Michael Cohen’s Testimony Was Completely Useless

Liberals and even some conservatives thought that Michael Cohen’s congressional testimony could very well lead to impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. However, it’s shaping up to be a massive nothingburger as the president’s former attorney seems to offer little more than hearsay, personal opinions and assertations without facts to back them up.

Mr. Cohen certainly made some damning accusations, stating that the president is racist, a conman and a liar. He even predicted that President Trump would never peacefully accept the results of the 2020 presidential elections if he were to lose.

Even so, Mr. Cohen was forced to concede that he could not offer any evidence that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election. His only “hunch” that something could maybe be amiss in that regard was the fact that, in June 2016, Don Trump Jr. approached his father and told him in a low voice that “the meeting was all set.”

Naturally, those who are adamant that Russia is solely to blame for Donald Trump’s election will run with that. As Michael Cohen said, Don Trump Jr. didn’t usually approach his father in that manner. However, those who are looking at the anecdote from an unbiased standpoint will most likely realize that, as a businessman running for president, it is extremely likely that Donald Trump would set up important, confidential meetings with people who were not criminal masterminds looking for illegal ways to help the Trump campaign get ahead in the election.

There is also the important fact that Mr. Cohen is a proven liar. When he told the House of Representatives that he did not want a White House job, even CNN had to disagree. As CNN’s political correspondent Dana Bash pointed out, it was made clear to people on Trump’s transition team that Cohen did really want a White House job. Moreover, CNN isn’t the only one to take the former lawyer to task over his false statements.

The Special Counsel’s office has made it clear that Cohen lied both to Congress and the Special Counsel in a deliberate and premeditated fashion. The Southern District of New York has found that Cohen has a strong instinct to blame other people for his actions, and that his professional life has been permeated by a pattern of deception. While Cohen has tried to dismiss his tendency to lie when things get rough by proclaiming that he is now sorry for all his misdeeds, the fact remains that his untrustworthy nature, coupled with the fact that he clearly has an axe to grind with the President, makes him a less than a believable witness.

Unfortunately, the Democrats in the House didn’t call Cohen to testify because they are interested in the truth. They, like Mr. Cohen, have an axe to grind with President Trump, and are gleefully using all the power they have to harass the president. The end goal here is nothing short of impeachment.

However, contrary to popular expectation, the Cohen hearing isn’t likely to go far in helping the Democrats get rid of the president. Cohen is not a believable witness. Even more importantly, most Americans have little or no interest in Russiagate and all the legal maneuverings that have come along with it.

Regular voters are far more concerned with pressing issues such as the economy, healthcare and education than they are about old accusations being rehashed by a party of sore losers.

~ Conservative Zone

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24 thoughts on “Michael Cohen’s Testimony Was Completely Useless”

  1. Cohen is nothing but a liar. He got his self in a lot of trouble with no help from the president and now the Democrats are paying him and made him a lot of offered him a lot when he gets out of prison. That is if he gets out of prison.

    1. He said that President Trump would not except defeat easily if he should loose in 2020, HA like the Democrats have excepted their defeat, they still can’t believe they lost. Well MR. President you do not have to worry about loosing in 2020 GUARANTEED !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. The dems are so hard up for a reason to impeach POTUS Trump they use a convicted criminal liar to get more false issues to create the asinine stench of bo & hilary crimes to create their own deserved demise ! The tax $$’s for a #1 conspired false investigation by dems & mueller have to be returned or criminal charges are mandatory for dems !



  4. They called him because Clinton fixer Lanny Davis told them to, after he had groomed Michael Cohen. ‘nuf said.

  5. Libturds bring out a Proven Liar as their First witness to try and get President Trump Impeached! LMFAO at how Stupid Libturds really are, or is this called desperate?

  6. Gosh, the left and right wing radicals are so polarized that they cannot even find reasonable “common sense” middle ground for our nation to function properly? I’ve been a registered Republican for over 45 years; but in reality am more of a RINO – Republican In Name Only; and I certainly don’t agree with the overly liberal Democrats. All of this EXCESSIVE partisanship is about as self destructive as anything can be . . . it is like kids on the playground shouting insults at each other and accomplishes absolutely NOTHING.except unresolvable discord

    The extremists on both sides are being totally unreasonable. I guess that is why the “middle class” is shrinking somewhat, huh? .

    1. What extremists on the other side?Our definition of common sense and demoncraps common sense are two totally different things.

  7. Cohen is a piece of work. Sad that the tv channels spent so much time on this nut. What Trump puts up with is disgusting. This guy Cohen has reached rock bottom. Total idiot.

  8. Oh the game of chess the leftist Democrates try to play against the American people. They hate what our Prisidemt has done for our nation, us, our economy, our boarder security, they hate this. They want to destroy our Republic and will try to do anything they can to attack our President. We need to stand by him, keep him in office, send the strongest message to the socialist communist leftist Democrates that we reject their ideologies and form of government. That destructive “Green New Deal” was already presented years ago and We The People rejected it then and must continue to reject it now. That is a plan to bring down our nation, as they want America to kneel to the Globalist. Make American Great Again for ALL Americans!

  9. Cohen is a known perjurer. In the 230 years that the US Congress has existed, it has never before called a witness to testify after that witness has been criminally convicted of lying to Congress. Cohen has no credibility whatsoever as a witness because he’s about to go to prison for making materially false statements to Congress.
    Even prosecutors KNOW that using a known perjurer to further their case or strengthen is thin at best. Jury’s rarely believed it and is easily undermined, and marginalized by any attorney in court thru the witness being a perjurer.
    This was the strategy used by law enforcement when trying to bring down Las Cosa Nostra in the US, until Rudy Giuliani figured out how to use the RICO statutes to really obtain good evidence and put them all in prison.
    Democrats have traditionally used the former and not the latter strategy when prosecuting. They continue to use liars, thieves masquerading as legitimate professionals ( more attorneys) in an attempt to push their agenda of dislocating the opposition from whatever seat of power their opposition has over them.

    The democrats could care less about the American people it is all about fiefdom preservation as career politicians to be wealthy. Most today come from the “baby boomer” generation whose motto is STILL…GIVE IT TO ME ITS MINE!!!!!…………..Selfish unenlighted phoneys should be exposed to who they are. But until the American people pull their head out of their backsides, this will continue. Greed is killing the country’s moral fabric

  10. He is a testimony to why we do not need an attorney. Washington is full of them . No wonder the Bible tells of how wicked they are .Gid says Woe to them !!!They practice trickery and usuary ! So true . It was pathetic to watch a grown man “Behave “worse than a sniffling whiny baby . Lies were dripping off his lips as he backtracked himself and made himself a fool . To the embarrassment of the investigation they never knew if the book he wrote before he was arrested . That book tells of how he admired Donald Trump and how wonderful he was . And is nothing to what this smear job was!

    1. Gail: What I find so offensive is that Elijah “MLK2″Cummings can’t talk a sentence without quoting from his “god” MLK…in his opening statement he quoted MLK’s “faith is taking the first step when the rest of the staircase isn’t clearly seen”..Well, in fact God, thru “inspiration” said “faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen”…If God said the same thing 2000 years ago, why not invoke His presence, instead of a man who has been dead for 50 years…No wonder our Lord and Saviour stood silent when Pontius Pilate asked Him “what is truth?”…it was STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, and he still didn’t see it…

      Jim Jordan said it all…”this is a Lanny Davis orchestrated hearing from the start…” The Democrats woudn’t know the truth if it bit them in the ass…The only “HOPE” they have is to “toxify” President Trump to the point that the voters will turn away from him in 2020…it’s their only prayer, and God DOES NOT hear the prayers of a TREACHEROUS people…!!!

  11. Cohen and the Clinton’s go way back, there are photos, I would share the one I have, but it doesn’t let you upload a photo. Google it.

  12. Michael Cohen volunteered to testify under oath and he had nothing to gain by doing so. You can chose to not believe him if it makes you feel better. But you can’t disbelieve the checks signed by Trump. Those checks may very well be used as evidence for violation of campaign finance laws. There are many false an misleading statements in this article. But it’s interesting how Trump fans say you can’t believe Cohen because he’s a liar. And yet they continue to believe everything Trump says despite the thousands of lies he has told just in his two years in office.

  13. Shear desperation is what drives them.
    Progressive/socialists (primarily elite democrats with not just a few elite republicans) must have illegals cued up to be fast tracked to voter status if they want to politically survive.
    With the economy functioning at record highs, unemployment at record lows & a tax reduction for nearly all tax paying individuals becoming evident April 15th, the lefts voter base is deserting in droves & they are petrified.
    The illegal workforce, by their very presence in the country, depress wages, something corporate America, along with the politicians they financially support, profit from & are not actively opposed to.
    Wage depression is estimated by some sources to be as high as 8%. Percentages may be debatable, but the actual depression of wages is an unpleasant reality. You can dress that wage problem up in all kinds of fancy wording, but it doesn’t make it go away.
    The old guard political elite, of all stripes, have no choice, they must import a new class of impoverished voters to replace the working citizens they have spurned for the last half century.

  14. I wish that the writer of this article would listen to the “unbiased” media reports, because that’s what people will eventually believe. The MSM has already used this Cohen spectacle as proof that Trump is a racist, liar, and crook, and a majority of my neighbors and co-workers agree… and are prepared to vote in 2020! Until conservatives realize that the side which controls the media, controls the narrative, we will continue to lose the trust of the people.

  15. OH Yeah?…then why did President Trump win in a landslide election? Why didn’t Queen Hillary win by almost 7-12% that most polls show her winning by? Why did she loose when CNN, NYT, AP, USA Today, and evryother MSM newspaper, and every MSM cable news outlet gave her between 78%-95% chance of winning? Your neighbors can vote for whoever they think is “preferable” over President Trump in 2020, but the “vast majority” of Americns will RE-ELECT Donald Trump…bank it!!!

  16. Cohen? Testimony? Useless?

    Yup. Anything Cohen says should be researched thoroughly. He’s been lying publicly a heckuva lot lately. He seems to think he’s pretty good about it. But then again, he is an attorney.

  17. Once a liar always a liar,Cohen ! Threw his life completely down the tubes ,scarred for life ,can never practice law again ,his family will live in shame unfortunate for them n for what sell a book deal of his lies ! Anyone could see Cohen was definitely choached by we all can guess n he admitted he did meet with the Democratic Party members before he testified n if his memory of all the lies he toldwere true why did he have to relate back to the notes someone made up because when someone is lied to you it very easy to remember the lies especially when asked about a certain lie he was asked about,think about that most people would be able to remember it automatically!

  18. You’re right that his testimony was completely worthless. No one was convinced of (or against) anything by anything he said; however, the democrats were not about facts. They don’t do facts. They are about emotion and this will motive them and those who base opinions on emotion for a short time

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