Leftist ‘Cancel Culture’ Extremists Have Permanently Damaged America

The liberal ‘Cancel Culture’ extremists burning buildings, toppling statues, and demanding bans on movies and television shows may have flunked third-grade history, but they have learned to hate America.

Emboldened by their ability to send high-profile conservatives packing such as Roseanne Barr for seemingly insensitive remarks, Cancel Culture has evolved into a heightened viciousness that targets any and all who do not toe the Social Justice party line. A recent New York Post opinion cut through the BS and called Cancel Culture zealots out.

“Cancel culture is a game, the point of which is to impose unemployment on people as a form of recreation. The editor of Bon Appétit has gone down in a recent round that also claimed the editor of Variety, the editor of the New York Times opinion page, an obscure data analyst, and other figures far removed from public life,” Kevin D. Williamson writes in “Social justice warriors are waging a dangerous ‘Cancel Cultural Revolution’”

Williamson points out that the NYT editor James Bennet was “canceled” for publishing a Republican senator’s opinion that federal troops can be deployed to quell riots, which happens to be true. Variety editor Claudia Eller was indefinitely suspended for publishing a white privilege article deemed not convincing enough. Adam Rapoport of Bon Appétit came under cancel fire for a photo in which he dressed in traditional Puerto Rican garb. Naturally, Virginia Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam has not been canceled because, well, he’s a Democrat.

These self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” have put enough pressure on the corporate and political weaklings that they now believe they can remake the cultural landscape in their own hate-based image. Seek, destroy, erase, that’s what lay in store for landmarks, artwork, music, and film, should the radical left prevail. It’s a revolution that has similar markings to Mao Tse Tung’s when the Chinese Communist Party destroyed works of literature and executed intellectuals who had different views. Do firing squads come after epic movies such as Gone With The Wind have been scuttled and conservatives are all unemployed?

HBO put the brakes on showing Gone With The Wind after left-wing filmmaker John Ridley questioned the award-winning film’s ties to slavery.

“It is a film that glorifies the antebellum south. It is a film that, when it is not ignoring the horrors of slavery, pauses only to perpetuate some of the most painful stereotypes of people of color,” Ridley reportedly wrote ”

As if sadistically toying with cowering executives at HBO, Ridley gave them permission to restore it to the subscription catalog “after a respectful amount of time has passed.”

Cancel Culture has been about maliciously upending careers and wielding power over pathetic excuses for corporate and political decision-makers. The attacks also seek to elevate unfairness. Angry Cancel Culture figures seek to justify male transgender athletes dominating sports over biological females. In essence, the effort to provide trans males with such power over women equals true misogyny. Harry Potter series author J.K. Rowling has been at the center of a Cancel Counter storm for defending her gender.

“If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased,” Rowling tweeted. “I know and love trans people but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth.”

This latest trend isn’t anything civilizations haven’t seen before. It’s about power, hatred, and one group destroying what others have built and a record of how a nation evolved. The latest incarnation mirrors Nazis firing tank rounds at Egypt’s pyramids, burning books with “subversive” narratives, and killing “heretics” who didn’t practice the correct brand of religion. It’s all about hate and intolerance. And so-called Social Justice Warriors hate America.

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32 responses to “Leftist ‘Cancel Culture’ Extremists Have Permanently Damaged America”

  1. Our culture is not “permanently” ruined, but out of this will come an American Renaissance, the LIKES of which the LEFTIST have NEVER seen. We The People have NOW been awakened to what America is REALLY about, what our FOUNDING Fathers had given us, and our RIGHTS given to us by God. We have (finally) begun to seek and PROTECT what is ours (from the 2A protests in Virginia to the NUMEROUS lawsuits against Tyrannical Mayors and Governors). We The People are STANDING up to these TYRANTS saying “ENOUGH! . . . NO more. it stops HERE”. and, there will PROBABLY be FEDERAL PRISON sentences against those TREASONISTIC TRAITORS who DARE trample on our rights – and Rightly so. I believe we will be seeing THE American Renaissance set up by GOD himself which will NOT be stopped, until Jesus takes all believers home, and then the Great Tribulation begins. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Well spoken my Brother I believe the same thing they will lose for sure. They are offspring of the devil himself. They will definitely be in HELL and eternity is a long time too be wrong! I can’t wait until Brother JESUS returns for he is THE KING OF KING’S their is NO other! I just hope that I can be one of his Warrior angels. I would like to make these demons pay for what they have done! And I hope JESUS will allow me that right.tired of all the evil in this world time for punishment against all evil! It is time to take back our GOD GIVEN COUNTRY AND BRING GOD ALMIGHTY BACK INTO OUR LIVES. No more Fag rights, no more killing of innocent children, no more corrupt politicians. Time to make them all pay for what they have Sown. Time to pull these haters of GOD out and string them up evil will not prevail. So I say to all who are doing evil take a look and see if this is your choice you have but a minute to figure this out for after that minute it will be too late. Get on your knees and pray to GOD and his son JESUS before it is too late for your souls.this is not how GOD intended us to be, we all know right from wrong, we where created that way by GOD. It doesn’t matter the color of our skin we are still from GOD we are one people that is how GOD see’s us. We are all Brothers and Sisters. Wake up people, I say wake up! We are one! We need to stand together and stamp out all evil. I pray for everyone right now to let GOD show you all the way. Don’t believe the lie. That is all it is is one big lie.the BIBLE tells us we will gain knowledge from a witty invention what does that tell you just do the research it will make sense if your heart is in the right place. That’s all I have to say may GOD bless us all!

      • To John :16 and Joeyp, Amen Brothers, The great Delusion described in 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 11 is here. Starting with verse 2 in chapter 2, The Lord tells the disciples, all these things must happen before I can come back. Satan has already lost.

  2. God help our precious Nation, they are tearing down our history, we MUST DEFEND
    our heritage, Slavery was terrible, but so many Americans died to end it, that was a
    great crusade, not something that should be erased. We must remember the great ,
    the good, as well as the bad we have been through. It is Blasphemy to remove movies
    and Books ,that’s what NAZIS did,and in another great crusade we defeated them .
    GOD BLESS America!

  3. President Donald Trump is the Best President USA has had since Ronald Reagan. We have the right to exorcise our Freedom of Speech, work, go to Church and stand up for what is honest. We don’t have to be politically correct to appease the leftists. God is 1st in our lives. Boldness before the throne of God comes with faith.

    • I completely agree and feel a real loss of the best President any country good possibly have. We are in scary and dangerous times with no protection and I am truly afraid.

    • Trump is the best President we have ever had. Corrupt Biden and his gang of thieves are the worst, including Obama, the racist, lying, swamp dweller!

      • President Trump is the first President to take on the medicine manufacturers. For instance, cancer is easily cured using oxygen, and it is not allowed, but the quick path to the grave, chemotherapy, is.

    • The only real answer is to simply ignore and cancel the cancel culture. This means to not buy the products of perps of cancel culture. Do not listen to, read, watch or go to their movies. Pass the word out to all our friends, relatives and associates throughout the country to do likewise. In other words isolate them, make fun of them, give them a big taste of their own medicine. When it hits them in the pocketbook, they’ll begin to understand that not only are they not chalking up brownie points for Heaven, but they’re sowing a lot of negative karma for their future.

  4. This is totally out of control. How can or history be erased? Is book burning next? We conservatives need to get off our butts and do something. Next they will be leading us to train car for extermination.

  5. This is what happens when our youth are not receiving true, reality history in our schools. Communist and racist ideology
    is promoted and acted out in the riots, take-overs of territory, pitting races against each other, taking down historical monuments, etc. The Democratic Party has been taken over by socialist and communists–and traitorous acts are allowed to continue by weak and intimidated leaders–such as the state governors–and millions of voting citizens remain ignorant of the how and why of our country’s founding. We were founded on the Judeo-Christian Biblical principles which have enabled our nation under God to become the richest and strongest nation in history. Capitalism and free enterprise–again, Biblical principles–have unleashed human creativity to produce a mighty and free people. When Ben Franklin was leaving Independence Hall after several days of meetings to produce our wonderful Constitution, he was asked, “What kind of a government do we have?” and he answered, “You have a Republic, if you can keep it.” Another Founding Father stated that “our government was designed for a “religious” (Judeo-Christian) people, and if they lose this foundation they will lose the nation”. This is what is happening today–we are losing our foundations, and like a ship that has slipped its mooring, are drifting into the stormy seas of turmoil and anarchy. We desperately need revival. We need pastors who are strong patriots and not weakly compromising to (and ignoring) the evil which we are now facing.

  6. I agree this Counter culture is undermining our country. It is just just liberal babies demanding more candy for power. A good parent does not give in to a child! Why are we giving in? Everyone complains, but does not do anything. I love Chick-ful, but after reading that the CEO cleaned the shoes of a black rapper, I won’t go there anymore. That was a discussing and demeaning move, just to please demanding blacks. Please start boycotting these companies who give up their self respect to appease a small majority. NFL is a spineless, unpatriotic org. Let them know what you think. Protest!!

  7. Black Lives Matter, the title and name is as Racist as it gets. My wife is a Sioux Indian, Born and Registered on the Rosebud Reservation in South Western South Dakota. Her life don’t matter? She is 73 this June, ask her how she was treated by the whites in South Dakota growing up. he whites hated te Indians and treated them worse than animals. Remember Wounded Knee? And how many whites fighting for the North, men on the battlefIelds and women who were nurses died to free the Blacks. Think blacks are te only slaves in the world? Every race there is has been enslaved, starting in Egypt , the Roman Empire, and forward. In Modern Times the Eastern block nations in the USSR, Communist Cuba, in nations in South America, Mao and China, North Korea, (Even today), Africa, Even today, The Muslim Countries, eb=even today. The blacks here in America have it pretty good. I have many black friends and even a couple of relatives who married into the family, who agree with me. BLACK LIVES MATTER? TOTALLY RACIST!

  8. We aren’t destroyed yet, but we need to let others know what is at stake, since the liberal media doesn’t appear to get the facts past their repetitive, propaganda recording. Another risk to our education is the Arab instruction in our schools, that may be able to push their propaganda. Many rioters in some areas have been arrested and are being held accountable for the destruction of public and government property. But taxpayers need more accountability from these Communist Democrat mayors and governors, who have ignored criminal activity and therefore are accomplices.

  9. Maybe it time to play “Cowboys and communist tyrant rioter thugs”.
    I don’t care if they are black , white or somewhere in between—they are vermin and need to be eradicated.
    They are no better than rabid dogs and need put down and shown “We the People” will no longer stand for their hatred and evil ideals.
    I wish President Trump would ask all Viet Nam Veterans to assemble and do what we were trained to do–ELIMINATE THE ENEMY.

  10. on this July 4th your comments give me some Hope The President and Vice President cannot fight this far left agenda by themselves. I have been afraid to stand up and speak up for the values my grandparents and parents instilled into me.
    Please help elect and re-elect those who believe as we do, DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!

  11. Hell. it’s Our fault, we keep filling these nfl, nba, nascar arenas with thousands, watch the films made by degenerates, if folks would just use some common sense and somehow examine what’s going on in these leftist indoctrination camps known as our schools, hold them accountable for Not teaching USA values, maybe we could turn it around.

      • I agree with paying they’re airfare to leave. But then it is up to those that wish to return to pay they’re own way back. Part of the lesson of self responsibility.

  12. I agree with all the above comments. I would like to suggest that our government pay their air fare to any African nation they choose to live for one year. If they want to come back then, our government pay their air fare back to the USA. I bet many will appreciate the USA.

  13. Use today (July 4) to (re-)read the Declaration of Independence in it’s entirety. It is a long list of grievances against the king. It gives specifics and reasons for declaring independence. Have today’s social justice warriors produced a comparable document for public consideration? (e.g.) Have the United Methodist Church social justice warriors produced any such document clearly stating their grievances and reasons for opposing the Methodist Discipline which says “The practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching”? When they couldn’t get enough votes to change it, they violated it, threw hissy fits, and now, it seems that those who adhere to God’s word are set to leave the denomination to false teachers who would affirm sins and lead their followers down the path of destruction and away from eternal life.
    ELM – Eternal Lives Matter.

  14. These are all great Comments: But, GOD loving AMERICA who believe in this COUNTRY and wants to keep OUR FREEDOM and our CONSTITUITIONAL AMENDMENT, can turn this around with OUR pocket books. We can stand up against all these COMPANIES and CEO who support Tyrant, Liberal Fiftist and the Radical. We can with draw our (pocket books) OUR SUPPORT FROM THEM the same way they thereat us to with draw their SUPPORT when they want to change our lives. WE controll our on DESTINTY no one else. We are 300 million strong, STOP BEING BULLIED by the WEAK MINDED COWARDLY PEOPLE that they are and the ones that run in packs. We love GOD our Country our Freedom all of our LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRST RESPNDNDER and our ARM FORCEMENT that keeps us SAFTY ——–STAND UP AMERICA——
    Make a list of these company, we may have to do with less. But, We will get our Country Back. If we can Suffer with COVID19 and all it has distory of this COUNTRY, It will be worth it. NOW, its up to AMERICA (ANARCHY or FREEDOM)

  15. I would be stupid or uncaring not to think ALL LIVES MATTER. When anyone uses Race to defend their cause, this is totally RACIST BEHAVIOR. It is totally false to say our nation was founded on slavery. There were free Blacks in America before the Civil War. These free Blacks even fought against the US during the Revolution War to gain our freedom from England.

    Am I saying Blacks in America should not hate their heritage or the abuse of those who wanted slavery in the US? No, I am just stating a fact all Blacks in America should understand. Black slave traders raided and captured African Blacks to sell these new slaves worldwide. How is this even possible? Slavery was big business and the uneducated of Africa became easy targets for these slaver traders. Blacks in America should not be laying blame on Whites in America. YES, they bought slaves, but it was Black Slave Traders who supplied the globe with slaves. We claim our Bible is the word of God, yet it is filled with examples of slavery. The biggest story of slavery in the world everyone know about is the story of Moses. Our Bible is a history book nobody reads. It took thousands of years to get the message that slavery was evil. God may have gave the Holy land to Abraham, but God did not prevent Jews from making slaves of nations the Jews had to fight to keep it. Jews themselves became slaves and had to fight a war to take back this Holy land. If we refuse to accept our history, we will be forced to repeat it. Believe it or not, history shows the globe that Nazi Germany under Hitler was pure EVIL, yet today there is a generation that thinks Hitler had it right. Whites are superior to other Races? Islam even declares only true believers of Islam are superior to non believers. Isn’t this a Racist ideology?

    If the US is such a Racist Nation, then why do people want to live in a Racist Nation? People want to live where they can speak openly without being sent to labor camps or retraining institutions. What makes them able to speak out? The US Constitution and it’s Rule of Law. We can not have this freedom when the politicians call the shots. Freedom and Socialism are conflicting ideology. We can not have both

    The US Constitution, even with it’s vague interpretations) may still be the closest example of a tool for Democracy the world have ever known. It is based on the concept of Individual Freedoms of it’s citizens. Freedoms given to them by our Creator. You do not need to believe in a Creator, but you can still have these freedoms. Today there are people who want to take these freedoms away. A US Citizens would be a fool to give away their freedoms that have made them part of the highest standard of living on Earth.

  16. These so called extremists won’t stop me or quite a lot of folks from celebrating our heritage. As far as I am concerned they don’t exist and we need to. ignore their existence. If they don’t want to celebrate with us , turf shit.

  17. How true and terribly frightening this article is. I just read about the CEO of Ford who refused to be intimidated by his employees who demanded they stop manufacturing police cars because somehow the cars were racist or some ridiculous notion. We need more CEO’s and people in power to stand up to these hateful, Nazi-type crazy people or it is never going to stop. Of course it will only get worse than it is and it’s pretty bad right now.

  18. I was hoping to see someone post a comment about one of the most insidious and potentially harmful tools of the cancel culture, language and word meanings. What is happening to our education system? When will we start to see new meanings applied to words we thought we knew? What the hell is WOKE? If we allow this to continue how long will it be before it begins to show up in legislation and the laws being written? Who do we ask for an interpretation of the new language being used? We have already reached a point where once revered bastions of words and meaning have started to change, ie. Websters Dictionary.

  19. just IGNORE them! . . . And if they get in your FACE, SMASH their FACE in with your FIST (or a Louisville SLUGGER, etc.). They’ll get the message when they WAKE UP with a FAT LIP, Black eye, etc. hours later. In OTHER words, believe anything YOU want, but DON’T tread on ME. You WON’T regret it LATER. One Enlightened And FED UP Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  20. Many of us think that way, i.e., Trump is the best POTUS since Ronald Reagan. The libtards who are trying to remove our rights and create a new socialist society WILL NOT WIN! There’s too many “silent majority” who will not let that happen. And forget Roseann Barr’s comments, she is a trouble-maker who has seemed tetched for a long time now!

  21. These are the things I believe must happen if we are to preserve our nation.
    1. Antifa and BLM clearly Marxist organizations must be squashed
    2. We must stop electing Democrats who are promoting Socialism
    3. Churches of worship must reopen
    4. Marxist teachers must go and History must be taught in our classrooms
    5. Biden can never be President
    6. The country must not be shut down again
    7. Cancel culture must be destroyed
    8. We must turn back to God
    9. Justice must be fair and not one sided. Marxist judges must go.
    10. We must support our Police not defund them.
    11. We cannot sit back and allow this election to be stolen

  22. Business executives and company managers should take a step back when someone is “canceled”. No one should have their life ruined or lose their job for having made foolish statement or racial slur when they were young. Even if they were racists as young people they may well have changed their minds as adults. Furthermore the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights protects your speech even when it is hateful and stupid. Get a life.

  23. They can cancel their membership and leave this country anytime, the sooner the better. We are not locking them in like North Korea.

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