Joe Biden’s Mental Health Should Disqualify Him from Holding Office

As the lengthy Democrat primary process wears on, the once subtle signs of Joe Biden’s mental decline look more like flashing warning lights.

Early in the process, the Obama-era flunky repeatedly got a pass from the left-leaning media as he told stories of his gallantry that lacked even a shred of truth. His constant gaffes and inability to remember what city or state he was campaigning in were met with hollow fake news excuses. It was also a running concern that the 77-year-old was running a far less aggressive schedule because he lacked the mental stamina. There’s little doubt the Democrat establishment has been shielding Biden because he represents their best chance at rekindling the business-as-usual-swamp President Donald Trump is quickly draining.

“He is a candidate that is mentally deteriorating. People in the Democratic establishment say, ‘Oh, don’t say that.’ They really believe that they can shield Joe Biden from public scrutiny, and the reality is, they can’t. We all see what’s going on here, and it’s going to be a disaster if we nominate Joe Biden,” Democrat strategist and insider Justin Horwitz said. “We all see it. He can’t get on stage without making some type of gaffe, and these aren’t the same gaffes that he made in his previous two failed presidential runs. These gaffes are a lot more serious. These gaffes clearly indicate that he is not all there anymore.”

While on the national debate stage with other Democrat hopefuls, Biden would say one thing and claim he didn’t say it moments later. The scenes of candidates challenging his lack of short-term memory were bizarre and telling. The fact that he appears to now be vying for the party’s nomination in a two-man race with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders should be cause for alarm.

In a recent interview with Fox News, correspondent Chris Wallace asked the Obama-era veep about his “sometimes shaky performance on the campaign trail.” Wallace brought up a phony story Biden told about being “arrested” in South Africa that never occurred.

“Were you confused, or were you just trying to embellish a story,” Wallace asked.

“I guess I should have said I was detained, I was not able to move forward,” Biden reportedly said.

In another recent clip, Biden is completely confused while on the recent campaign trail in South Carolina.

“You’re the ones who sent Barack Obama the presidency. And I have a simple proposition here: I’m here to ask you for your help,” Biden said. “Where I come from, you don’t get far unless you ask. My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over. If you like what you see, help out. If not, vote for the other Biden. Give me a look, though, OK?”

Although Wallace appears to allow Biden to gracefully slip away from answering hard questions about his disorientation, there was no escaping the conclusion of the interview. Biden seems not to know who he is even speaking to and calls Chris Wallace “Chuck,” believing he is speaking with “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd.

In 1988, Biden reportedly suffered aneurysms to both sides of his brain that required surgery. He was unable to resume his duties for seven months at the time. Both operations placed him at high risk for diminished functionality as he got older. As much as the Democrat establishment wants a puppet back in the White House, it appears Biden is unfit and unable to handle the rigors of the presidency.

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35 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Mental Health Should Disqualify Him from Holding Office”

  1. the REAL danger of Biden somehow becoming President is who will be chosen as Vice President. Biden is simply a prop, When Biden will be forced to give up being President when he officially declared unfit, The Vice President will TAKE OVER!!! THEN: LOOK OUT AMERICA!!!!!!

    1. Good point Richard……Do you think Hillary is behind Biden’s campaing and kiking Bernie out of the race ???
      ….it could be a perfecr play from Hillary…..If Joe is elected will be more than easy for Hillary to remove Joe from
      the presidency…….and Hillary’s ambition for power will be fulfilled……so….to stop her twisted will…GO TRUMP 2020.

    2. He first will have to get through the debates (plural) and then defeat President Trump who has the best unemployment numbers in 50 years!! Keep AMERICA GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Trump 2020!

  2. Biden should be tested and if found to lack
    the mental capacity to hold the office of
    President forced to pull out of the campaign..
    not as after some sort of plot is schemed
    to bring Hillary or someone egg lse on as VP knowing that he will not be able to finish
    his term and the VP is going to take over.
    Knowing that or even suspecting that going
    in is nothing short of collusion.
    Wake up Americans and support President
    Trump. This is not a question of party
    affiliation. Be honest. Biden is unfit both
    physically and morally.
    Every American regardless of race or color
    needs to join hands to vote every RINO
    and DemonRAT out of office.

  3. N0 to Joe Biden….he is mentally unstable….called DEMENISHA ?? spelling?
    he cannot run our country and do not want a vice-pres….that runs it…..TRUMP only

  4. Joe is NOT POTUS material . . . He MUST have EXCELLENT mental STAMINA while making LIFE or DEATH decisions while as our Commander in chief, with his hand on the Nation’s Nuke button. One WRONG decision or WORD could mean DEATH or injury to MANY people. One rather ALARMED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. This is a party of vipers, they know that Biden will be an easy puppet and when they put policy into place that harms the citizens they can blame Biden. The Bidens are 5 clicks below trailer trash.

  6. BIDEN = Anti-American Nazi-Socialistic Party from the gates of HELL to destroy America, remove the Constitution, remove the people rights, flood the US with every Illegal, Traitors and Terrorist who the demo will allow being Armed, will allow them to RAPE our young children and the elderly, will allow them to assault whomever they please, will allow them to MURDER Americans, but the democrats will not allow them to ARRESTED, will not allow them to be tried, will not allow them to IMPRISONED, will not allow them to be DEPORTED.


    1. ALL gave some, some gave ALL!!!!!!!! Thank you to all of our veterans for their service and all who are serving us now!!

  7. I have been saying this from the start. Biden has dementia and is not fit for office. When i see the people behind him, i wonder if they have all the puzzles pieces in their heads. How can they promote someone who is mentally incompitant.?
    I think the democrats are probably paying them to be there for biden, who knows the democrats have don far worst things to hold on to the power that means more then keeping america great. Trump 2020

  8. Biden has Alzheimers without any doubt. This is theDemcrats and Obamas strategy to get his elected no matter what and either have Michelle or Hillary as his VP and when in office forceBiden to resign due to lack of mental capability and have either of the chosen VP take the office of the Presidency. Creepy and underhanded at best and no care for the country , people and the constitution. Anything to get Trump defeated.

  9. I’m glad he is shutting Bernie out. Then we can deal with Joe. I don’t think he has a chance against Trump.

  10. I notice that I am not the only one here who thinks that this is a perfect set up to get Hillary Clinton into the presidency. Biden is just a cover … a stepping stone for her. And don’t think this couldn’t happen. If the economy craters enough, people may get disillusioned with Trump and voila! Guess who’s in office? Stay violent America . This looks like a repeat performance of 2008.

    1. I’m in total agreement with Gary Mercatante! Biden is a complete set up and people will follow like sheep due to “the Obama” factor …………..

  11. Joe Biden is a puppet – plain & simple. He should be removed from the running for that reason alone and that’s not counting the mental decline the nation and world is watching.Then there is this: If Biden would make it to the White House , he would be removed from office for not being able to handle the job or have a sudden fatal accident and his VP would be out president. That is where Hilary comes in!

    We need to keep President Trump in office for another 4 years even though the Congress will waste those years and millions of our tax payers dollars to be rid of him & our success.

  12. If the electorate is stupid enough to put biden in office then they ll get what they deserve. But how about the rest of the people that tried to keep President Trump in office. they are the ones that will suffer and those slime ball phony democrats will draw their welfare and continue to suck off the people that work for a living.

  13. How does his family justify “propping him up at these rallies and letting him rant on about nothing”. He obviously is in the throes of dementia and someone has to step in and put a stop to his campaign. Whether it be Sanders, who should demand that he be tested mentally; another Democrat should stand up and be counted; God knows you can’t rely on Hunter,( what will he do for money) but surely his wife Jill, has got to see how he is mentally incapable both personally and professionally. He surely is not fit to run this country and all Americans are seeing this and no one is putting the brakes on. Is he that desperate to think he can surely get through debates with Sanders and then the “best debater of them all” President Trump. Hasn’t this hoax for the past three years done enough to damage to this country and it’s time to put a stop to the Democrats as a whole. What’s left of them thanks to Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Waters, Warren, Weinstein (whatever the whistleblower’s name is) who tried to railroad Justice Kavanagh. They all have to be removed and take our country back from the traitors.


  15. Joe seems to leave a yellow stain ever time he steps in front of a camera and he doesn’t have written notes. “45” will destroy him in the debate. (There will only be one.)
    Is it just me that it’s pretty strange that Obama hasn’t offered any support for Biden? Does anyone remember Biden doing anything good as vice president besides making money for his family.? Obama is staying away so Joe doesn’t embarrass him and Michele. But after Joe is declared unfit to be the DNC’s choice because of health reasons, Obama’s head will pop up like a roadrunner.

  16. The Biden family must stop this tragedy. They placed Joseph Biden in” harms way” Medically, he has Dementia probably the vascular type. He has a history, in the past , of undergoing brain surgery at least two times for anuerysms. WIth increase in age. a process known as apoptosis which means the destruction of normal cells around an injured area over time. This is an injustice to Biden, his family and the America citizens. The Democratic party is using his candidacy for president as a stepping stone for a vice president to assume the presidency by virtue of his mental state. Shame on those individuals who are destroying our country’s integrity and truthfulness. If anyone continues to support this charade may they reap the results.

  17. He Joe Biden is so unfit to run our country. He will make Bernie his vice president maybe and then old Joe will do what Sanders wants. Socialism . Every one should vote Trump back in for saving our country . Obama messed our country up big time and poor Trump had to redo it. Trump is the best president of them all. I always go red or blue who ever can do the best job. I can’t believe what all of those Sanders people want.

  18. They should quickly remove Biden from being a possible democrat nomination and the race, so that Hillary’s door of opportunity will be closed. Secondly, prosecute Hillary as quickly as possible, to step on the serpent’s head.

    Also, Why doesn’t Jill Biden recognize Joe’s problem and remove him from the race ? They’re using him to help Hillary get her foot in the door. But Ms. Biden still needs to get him out of there out of respect and to keep him from further embarrassment. Though the whole democratic party is an embarrassment to the Country and the world.

  19. I agree with everyone else-that Joe Bidden has dementia… And his wife knows it just as well as anyone else-, but she is in denial or just using her husband to get Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton into office as vice president-and then soon after that, Joe will be gone and one of them will be the president… No way… Joe has to go-he cannot be president

    1. I have been telling my friends the exact same thing, Ole Killary can’t get elected so they plan to try to steal the White House. That way she and Bill can complete their theft of the country.

  20. The DNC is using old Joe as a pawn. They knew, and know of his mental state, they are hoping to force him to take Hillary Clinton as a VP candidate. Should they win the general election, Hillary will raise the issue of his mental capacity, he will be removed, and Hillary will slide in the back door of the White House.

  21. Joe it’s time to go. You are not well !!! Please do not kept up your bull shit. You are really bad your wife needs you at home out of the press. You are looking like a big fool like you are. Please step down on your own. Because it’s time to go. You look like a BIG FOOL!!

  22. The communist-democrat party has a real big problem from their aspect. They pulled all the competition form Biden right before the super Tuesday spectacle when they should have supported Tulsi Gabbard instead. She has the least baggage and she is no doubt a lot closer to what the real people in this country are looking for in a leader. The rest of their candidates are garbage, but since the DNC itself is garbage, they can’t see the difference and they chose to tip the scales in favor of an incompetent and demented old fart that is as corrupt as he could figure out how to be in his career in Government. Now, he can’t remember what he said 10 minutes ago, and that isn’t going to get any better. It is true that Ronald Reagan had those problems due to his Alzheimer’s Disease but that was at the very tail end of his time in office. This is going on with this idiot even before he gets into office, making the huge assumption that he would get into office at all. He is simply not acceptable as a candidate at all. As for me, let then nominate this demented ole fart because he will just get squashed in the general election.

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