Has Jeff Sessions Put an End to Legal Pot Forever?

The U.S. Justice Department recently terminated an Obama administration policy that showed leniency towards the pot trade and kept federal authorities from making arrests in states that have declared it legal. Now, however, according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, prosecutors are free to pursue charges when there is a debate over federal and state drug laws.

In 2013, the Obama administration declared that it would let each state decide if they wanted to legalize marijuana, as long as officials agreed to actively keep it from migrating to places where it was still illegal and made an effort to keep it away from children and out of the hands of criminal gangs. In fact, then Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, wrote a memo clarifying exactly how the federal government would respond as additional states began allowing marijuana sales for medical as well as recreational purposes, so there would be no confusion.

This “hands-off “approach to the enforcement of marijuana laws by Obama’s Justice Department allowed the marijuana business in the U.S. to expand into a multimillion-dollar industry, which uses profits to fund some state government programs.

According to a Justice Department source, former administration’s guidelines “created a safe harbor for the marijuana industry to operate in these states and … there is a belief that that is inconsistent with what the federal law says.’ Sessions blames legalization of pot for a variety of problems, including the trafficking of marijuana across state lines where it can be sold for a higher price. Due to these problems, Sessions recently rolled back this policy, indicating that it allowed legal marijuana to thrive without federal intervention. Now, federal prosecutors have additional freedom to pursue more marijuana cases.

“In deciding which marijuana activities to prosecute under these laws with the Department’s finite resources, prosecutors should follow the well-established principles that govern all federal prosecutions,” Sessions wrote in a memo to prosecutors.

There has been harsh retaliation by many about the change in policy regarding marijuana laws. Currently, there are 29 states that have adopted medical marijuana laws, and seven additional states that legalized pot for recreational use.

Members of Congress as well as marijuana advocates were outraged at the actions of Sessions, a mere three days after the legalization of marijuana in California, indicating federal intrusion into issues they insist should be left to the states to manage. In a sure sign that views on the drug have dramatically changed, opposition to the move came from Republicans as well as Democrats.

Many such as Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski thought the announcement was “disruptive” and “regrettable.” In fact, Republican Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado says the move completely contradicts a promise from Sessions before being confirmed as attorney general. Gardner counted on this promise to help his agenda to push legislation to protect marijuana sales.

Attorney for Colorado Bob Troyer indicated that his office is not prepared to change its stance on prosecution, despite Sessions’ actions. According to Troyer, prosecutors there focus their attention on marijuana crimes that “create the greatest safety threats” and will on that path.

When asked about the president’s stance on the subject, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders kept on point only indicating that Trump’s main priority is to continue to enforce federal laws “regardless of what the topic is, whether it’s marijuana or whether it’s immigration.” As a presidential candidate, Trump’s belief was that marijuana should be left up to the states.

Currently, the big question is how the new change will affect states where medical marijuana is legal. There is a congressional amendment in place that prohibits the Justice Department from intervening with existing medical marijuana programs set up by states where it is legal. Department Of Justice officials indicate they will follow the existing law, however, they would not rule out the possibility of any medical-marijuana related prosecutions. They would not comment on whether not federal prosecutors plan to focus on legal marijuana shops and growers.

According to Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance Sessions “wants to maintain a system that has led to tremendous injustice … and that has wasted federal resources on a huge scale. If Sessions thinks that makes sense in terms of prosecutorial priorities, he is in a very bizarre ideological state, or a deeply problematic one.”

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34 thoughts on “Has Jeff Sessions Put an End to Legal Pot Forever?”

  1. This will be the end of the republican rule. It was the independents that put them in office and it will be the independents that take them out. Sessions should be put out to pasture. Close to 80% of the voting people believe that medical cannabis should be legal, and 64% believe that it should be legal for recreational use.

    1. Spineless Sessions is trying to divert the attention away from the Real, in His face, problem. Corruption in his own department and the FBI. I feel he was a mole implant from the swamp or else he would not have recused himself from the Russian investigation. The real collusion was the Demon Rats and he does not want to do anything about it.

      1. You don’t have a clue, For me getting high has NOTHING to do with my cannabis use . Hip and knee pain had me dependent to vicoden and celebrix for years ,. There is a real risk of dependency and in the case of celebrix stomach and liver damage , I thanked god to have a alternative . By the way I am far from some hippy or kid , I am a business owner and will turn 70 years old next summer

        1. George Washington , the father of our country grew marijuana , not just hemp . In his notes he referenced separating male and female plants . The only reason to do this is to produce high grade buds free of seeds . I have owned guns since my father gave me a 22 rifle when I turned 12 , I will be 70 next July. Since then I have become a competitive pistol shooter ,, competing on a state and national level . I also earned instructor certificates in self defense and hand gun marksmanship from the NRA, I earned the classification of master indoor pistol , expert outdoor and sharpshooter in high power rifle . I did give up my C.P.L . after getting my medical card to avoid potential problems . Just what part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGE is so hard to understand . The problem is the schedule the feds have this plant as having no medical value .A person would have to be blind and deaf to believe that , If you need proof just search rick simpson oil/ cancer in closing I will say having owned firearms for 60 years and carrying concealed 30 I have never shot or even pulled down on another human being

        2. I feel your pain Dave. I have Muscular Dystrophy, and pot is the ONLY thing that gives me relief from pain, since I refuse to go on opiods, which are a horrible alternative. I have to purchase pot illegally, since it’s not legal in Iowa.

      2. Sessions needs to do his job! He cannot remain on the fence between the two parties. Politics is not part of his job, law enforcement is.. If he wants to be in politics, then he needs to run for public office. This very expensive Mueller crap at the expense of the taxpayer needs to end. Cannabis should be under state law. It has been proven it is medically beneficial. I have been around folks that I have known most of their young lives and I do see a difference in their attitudes because of cannabis. The federal government tends to be like a virus that invests and controls everything it touches. Yes, we need to control illicit drugs and cannabis being brought into this country by the tons. When drugs and cannabis crosses our national borders or state borders, the feds need to prosecute that activity with a vengeance. Getting high on life does not need the use of drugs.

        1. The only entity that can legalize dope is the US Congress. The states have ZERO say in the legalization of drugs. Marijuana is a dangerous and VERY addictive drug. It is responsible for as many motor vehicle deaths as alcohol if not more. I am willing to bet that anyone who supports dope has never had a family member killed in a car accident caused by marijuana. I’ll bet none of them have had to tell a family that one of their family has been killed by a doper. I’ll bet none of them has ever had to take a body out of a car , killed by a doper. In case you are wondering how I got this information , I’ll be happy to share. I spent 20 years in a volunteer fore department. I worked HUNDREDS of accidents. Nothing is worse than taking a mangled body out of a car after being hit by someone drunk or drugged. I also spent several years running the drug testing program for CDL drivers where I work. I had to learn everything about drug use and reactions I could. It would scare the hell out of most people if they actually knew what drugs do to your body and mind. This most certainly includes dope.

    2. There is yet “another side” to this “story”. If you watch the “news” you will see that on the “back side” is another way for the “government” to confiscate the GUNS of Law-abiding citizens. Several states have already written “laws” that if you are a Marijuana “user” (medical or otherwise) you “right” to bear arms will be stripped from you and your guns MUST be surrendered, or you will be imprisoned for failure to “comply”. Smarten up People , is “getting high” worth losing MORE of your RIGHT of SELF DEFENSE?? (from government tyranny)

    3. I agree that Sessions is attacking windmills with his wasteful reversal of Obummers policy – The states should decide this issue – not Sessions. I dont think this will cause an end to Republican rule – because the Democrats are a sleezy bunch. Can you ever imagine that sleezy Pelosi as speaker of the house. She is a very rich person made that way by the monies she has ripped off from the government coffers. However, my opinion is that Pot should be legalized – and not only that but all drugs should be legal. This idea may seem crazy to some. But we cannot do worse than what we are doing now. We lost the war on drugs the day it was announced. And who goes to jail some poor end user – never the biggies.

  2. I’m with Sessions 100% on this one. Medical marijuana is more effective in a pill or capsule format–it does not need to be smoked and is only a trojan horse leading toward further drug legalizations. Recreational marijuana is exceptionally irresponsible. There are seven cases in Colarado of small children in ICU from second hand marijuana smoke. It causes automobile and other accidents as well as irrecoverable brain damage (which explains a lot about Democrats).

    1. How many people die from Marijuana use? Get off the Prohibition wagon! Alcohol does much more damage and is legal. Individuals can choose.

    2. Where do you get your information on children , auto accidents and the real winner brain damage? I challenge you to back up any of this nonsense, Last week AAA , yes the auto association of america released the results of a survey they conducted on the effect marijuana has on driving . The results found consuming cannabis DOES result in a higher risk of a traffic accident the same as HAVING A CHILD IN THE VEHICLE . Please research before you post more bull

    3. You are an idiot if you think ANYONE will believe in your “children in the ICU from second hand smoke” story. I don’t support recreational use being legal either (decriminalization is sufficient), but that “Reefer Madness” mentality of yours is dangerous. THERE IS NO LETHAL LEVEL FOR THC! If those children are in the ICU it is NOT from weed. By the way, I am a REPUBLICAN and I believe in FREEDOM. Now go back to fantasy land Howie!

    4. And wait till the guy in the next apartment or condo lights up and your whole house stinks and your baby has to wear a face mask. Some idiot throws laced food on the sidewalk and your dog ends up at the vet. People complained about the mess made by cigarettes, wait till the beach sand is covered in weed wrappers.

    5. I’m sorry Howie, but you are nuts. How is marijuana irresponsible? Is it because alcohol is so good? Alcohol has never hurt anyone. I have been smoking pot for over 40 years. I have never had a fight while under the influence of marijuana, but have been in many fights due to the influence of alcohol. I have also passed roadside sobriety tests, after smoking marijuana, but not under the influence of alcohol. I no longer drink, due to the fact, it’s poison, yet it’s legal. Howard, you should stick to subjects you know something about. The ONLY reason marijuana is illegal, is so that FBI agents had something to do after prohibition ended. Marijuana should be made legal nationwide, then states, or even counties can ban it if they so deem necessary.

  3. So it’s weed that you think needs a priority ? How about the Unconstitutional anti-gun laws that some states have illegally passed that infringes on one of our Constitutional Rights? why are you not even talking about THAT, Mr. Sessions?

  4. Jeff Sessions made me lose a lot of money in my pot stocks. According to him cannabis is heroin. The companies I invested in are losing money even though it is the cannabis that does not get you high. What is this guy’s problem?????

  5. Sessions needs to start going full force after The Clinton, Obama, Holder, Lynch, Rice, ALL THESE CORRUPT DEMO’S AND RHINO’s, and STOP the BS about WEED. Let the states make it LEGAL.

  6. Prosecuting laws is appropriate. In the case of marijuana use, medical or otherwise, let’s get the Fed out of it. Change the federal laws! Don’t waste money on Prohibition. It didn’t work 90 years ago, it doesn’t work now.

  7. While I don’t approve of pot legalization. There are many other things sessions should be going after instead of this. Investigating the dnc, clinton foundation, dems and the witch hut on our President. Time for sessions to go.

  8. Interesting that many who want to put the tobacco industry out of business are the same ones pushing for the legal use of marijuana. Both are smoked. Both can do damage to your respiratory system. Why is marijuana considered to be safe and harmless, but tobacco isn’t?


  10. The wrong crusade at the wrong time for the wrong reasons. Certainly Jrff Sessions and the DOJ have better things to worry about than legalized Pot. Come on! As a conservative Libertarian I have no Dog in the fight. I can tell you from personal observation however, that I have never seen “Stoners” in a Bar fight. Hmmm. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Which is the greater problem? There are acually more alcohol related deaths in this country than all other Drugs combined. This includes addiction, hospitalization, road deaths, and alcohol fueled rage killing. Pot just doesn’t even come close. Priorities gentlemen, Priorities.

  11. We really just need to get Sessions out of here, he doesn’t have a clue what is good for Americans, he just wants to act like he knows what is going on! He is an old conservative that hasn’t kept up with the times. How the hell did he even squeak into his position? Man Trump is hard up for fellow cronies! He only needs to meet with these States that have legalized Marijuana and get on the same page, why does everything in this country have to be so complicated???

  12. Leave it up to each state. Anyone that has ever used Marijuana,,, know that you CAN NOT overdose on it. Unlike the Opioid Epidemic in our country which can lead to overdose and death. Medical marijuana when used in conjunction with a doctors prescribed therapy can result in a definite reduction in chronic pain. True!,,,there are eatables mixed with marijuana that might be compatible to some patients with different pain tolerance. But for the majority of people with severe chronic pain needs quicker pain reducing agenda by smoking marijuana to instantly deadens the damaged nerve endings. This is called RSD,,,Reflex Sympathic Dystrophy. Nerve endings receptors from the damaged area ARE NOT shutting off pain that is being transmitted to the brain. This type of suffering will continue well after the damaged wounded area has healed for years. So people with highly severe chronic pain diagnoses now have a choice. Take a chance on ODing on Opioids or hope and pray that Jeff Sessions leaves the Medical Marijuana alone. Responsible Patients need Medical Marijuana to reduce chronic pain and try to have a normal productive life style. I know this,,,,because I live with chronic pain everyday. I do not use Medical Marijuana everyday. I do not get high or a buzzed everyday. I learned through therapy how to control my intake and when to use it and what kind of marijuana ( potency) to use. Yes,,there are different strains of hybrids for different levels of pain. So you can see that there are people who use Medical Marijuana for real medicable purposes and not just potheads. I surely hope Jeff Sessions focuses his attention more towards something more to the interests of the American People.

  13. Sessions has nothing better to do with his department than to go after Legal Pot rulings already in place??? Nice of him to crawl out from under his rock to declare war on weed! Is there nothing more important in this messed up Country, than sending pot smokers to our over crowded prisons? Hell half his work has already been done for this old crony, he can just walk into the states that have legalized Pot, and declare it is illegal and I’m guessing declare that we are dealing with a Schedule 1 drug as dangerous as LSD, ecstasy, heroin, etc. This guy needs to be replaced with someone that has a better grip on what drugs really are dangerous (including alcohol) and which ones are not (Marijuana)!!!

  14. Legal pot is nothing but a trap to confiscate guns, can’t have a drugged up public running around with firearms now can we? It is way to easy to get to fall for government tricks, Hawaii Just tried this exact trick.

    1. No, we certainly can’t have a drugged up public, MORON. marijuana is NOT a drug, marijuana is a plant, in the simplest form, and not modified, like alcohol, opioids, etc. Alcohol is completely safe to consume, and shoot guns. I think we should all get drunk, and head to the range, or to the fields for a deer hunt. Legal pot isn’t some conspiracy to get our guns, we won’t just sit back and let them have our guns because we’re too stoned to stop them. I hope and pray that Sessions does the honorable thing, and resign, due to incompetence.

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