Kanye West Speaks Out as More Black Americans Back Trump

Kanye West may be the most dangerous man in America — to Democrats.

Leading the African-American community away from the constantly repeated liberal talking points that all conservatives and Republicans are racist, Kanye is “woke” as some might say. He’s woke to the fact that Democrats are the party of slavery. He’s woke to the fact that Democrats devised a welfare system that ripped fathers away from families. He’s woke to the fact that Pres. Donald J. Trump has put his cards on the table and created more opportunity for African-Americans than any other president in the nation’s history.

On a recent Saturday Night Live segment, Kanye West put his cards on the table too. Adorning a MAGA hat after being bullied by the cast and crew of the late-night show, Kanye went maverick and broke away from the coercion used by liberals to punish those who don’t tow the party line. Liberals seem to think that if you are black in America, you must vote Democrat. Kanye is proving nothing could be further from the truth.

“There’s so many times I talk to, like, a white person about this and they say, ‘How could you like Trump? He’s racist.’ Well, uh, if I was concerned about racism I would’ve moved out of America a long time ago,” Kanye said. “Thank y’all for giving me this platform. I know some of y’all don’t agree but y’all be going at that man neck a lot, and I don’t think it’s actually that helpful.”

“Black man in America, supposed to keep what you’re feeling inside right now,” Kanye sang. “All those Democrats. You know, it’s like the plan they did, uh, to take their fathers out the home and promote welfare. Does anybody know about that? That’s a Democratic plan.”

While Kanye West may have been cut off by SNL, his voice appears to be ringing more and more true with African-Americans who are slowly discovering true facts about Pres. Trump’s promises to get behind all Americans. In recent polls, African-American support for the president continues to improve.

According to a Rasmussen poll, African-American support has about doubled each year. Being repeatedly called a racist by the liberal, fake news media without a shred of evidence during the run-up to the 2016 election, Pres. Trump reportedly garnered only 8 percent of the votes by African-Americans.

But with continued promises to put all Americans first, Pres. Trump earned these mostly Democrat voters’ confidence. In September of 2017, Pres. Trump earned the support of a 19 percent of African-Americans as his policies improved opportunities and lowered unemployment. With African-American unemployment at its lowest number in recorded history, the America First policies are beginning to be fully embraced by African-Americans.

A Recent Rasmussen poll places support for Pres. Trump at 36 percent and climbing. With promises made and promises kept, the president’s popularity has increased by more than four times since defeating Hillary in the 2016 election. This trend could spell very bad news for Democrats heading into the mid-term elections.

“Trump’s Black Approval is at 36%. If I was a Democrat I would be terrified. And it’s only going to get worse for them,” Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA tweeted. He went on to say that Pres. Trump is “breaking the Democrat party as we know it.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity agreed on his blog.

“The stunning data spells disaster for Democrats just months away from the 2018 midterm election, with the party’s base beginning to fracture as the economy roars to life under President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress,” Hannity wrote.

Although liberal celebrities have come after Kanye West with fangs out over his support of Pres. Trump, the facts remain that the MAGA agenda has benefited African-Americans after decades of Democrats failed. Kanye has deftly pointed out that the 13th Amendment abolished physical slavery, but liberal policies have continued to oppress African-Americans.

“We will no longer outsource to other countries. We build factories here in America and create jobs,” Kanye tweeted. “We will provide jobs for all who are free from prisons as we abolish the 13th amendment. Message sent with love.”

~ Conservative Zone

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47 thoughts on “Kanye West Speaks Out as More Black Americans Back Trump”

  1. I have the ultimate respect for you Kayne. You have your eyes wide open and see the deceit, lies and corruption by the left!!

  2. He is 100% right the left goes after any black man or woman who starts to climb the ladder the democrats will kick the ladder
    from under them, The Democrats keep making promises to the black communities never come through. They never intended
    to do any thing for you they just wanted your votes.

  3. God bless America,
    Good for you Kanye, I’m a Christian. When I was young I was brought up in a black and white neighborhood. We all played together had great times. Then when became an adult it’s like everyone changes because we listen to the negativity sometimes and some do not know what to believe, it’s so sad. There is hope in Jesus Christ he sacrificed so much for us. When I feel sorry for myself I remember he gave his life for me. He was beaten down by his own who he ministered to and loved us all, But he knew what his destiny was and he loved us so much he gave his life so we could live forever. As long as we believe protect God’s creation and the Holy land we are blessed among people. God bless you and your family always in Jesus name amen

  4. West has found the fake illusion of the Democrats scheme to control Blacks and their votes.
    The biggest , horrific manipulation of Blacks is the lies, and deception about abortion.
    The Democrats, especially supported by Obama, and Clinton is the hypocrisy that abortion will be more good for Blacks then harm.
    Abortion was promoted by Margaret Sanger, which over time became Planned Parenthood.
    Margaret Sanger was a super racist, who in her book said ” THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO A BLACK CHILD IS FOR IT TO DIE”
    The ways of democrat behaviour shows their real fabric , because no one should allow those to represent us, and run our country , WHO LIE, ARE VINDICTIVE, UNWILLING TO COMPROMISE, AND SPEAKS OF VIAL ACTIONS OF RESIST, WHICH INCLUDES HARASSMENT, LIABLE, SLANDEROUS ACTIONS TO OTHERS AS AN ORGANIZED MOB WITH LYNCH MOB HATE.
    Save a life, have that child, keep a family unit, rebel against welfare government control. Seek God for the truth.

  5. Kanye has done more for blacks than every democrat combined for the last 50 years. He is waking them up in droves. The history of the Democrats is rife with racist plots against blacks to keep them down and dependent, thus voting Democrat.
    The Dems sponsored, wrote and passed Jim Crow laws, formed the KKK and came up with the scheme to decimate black families by taking the father out of the home in exchange for additional welfare money. Margaret Sanger was all about killing as many black babies as possible, over 30 million since abortion was legalized. Hillary Clinton’s mentor in congress was Robert Byrd, a KKK Grand Wizard. Blacks are right to run away from the part of racist dependency. Go Kanye.

  6. Hillary Clinton and the democrats love to say that they represent black people. But, most black people are unaware that
    Hillary Clinton called Sen. Robert Byrd (D-WV) “A great American and her mentor”. She did not mention however that Sen. Byrd had also been a Grand Cyclops in the KKK. Al Gore Jr. – Bill Clinton’s vice president – HIs father Albert Gore Sr. (D-Tenn) participated in a filibuster to try to stop the 1964 Civil Rights Act bill from ever reaching the floor for a vote. When it did reach the floor Gore voted against it – as did Sen. Byrd. President Lyndon B. Johnson (D) did sign the bill into law – But – only after being embarrassed into doing so. Even then after signing the bill into law he was quoted as having said “This will keep them niggers voting democrat for the next 200 years.” Obama – or whoever the hell he really is – offered “HOPE”. In the form of free medical care – free phones – more people on welfare than anytime before. HOPE does not come in the form of handouts – HOPE comes from better education and opportunity – the ability to earn your own way creates PRIDE. The democrats have used handout for -vote getters- they kiss ass during the campaign – but after elected all those promises are forgotten and it is just business as usual – lining their “own” pockets. Hillary Clinton whined about being “broke when they left the White House”.
    Well they sure as hell were no longer broke by the time she left the State Department were they?

  7. You speak such great truths, Kanye! It’s time to free blacks from the urban plantations the Dems set up years ago! The truth will set us free!

  8. Kanye had better be careful. Democraps CANNOT and WILL NOT accept a Black who can and does see through their LIES. Just look at Bill Cosby until he told the TRUTH about how MANY BLACK MALES were hurting themselves by running around making babies but not Families. Now I am not saying he is INNOCENT just that so long as he toed the Democrapic Party line his actions were hidden and accepted. Then there are Colin Powell, Condaleza Rice, Herman Caine and more till they stated TRUTHS about Democraps they were great examples to follow Ben Carson is another but the instant they got off that kind they were worse than GARBAGE to the Democraps. There is a saying those who fail to learn from History are DOOMED to repeat it. That is what happened to Minorities. Democraps are the Party of Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crowe, Lynchings and every other thing that keeps Minorities down and dependent on Democraps. While Democraps are smiling holding out a hand of assistance the other hand is burying a knife in the Minorities back. So while I am not a fan of Mr. West’s music I do applaud his standing up to the TRUE BIGOTS in America that being the Democrapic Party.

  9. 1 thing i don’t agree with is calling pple african mexican french greman americans no u were thos but once u came here legaly u are an AMERICANS . saying african american and mexican american ect. theses are terms that divide us. stop useing them we are all AMERICANS . nothing more or less.

    1. When I was a small child, my immigrant mother referred to herself as an Italian-American. Wanting to establish solidarity with her, I said, “I’m an Italian-American, too.” My mother corrected me, she said, “No, you were born here, you’re a full-fledged American.” So, let’s get this straight, If you are born in America, you are not hyphenated. You are about as American as you can be, [with the exception of a “natural born citizen” which is a special case, not only requiring that you be born here, but that your parents must both be citizens as well. Obama did not reach that threshold and was therefore not a legitimate president!]

  10. Every comment I read here is so correct.I was blind when I was young,and I did not see the corruption in the Democratic party.But now I have gotten older,and wiser and can see the corruption and the dishonesty in the Democratic party.I do have to say there is corruption in the Republican party as well.But in the past the Republican party was not considered the party of choice for the poor,or middle class people.That is because the Democrats were lying to the ignorant people.Blacks as well as the poor whites.Just to fuel their corrupt agenda.And to put money in their pockets while laughing at the poor people they just ripped off.Most politicians are corrupt.This is why I voted for Donald Trump.Because he is not a politician,and tells it like it is.And is doing what he promised while campaigning for president.The crooked,and corrupt politicians promised the people.But never full filled their promises.This is what both political parties hate about Donald Trump.He can not be controlled by the corrupt politicians on both sides.Donald Trump is the man

  11. Kanye, thank you for your drive for learning the truth and your bravery of putting it out there. My 32 year old was being brain washed by the hating left until you. He is not black but most of his friends are and you have encouraged him to take the time to learn but is really going on. Thank you so much for your honesty and your love for America!!!!

  12. Kanye, I am inspired by your courage to make these comments knowing full well that you will be bullied by the Rabid, Leftist, Liberal Democrats at every turn. Good for you and good for Black Americans and all people of color. You are correct. Physical slavery was abolished by the 13th Amendment, but the Democrats have continued to keep you a slave to poverty. Why? They need and want you there. The Democratic Party is the PARTY OF DEPENDENCY!! They throw you crumbs and plead with you to keep voting for them. Well, now we have a President that is changing that. President Trump’s economic policies have resulted in the lowest unemployment rate for Black Americans EVER!! That is truly great news and will help all Black Americans shake off the yoke of poverty.

    Keep going and stay STRONG!

  13. I can’t believe what I am reading. TRUMP is the evil man here, the republicans has always been the force against Blacks. The present congress is, and if not change, it will remain as the most Racist of all congresses of all times. People from US please wake up, turn back US. as it really was. Weather you like it or not, US of North America is no longer a solid white country. At present Hispanics composed over 50% of the population, second by the Afro-American community. Asians are growing by the minute, so are the Arabians. All of you Blondie with blue eyes, must get accustom to the fact that you have been overcome, you don’t owe US. anymore. By the way US is not the only America. We have three Americas, NORTH, CENTRAL and SOUTH. Please remember we are all true Americans. All Racist must decide where to go, we have no place for you guys here. Bye

    1. yeah, the guy who:
      – brought manufacturing back
      – brought hundreds of billions of investment dollars back
      – made American companies internationally competitive by reducing corporate tax to ‘the global average’
      – brought bonuses and pay rises for million of Americans
      – brought jobs for millions of Americans
      – brought unemployment to record lows across the board
      – closed trade ‘back doors’ so China & others could not bypass the tariff system
      – leveled the international trade tariff field

      is EVIL!!!

      you on the other hand are just insane

  14. Why in the hell should we care what a bunch of mentally ill people think? These people use disgusting dirty tactics to get their way. They remind me of screaming, kicking children who are trying to get their way. Personally I don’t care what Dianne Notsofeinstien, Schmuck Schumer, Dick Durban, Dick Blumenthal, Cory the truck stop male hooker Booker, Sheldon Beigehouse or the rest of these screaming, kicking democrats think. They are nothing more than communists dressed up as democrats. They are so power hungry that they will stop at nothing to maintain their power. They are disgusting , sick human beings who as the grossest, most despicable woman on the face of the planet Mazie Hirono said “Just shut the hell up and do the right thing”.

    1. This revelation is indicative of the rot in the liberal demonrats message. Everything they say is negative about what is taking place in this country. They have no honesty, because they have no consciences. Their only true interest is in attaining power “through any means necessary”. The only “plan” they have for this country is destruction of our economy, freedoms, rule of law, family breakup of our families, brainwashing our children, our constitution, and most importantly our God. VOTE REPUBLICAN IN NOVEMBER.

  15. I so agree with all the testimonials given. Im not a fan of Kanyes music either or the Kardashians bot I applaud him for standing up to what he believes is right.

  16. Kanye West, I for one am hearing & listening to your words amidst all the other garbage being spewed around ! We really appreciate your views – your thoughts & totally agree because you’re speaking Truth ! #CARRYONKANYE

    1. Yes! He’s speaking common sense to them. But will these maggot brain’s even listen? In that $ick Demonrat Party? Probably not! Very few might come around? But. Some is better than none! I suppose?

  17. Funny how a white Democrat would want to educate a Kanye West on what black racism looks like. And like Kanye said, he has seen enough shades of racism to have left USA long before Trump. The worst thing that could happen to a group of people is to be boxed up for just their block votes as Democrats have done to the blacks over the years. Trump is spreading the real hope to all Americans irrespective of party affiliations and blacks are benefiting as much.

  18. Kanye West is of all things, and educated and intelligent man. I am sure that maybe by some miracle that he has some leadership qualities that shine beyond the normal entertainment people. Some conservative Democrats in the entertainment industry have come forward, and many have been censored from entertainment because of their beliefs in our constitution, are now abandoning the DNC. But there are now some that dare to challenge democrats hold on entertainers, and there will be more! Chuck Norris, Denzel Washington, and some in the sports industry are making it more comfortable for entertainers to shed the light of hiding themselves from being out spoken Conservatives.
    Great for these that now stand on their own to walk away from the disaster of the Democrat party. Communism has not been proven for over a century, and those that spew this garbage should be welcome to leave America for places like Cuba, or Russia, or even most recent Venz. Communism is the form of the biggest death toll among world history, and if you dig deep, Nazi form or government was just a different name for Communism.

  19. Democrats have always punished black men who didn’t mind their place, and stay on the plantation. They did it in the south with slavery, and they’re doing now with Kanye. These people are evil, and have always been evil.

  20. I have always been mystified as to why the black community has for so long hung their hopes on the political party that gave them the KKK, Jim Crow Laws, and fought tooth and nail to deny blacks their civil liberties, including the right to vote! To me that is insane! Please tell me blacks aren’t that dumb!

  21. Stand strong and don’t let the plantation gate keeper kill you Spirit or crush your free will. #no longer on the plantation.

  22. About the last controversy, the US had slavery for 250 years and the slaves have been free for > 150 years. Therefore people who talk about 400 years of slavery are probably saying they’re still slaves, and that would be a choice.

  23. You know the Democrats have no morals, ethics, and hence play dirty nasty politics. Hillary has a reputation for killing people who get in her way. Kanye West is liable to end up on her list if he keeps leading black people away from the Democrat Party. Of course they are bringing in as many poor uneducated Mexicans and Islamic goat herders as they can find and putting them on welfare. They don’t care if they are also mass murderers, drug pushers, or terrorists. So long as they vote Democrat, they will support them. Kanye has become an uppity n%%% to the Dems and he is likely to be put down hard. We all should pray for him and his safety as he is doing the Lord’s work whether he knows it or not.

  24. #WalkAwayFromDemocrats

    Pass this concept on to your Democratic friends !

    Pass it on Liberal/Democratic website blogs !
    This is important, guys !

    (only on Conservative website comment pages ARE NOT good enough !!!)

  25. It is about time that a member of the black community educate them. Who better than you, Kanye. They need to know that there are other alternatives out there. BRAVO!!!!

  26. We are all one nation under God created equal by our Creator. I believe God wants us to love each other has he loves us. As a believer in God my heart is filled with love and understanding for those who have wrongfully been mistreated by others because of color and origin. This started long before we were born and unfortunately is still an issue today. Unfortunately the Democratic Party is not the party that believes that everyone is created equal. Democrats have always played the race card and have proved that they do not support successful people of color. People of color that think for themselves like Dr Ben Carson, Kayne West. and Candice Owens, are a threat to the Democrats who have lied and cheated to remain in power. Conservative Republicans are for the people regardless of their color. If you want to be successful, think for yourself, and contribute in eliminating racism, and be successful, vote in the MID-TERM election for the party of freedom and rights. We Conservatives accept everyone for who they are. Change is a difficult thing to accept but I only need to point out look at where our economy is today and where it was when the Democrats were in power. Move forward or move backward. We now have an opportunity to overcome and move into a new future. Defeat the Democrats they have lied to all of us and kept us divided and it’s time we should all live together they way God intended.

  27. Bravo for you, Kanye! There are few people that have the courage to say what they believe. As a young man, many people will respect that from you and have the courage to speak up also. You are positively affecting many lives — and hopefully changing some minds so they can improve their lives. Thank you!

  28. Good for him. Not a coward. He takes a lot of heat for sticking up for Trump. Didn’t some therapist/mental health professional or someone question his stability when he backed Trump. Seems like a trend and why the profession has a poor reputation.

  29. I am not a great Kanye fan and I am less than crazy about his tactics at times, but when someone speaks the truth I can’t help but be in their corner. Things to think about and remember in November: It was the democrats who fought so hard to maintain slavery as a way of life for African Americans, the Republican party was fighting for their freedom; it was the American Nazi Party who supported Hitler and demanded the US not go to war against him, they wanted Hitler to be allowed to continue murdering Jews and anyone else who disagreed with him, Germany was a socialist country who turned into a dictatorship; it was the democrats who gained votes by the support of the KKK and still gain support from white radicals; it was the democratic party who fought to keep segregation alive in this country preventing African Americans from gaining a quality education; it was the democratic party who took land from Native Americans and prevented them for becoming Americans in the land of their fathers; when the US went to war with Japan it was a government controlled government who place Japanese Americans in concentration camps, it was a Republican president who prevented the same from happening when the towers went down.

    Democrats have tried to whitewash their history, but their admitted goal is to turn this country into a Socialist governed country (remember Hitler). A socialist government would once again enslave most African Americans as well as “lower class” Americans of other races. To say Democrats are evil is an understatement, they are intent on removing freedom from our country by destroying the Constitution. People are blinded by the promises but remember, Obama promised so much and did nothing to help people in this country…he drove up our debt, he drove up unemployment, he, along with the Clintons have been responsible for much destruction and division in this country. Before Obama took over the country we were making strides to improve racial relations, we weren’t perfect, not even good enough but in 8 years he destroyed all the forward movement made. Don’t be fooled by the promises, just listen to the lies being told by Democrats, the promises that will not be fulfilled, then look at Trump’s actions.

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