Mitch McConnell Just Got Democrats to Admit the Green New Deal Sucks

Democrat Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi can’t even remember what the Green New Deal is actually called. However, it’s the fact that Sen. McConnell wants to schedule a vote on it in the Senate that is really freaking Democrats out. Democrat Sen. Ed Markey, who is a co-sponsor of the bill, has even gone so far as to accuse Sen. McConnell of attempting to sabotage the nascent bill by bringing it up for a vote.

At present, the Green New Deal is a non-binding resolution that outlines a plan to save the world from climate change. It includes a number of unrealistic proposals such as upgrading every single building in the United States for energy efficiency in the next ten years, and reducing carbon emissions to net-zero in the same time period.

It gets better. The New Green Deal also includes a proposal to eventually eliminate air travel in favor of high-speed rail, but does not include travel options for those who want to travel across the ocean to Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia. There’s also a federal job guarantee to every single person who wants to work; furthermore, the new jobs being provided would offer a minimum wage of at least $15.00 and include benefits. At the same time, the proposed Green New Deal would assure economic security not only for people who are unable to work, but also for those who simply don’t want to do so.

Most Democrat presidential candidates have already publicly embraced the Green New Deal, including Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, and there are a fair few Democrat representatives in Congress who are also backing the resolution.

However, as Sen. Markey accurately points out, the goals of bringing the bill to a vote in the Senate isn’t a move to actually turn the Green New Deal into the law of the land. Republicans oppose the resolution, and the GOP has a majority in the Senate. What is more, there is absolutely no chance that President Donald Trump would ever sign the resolution into law. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s real aim in bringing up the deal for a vote is to give everyone an opportunity to go on record about it. In other words, the vote will give every Senator an opportunity to publicly clarify if he or she is against the Green New Deal.

Sen. Markey calls this a “sabotage”; and the fact that he does so is very telling. After all, the people who elect the politicians in the first place have a right to know where their representatives stand on important issues, and the Green New Deal is certainly a life-changing legislation that will directly affect every single person living in the United States.

Democrats who are looking for a positive cause to rally their voters behind have latched onto the “Green New Deal”. It has a classy ring to it, and comes laden with a multitude of promises that are basically just millennial socialist talking points. According to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this doesn’t just save the world from climate change — it also ends racism!

In other words, Democrats wrote themselves into a corner because they have no other choice but to placate their radicalized base despite them knowing damn well that this resolution is idiotic. This is their fault, and now Mitch McConnell is calling them out.

If bringing the Green New Deal to a vote is “sabotage”, then maybe Senate Democrats should spend more than five minutes on actually reading a piece of legislation before staking their entire political careers on it.

~ Conservative Zone

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49 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell Just Got Democrats to Admit the Green New Deal Sucks”

    1. Harold Bartlett, I was kicked off of Farcebook twice simply for reporting the truth re: the global situation several years ago. Farcebook didn’t actually shut down my page they just won’t let me logon to it anymore. I tried to logon once a month over the past three years and always get the “under review” message. I’m not sure what it was I did but I do know I was reading and posting information regarding the growth of ISIS, ISIL, BokoHaram, etc. and islam in general and they evidently didn’t like it.

      No warning, no reason, no discussion… just poof. One day I’m able to access my page and the next day I’m not.

      1. So far the blighters have avoided picking a scrap with me directly but have recently, since the idiotic gnomes that run their censorship programme have teamed up with the moronic malleable idiots in the corrupt mainstream fake media, ( the enemy of the people) been denying some “friends” from posting materiel on my site…Big Brother is quickly moving to create the “one” narrative. If Trump fails, or is caused to fail, all the non compliant, especially conservative, contributors WILL cease to exist….and there are those who are enabling this situation that actually have the gall to call the President a fascist/dictator…they are either stupid or malevolent…most likely BOTH!!

      2. You should not feel alone. I am a liberal and regularly try to comment on these conservative sites to give you true believers and alternative view of the situation, so on some sites, I post and am told that my comment is on hold while it is reviewed, and when I return, it is almost always gone, then on others, I post and it looks good but when I refresh, it is gone. One of the tricks used to effect public opinion is to only publish those things that agree with the point of view of the site, with makes it look like the views have no alternative. then there is the multiple clicking of the approve button – I have not seen any disapprovals of existing posts for months.
        On this topic: This is the classic cerimonial vote where the outcome is not in dispute. Right now the Green New Deal is just in the thinking stage and as this progresses such things as doing away with air travel any time soon will go away in the formulation but still be found in the arguments against the entire set of ideas. Right now, there is no flesh on the bones of most of the ideas, but what I expect to happen is that as this appears and gets a full hearing that it will be much like the ACA which was bad mouthed for years but when it actually came to issue, the people did not care what it was called but wanted more not less, so not only did the GOP get the repeal that it expected, but it also got higher enrollment and this past election, the people showing that they wanted the expanded medcaid that their leaders had declined, so this easilly went far over the Trump created issue of Immigration, so no we have him trying to steal money to get what he wants so that he will not have to hold his breath until he turns blue – again.

      1. I got kicked off of Yahoo news comments over 2 years ago because I wrote intelligent conservative comments and NO ONE at Yahoo has ever told me why, or even answered me to tell me why.
        Can anyone tell me how to contact Yahoo so that I can make comments again??

    2. Multiple accounts, I know one person with twelve different ones. I have been thrown off fakebook six times, but I never sign out, even though I am under “advisement” I still can get in and will work my way back in with slowly adding more thumbs, they don’t catch. Will not dump it, some day another more (morally, honest person) will take it over.) We might need all the help we can get for 2020.

  1. Hilarious! President Trump is doing everything right, and the results of all his domestic and foreign policies are proving that, so the Democrats know they can’t run against President Trump on all his successes for the American people, so they had to invent something that will get the American people to vote for the Democrats’ candidates, over President Trump and the Republicans, who have helped President Trump to be so successful in implementing all his successful policies.

    So the best the Democrats could come up with to entice voters to vote for them is this insane, impractical, and economic killing “Green New Deal”, which in reality is the best thing that anyone, even the Republicans, could ever come up with to ensure that no sane American would ever vote for any Democrat again.

    Democrats promoting something that they have not read what is in it, like all the Democrats did when voting the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA – Obamacare) into law, should be reason enough to never vote for them, because they might do it again, and pass a very bad bill for the American people, because they didn’t read it to even know what was in it, into law, like they did with Obamacare.

        1. It’s “green” in one sense because it’s NOT READ
          by those who support it without understanding what it would
          truly mean to our National well being…

  2. Put another democrat in our white house and we’ll be dying by this new green deal. Cortez is just bringing out into the open what democrats REALLY think and want.

  3. For all the time Massachusetts voters have re-elected Markey to the House and Senate, they seem totally oblivious to just how DUMB Markey is. The man has NEVER HAD A CLUE! Obviously, he still DOESN’T!

    1. We existed in the peoples republic of mASSachusetts and if you know the area barkey is from you’de umderstand.

  4. Come on demons, you all jumped on a bandwagon, just to garner votes on something you knew all along was a joke, but when called on it (literally) you are all aghast! If you are all so for it, then vote on it now. The longer you wait, the more the voting public is going to realize what a joke it and YOU all are!!!!!!

  5. Reducing our carbon emissions could be a very simple thing. From what I have read and heard from mechanics I’ve talked with – converting the cars we drive today to natural gas only takes a few simple modifications. We in the U.S. have an abundance of natural gas supply – why not make this conversion. It has been used in forklifts and buses for years. A lot of police cars run on natural gas. Not sure how it would work with jets and airliners but if we had every car in the country running on it our emissions would be reduced significantly. And it should be esaily done in a ten year time frame.

    1. Burning “natural gas” (another name for methane gas) produces carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is 35 times less potent than methane as a greenhouse gas so burning methane is beneficial to reducing total greenhouse gases in potency, but it actually INCREASES carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while reducing methane in the atmosphere.

    2. Green plants and algae inhale CO2 and exhale oxygen (O2), trapping the carbon in plant biomass. But when the plants die, they are decomposed by ever-present bacteria, producing methane gas which is then released into the atmosphere in a never-ending cycle.

  6. you can always count on the Democrts to vote on what they NEVER THOUGHT TO READ……known as Liberal common sense… unknown quanity of illogical requirement for every elected left radical liberal progressive Socialistic Communistic Democrat

  7. Man I’m still laughing!!! Dems want to shout for joy about Green New Deal but don’t want to vote to show their support. McConnel should call them out. Let your votes be counted

  8. I understand that the brilliant Cortez said no to Amazon coming into New York and now it is going to New Jersey. However, she and her cohorts, Cory Booker, Barbara Streisand, Oprah Winfrey , Woopie Goldberg, Kamala Harris, Beto Orourke are now trying to make amends. They are furnisihing capital to build a new plant in New York. Since we have to get rid of farting cows, and there is now an outcry about just that, they are funding a plant to manufacture corks to stop up cows asses to prevent harmful methane from warming our globe. So Cory Booker we can still eat meat and save the planet as well.Another factor thatchanged their minds is the warning from Santa who without reindeer will not be able to make Christmas anymore for our children. They wlll soon be on sale on Amazon from its New Jersey facility. Now if that isn’t leadership, I don’t know what is! Keeep up the great work Dems and you soon will be replacing Saturday Night Live Comedy Hour.


  10. The entire planet constantly produces methane gas in much larger quantities than cows do as fallen trees and bushes rot and decompose in forests and as dying marine animals and plants (seaweed) drop to the bottom of the ocean and ever-present bacteria causes them to decompose producing frozen methane hydrates. The estimated accumulated deposits in the wold’s oceans according to scientific papers is: 26.4 to 139.1 × 1,000,000,000,000,000 cubic meters which constitutes an almost inexhaustible supply of renewable hydrocarbon fuel which constantly defrosts to some degree and bubbles to the surface, thus entering the atmosphere. The process of burning this methane reduces it to CO2 (carbon dioxide) which reduces its potency as a greenhouse gas by a factor of 35.

  11. I NEVER use Facebook a.k.a. Zuckerberg’s Fake News, besides all that, I “love” this good looking Majority Leader, much better “looking” than that old and decrepit Harry Read, thanks God !!
    Mitch has balls/cojones almost as big Trump’s

  12. The green deal is nothing more than turning our USA into socialism tactics. It’s non-affordable! And the cost factor is beyond funds for the wall! Think of all the people who will be unemployed in the field of air travel, air controllers, stewardess,career pilots, on & on. Wasted money on airports, runways, terminal, shops, eatery’s, aircraft, etc. Also more unemployment in building jet aircraft facilities, such as Boeing,Lockheed-military aircraft,etc. Harris, Cortez, & Warren, are living in a dream world or another planet! One nation under God in this hemisphere, is who we the people are! There is NO free rides in USA. Lets stick to the constitution and freedoms with hard work we posses.

  13. I agree this is impossible task . It don’t even take a brain to figure this one out even the” Tin man” would know the answer to this one. These people are so sad how can anyone get behind these idiots. Come on people your not this dumb to see through this cult they have only one purpose is to destroy the President and then once they do that if you let them they are going to rule the world and everyone will become a slave to them that is what their trying to do. Are people that stupid and can’t see this not a Democratic Party we are used to having. It has been changing for the last 30 yrs. they have never kept any of their promises that really help the people. They are the best liars in the world and people have been getting smarter every election that they are up to no good and this crowd is living proof. I mean anyone can see the lies their are telling this time to try to sway the voters . The other Democrats at lease had a little common sense these don’t know what that word even means. I hope half the haven’t lost their common sense with these idiots if they did we are in big trouble you have wake up and smell the roses these demons are big trouble and we need to shut them down as fast as we can before they hurt us real bad by doing something real stupid and it shows that they are stupid enough to do something like that.

  14. It is unbelievable that there are that many idiots in this Congress let alone America. But like pests everywhere, they swarm in the underground until they are called to surface. Like all natural pests, they have a duty to be parasitic in that they need to live off something. They will suddenly find that there will not be enough to cover everything so they must eliminate those who are no longer capable of making their way. It is then that they cry, “But we didn’t know!” At that point, there will be those who cannot toil for their living. Then there will be a move to remove those who are no longer able to “carry their ‘fair share.'” And one day, most of those who recruited people will find themselves unable to carry the load. They will -sooner or later– find themselves among those who are no longer necessary. Oooops!

  15. This CULT was started after WWII and if you will look it up they called themselves muslims. (I refuse to acknowledge these primitive, uncivilized, homo-sapiens with the capitalization of the letter M) They are NOT a religion! Don’t say I am wrong until you have taken the time and strength to look it up! We need to realize they have stationed and bred themselves into the point they are. Each and everyone of them is being “paid” to push their agenda. As soon as we (as a group) acknowledge the existence of the infiltrators buying our country, the sooner we we see who the real traitors are.

  16. The Green Deal is designed to totally destroy America . Try having a job when you have no car and even if you have a job what are you going to do walk . But you won’t have food as all the food industry from the farms to the stores rely on trucks . And oh yeah they want you to drink your own pee . Stupid morons . Like Trump said High speed rail across the ocean. They can’t when get it done in California. Much less across the ocean .

  17. Wonder how all the CA Reps & Senators will really feel when they realize they can’t fly home but will have to go by train? And Mr O & Michelle can’t fly to Hawaii anymore! GASP!!
    Will they be as crazy about this nonsense then? LOL Bet most of them are beef eaters, milk drinkers, etc too so they’ll be all out of luck when the idiots kill off the farting cows! How stupid can people be?!

  18. I drive a hybrid family sized sedan. I sure don’t mind averaging 40 mpg. I use solar powered lamps to light my yard. It saves me on my electric bill.

  19. Where do the Dwms get there candidates from? They are Morons and its not our fault.They get all the free stuff by just being office one day. Cortez inso dummy, she plans on getting out as soon as possible. We are stupid to just listen.

  20. Let’s not be in such a hurry to condemn the Green New Deal. We are retired senior citizens with fixed resources. We could use the government’s help to replace our front door and several windows to make our house more environmentally secure. AOC is on to something. See how easy it is to support such dingy proposals?

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