fifty + years a lot of people must have flunked HISTORY and get their political science information from the one sided media.

  9. i will never fly on a Delta Airline op affiliate again, Businesses should stay out of politics.

  10. They publicly chose to discriminate they should lose their tax break. Businesses should stay out of politics owners and employees can vote and hold political views as they personally chose. Taking a public position as a business on politics is not in the best interest of the shareholders.

  11. I would never buy a Delta Airlines plane ticket. Their attempt at political correctness is sickening. The blame for the shooting tragedy does not fall on the NRA.

  12. They should lose their tax break, It is a hardship on me and my family to be discriminated against because I choose to be part of an organization that most people are now calling us terrorist. If this kind of political sides are being drawn it’s only going to divide this country more because its going to spread to other organizations just like it has in this case. This is only going to divide this country more. As a hunter, we are armed to protect this country if any other country would try to invade us. With all the hunters, NRA members and our Armies we have the larges Army in the world.

    1. For every penny Delta “tax break” someone else will have to pay. Think about that, people of GA.

  13. any consumer oriented business should stay out political arena or be in quick passage to bankrupt. this delta CEO should be fired by the shareholders asap now their bottomline tank. airlines depend on the will of consumers to stay loyal and very competitive

  14. Delta states it is neutral, but withdraws an offer for discount from a legal entity trying to punish people for exercising a right guaranteed by the Constitution. It is become another Pawn in the gun control by the far left who are seeking to turn everybody into subjects rather than citizens. I do not understand how people are so willing to give up their right of self-defense, and yet still not hold the people who do these insane and terrorist actions responsible for their own actions. It is amazing how they go around saying in adamant objects kill people while the people who play pull the trigger are not held accountable for their conscious decisions. These people who are unable to hold anybody accountable for the actions that they perpetrate must believe that everybody should become a victim, make more gun free zones for these lunatics to go and Hunt others in, and that everybody should help the police arrive eventually to identify the dead and notified next of kin.

  15. I’m glad the GA voters want to cut any break for Delta Airlines. There should be no special tax treatment for any company or any person in America. These special breaks are unconstitutional. Also ALL special air to anyone any jurisdiction or any business MUST STOP.

  16. You would think that an airline would know, and understand that tragedy is a fact of life.
    When an airline experiences a disaster they dissect every speck of data to take action on
    facts to prevent a recurrence. Based on Delta’s knee jerk NRA grandstanding pandering
    reaction we all should Boycott any organization that dosen’t act on Facts.

  17. Delta should not have been involved in the gun control matter since it is a political decision. The President of Delta with his close business associates made their own political decision without much debate.
    There are many points of view in how to handle situations causing death. If we are to decide on how to eliminate every cause of death the way they did, we would deprive all persons of their constitutional rights. Take everything away such as automobiles, knives, guns, and any device causing death even airplanes.

  18. We go along with businesses who reduce services for NRA supporters on one hand, but rule unconstitutional for businesses to reduce services for Gay people on the other. Go figure.

  19. Delta should have remained neutral. They introduced politics into the issue by getting involved. The left wing, anti gun lobby have hundreds just laying in wait for this kind of issue. Delta gave in to their pressure now they should pay a price.

  20. If bakeries have to bake a wedding cake for gays and lesbians then the airlines have to shut up about the NRA. The liberals can’t have it bothe ways!!

  21. Delta should hold their ground. They said they wouldn’t be giving discount fares to NRA. NRA member’s should pay the same as everyone else. Delta should get the tax break. The tax break should continue for all American companies. The tax break will also help employees for Delta in the great state of Georgia!!

    1. And if Delta should stop giving discount fares to AARP members, It would seem that you are alright with that? How about AAA members? If they had chosen to never give the discounts by affiliation with a group, that’s their choice. But in this case, they were giving the discounts and chose to stop for political reasons.

  22. Let Delta suffer financially for their stupidity, liberal bias.and disregard for the 2nd amendment. It is not the guns it is the culture that has changed. They are the only major airline that has come out
    with this policy. I hope many folks boycott this poor excuse for an airline. I will never fly Delta again. Definitely TAKE AWAY their tax breaks.

  23. They shouldn’t have received the benefits of a tax break anyway. After that un-American action; definitely no tax break.

  24. I am not sure who Delta gives discounts to should affect the way the State of Georgia hands out its tax benefits, especially if it affects more companies than just Delta. The potential customers of Delta will refuse to use that Airline if they feel strongly in favor of the NRA. I wonder how the NRA members who already booked discounted tickets in advance will be handled. Surely the Airline will not increase the ticked price retroactively. I am sure any company discriminating against the NRA will feel the backlash from their members to its business.

  25. This is another takedown eroding the Constitutional guarantee of Freedom of Speech and yes, on the other hand, I do believe in vigorous background checks and a ban of military type rapid shooting weapons that have other goals than simple self protection and hunting. Just cam back from South American and a country with strict gun control the problem is that guns are in the hands of criminals, gangs, and drug dealers. Many of the homes don’t have lawns in front of their houses but 6 – 8 foot walls topped with bobbed wire and even electrified wire to prevent home intrusion by thieves and criminals.

  26. If Delta can cut off NRA discounts , which they made together in good faith, why shouldn’t states be able to rescind tax breaks that they gave in good faith. If Delta wants to bully around politics with their opinions then they should be ready to pony up for their two cents!

  27. If Delta decides not to give the NRA discounts due their political position, I don’t feel they should receive tax cuts.

  28. I am sick of PC stooges. We could shoot people in Vietnam at 17 and 18. We still do the same in the Army or Marines, Can buy ammo or a rifle. Could not drink a beer but we could serve outside the country. So called do gooders piss me off !!! Make the criminals pay for the act they do! Cruz should HANG. Delta, I’m not going to fly your unfriendly sky. Retired GI 29 years.

  29. Delta Should Lose the gas Tax credits unless it applies the same RESTRICTIONS to ALL BOLSHEVICKS of the (D) party who have done NOTHING since Sandy hook to Protect school children

  30. What does one have to do with the other? Good for Delta. The fingers of NRA run deep. The National should be change to WW world wide. They should not have the power to interfere in the working of different companies. Wonder if the paid
    Cagle ?

    1. I am not for government “interfering” in business any more than necessary. However, if the business makes decisions like this, interfering with the government, the people and the constitution, then the government has every right to NOT support that business through tax breaks using the PEOPLE’S money.

    1. Stranglehold???? The NRA is only trying to protect OUR rights, YOUR rights, by standing against the politicians and others who want to take away OUR right and YOUR rights. The NRA is standing up for the constitution as opposed to those on the left who are trying to destroy it. Wake up.

      1. Have you noticed how the Lefties endlessly repeat what their Far Left Party Bosses tell them to? LOL

        The NRA “stranglehold” on politics! LOLOL

        I’ve seen that on three different sites today. Parrots all!

  31. The NRA did nothing to kill those sweet children. I think it is wrong for Delta to take the stance they have done. Why are people wanting to blame the NRA & Guns for evil committed. First all the FBI & the sheriff did not do their job, that was the reason the kids were not kept safe. They were given many warnings. We are in an evil liberal society now. Gun control for all is not the answer.

  32. A state shouldn’t penalize a business for their caring stand against an organization that doesn’t take their role more seriously. In the end, it will be Georgia that loses when Delta moves to a more welcoming state. Only 13 people actually used the NRA discount so it seems pretty silly that the state even did this. It shows you where their alliances lay and its not with the people of Georgia. This will make me choose Delta instead of the opposite.

    1. Sorry but the NRA had NOTHING to do with those people being murdered. That was done by a sick individual who would have used a different type of weapon if he needed to. The NRA is simply trying to protect the rights of ALL Americans to be able to defend themselves when necessary. Blaming the NRA is just the left’s way of trying to take away OUR rights, YOUR rights. Wake up.

      1. So tell us ALL, please. How many NRA members have been involved in a mass shooting since this entire “gun control” (people control) issue started?

        I’ll wait for an answer …….

        Then when you fail to reply, tell us how many Liberals, Democrats, Progressives, Obama campaign workers and “immigrant/refugees” have been involved.

        Instead of being a Left Wing Parrot, do a little research and learn something about the issue!!

  33. I feel it was ridiculous on Delta’s part to punish the NRA because of the school shootings….most members of the NRA are responsible gun owners…I believe they (NRA) have changed many of their rules regarding owning a gun and have agreed to make those changes, i.e. raising the age one can buy a gun and having more information on background checks among other things. The State of Georgia and other States have the right to hold back on the tax discounts to Delta but all parties should come to their senses and make peace with each other. Delta Airlines got a little carried away, in my opinion. I hope they change their mind very soon.

  34. This is just a scare tactic by lame republicans too scared to cut off their political funding from the nra. They should truly vote for sensible gun control measures like the overwhelming majority of Americans want, not being the spineless cowards that they are.

    1. Wow, what a crock. If you can’t see the facts in what is going on then you deserve to lose your rights. Blaming the NRA for what happened is ridiculous. The NRA is doing nothing but standing up for our rights, even yours.

      1. The NRA do not want any back ground check on nobody. Those folks who want assault weapons, why don’t they go over seas and fight in the war and then come back and tell how you like it. That if you come back. And sorry ass Trump sign a bill for any sick person to get a weapon without any kind of back ground check. And all you gun lovers love that.

  35. Take the Air Marshals off the air lines and let them pay for all the lawsuits
    These companies that use knee jerk emotions to punish law abiding companies will see who will win
    The world is not a safe place and not all people follow the laws if you are being assaulted the Police will be there after the crime usually to draw the chalk line around the victim

  36. All these companies that pull their support for the NRA are only hurting themselves. The people of this country enjoy their 2nd amendment rights. Its their to protect their families and themselves from dangers everywhere. But its also part of our right to protect ourselves from a runaway government. This is and always has been true . If all these companies want to remove the support for the NRA then let them pay the price in the long run. Delta, Enterprise and all the rest can and will be boycotted by me and many others just like me. Its my right to go where and when I want and with who I want. Its also my right to choose the company I want to fly with, rent cars from and where eat. So be it Delta and Enterprise and many others its your financial loss from DAMAGING honest people for no reason what so ever. WE all the people will have the last laugh I am sure. Your not the first companies to be boycotted and left in ruins never to be seen from or heard from again. Have a nice day watching your profits dwindle to zero

  37. Yes, Delta should lose its gas discount because of its blatant comments about the NRA which has nothing to do with the Parkland massacre…I am making a list of all those who are discriminating against the NRA and will not do business with any of them.

  38. Delta Airlines caved to vicious attacks made to their Company by one of George Soros’ spin off groups. Any time that something comes up about the President or the Government in general, George Soros sends out his attack dogs to wreak havoc on the web. They have done similar things with Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, Pringles, and others over supposed forced labor policies from some of the components to the products made. Kelloggs, in turn, gave $900,000 to BLM. This is not only a form of blackmail (no pun intended), but also strongarming, when you bombard a company, telling them you won’t be purchasing their product anymore, and set conditions. There was also the Grab Your Wallet Bunch who went after Ivanka Trump’s business, and got it pulled from several stores. These leftists go after businesses, as well as people on the air they don’t like, and have gotten a couple successfully off of the air. I refuse to talk about the way they go about it, but someone needs to go after the ringleaders of these groups, starting with George Soros and his partner from Media Matters, since everyone knows they are behind this, figuring it will stop the President. We have never done this to their side, but perhaps we should keep their playbook in mind, should they ever get the chance to get in the White House again, which is highly unlikely for all of the dastardly tricks they’ve pulled.

  39. Wow, Georgia is Amazing! …Can we bring them to California to get rid of our “Crazy Legislators from Venezuela” America’s new “Workers Paradise!

  40. Take the tax break away from Delta. Unless they have a signed contract that says they may cutoff the NRA Fare Discount at will for any cause or reason then it should stay. Corporations such as Delta and others should be neutral if they expect to receive government benefits.

  41. So when there is a plane crash and people die who generally gets blamed? The pilot for pilot error, mechanics for not servicing the plane or the plane? It is always human error – pilot or maintenance. The same holds true of shootings. The gun didn’t do the shooting without human assistance. Businesses need to stay out of the political arena and just take care of business. Delta should lose the tax incentive.

  42. Yes. They consciously choose their action. No need for tax credits due to their elective action towards a specific group. Discrimination pure and simple.

  43. ANY company that blames the NRA for the acts of an insane person that chooses to use a gun to commit murder or ANY crime for that matter, needs to be boycotted and punished for attempting to push THEIR “political (or personal) views” on innocent consumers, and if that means hitting them in their bank accounts and “profits” so be it. Do you blame a car for hitting someone? Do you BAN baseball bats because someone got beat to death with one? Do you blame forks for making Rosy O’Donnell FAT? The NRA had NOTHING to do with this EVIL individual wanting to murder. Perhaps we need to BAN DEMOCRATS because MOST of the murders (if not all) were committed by a democrat, the Child of a democrat, or a left-leaning person..
    Time to put the “BLAME” on the MENTALLY-ILL MORON that did the CRIME (you know the HUMAN???) No gun can load itself and run out to shoot people.

  44. Delta is free to conduct their business anyway they choose. The public is free to do the same. Delta can move their headquarters to a state that shares their views, and the American public can fly another airline. This is America, we have a choice. What’s the problem??

  45. They chose to discriminate against a group of people who are only standing up for constitutional rights, all based on hyperbole put out there by those who want to take away our constitutional rights. This is not a moral issue. It is strictly a political one being disguised as a moral one by the political left. If they want to take a stand against the laws of our government and against the taxpayers of this nation, then they do not deserve any tax breaks from the government: ie, we the people.

  46. Delta giveth, and Delta taketh away. That is their business decision to make and it should not effect tax incentives for their business. As a business, it is their perogative. It’s apples and oranges. I happen to be a happy supporter of the NRA.

  47. It is okay with me that Delta lose its tax break on fuel as no other airlines were getting this discount. If the discount is given do it for all airlines. Delta decision to bash the NRA with this decision was inappropriate and remove the discount (even though it was not used much). They should now remove all discounts for AARP and other organizations if their stance is that of not giving discounts to politically organizations. AARP was a major political player in destroying our health system.

  48. I will definitely boycott Delta unless they change this! They definitely should NOT receive this tax cut!

  49. No, Delta should not lose the tax incentives that keep thousands of Georgians employed. Are you seriously asking this?

    The mere fact that the sanctions are being considered is testimony to the unholy power of the NRA, and that power comes from manufacturers, not from its measly “5 million members”, a claim never verified. Remember that AARP has 38 million members!

  50. The state is doing the same thing to delta for political purposes. If you think Delta is wrong, then don’t
    use Delta Airlines. Delta has a business to run and it depends on the public using Delta, if the public
    stops using Delta because of its disassociation withe NRA, they will act accordingly. Its business over

  51. I think that they should if the members get shafted from benfits. The airlines should be punished also. Im sick and tired of theses left wing political correctness.

  52. Id rathet have guns. Idiot politicians and stupid people who think that taking guns from people are the answer.

  53. Delta is doing the right thing. First of all, why should members of the NRA get discounts on their tickets?????????????? The NRA should have to follow rules that protects us and our country. Who in the general public needs an automatic rifle ?? There should be rules for all weapons. Look at what is happening to our country – shooting after shooting – so we need more guns?? Ha ha!

  54. Delta gives groups like the NRA discounts for purely business reasons.

    They have openly decided to rescind that discount for purely POLITICAL reasons.

    Since they’ve decided to become a political organization they deserve NO special tax breaks from the people of Georgia. Let them suffer for a ludicrously stupid decision!

  55. The NRA had nothing to do with the shooting, or others that have occurred. No tax cuts for Delta. I do not belong to the NRA.

  56. Absolutely no tax cuts for Delta! Let them continue on in Liberal Fog … another great Company falls down. Incidentally, I flew more than 3000 miles on Delta in my business years! It was once a great company.

  57. Why does a company that raises the rate on a whim and makes millions while customers fly in conditions that have demolished? Delta and all airlines have been prone to charge higher fares and give less service and lately little customer consideration. Why should taxpayers subsidize them? The are double dipping, shorting service and becoming harsh. Time they paid for their greed.


  59. we are members of the NRA and we will not use Delta or buy from any other companies that disrespect our Country

  60. Why shouldn’t they—–what’s fair is fair. I am a NRA member and an American military veteran who signed to die to protect this country and Delta’s rights among many others. However, when they disrespect me, I retain the right to condemn them. There is no such thing as an “Assault ” rifle. Rifles other than hunting or target shooting are offensive or defensive weapons. A hammer, knife or many other things can be termed “Assault” weapons. Get real, people. Democrats are on a self serving , power mad tear and they are reeling in thousands of non-thinking people being led like sheep to slaughter. Wake up, America!

  61. all of these progressive companies show loose any tax breaks they are getting why should we subsidize any company to steal our freedom. We have to make all progressives pay for what they are doing to the american people with their policies. They need us to pay for their progressive ideas that never work, but we don’t need them and they know it. The only way their policies work is when they force them on us at the end of a gun.

  62. We can’t carry a gun on a flight anyway. Gun rights is none of thier concern. If they want to just sell tickets to only Liberals, well good luck trying to stay in business.
    Ask the NFL and Target, we will fight back. Conservatives are really good at boycotts. You idiots!

  63. Delta absolutely does NOT deserve to LOSE their tax benefits. What is this country coing to? Stand up like men (women)!

  64. Companies should stay out of politics! We have enough problems in this country with unnecessary divisions created by people and companies making decisions based on emotional reactions rather than logic. In this case Delta probably didn’t act logically or responsibly or in the best interests of it’s shareholders, employees or customers. It put a stigma on it’s efforts to serve all customers impartially by discriminating against a large segment of it’s customers. They have other choices and if they feel discriminated against, they will exercise those choices. Delta should realize that even though they might pick up a few customers in the short term, the bad taste they have created will likely last longer than any good will for the short term.

  65. No they should not have to give up their tax cuts just because they have the guts to stand up to big money! good for them!!

  66. It should seem that Delta is, shall we say, on board with 2nd Amendment rights just by virtue of the fact that they were giving discounts to NRA members in the first place. If they’ve had a change of heart in view of recent events and the current public climate then that’s their prerogative. Gun violence is a scourge in this country and to so closely associate themselves with guns at this moment may no longer make enough sense to them to carry on (pun) with the discounts. If they are to lose tax relief as a result, well, perhaps they will just move to another state where the state government would be more favorable in its approach to taxes, with guns as something not even remotely considered it its decision making. If the NRA would adapt 2nd Amendment rights to 21st century realities, and just acquiesce on a few points, they could draw the line, not in the sand, but in the cement. I am a gun rights advocate, but pragmatism is important here, and Delta has every right to choose which groups it wants to give discounts to.

  67. Delta should lose the tax cut if they rescind the discount to NRA members who exercise their Second Amendment RIGHT.

  68. Delta should not be getting in involve with politics, their job is to fly people to their destination period, so eliminate their tax bill since they chose to listen to certain group

  69. Discounts are used as a reward for being a good customer or doing something nice. Delta extended a discount to NRA members trying to create new business for their own company, which they had great benefit from. Tax deductions are also used as a reward by the political parties in return for a persons vote or help with campaigning for them. I feel Delta does not deserve a reward of tax deductions or anything else. They have turned on the NRA members, charging them with mass murder, found them guilty without evidence or a trial, passed sentence on them and handed punishment on over 5 million innocent NRA members who were not in anyway responsible for the horribly evil actions of the one person who brought harm and death to innocent helpless children. Delta deserves for the American people to boycott them and loose any and all benefits they receive as a reward. The “NRA members, every gun owner and honest person” in America knows Delta took these actions against the NRA members because of political pressures, WHICH IS WRONG!!! We know who works day and night to disarm Americans and we know the evil reasons they want us disarmed. I thank God everyday for our President Trump and every American should thank God for him too. God bless America and the NRA.

  70. FRANK, They DID lose their FUEL TAX EXCLUSION. Lt.GOV. CASEY CAGLE warned DELTA that he would BLOCK their $40 MILLION EXEMPTION if they did NOT rescind their SLAP IN THE FACE of the NRA.
    DELTA DIDN’T , CAGLE did, GOV.NATHAN DEAN signed the bill today. The estimate today was raised to — FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS $$$$$$$$$
    DELTA gave a few $5.00 discounts to 13 N R A members. WOW— !3 members saved peanuts. DELTA WON that round and LOST $ 49,965,000. GOOD MOVE DELTA.

  71. Jeff was right about Maureen Hughes … and so many like her. Get educated and get your facts straight Maureen.
    I was shocked by Delta management and other large companies who obviously don’t have facts or just don’t care
    about the constitution or understand that NOT ONE OF THE 5000 (or more) members of the NRA have been involved
    in any of the terrorist or school shootings. People have to take hours of training on the proper use and care of a gun
    before becoming members. Look to the parents; the schools; the gangs; the society of drugs and the lack of morals to find the real causes. Anyone intent on doing damage to someone else can get the means – whatever it is. No gun? Then a
    knife. No knife? then a rope or poison or a machete or a type of bomb ……. any other means they think of! Wake up and
    point your liberal hate in the right direction. Joan

  72. As usual, the corporate giant shot itself in the foot spouting off when it would have been better to just stay out of the
    national BullSh. tsunami. Only a handful of NRA members requested and got a discount on their ticket. However, many
    others decided to change to another carrier. This will be “business as usual” in a few months when the media has something
    else to whine about. I will turn in my guns when ALL Californication will rid its body guards, hood members, gangsters and
    other subversive people like politicans, etc. Also the flick industry will have to stop bringing violence into your homes and
    theaters, no explosions, no disrespect for women, no casualties of any sort. Let’s see how this works out.

  73. Delta could have just simply eliminated the discount to NRA members without the fanfare. But if they want to be unpolitical they should eliminate discounts to all members of ALL organizations. I am not a member of AARP because that is a political lobbying group who lobbies for positions I do not believe in. I do not want my membership money supporting those ideas.
    Why is Delta giving discounts to ANY group that lobbies for a political purpose? Eliminate ALL discounts based on membership to an organization. Give Senior Citizen discounts, whether that senior belongs to an organization or not.

  74. The Constitution is there for a reason. It is the same reason today as it was when written. The dangers are if anything worse in 2018 – professional politicians no longer show any respect for the people who elect them and pay their lavish expenses.
    Do not give even a fraction of “one inch” or the flood-gates to confiscation and victimisation will be opened – look at what happened when the British Conservatives failed to stand firm against the left-wing Lib-Dems and Labour parties – private ownership of hand-guns was banned so now only criminals and the police are armed, the “public” becoming victims and targets BY LAW !
    Do YOU or your children want to be DEFENCLESS TARGETS ??

  75. We have to look at WHY the 2nd amendment was made in the first place. In the beginning this was a Very small country and with fairly few arms except for what citizens themselves owned. After the British lost the “colonies” which must have come at Least as a major surprize in the world back then as Great Britain was The superpower of the day. Given the strength of the constitution which was ratified in 1787 NO ONE has ever decided to invade the United States. It was not just for Hunters or hobbyists, It was done for NATIONAL SECURITY. Seemingly No one seems to understand that but that was and IS the reason.

    A wise company should know the motives and mind of there customers before pulling the rug out from under them.
    A Pox an such companies that levy anti -speech regulations on customers. I believe that is the FIRST amendment.

  76. Corporations don’t belong in politics. Delta has never offered me my NRA membership discount and I am a frequent flyer. Delta decided to make this PR move to get more customers and it backfired. I, for one, am proud of the lawmakers who stopped the fuel tax cut. Very bad decision by BOD at Delta. If they leave Atlanta….so what. That airport is only one of the best in the World.

  77. we don’t want to safeguard our children with law officers, teachers with proper training in weapons, or prior military people, But, as i noticed that the Oscars had armed guards, and sniper squads all over the place, i guess thats because Hollywood is special, and our children aren’t!

  78. The left tries to blend this all together but it is two separate things
    1: A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, 2: the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

  79. Sorry Delta, Why should the tax payers subsidize your business? They don’t give tax breaks to Macy’s or the man with a hot dog stand. If either of these businesses fail to satisfy the people who buy anything from them they will loose money and most probably have to reduce overhead or go out of business. If any employee is overheard discussing religion or politics opposite of what they think, guess what that person will go somewhere else to purchase a product. Didn’t Target stores loose a lot of business when they elected to have “transgender” bathrooms? Target is not subsidized either. So it’s time to cut bait or go fishing. Bye Bye Delta.

  80. Yes, they should lose their tax credits. What are we going to have now Airlines for the left and right? Trump was mostly self funded. He didn’t need NRA money to beat criminal Hillary.

  81. Why should Delta or any other business receive different or any more advantageous tax treatment than other businesses?

  82. I ABSOLUTELY THINK DELTA IS WRONG. However I do not feel they should be punished because of some left liberals influenced their corporate decision. I wonder how many of their employees are gun abiding citizens? here again, the few protesters probably paid by Russian money can try to strip America from its guns. Maybe Delta should require all air marshals to not be armed, and maybe security at the airports should be given pepper spray and less lethal means to defend the airport. Maybe we should now require that all military can not enlist till 21. Surely you can not hire any security personal till after age 21 whom needs to be armed! DELTA IS WRONG FOR ONE MAIN REASON: GOVERNMENT FAILURE AT EVERY LEVEL, AND SUPPORT STRIPPING GUNS FROM LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, TO EXPECT LAW ENFORCEMENT TO DO THEIR JOBS!!!! I FEEL THAT GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM, NO ONE IS EVER HELD ACCOUNTABLE AND YOU CAN NOT FIRE OR GET RID OF THOSE BAD APPLES WHOM FAILED JUST LIKE THOSE BEFORE 9/11 ATTACK. Every disaster that happened to America was because of government failure, and it continues to destroy some things that are great in America. NRA does good things, it sponsored classes for all ages, it has even given to schools for providing security, yet they seem to be the organization at blame for failed government responsibilities. Delta may lose business, but I do feel it is great company and should not be punished by leadership and a board that caves to social left liberals whom I think may become the minority that yells the loudest and fails again and again year after year . WAKE UP AMERICA, IT IS NOT THE GUNS THAT KILL, JUST LIKE IN FRANCE, OR OTHER COUNTRIES, THESE IDIOTS WHICH EVERY ONE CALLS MENTALLY ILL NOW WILL FIND ANOTHER WAY TO KILL!!!!

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