Trump to Visit the UK in July Amid Likely Protests

President Trump has not yet visited the UK since his inauguration, although British Prime Minister Theresa May traveled to the White House soon after the 2017 inauguration.

Now, it’s Trump’s turn to head across the Atlantic Ocean and meet with May. He has plans to do just that on July 13th, when the two leaders will discuss key issues. The announcement of the trip had barely left the White House when protestors in Great Britain spoke out. Did they respond with glee and any indication that they are about to roll out the red carpet? No way. In fact, just the opposite response was unleashed. Many people in the country announced that they will take to the streets with protests against Trump during his visit.

May’s office said “further details would be set out in due course.” So the protestors are not specifically rising up against something in particular that the two leaders plan to discuss. Trump and May have, for the most part, worked well together.

An amicable working relationship has definitely not existed between Trump and another British leader, however. That is, Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, has had an ongoing feud with Trump for quite some time.

“If he comes to London, President Trump will experience an open and diverse city that has always chosen unity over division and hope over fear,” Khan tweeted. “He will also no doubt see Londoners hold their liberal values of freedom of speech very dear.”

Khan and Trump have expressed definite opposition toward each other for quite some time. For example, in the wake of the attack on the London Bridge, Trump took to Twitter to express his sentiments about the job Khan was doing:

“At least 7 dead and 48 wounded in terror attack and Mayor of London says there is ‘no reason to be alarmed!’”

Khan expressed disdain and claimed Trump was acting immature. And he is not the only British leader who’s expressed negativity toward Trump and his plans to travel to their country. Jo Swinson, who is deputy party leader of the UK’s Liberal Democrats, expressed her thoughts on the planned protests:

“The Government has made the right decision to cancel Trump’s state visit, but this scaled down trip must not be met with scaled down protests. Protesting against a man with dangerous, misogynistic and racists views is our responsibility. It is our opportunity to stand in solidarity with all the people he has abused and denigrated. When he comes to the UK the Liberal Democrats will be front and centre of the protests.”

Believe it or not, the anti-Trump protests in July could be the largest that Great Britain has ever seen. At least, that’s what British law enforcement are expecting. It is interesting that British citizens’ largest protests have not been against truly important issues that have sobering impact on their country, such as the serious issues of immigration and violence. No, they choose to protest the U.S. president who is actually their ally and could do them a lot of good if they would only open up their ears and minds and listen to him.

The response to Trump among British leaders is definitely divided. Although those that oppose him have been vocal, his supporters have praised him just as enthusiastically. For example, Boris Johnson, who was previously the mayor of London, said the following via Twitter:

“FANTASTIC news that President @realdonaldtrump will at last come to Britain on 13 July. Looking forward to seeing our closest ally and friend on the Greatest visit ever.”

The U.S. has long been an ally of Great Britain, from World War II to the recent Syrian attacks and many times in between. Citizens of England and throughout that region would do well to remember that Trump, as representative of the U.S., is their friend, not their foe.

To say that Trump is racist is pretty ridiculous. Trump has people of various races, including Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in his cabinet. Already during Trump’s presidency, unemployment rates among African-Americans and Hispanic Americans has dipped to historically low levels.

Come July, we shall see if the protests pan out to anything major or not.

~ Conservative Zone

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27 thoughts on “Trump to Visit the UK in July Amid Likely Protests”

  1. Trump should not honor England with his presence. The country is losing its battle to survive in the face of current polices, importing Muslims without restrictions. The latter generate nothing but crime and isolate themselves from the British while at the same time attempting to initiate Sharia laws. Soon Buckingham Palace will be London’s leading Mosque.

    1. A Trump visit is only considered and honor in the US in a very few, and shrinking number, of places. He can’t even go home to Trump Tower. He has an Oreo in his cabinet who is simply a savant – good at one thing and that is it. If he went, he would not be able to make it out of the airport – his limo lacks a potty. The Brits got the Magna Carta signed in 1215 and Trump has been trying to repeal that since before he took office. He has no respect for any part of our Constitution, and especially in the Bill of Rights. If he makes it though his first term, he will have to buy a desert Island – maybe without a golf course to try to keep himself safe. What will happen when the horrible Muslim countries will not do business with the US and confiscates his and the properties of his followers, or even worse, not loan us any more money.

      1. You made a number of charges against Trump, like “ignoring the Constitution.”

        But you have no specifics. Only leftist comments. Without examples, your post is meaningless.

        Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

      2. You should be a comedian you are funny. The only one that made America and other places around the world a living shit hole is that fake Obama and the Democrats who have to buy people to vote for them. Jim you are in the wrong country why don’t you pack your bags and go live in London with the rest of the idiots or better yet Venezuela you fit right in

      3. Be aware folks this is what happens to people when they get they’re news off CNN, MSNBC and the rest, completely twisted garbage.

    2. With all the Muslims over there and with the Muslim Mayor feeling the way He does about Our President I would avoid the trip. Even the Royal Family members are opting for Malibu as a residence. The security for the President would be overwhelming.

  2. The EU, and especially the UK, is mad a DJT for exiting the UN’s radical fake climate agenda. Read up on Marc Morano’s new book, “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change” (2018). With the UN’s fake agenda in crisis mode on CC, they won’t relevant much longer. All of their past claims, both with global cooling/ global warming/ climate change/ sustainability/ social ,economic and environ-mental “justice”, haven’t come home to roost. It’s a sham by globalist elite politician puppets for old socialist thug Georgie Soros and his UN, EU and US RINO minions and sheeple. Karl Marx, V Lenin, J Stalin, Mao, Ho, Pol Pot, Saul Alinsky and the communist party are shaking in their graves/shoes.

  3. Churchill once said
    ” Socialism is the philosophy of failure
    The Creed of Ignorance
    and the Gospel of Envy, its inherent virtue
    is the equal sharing of MISERY”
    The UK is experiencing all these and it will be hard to free themselves from such EVIL.

  4. I don’t like the F–king Limies. They are crap! I have been back stabbed many times by them. We hauled their ass out of WW2. They cut and ran on the French and Belgians. We had to send old rifle and pistols to them, because they left their weapons on the beach. On the beach at Dunkirk. They are not good people, they brought Slavery to the US in 1600’s. They still have a bitch (queen) I could go on and on!

  5. England has become a liberal shit hole like most of the other countries in Europe. Half of Americans that supported Trump are the only sane people in the world!

  6. I wouldn’t go to England if I were paid a million dollars. Get sick or have any type of accident and wind up in their socialist murder mill “hospital” where innocent people, especially helpless little babies, are arbitrarily murdered. Dangerous and sickening.

  7. As the mature, travelled, intelligent and thoughtful among us well know, significant salutations are generally rendered between offices, not the personalities temporarily holding those offices. I use as an example, the custom of saluting a senior military person, (or “office’) while holding personal negative feelings toward the temporary holder of that superior position. I trust, Britons know this distinction, and will render due courtesy to the President of the United States, (with the unfortunate exception predictably flowing from the left).

  8. If Trump is so great why do so many people think he’s a dotard. It s because he is always lying, treats Melania like shit, has cabinet members wasting American tax dollars and doesn’t understand that government is best run by working with other people. Obama is still beloved by so many more than Trump will ever be!

    1. There are so many people who support President Trump and they are not by any means dwindling ya tool. Obama is a pos who has never been respected at any point!

    2. Obama is the world’s biggest butt kisser only Muslim love Obama but apparently you to ignorant to see that. Obama turned this country into a living crap hole maybe you should go live with those idiots in London

    3. opinions are like ass holes, everybody has one, you liberals are still mad that trump got deleted, and its gonna be great as you get even madder, when he`s elected to a second term!! (Karma is a bitch)

  9. Don’t go President Trump. Not because of the temper tantrums, but because it’s time the U.S. focuses on our own issues; spend our time and money accordingly, and recognize who our friends are and definitely who are not.

  10. the UK will not allow citizens to protect themselves in their own home, has disarmed their people, refuse to protect them and the idiot Mayor Kahn has said he want to kill children who carry knive. The UK is destroying their own borders by accepting the towelheads without restriction.
    UK is uncivilized and not much better than Cuba.

  11. My father’s pension was destroyed by Mugabe,in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, totally debasing the currency, and mine was reduced to date by 90% across the exchange rates by Mandela and Marxist cronies in S Africa.
    The Palestinians claim the foundation of Israel is their Nakba or catastrophe.
    The white communities in Africa have suffered an ethnic cleansing nakba from Algeria in 1962 to South Africa unfolding today.
    This is the work of Europe led by the Brits and not without enthusiastic support from Kissinger.
    I live in the UK and have cause to appreciate the care I receive from the NHS. although their delays can be severe and socialist medicine leads in certain areas to robbing patients, including the parents of young children of their natural tights.
    I agree with the comments on the preposterous attitude towards the American president.

  12. I am not surprised since the UK has become a Muslim country, with the most popular boys name in England being Muhammad. Besides, the United Kingdom has a Queen, and all that stuff. In the U.S. the citizens have guns to protect themselves from government and other thiefs. Nancy Poliesy says that guns will be the major issue by the Democrats in 2019.

  13. WE, AMERICANS, fought to free ourselves from being ruled by a monarchy, ENGLAND! That country is now in the rule of the invading muslim hoards and is suffering. The progressives in England have forgotten the lessons from Hitler and the WWII.
    They are now suffering under socialist rule and must do as the government DICTATES. You live or die by the decision of the government and how rich you are. GOD help England before the country fails!

  14. The amount of lack of history knowledge and real facts is staggering. That makes a real European cringes and underlines once more the naivity and hypocrisy of the authors of comments. The grammatical and syntax is errors set aside. I had expected a tad higher level.

  15. Don’t go to London to visit England…go to one of the other cities that haven’t surrendered their women to Islam…the death cult!

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