The DOJ May File Charges Against Andrew McCabe

Disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stands a very good chance of facing criminal charges in the near future for his role in authorizing FBI agents to speak to the press and then lying about having done so under oath.

At the same time, the investigation into his behavior is not only uncovering other instances where he may have lied under oath, but is also putting the spotlight on former FBI Director James Comey — who has not only called Mr. McCabe a liar, but is doing everything possible to deflect blame from himself onto his one-time underling.

Naturally, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding the charges against Mr. McCabe. The president’s disdain for the former deputy director is well known, and is even understandable to a certain extent given the fact that Mr. McCabe’s wife accepted a sizable donation from an ally of Hillary Clinton right around the time that the FBI was investigating Mrs. Clinton’s infamous email server.

The fact that the president has gloated over Mr. McCabe’s firing led Mr. McCabe’s lawyer, Michael Bromwich, to recently tell members of the press that if his client didn’t walk free it would be because the Trump Administration had put inappropriate pressure on the Department of Justice and other legal entities tasked with handling the case. However, even a cursory look at the facts makes it clear that something went wrong in the way that the FBI handled matters related to the 2016 presidential election — both before and after the election took place.

The Justice Department Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz noted in his report that Mr. McCabe lied under oath three times, a crime that carries a five-year prison term. The FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, upon reading the report, recommended that Mr. McCabe be fired. While Mr. McCabe has stated that his superior, former FBI Director James Comey, knew about the decision to disclose information to the press, Mr. Comey has vehemently denied having been told about, much less authorizing, Mr. McCabe to divulge information to the press. In an ironic move, Mr. Comey has publicly called Mr. McCabe a liar while at the same time stating that he thinks his former underling is a good person who simply made a mistake.

At the same time, there are those who believe that Mr. Comey is in fact the one who is being dishonest about the whole affair. While those who doubt Mr. Comey’s integrity hold little or no regard for Mr. McCabe, the FBI’s handling of the Hillary Clinton investigation in the months leading up to the 2016 election has caused many to lose faith in the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. Even many FBI agents who were involved in the investigation into the Clinton Foundation noted that senior FBI officials urged those working under them to limit the scope of the case. Those who believe in the Russia collusion narrative being pushed by the mainstream media feel that the FBI took far too long to figure out that a foreign nation was attempting to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Indeed, people from both sides of the political spectrum are realizing that the FBI is, as the president put it, “in tatters.” The recent IG recommendation of criminal charges against the former Deputy Director of the FBI has made it clear that something was terribly wrong with the leadership of one of the country’s leading law enforcement organizations in the months leading up to the 2016 election.

Mr. Comey’s assertation that Mr. McCabe is a liar has only added fuel to the fire; in fact, there is a very real chance that the former FBI Director may be called to testify against Mr. McCabe should the DC U.S. Attorney’s Office indeed pursue criminal charges. At the same time, Mr. McCabe’s charge that James Comey knew about his actions is one that is sure to stick in the minds of people across the country who are coming to realize that the FBI is far from being the credible, unbiased law enforcement organization that is was originally intended to be.

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30 thoughts on “The DOJ May File Charges Against Andrew McCabe”

  1. Amazing…Those US intelligence officials (FBI – DOJ – NSA – CIA) who were/are always complaining about those dastardly Russians and how they spy on their own people, etc. have now become “those dastardly Americans” who spy on their own people, etc…”When will They ever Learn”…Peter, Paul and Mary.


      1. Unless the GOP resolution for a second independent investigator with Mueller like powers is appointed to investigate Obama White House use of fake Steele Doseia for FBI FISA court application to spy on Trump the candidate, then later as their insurance create the Trump Russian Collusion investigation given to Rosenstein who once into the investigation gave unconstitutional powers to Mueller to go beyond intent and investigate Trump over past years and decades. Sessions and his goon Rosenstein refuse to honor Congressional Committee subpoenaed request for records tied to Steele Doseia origin and use, plus record held by DZoJ and FBI on Clinton cover up. Sessions appointment of an insider FBI IG is a way to blow smoke up our asses and protect Obama roles in these crimes. Look, unless the Resolution is passed once again you will hear by libtards there is no evidence, or how come no indictments. Democrats know Congressional hearing on corruption are powerless, so they get a special investigator who can dig into unrealed areas. Once it comes to Obama scandals we get shit in order to prevent indictments and cover up crimes. Truth is the RINOs will join forces with Obama’s sneaky scumbags and prevent a fair investigation since their only conspcern with the propagandamedia and pres is the destruction of Trump and his they can force us to worship the crime so Obama. Unless obama is exposed for the rest he uses are finished.


      1. Hundreds of lies huh, perhaps you could list just a few for me because I know of none. Thank you have a nice day.

      2. And in your eyes, the Hilldebeast “innocently” deleted 30K emails, had her private server “innocently” wiped clean and didn’t get any classified/secret emails sent to her on that illegal system she “innocently” set up in direct violation of the law. You have been slurping way too much of that democommie Kool aid and have been thoroughly indoctrinated with their lies. Wake up and see the real truth about this band of criminals.

      3. You are telling us about OBAMA right? if not you got your date and infor all wrong, orbtter yet Mallaiah you need to go back to you home land and the ways they live life… THIS IS AMERICA AND IT WILL BE UNDER MAGA……. MAGA MAGA…..MAGA…… DID YOU GET NOW.

    3. way before j e hoover in charge, us marshall was the law enforcer, like the old west. remember the texas rangers? they are the us marshall. too many layer of crooks in FBI now. trump, eliminate FBI and start from scratch to US Marshall team.

  2. I think its time to stop spending money on investigations and putting so many efforts in actions against appointed officials.
    The proper changes need to be made and go on with business. We need to make sure Hillary does not influence All the looser’s.

    1. $17 million and counting on this noburgergate while social security is going bankrupt in 2026. trump, stop the bleeding and put back fund wasted on this noburgergat to SS. demorat LBJ robbed SS to pay for the senseless viet nam war and congress never replenish the SS treasure chest.

  3. It has been proven many times over that their is NO Honor among thieves, liars and murders, and the DC Democrats and some Republicans are no exception to that fact.

  4. No, if McCabe goes free it will not because of any pressure placed on the justice department – it will be because he broke the law. Ask Martha, Flynn, Libby, and others – hope this sleazy POS goes to prison.

  5. McCabe has said that if he is charged and is going to jail, he will give everybody from President Obama, Hillary Clinton on down up to save his ass from going to jail!! He knows he is guilty and that is why he is asking for immunity, for he knows where all of the bodies are buried !!! All hell is going to break loose with the FBI Inspector General Report to be released on June 14!!!!……

  6. Where is the proof there was any Russian influence on the election other then the phony dossier paid for by the DNC and the Hillary campaign? There is none. Even though many different agencies have investigated for over a year each which amounts to over four years of investigation. Yet no one has yet investigated the real culprits here. The Clintons and the DNC. The DNC claimed the Russians hacked their computers yet they, the DNC, would not allow the FBI to check the computers. So all we really have is their word which is not trustworthy.

    Mueller and his “henchmen” have found nothing in well over a year. Furthermore, since his job was to get something on the president that could be used to remove him from office his efforts have been in vain. Since his investigation is also questionable whether or not it was constitutional to start with and therefore it is not clear if any evidence discovered could even be used against him. If there has been no evidence discovered to date it is doubtful there ever will be.

    The above facts lead one to believe this whole thing was a cover for the DNC and the Hillary campaign. Way to many questions have not been answered by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. However, it is easy to see now why throughout the campaign Hillary was so smug and seemed certain she would win. She was confident the corruption would remove any chance now President Trump had to win. That also is why everyone predicted she would win in an unprecedented landslide. She was wrong and she lost the election.

    At this point it appears if there was any collusion with Russia it was to help Hillary Clinton win over Donald Trump. Which makes since when all the facts are considered. Both her and her husband had had dealings with the Russians. Perhaps to the point she could have been blackmailed by them to get important things done by their bidding. Whereas President Trump is and was his own man. He did not even take large donations to his campaign to avoid any influence peddling like there has been in the past.

    There is little doubt when this all plays out, which will take sometime, it will be discovered Hillary and the campaign was the one doing the colluding with those nasty Russians if in fact anyone did. When all is said and done the democrats may discover they have destroyed the democrats party. With everything coming out now it is obvious what Obama’s fundamental transformation was into now isn’t it?

    In the final analysis however, think about one thing. If Hillary had won the election none of this corruption would have ever come out. We would never have known it existed. Also Obama knew if Hillary did not win his legacy was going to disappear rapidly with Trump.

  7. Then arrests have began as of yesterday James A Wolfe, Senior Senate Staffer was arrested for revealing classified information to a NYT reporter and when asked he of course lied about it, our Justice Dept. issued the warrant.
    This is the start, I imagine there are many shaky people in DC and I say bring it on so get your pop corn popped and sit back to enjoy the show for the rest of this year.

  8. If McCabe talks the “whole House of cards comes tumbling down from President Obama, Hilalry Clinton on down and a lot of people, both Democrats and FBI, will go to jail, for McCabe has said he will not go to jail alone”!! By the way do you know someone just figured it up and that Hllary Clinton could have “110 felonies charged against her for all of her scandals”, she has to go to jail to save our American rule of law and destroy our two tiered system of justice today!!!…….

  9. Mat face charges?The whole SWAMP needs to be taken down and to Guantanamo incl.their former boss the main Criminal

  10. I do not understand Jeff Sessions. He has the power to release documents that Congress asked for over a year. His silence is proof he is involved in all this Democrat Russian money laundering that goes to alot of Congress members who have put their children on board of directors of Russian companies and allowed merging of the American and Russian companies for their own private bank accounts. The swamp is very deep, that’s why they are pursuing Trump , so he won’t have time to investigate the real crooks

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