Monica Lewinsky Admires Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s “Grit and Grace”

Two decades have passed since the infamous Ken Starr investigation into the sordid affairs of former President Bill Clinton occurred. Monica Lewinsky reminisced about her role in this regrettable episode in American history in an essay for Vanity Fair on February 25, 2018 — and the piece is stunning.

At the tender age of 24, the former White House intern was thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Now 44, Lewinsky revealed she was diagnosed several years ago with post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD. She feels the “ordeal of having been publicly outed and ostracized” years ago is mostly to blame for her condition.

Due to her admission of having PTSD, one might assume Lewinsky would be bitter toward the entire Clinton family. However, the former White House intern managed to compliment former first lady Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton in the Vanity Fair piece. Lewinsky noted the pair handled the scandal “with grit and grace.” These remarks were high praise for someone who has belittled Lewinsky in the past. According to papers kept by deceased political science professor Diane Blair, a close friend of the Clinton’s, the former first lady referred to Lewinsky as a “narcissistic loony toon.” Allegedly, Hillary Clinton also credited her husband for attempting to break away from the former White House intern.

Lewinsky’s essay begins with the startling account of how she accidentally ran into Ken Starr at a restaurant in Manhattan’s West Village on Christmas Eve 2017. As she and her family were waiting to be seated, she noticed a man who looked familiar wearing a hat. The man, along with the small group of people with him, were leaving the main dining room of the restaurant. They were in the process of gathering their things. As she stepped towards the man, he ventured towards her. Unbelievably, Lewinsky recounted that the man stated, “Let me introduce myself. I’m Ken Starr.”

Lewinsky recounted how Starr repeatedly asked her if she was “doing O.K.” She remarked, “A stranger might have surmised from his tone that he had actually worried about me over the years. His demeanor, almost pastoral, was somewhere between avuncular and creepy. He kept touching my arm and elbow, which made me uncomfortable.”

Bill Clinton’s former mistress introduced her family to Starr. She commented that she did so to remind Starr that “he and his team of prosecutors hadn’t hounded and terrorized just me but also my family—threatening to prosecute my mom (if she didn’t disclose the private confidences I had shared with her), hinting that they would investigate my dad’s medical practice, and even deposing my aunt.”

The former White House intern said the upheaval in her life that occurred 20 years ago was because Starr “had decided that a frightened young woman could be useful in his larger case against the president of the United States.” Noticing that Starr appeared to be with his family, Lewinsky admitted she experienced difficulties seeing him as a human being.

After apparently giving herself a pep talk, Lewinsky told Starr, “Though I wish I had made different choices back then, I wish that you and your office had made different choices, too.”

Upon reflection, Bill Clinton’s former lover realized she was setting Starr up to apologize. Evidently, Starr didn’t fall for Lewinsky’s ploy. Bill Clinton’s former mistress remarked that he simply said with a smile, “I know. It was unfortunate.”

In her Vanity Fair diatribe, Lewinsky mentioned her strong support for the Time’s Up initiative and #MeToo movement to combat sexual harassment and assault. She called her affair with the former president a “gross abuse of power” on his part. She even went so far as to say, “the idea of consent might well be rendered moot.” Explaining her thoughts, the former White House intern stated, “I now see how problematic it was that the two of us even got to a place where there was a question of consent. Instead, the road that led there was littered with inappropriate abuse of authority, station, and privilege.”

In the years following the Clinton saga, Lewinsky developed a hand-bag line, was a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, and even served as a reality dating show hostess on Fox’s “Mr. Personality.” Lewinsky pursued a graduate degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics in 2005. In 2014, Bill Clinton’s former flame launched a campaign to end cyberbullying.

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37 thoughts on “Monica Lewinsky Admires Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s “Grit and Grace””

  1. Ms. Lewinsky should be commended for NOT letting anger and bitterness rule her life; those emotions are so draining and destructive. It is far better to forgive and just get on with living; that does not mean you forget, nor develop a sense of trust toward the offender – -the latter should never happen.

  2. I do not trust a man who claimed to be a CHRISTIAN FOR MOST OF HIS ADULT LIFE so easily turned his back on the LORD’S church AND BECAME A baptist IN ORDER TO GET THE JOB OF PRESIDENT OF THE BAPTIST UNIVERSITY IN WACO TEXAS!

    Won’t he be surprised on judgment day when he hears Christ’s words “DEPART FROM ME, I NEVER KNEW YOU”!!!

    1. I have learned not to trust ANY “Christian”. Been cheated by more “Christians” than any other Religion. Here is their favorite line: “You can trust me, I a good Christian”.

  3. And it seemed like only yesterday shews crawling around the White House on her hands and knees.

  4. Hmmmm….sounds like little Monica wants to take another try with Slick Bill’s Willy…??? Just saying Bill & Hillary aren’t an item any-longer.

    1. Hillary still thinks she’s an ‘item’.
      When you’ve been labeled the Smartest Woman in The World, it’s easy to see why she still thinks she’s an item.
      I read an article yesterday where she’s planning another run at the presidency in 2020, if she’s alive!

  5. Why is her comment so shocking? Fits in with the rest of her behavior. Let Monica alone already. Heard enough about her already to last a lifetime!

  6. What happen she wanted it to happen so she should not blame it all on President Clinton after all she’s the one who got down on her knees, not Bill Clinton. As far as Hillary who can not blame her for anything, no matter what she said or did she was a woman who had been cheated on and you can not blame her for fighting back and call hot tail names, Hillary had all rights to do what she wanted, she was not the cheater.

      Monica was close in age to Chelsea!
      Slick Willie was the most powerful man in America an a PERVERT to boot!

      Slick Willie’s Wench Brutalized more women than Attila the Hun
      after Slick Willie, of the little willy, abused all those victims!

      A little advise, if I may?
      “Don’t bend over in front of Slick Willie,
      He will drive you home and his Wench
      will brutalize you!

    2. Obviously you don’t understand Hillary. One would think after all she has done and said you would understand all she truly cares about is power. She will step on anyone who gets in her way.

      1. I agree, Hillary was the stick to beat down anyone who got in the way of her “dream”….. she equally mistreated anyone in her way!


  7. Whose stepfather got her the intern job by donating a large sum to the Democratic campaign? Who initiated all the trouble by going to Washington “with knee pads on”? Who flashed the president her thonged rear end? Who collaborated with Republican Linda Tripp et al. to nail a seated Democratic president? Who was part of “a vast conservative conspiracy” that ultimately failed, because twenty years ago, it was not that easy to fool the American public?

      1. Hmmmm….sounds like a typical guy with his head up hit ass! In order to move on in life when something horrific has happened to someone is for that person to look the past in the face, accepted whatever it was and move on to have a real life. She is ready to have a life of her own out of the spotlight and FINALLY get back life taken from her for the past years. Good for Monica and I sincerely hope she gets the opportunity to be the person she can be and have a wonderful life. Look Bill and Hillary Clinton are scum of the earth and everyone they touch in any manner paid for the sins of being with a Clinton. In fact, Monica should thank God she is still alive, or maybe Monica is smart enough to try and guarantee that she stays alive, by taking the high road when it comes to the Clintons.

    1. Why is it women are the cruelest people on the planet. She was 24. I am glad to know YOU have never been in a position you never regretted. Shrew.

    1. I’ve always thought Chelsea looked a bit like Vince; specially in the eyes, don’t you?

  8. As an aside.
    Vince Foster was found lying on the ground at attention, gun in hand by his side. with a bullet hole in his head.
    Do you know, when he was brought to the morgue, the bottoms of his shoes were spotless. Not a speck of dirt, leaves, or any debris whatsoever.
    Questions: How did he get a 1/4 of a mile in the woods without the soles of his shoes not being soiled, and
    When the bullet went through his skull, why wasn’t the gun thrown violently away from his body? Instead, it was
    very plausibly dropped by his side, gun in hand, ending in an ‘attention’ position?

  9. That man ruined her life! No boy friends, no husband, no wedding, no children – her whole life was ruined. But, his life went on like nothing happened. Adored and admired by all the liberal Democrats, the entire Hollywood and the media. I think she is still suffering from PTSD _ I wouldn’t forgive that POS for as long as I lived.

    1. I thought Monica Lewinsky was 21 when it happened not 24, but regardless she was young, naive and in awe. You can
      hardly blame her. He was the powerful one and thirty years her senior. I have nothing but sympathy for all she
      went thru. The liberals tried to make it her fault. She thought she was “in love”. Bill and Hillary Clinton are all about
      power. He is slime as far as I am concerned though admittedly he and Newt Gingrich were a great team and the last
      half of his presidency was good. As far as she is concerned, I find her despicable and every woman who voted for
      her because she was a woman needs to grow up and get a life. We need to vote for policy and this country has been
      tracking too far left – a direction the democrats seem committed to go. We need to stop this war between the sexes
      and identity politics. Let’s find out what someone stands for before they receive our vote.

  10. No vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Billy was and is a Whoredog. All he had to do was either keep his fly zipped or just admit he was a Whoredog and say “Hey, look who I am Married to? .of course I screw around!” He exposed himself to Pual Jones, she described the Bent Nail Syndrome he has. Keep standing up for your Royal Couple the Clintons. They are dishonest scum.

  11. Another major bribe from the DNC to forgive and forget. Aren’t you pathetic liberals who donated all that money, proud of your wasteful spending to allow Monica piece of mind after all these years and Slick Willie destroyed the honor of the White House? Very sad

  12. I believe it would benefit everyone to listen to the TED talk, “The Price of Shame”, by Monica Lewinsky as she speaks on the subject.

  13. I’m sorry to see some of you are still mad at Monica after all these years. Bill is a rat and he preyed on her. Give her some slack people, leave her alone and let her learn how to now live her life – the life she had before Bill Clinton (and Hillary) screwed with her- literally. Chin up, Monica.

  14. She just doesn’t want to be the next one to be found dead of a heart attack or a hand written note of her commiting suicide..

  15. Yes, she needs to let it go! We really don’t care about her “tragedy”. The tragedy we are concerned about now is obama. He is a real train wreck. Everything he touches turns to garbage.

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