How Democrats are Trying to Steal Seats from Republicans in 2018

With the midterms coming around the corner, Democrats are lining up new strategies to try to take conservative strongholds from Republicans.

Watch out for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee – this is an organization with the sole purpose of trying to convert fence sitters in conservative districts. Led by former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a mob of more than 400 progressive candidates surged into the training held by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee. The other major speaker of the training was Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), another high profile progressive who has to fake parts of her political identity to maintain her position in the progressive movement.

The slogan for the day was “any blue just won’t do.” This is actually a good thing for conservatives, because the call for unity is led by a segment of the party that is least qualified to call for unity.

Both Sanders and Warren represent a more extremist side of progressivism that many moderates within the Democrat party are simply unwilling to follow — the Arizona Democrats who were helping to host the event said as much. David Brill, challenger for the 4th District of Arizona against Rep. Paul Gosar (D-Prescott), was one of the more vocal opponents of the Antifa form of progressivism being normalized as the official path of the party.

Brill and others within the party say that progressive extremists do not stand up for issues such as Medicare, the $15 minimum wage and immigrant protection. However, Brill does maintain hope that states like Arizona can be retaken by leftist lawmakers. Currently, the state enjoys an overwhelming conservative majority. Every elected office in the state is also held by a Republican.

OH Predictive Insights is a questionable polling institution led by Mike Noble. Noble said that the upcoming midterms have the potential to be very good for progressives. He went on to say that traditionally conservative districts are safe, but swing districts are up for grabs. As much as we may want to simply toss his rhetoric to the side, the truth is that he may be right. If he is right, then we should definitely be careful.

Why? Republicans in the state are incensed at the lack of accountability from conservatives. There are many lifelong Republican voters who are simply fed up with the problems in Arizona schools. They say that conservatives give them the same dog and pony show, and very little is changed (except for illegal immigrants who make their way into the state from California). Education, family debt and stagnant wages are among the most important issues in the state, and they have been relatively untouched issues that demand policy changes very quickly.

Democrats have more candidates than ever in every single contested race in Arizona, which mirrors many midterm races across the nation. Whether or not you want to believe the stuff that comes out of gatherings like the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, you can easily look at that number and get a bit unsettled. Although many of these contested districts have far more conservative voters than progressive, this does not guarantee that upheaval is not right around the corner.

One of the big issues that Republicans must realize is that states like Arizona do not have to turn blue immediately. If Democrats can use the momentum they have currently, they will flip a legislative chamber here, a statewide office there. This sets up a state as a target for the next two years. The last thing we want is to turn red states into battleground states – forget blue.

As conservatives, it is our job to turn our attention to these midterms that have the potential to become contested. Keep in mind that you are fighting for the future, not just for the present. States such as Arizona may not be ready to fall in 2018, but that may not be the case in 2020 or 2022.

~ Conservative Zone

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51 thoughts on “How Democrats are Trying to Steal Seats from Republicans in 2018”

    1. The democrats R losing votes because we see are corrupt they are. It goes right to the top with Schemer and Pelosi, the black caucus. If people can’t see the difference between the republicans and the dirty Democrats, they (Dems) deserve everything they will get. If the Dems win, remember that Hillary is one of his soldiers in his global army to take control of the WORLD Globalization. They both made a deal with the DEVIL! Obama wants an army of 1,000,000 soldiers cloned like him so he can control all of us through war. If the Republicans are so laid back and don’t worry about it, then you deserve what you get. The democrats are already doing his dirty deeds.

      1. Respectfully Beverly, WHERE are Democrates “losing” anything? They have won the last FOUR Special Elections in a row! Including Alabama and Wisconsin!!

  1. Maybe people need a “progressive” government for a while so they see what kind of diarrhea it really is! Or read Atlas Shrugged! Scariest book I ever read.

    1. Here’s another Tim; The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Gibbon. While reading, I had to stop and remember this was written about events that began around 23 BCE and notin the Twentieth Century!
      Barring a chatastrophic mistake by Schumer and/or Pelosi, or the unlikelyhood that McConnell and Sessions should grab their left ear with their right hand, and their right ear with the left and PULL, sharply, the America we know, as deminished as it is, will be but a fond memory within a decade!
      On January 4, 2019, the Pelosi lead House will have a Bill of Impeachment on the Floor, and it WILL pass! Whatever the outcome in the Senate there won’t b the necessary 67 votes to remove President Trump from office, however his agenda will be DEAD !

  2. You state Dems trying to ‘Steal’ seats yet say nothing about Republican gerrymandering which steals seats from Democrats. You state that major issues area economy, stagnant wages, housing, yet you do not propose solutions and conservatives have ZERO solutions which is why people voted in Mr. Trump thinking he would change things. This is why progressive Dems have so much interest — Dems are offering SOLUTIONS to the problems that actual people face. Duh.

    1. What in the hell are you smoking? MOST (if not all) “gerrymandering” was done in DEMOCOMMUNIST-CONTROLLED areas.
      “progressives” (communists) have NOTHING to offer except OBSTRUCTION. THAT is been the whole “problem” from the get-go. The ONLY “solution: DEMOCOMMUNISTS want is tax, tax, tax and spend, spend, spend.. (or MORE TAXPAYER MONEY for them to BLOW on their cushy lifestyle.
      Put down your crack-pipe and sober up… Try watching the REAL news and get away from the “progressive” brainwashing communist news propaganda networks. DUH is right…Go back to your basement “safe space” , play with your crayons and coloring books, and leave the comments to the adults.

      1. Cliff—you need to acquaint yourself with the facts; what you’ve offered is just partisan bias and nasty nonsense. While it’s certainly true that dems, when in power, have also gerrymandered, there has been nothing that comes even close to the gerrymandering in recent years. Almost all of it has happened in Republican-controlled states. Go ahead guy, check it out. Google is just a click away. Part of the reason the repugs have done so much is the availability of much more sophisticated computer and technical tools. But again, it’s mostly Republicans. Where are you getting your erroneous facts?? Some media outlet(s) are doing you a disservice by equipping you with nonsense, which makes you look utterly foolish when confronted by people who are better equipped with the facts.

    2. Dems/progressives/liberals Do not offer REAL solutions; your programs do all the fishing, all the hunting etc. They do not teach the person to hunt, to fish etc. You don’t see anything from Republicans because anytime they even mention welfare reform Democrats scare people into thinking that ALL assistance, any type of help is going to be ripped out from under them. Democrats also refuse to acknowledge the fact that there are people abusing their gov’t assistance and people on welfare who shouldn’t be on welfare.

      1. George—and 8 years of Republicans before that. What grew during that time? Graveyards. Over 5000 in our country, and hundreds of thousands in Iraq and elsewhere. What else grew? Debt, deficit, and wall-street malfeasance, leading to the worst recession since The Great Depression. I’ll take the dems.

  3. People everywhere better wake up to the fact that the D’s are all Communists. No matter what they say they will do,if they get in they will then do as they want. Look at Congress,they no longer work for the people they are there only for themselves. Think back to what Obama did,every word he said during his campaign in ’07 was a lie,when he got in it was strictly his way or no way. We used to have fair elections but not anymore,the D’s are hard at their schemes all year to sway voters to their way. They do that and then they have people to round them up like cattle to take to the voting place to cast their vote,most of the time they have them cast 2 or 3 at a time. They also will take them to more than just one polling place,they actually lead and guide them the way they want. They also pay them to vote for the D side,nothing is too low for them to stoop to.

    1. HI, JUST PASSING BY you folks all sound like you have lost your mind . Where do you get these crazy ideas ? Democrats aren’t communists . Nobody is driving groups of people around to vote. Think about it , do you see herds of cars or mobs of buses? Most people are trying to get to work and feed kids and do laundry, not stealing elections. It would take thousands. You would notice , eh? I don’t want to belittle anyone however maybe your friends won’t tell you but this bunch of ideas you are having are really silly. Really , just look around you. You don’t really see anyone doing these things do you ? I’m over 70 and have been paying attn all the while and this stuff yr on about ; somebody is gasslighting you . Be sure not to listen too much to fear mongers who yell about imaginary issues so much they ‘ almost’ sound real. Use your own realism and senses to inform your self and Life , not some advertising ahh , suit your self. I gotta go sorry , don’t let yrself get led into the anger conciousness. I agree , there is too much change coming too fast but I don’t think the fault is from the least powerful of us. More likely from the people who manipulate us for their profit. Among us regular people we are supposed to be kind to each other

      powerful among us all.

  4. I’m a Democrat.
    TO: Mary (from above) :
    Please clarify on exactly how the Dems are “offering SOLUTIONS” to the problems that actual face.
    I’m really hoping to hear something positive and understandable from you !!!

    1. Seriously, if you don’t know what the dems are offering you’re clearly tuning in to partisan, biased media that doesn’t provide the full story. Better and more extensive healthcare, affordable education, better wages, better environmental protection—the list goes on and on.

  5. If Americans want an elected government that rules them, instead of an elected government that represents them, then vote for officials behaving like the Communist Party calling themselves, “Progressives,” like Warren, Sanders, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Durbin, Kaine McCain, McConnell and Kasich. After all it is your freedom. Give them your votes, your guns, your children’s future, your children’s right to be heterosexual, your Religion (unless it is Islam), and of course your money, because they know better what to do with it than you do.

  6. The Democrats should be working on a way to quickly dissolve the party. The have no desire to adapt the a moral policy to run anything, let alone a country. The are useless. We’ve had enough after the 0bama fiasco.

    1. That’s the point, democrats are nothing more than marxists/communists, and that group does not have ANY moral center. communism is the very definition of evil. The devil only want you to give him your soul so he can “protect you” in his own way.

    2. Obama cleaned up the financial mess left by the shrub as much as possible ( against the total helplessness of the R congress) and then left y’all a rising economy So I can’t see an Obama fiasco from here. I’m open to actual real knowledge but have had enough baloney demopanic . come on already

  7. people do you not see what is happening? The dems are trying to scare us so that we will vote for them. Then we will have another Venezuela


  8. Just watch for more and more ILLEGALS, DEAD “VOTERS”, “democrat” Ballots “found” in trunks of cars, soros company machines that change your vote, buses full of DEMOCOMMUNISTS taken from place to place to vote often. “out of state””voters” voting in other States and “poll watchers” with nightsticks (in other words MORE RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD) All this was done before, so CHEATING is nothing “new” to the DEMOCOMMUNIST “party”.. THAT is how they “win”.

    1. Correct, because if they actually spoke truth to the issues and their ultimate aims, even useful idiots wouldn’t vote for them.

  9. GOD , forbid we get a demoncrat House , OR commiecrat majority congress . we need to keep REPUBLICAN Majority in BOTH !!!!!

    1. Yes but we have to get the right republicans in(rinos out). Thank god paul ryan is leaving, if only mitch(marble mouth) mcconnel would leave too. We need constitutional conservatives.

  10. voting for a democrat today is like voting for a commy! if you want to keep your constitutional rights, vote republican, even if you don’t like the person. it is better than putting a demoncat in, that will want to trample on all of your rights and enslave you. say no to DEMS. its time we stomp their faces into the ground, because we know what they are all about.

  11. This is the same old Smoke and Mirror tactics the Democrats always use. Along with the assistance of the leftist media news outlets through the Big 3 Networks and the help of the Marxist driven newspapers in the big cities like the LA Times. Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Seattle Times,The Washington Post along with Hollywood Liberals and several others, including George Soros backed Newspapers and his use of paid leftist groups.
    On the academia side,it is also a battle for he minds of our children.
    It is all a big ruse to subvert, disenfranchise and undermine the Trump administration.
    We The People need to stay active, alert and vigilant, because we are in a fight for the sanity and individual rights of our nation.
    We do have a lot of folks on our side in this battle. We need to,continue to support these conservative organizations however we can, because, make no mistake, the other part of their plan is to silence dissent from the right.
    Stop listening to the evening news from the Big 3 Networks, including their affiliates and plug into news outlets and organizations that support our nation and our Constitution.

  12. No matter who we elect in May we better pray about it before go to the polls God all really has a plan No matter what party we elect this country is all ready in deep trouble we need to stop pointing fingering and all come togather as a nation and put God fearing people in office I know this may not set well with most people but its the truth

  13. These people label themselves as progressive. This term implies progress. But what kind of progress? If they are making progress to turn this nation into a socialist state or otherwise harm America, we don’t need their brand of progress. One thing they are good at is false labeling and misrepresentation.

  14. Back in the early ’70s, I was a communist. I spent about three years in “the movement,” before figuring out what they were really about. I considered myself a “Marxist-Leninist,” that is to say, a “revolutionary.” One day I was talking to one of our handlers about strategies and future operations. He said that we were no longer to call ourselves “communists.” From then on we were supposed to call ourselves “liberals,” “progressives,” even “leftists”–anything but “communists.” He continued, advising us to also stop calling ourselves “communist agitators.” Since I–as a nineteen year old skull full of mush–was especially proud of that one, I asked him what we were supposed to call ourselves. He replied, “We’re going to call ourselves “street organizers,” or “communist organizers” (sound familiar?). He went on to say that this change was ordered by the KGB and that, since we had “friends” in the Democratic Party, we were going to infiltrate and ultimately gain control of that party. We were now going to “work inside the system,” the very system that, the day before, we were calling “so rotten that is had to be taken down YESTERDAY.” He said it may take fifty years, but we would eventually take down this country from the inside; it would still be a revolution, but it would be bloodless. That about-face was the beginning of my disillusionment with “the Party.” Since then, I’ve watched all of the things we planned and fantasized about carrying out one day unfold all around me. And it continues.

  15. Typo in my message above: the change was to be from “communist agitators” to “COMMUNITY organizers.” Sorry ’bout that!

  16. I just tried to share this article on FaceBook and received the following message. Guess FaceBook is still blocking conservative sites.

    The content you’re trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:

    Please remove this link to continue.
    If you think you’re seeing this by mistake, please let us know.

  17. There is no Democrat strategy that will work. The Democrats lost the 2018 election when Trump was elected President. The only way Democrats can meaningfully capture seats is for Republicans in Congress to fail to support Trump. Republicans have already done much of the Democrats’ work for them by not repealing Obamacare and by passing the Democrat Omnibus overspending bill, both of which have the result of discouraging conservatives from going to the polls and electing Republicans. It remains to be seen if these betrayals by Republicans are sufficient to lose them the House or Senate in November, but they still have opportunities to continue to shoot themselves in the foot by continued failure to support Trump. If this Republican incompetence continues, conservatives will be left with the duty to defeat the RINOs (like Alexander, Capito, Collins, Heller, McCain, Murkowski and Portman in the Senate, the Turncoat 7 who voted with Democrats to preserve Obamacare) at the first opportunity and start over with fewer but more conservative Republicans.

  18. The democrats are using state judiciary’s to disenfranchise voters. Pa. supreme court legislated a bipartisan voting district map out of existence and put their own in. This is happening in other states. Also every illegal is registered illegally to vote democrat. Look at California and Virginia and now New York. Democrats are more Marxist-Leninists than liberals. Europeans look at our parties and opine the republicans are liberal.

  19. Look people you might as well realize that the democrats and the RINO’S have no intension of working with President Trump and that refusal is a refusal not to work for the citizens of our country. We have the majority of the House and Senate but the republicans in the senate are not united, we have a few RINO’S that have blocked President Trumps agenda. In order to increase our seats in the Senate in 2018 we must vote out these RINO’S and elect people that will work with our president not against him. Here is a list of RINO’S. We must vote for republicans that will back Trump’s agenda.

    List of RINO’s and their state if Any of these RINO’S is up for re-election don’t vote for them,
    Vote for people who will work and back our President.

    Speaker Ryan – WS
    Lamar Alexander – TN
    Roy Blunt – MO
    John Boozman – AR
    Shelley Moore Capito – WV
    Thad Cochran – MS
    Susan Collins – ME
    John Cornyn – TX
    Lindsey Graham – SC
    Orrin G. Hatch – UT
    Dean Heller – NV
    John Hoeven – ND
    James M. Inhofe – OK
    Johnny Isakson – GA
    Mitch McConnell – KY
    Jerry Moran – KS
    Lisa Murkowski – AK
    Rob Portman – OH
    Pat Roberts – KS
    Mike Rounds – SD
    Marco Rubio – FL
    Tim Scott- -SC
    Richard C. Shelby – AL
    John Thune – SD
    Roger Wicker – MS
    Todd Young – IN
    Bob Corker – TE
    Patrick Leahy – VE
    Thom Tillis – NC
    Fred Upton – MI

  20. Voting democrat is having rocks for brains. They are a party of total control! They only reconize refugges and illegals. They want to destroy our Consritution and Republic of America! They are bought and paid for by soros! They pick and choose who can speak and have rights. Electing democrats will get every right our fore fathers gave us taken away!

  21. And LOST five before THAT — I’m talking about the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, not state legislatures! The Alabama Senate seat was a self-inflicted loss, caused by Republicans fielding the world’s WORST possible candidate. MAYBE we learned our lesson there! And the loss in Wisconsin was a LEGISLATIVE seat, not one in Congress (there haven’t BEEN any vacancies in the House from Wisconsin): you’re mixing up apples and oranges, so to speak. Republicans have a just-about unbreakable majority in the Wisconsin legislature, so one seat lost isn’t a very big deal.

  22. The GOP has nobody to blame but themselves and I’m a Strong Conservative. The rant about Obama’s eight years and how Congress doesn’t work. Then they get elected and prove it. While the Conservtives where beating the drum about taxes, abortion, open trade (which are all honorable causes) the socialist left was infriltrating our schools and changing text books., brain waging our youth. Diner believe me? Look at the professors in our Univercities often helped with grant and funding from tax payers. Look at our youth fighting in the streets and destroying what little history we have and again funded by Obama to George Soros using tax payer monies. Look at the bigger picture the election in AL and PA was stolen criminally from the GOP did they sue in court for a recount? No. When need to hold our GOP elected officials accountable. They work for us not the Biulderbergers or do they. I’ll believe a Polititian when they vote to stop insider trading for themselves cause if their voting base had the same information to get richer off they would go to prison. You only have to know history to see what is going on right now. They both work for the same side and we they working class our witnessing a massive power grap the world has never seen. Yep them old stories in the greasy book every written do have meaning in this modern day progressive society we have the front row seat in viewing today. Times where hard on people in history too but they made it through. Change is always hard but we can bring about change also and it starts with YOU and me and the next person demanding and when needed exposing the corruption of the government that is suppose to serve it’s legal citizens and not just rule over them. Sounds real good right? That’s what some smart guys wrote along time ago writing a Constitution and since then Communist, socialist and liberals have been trying to tear it apart and step by step remove your rights as a legal citizen. I’m done I hope these words have some truth to the America and it’s people on both sides that I loved and served over twenty years for; for if not my time was in vain. Making America Greater one CITIZEN at a time.

  23. The establishment Republicans will sacrifice their seat rather than allow President Trump to succeed. Their willingness to assist the Democrats to gain the majority is an example of how the swamp will protect one another as they pretend to have opposing ideological opinions.
    Remedy – elect true Republicans in the primary.

  24. “Steal seats” by the dems? You failed to deliver. There’s nothing in this article about stealing, and precious little about what precisely the dems are doing.

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