Trove of Messages Shows at Least 19 MI Clerks Received Fake 2020 Ballot Registrations

A whistleblower has released the messages the Michigan city and county clerks used to communicate privately in the run-up to the 2020 election. The clerks were speaking to each other privately in a Facebook group, via direct messages (DMs). At least 19 clerks suspected that GBI Strategies was operating as a massive, statewide voter fraud ring. Only one of those clerks, Ann Meisch of Muskegon, called the police to report her suspicions.

The 10,000 fake ballot applications turned in in Muskegon were not the only ones. It was happening all across the state of Michigan, and some of the clerks were on a first-name basis with employees of GBI Strategies.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s office says the only attempted fraud that happened in 2020 was in Muskegon, and since it was caught, the system worked! It was the safest and most secure election in history.

Except Muskegon was NOT the only fraud in Michigan, according to the 19 separate clerks who were communicating privately on Facebook. As early as June of 2020, clerks across the state began receiving boxes—which the clerks privately called “care packages from GBI”—which were labeled “PPE” on the outside. As in, “Personal Protective Equipment” or masks and rubber gloves to keep the clerks’ offices safe during the pandemic.

There were no masks or gloves or thermometers or anything else in the “care packages.” The boxes were loaded with fraudulent absentee ballot applications. Stacks and stacks of them.


The whistleblower turned over these private DMs to the Gateway Pundit this week. The messages have been authenticated. Here is the original question from Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch in the thread:

“Anyone else receive a box of… hundreds of voter registration applications? The return states EM with an address of Stay Bridge Hotel in Auburn Hills with many duplicate signatures and incomplete addresses.”

EM is short for Empower Michigan, a Democrat Party voter registration group. GBI Strategies has used its own name and Empower Michigan or EM interchangeably, since they’re all run by the same group of Democrats. The Stay Bridge Hotel was the statewide headquarters for GBI Strategies, Empower Michigan, and the Michigan Democratic Party in 2020, according to the Gateway Pundit.

One clerk responded by asking, “Why are we all of these voter registrations from Auburn Hills? We received 2 stacks today.”

Westland City Clerk Richard Leblanc, who is a former state representative for Michigan, responded, “Yes. We received five (5) large bundles.”

One former clerk who retired after 2020 responded, “I’m not much on conspiracy theories, but it sure seems like there’s been a lot of fishy stuff going on that puts this election in jeopardy.”

Here’s another exchange between several unidentified clerks in the thread:

Clerk #10: “This is crazy!”

Clerk #11: “We got ours today, too!”

Clerk #12: “I also got a big ole box of ‘em too. Took my Deputy 2.5 hours to get them on so we could download the EPB properly.”

Clerk #10: “Who sent all these applications and prepaid envelopes to unregistered voters?”

Here’s another exchange:

Clerk #18: “Had a voter bring in the new registration form sent to them by the SOS [Secretary of State]. We cant add him to the system, because it doesn’t have his date of birth…suggestions on how to handle it?”

Clerk #19: “Answer we got back from the Secretary of Silliness was it wasn’t supposed to go to us. Forward to them and they will handle it. Wink wink. I sent the one we got redacted to our state rep. Contact me and I’ll send you the reply we got.”

Secretary of Silliness. Wink wink.

They all knew. All 19 of the Michigan clerks from cities across the state who participated in these private Facebook discussions knew that GBI Strategies was conducting fraudulent voter registration drives. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s office was telling the clerks to send applications filled out in error to her office, so they could be “wink wink” fixed.

The clerks did not follow the law or proper procedures when it came to these fraudulent ballot applications. They were following the unofficial demands of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s underlings in the state government. At least 19 clerks knew this was going on, and only one of them reported it to the police.

It’s looking increasingly like Donald Trump won Michigan by a massive landslide in 2020.

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22 thoughts on “Trove of Messages Shows at Least 19 MI Clerks Received Fake 2020 Ballot Registrations”

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  3. OK, now we are positive the Michigan and probably every other swing state election was rigged. What can/will be done? NOTHING! Because Nessel, Benson, and Twittless are all illegally in office. Who is actually going to fight for overturning not only the 2020, but undoubtedly 2022 elections? It has now been proven the ele tons were fraudulent. LETS TAKE ACTION!!!

    1. It wasn’t just the swing states. Minnesota Ilhan Omar had hired friends and relatives to gather ballots, not filled out, from senior citizens living places, assisted living facilities, nursing homes. Project Veritas filmed conversation with one of her relatives while sitting in the car with him, a car stuffed with thousands of ballots. The man said she was paying $20 for each ballot brought to her. A relative of a Minnesota senior citizen found her mother had voted. Her mother was comatose.
      Likewise in 2022. Ilhan Omar was campaigning for re-election and was booed off the stage by a large crowd IN HER DISTRICT. She went on to win big. I’m fact ALL the Squad members won re-election by huge percentage of vote, several close to 90%, rest in 80s%. Very unusual for some unpopular candidates. How many people running for office get 90 some % of vote?

      The 2021 January run off election in Georgia got a lot of publicity; two Republican incumbents, one a well liked third generation political family membdr, were running against some leas than desirable opponents. The election was for two Senate seats and would decide THE SENATE MAJORITY. Very surprisingly, both incumbents lost and the Senate majority fell to the Democrats. A crucial election affecting the entire country. Later Investigations showed fraud had occurred with the voting machines and also ballot names, IDs, addresses being fraudulent. It was an election the Dems could not afford to lose, since they had lost the House and needed to hold the Senate for passage of bills.

    2. I totally agree Terry, We ALL know that the elections were rigged and fixed by billionaire DUMBYRATS across the country and NO one is doing anything about it. That’s because the politicized justice system of OUR country has become a police state and is under the control of the ILLEGAL administration ruining OUR country by the day!
      Hopefully, the Republican-controlled house can now do something to bring it to light and help ensure that the next election will actually be on the up and up otherwise we are doomed as a “free” country!

  4. I will not recognize anything the Biden Crime Family says or does as it is not valid, Biden can go to Prison and rot for his Treason and maybe we can try to repair the damage the idiot has Don.

  5. Damn the truth, nothing is going to change. Everyone with more than a BB-sized brain knows the election was rigged. But even conservative pundits started speaking the party line, that it was a fair election. I daresay Obama’s birth certificate was just as rigged. We have people who can produce credentials that no one can question. We do it for spies all the time, but the media doesn’t want truth. I don’t know if Republicans can win a national election, because the democrats pride themselves on being able to cheat and get away with it. And Michigan Gov. Whitmer? What a joke.

  6. I can’t believe the Republicans haven’t impeached Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and jailed Fauci for his part in the Development of Covid killing millions of people worldwide. The Marxist Democrats have attacked our Freedom of Speech, Religion and 2A rights, something all dictators do to gain complete control over the people. They all have failed to perform their Oath of Office to protect and defend our Constitution, this alone should be enough to impeach them. Also General Milley garland and others for their part in brainwashing our Military DOD, and our children with CRT and LGBQT, A Marxist ideology meant to destroy our democracy. They have weaponized the DOJ, FBI, Health Department, IRS and Education Department against the citizens. They lie, cheat and Steal to stay in power as they are only interested in Power and Money. They have destroyed our Energy independence. They have opened our Borders to everyone, criminals, perverts and drugs. A country with no borders is not a country. We are being ruled by Territorial Dictators. They have locked us down for years. They have destroyed businesses and jobs. They are destroying our Cattle Ranches and food production. Now they have installed FED Now, after which they will create a digitized Fed Coin and then outlaw cash and eventually income equity. They will have complete control over our money and be able to control what we buy, who we contribute to etc. The Communist Democrats, Left, Elites are all Traitors and should be dealt with as such.

  7. PRESTON, what a factual commentary ,there is not a word that cannot agree with. Thank you for putting out there so well.

  8. Only voting in person with an ID on election day should be allowed. The voting machines are rigged.

  9. This is why we need to show a photo of ourselves if we vote on election day. We also need to make sure that each voting place has both Republicans and Democrats checking the vote count.

  10. We all know that Trump won MI. We are all so angry that the fraud is just now being found. A bit late…the damage has been done by the “resident” and by our faux legislators who refused to strand up for us. Some of the damage done may be irreversible. One thing the D’s do well…wreck a perfectly good nation. We have he proof of that. Now what will they do? Win more elections by cheating even more? No…I am afraid they will pull some hair-brained retaliation at this being exposed. Something big…that will hurt ALL of us! They already knew we suspected the fraud (anyone who didn’t suspect it are out there in la-la land.)

  11. It’s Not “Just” Biden, There is so much “Political Machinery” behind his “Mechanical” moments that he really doesn’t know what’s going on and his head is Spinning like
    he is possessed! Vacation Anyone, C’mon Man, No Joke, (In Case You were expecting one)
    He could be replaced by “Alfred E. Newman” and as long as he can read, walk, and eat Ice Cream, He’s In! Handlers Direct every move Joe makes except “Cycling” or “On the Beach” Maybe the Controllers feel he can’t do much Harm there! He has made Wrong Decisions from “Day One” and they have had to cover-up and walk back most of his “Mistakes” The “Machine” is Scrambling now looking for ways out of this Corrupt Scandal Sitcom because He is Exposed, Embarrassed, and “Done For” “Basement Time”

  12. The most sickening thing about this is that nothing is being done to stop the next election from repeating the same scenario above all over the states!!! Everywhere that these election fraud encounters have been exposed, nothing is done to prevent the next one!!! And in some of the blue states, they are re-enforcing the process for future elections to be left wing ideology canadates to win!!!


  14. So what are you gonna do?
    This is why the elections will be all rigged from now on. Because the thieves know that stealing the votes has no repercussions, because they don’t care what you say or what your feelings are about this. They care only about WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT. And they learned that you will do nothing

  15. With what appears to be evidence of cheating, how do we get these people that knowingly supported this fraud to court? Are their any honest, unbiased attorneys or judges out there?

  16. Good question how does one get this information to a honest attorney or judge ? It seems all became known as Biden owns evertthing the dirty rotten crook who does not need in the White House playing president. He is the worse thing to ever hit the White House other than Obama ass.

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