Trump Wants to Define Gender Scientifically, Liberals Freak Out

A recent report in the New York Times has revealed that Department of Health and Human Services is set to define gender on a biological, science-grounded, objective, administrable basis. Naturally, the common-sense move has enraged liberals who are telling the nation that the President wants to end all legal recognition of the transgender community in the United States.

Far-left activists are organizing rallies in support of “gender non-conformity”, mainstream news outlets are publishing story after story telling the general public what should be done to support transgender individuals while liberal celebrities are making it clear that they believe that failure to support transgenderism is intolerant and hateful.

The memo states that the federal government will define gender based on biology, and that a person’s sex, as listed on his or her original birth certificate, would constitute definitive proof of an individual’s sex unless the individual can show reliable genetic evidence that the original birth certificate listing is erroneous. Furthermore, the HHS would only accept “male” and female” as references to a person’s sex, rather than allowing options such as agender, bigender, demigender, gender neutral, gendervoid, nonbinary and the host of other gender references that have become popular in the trans community.

The memo is meant to help clarify the enforcement of Title IX, a federal law forbidding discrimination based on gender. While former President Obama and his liberal cohorts argued that Title IX included protections for the transgender community, others point out that the law, which was signed in 1972, was never intended as a justification for the trans community to force people of opposite genders to shower or use the bathroom together. Furthermore, the law was never intended as a weapon against those who, for one reason or another, chose not to hire or do business with a transgender individual.

The move to provide a clear definition of gender for federal purposes will not eliminate the existence of the trans community. Transgender people could still dress as they like, receive sex-change operations, take hormones and more. They would also retain the same basic rights that cis-gender individuals have, including being able to further their education, look for productive work in the field of their choice, use their First Amendment rights as they see fit, etc.

Trans activists say they are afraid of losing so-called rights such as being able to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice, or play on the sports team that best aligns with their chosen gender. While these “rights” would certainly become a thing of the past should the HHS memo become Federal policy, many liberal activists fail to notice the fact that these so-called rights were never really rights to begin with. Cis-gender individuals do not have the right to pick which bathroom they use. Sports teams usually have multiple guidelines in place stating who is and isn’t eligible to join the team and these guidelines include minimum regulations related to health, height, weight, etc.

The move to clearly define gender identity in scientific terms is one that is sure to be welcome across the United States. While the trans community receives a great deal of press every time it opposes a law, rule or ordinance, most people care more about important issues such as the economy, healthcare and immigration.

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31 thoughts on “Trump Wants to Define Gender Scientifically, Liberals Freak Out”


  1. Transgenderism is weaponized sex, designed to gain “rights” that never existed before the transgender “concept” came along. Once the practice of funding science through the government was established, mainly through defense funding, it has become the primary source of funding for all “science”. That’s led to the “global warming” or “climate change” scam, which is designed to transfer wealth from “wealthy” countries to “poor” countries to fight the, supposed, man made causes. Carbon, in the form of CO2 produced by man’s industries, is blamed for causing the warming, which requires the ignoring of the carbon cycle, on which almost all life on Earth depends. CO2 is taken in by plants, the carbon is used as food, and the O2 is given off into the atmosphere. Animals, like you and me, inhale the O2, use it as fuel, and exhale CO2 as a waste product. We couldn’t live without that cycle. That is scientific fact. So, do you still want to tax carbon in the form of CO2? In other words, part of the air that we breath?

  2. This is what gets me about those who wish to complicate this very simple issue! You are either a male or a female, no and’s if’s or ??? God created all of us and this creator gendered two types of human species, a male and a female, Period! When schmucks like liberal progressives begin to create their “OWN” types of species, it is like they are telling the rest of us that we shouldn’t believe our lying eyes, or that we should ignore God’s rule of human creation. These simple facts are “NEVER” going to be allowed no matter how many laws these liberal progressives scream for trans-gender fairness or rights. Besides title IX already gives balanced rights to a male and a female, and that’s that, Period!. To me, most of us logical common sense folks simply wish to ignore their rants and eventually it will die out. Demanding that a TRANS-GENDER man has the right to pick the bathroom or shower of his choice or a TRANS-GENDER woman has the right to play on an all male NFL football team without a doubt is the most ludicrous and idiotic thing I have ever heard, and I know a whole lot of physically powerful women out there, but sorry it’s not the same thing, Period! Call me what you wish, you have that right, but so do I, and we of the majority out there say this is nothing more than bunk science and liberal, progressives trying to force “US” to change and remove us all from any further common sense!
    Besides, since when do liberal progressive humans have the right to change “ANYTHING” the rest of us do! If they want to believe this nonsense, fine let them, but as long as the Federal government and the rest of the world “DENIES” them the ability to change human law not to mention “GOD’s” laws, we will all be OK, while they will eventually fade away into another obscure fantasy, and I say if you don’t like what I just said, “TOUGH SHlT” I could care less! PERIOD!

    1. Agree’d. However when the tactic is to influence and confuse young minds through the corporate State and the presstitute media corp / Bollywood, Boobus Americanus breeders have been too worried about gain & toys instead of thinking and parenting. Lulled to sleep by the erroneous thoughts that Corp / Gov cannot be wrong and will solve the problems, responsibility went out the window with literally the baby with the bath water.
      Of all the institutions we call Government, since the early thirties national bankruptcy all have been reorganized into Corporations down to the local level. Your money, land, production, and even your children are pledged to the bankruptcy holder. You and yours are debt slaves and slaves own nothing as it belongs to the master ( Debt Holder).
      Statutes, Codes, and Policy are enforced under color of law. Those that live a better life system in the defacto ( Fiction ) do so as compensation for squeezing assets out of the activities of the debt slaves. That means most law enforcement agencies,courts at all levels, and any other ” Agency that extorts ” assets from you. I HAVE MY CONSTITUTIONAL and GOD GIVEN RIGHTS ! you say? Well remember, slaves HAVE NO rights. Constitutions and rights are not for slaves in dishonor but for live people not citizens, persons, individuals, or corporations. If you want to know who the real husband is to your wife and father is to your offspring, try this. Go home and seriously anger one or both woman and child. They can pick up the phone and call their real Hubby/ Dad and you the sperm donor drone will be out of there in 30 minutes or so. Whom ever a woman or child’s highest authority is the REAL head of the family.
      All is not lost however. Instead of being ” Trained ” get ” Educated “. Learn how to become a live man on the land under common law with all rights. The Live Birth Certificate with an all capital letters on it is what you believe is your name but it isn’t. Once you provide notice that your a living man and the new administrator of that certificate ” CORPORATION “, the land of fiction corporations can no longer use it and your now on honor on the land with all rights.
      This is way more than I intended to post but I see so much wasted energy in arguments within deception that I can barely stand to read it most times. There’s so much other key info on this but let the diligent come forward and he who has an ear , let him hear.

  3. Without being nasty or saying things that are ugly about these perverted people, trying to define who is male and who is female is kind of important. The last First Lady was a transgender man. We let Democrats get away with that. With thousands of invaders headed for the border, China taunting US Navy ships and Air Force planes, wars going on in 40 different countries, President Trump has plenty to do rather than deciding who goes to what bathroom. What is going on in Washington DC? Are there that many trannies in the Capital city? I believe many are in Congress but maybe they can figure out on the own whether they are male or female. Liberals are NUTS.

  4. Gender fluidity – how anti-scientific can one get. Now we need to define the scientific fact that “life begins at conception” and put a stop to the slaughter of our most innocent and vulnerable citizens. Glory to God in the highest.

    1. the “when does life begin” question is nothing more than a red herring – dead people do not reproduce, dead sperm cannot fertilize and dead eggs cannot be fertilized – life began billions of years ago and CONTINUES via reproduction

      a NEW HUMAN BEING comes into existence at the moment of conception – the DNA of both parents combine to create a totally new and unique DNA, different from both parents and it is at that moment of conception that it begins to grow

      Roe Vs Wade was correct on the point that a woman may do as she pleases with her own body – but the fetus is NOT HER BODY!! it is human, it is alive and it is NOT part of the mothers body, it has different DNA (even cancer has identical DNA to the host) and a placenta is required to keep the two circulatory systems separate – mixing different blood types causes death

      the deliberate taking of human life is commonly called murder

        1. If you are so concerned about “equal” rights, then why don’t you stand up for the MAN’S right to choose?
          Do you think it’s only women whose lives might be upended by an unwanted child?
          Men are always castigated for not taking “Responsibility”, but where is the outrage for WOMEN who don’t want to take responsibility?
          The man is not given any voice, and if the woman decides to end a pregnancy, the man’s preference is completely disregarded. If the woman decides to keep the child, against the man’s wishes, he can be FORCED, under the threat of prison, to take financial responsibility for that child, in some cases, for as long as twenty-six years…where is the equal justice in that?
          Maybe women should butt out of of men’s affairs. You certainly think it’s YOUR business to say what they do with THEIR bodies!

  5. Yay for a president who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is! Thank God our current president has common sense and can actually understand real science.

  6. I have one question: What does their DNA say about gender? Until they answer that little question, and even when they do, their argument seems to fall apart..

  7. It is refreshing to see a political office holder speak out about this political correctness BS. A person’s biological sex is determined at the moment of conception, by whether the mother’s egg is fertilized by a sperm cell having an X or Y chromosome. One’s biological sex is carried in every cell of the human body and is impossible to change. It is true that plastic surgery and hormone therapy can change the genitalia to that of the other sex, but it cannot make a woman a man or visa versa. The so called transgender people need psychological therapy, not surgery. No one is talking about the thousands of people who have undergone gender change surgery and committed suicide when the realized what they had done. The surgery is irreversible. A final observation, gender is strictly a grammatical term, and there ar three genders, Masculine, feminine, and neuter. They are only very loosely tied ro sex in most languages.

    1. Yep, next thing will be the “refugees” in the caravan in Mexico saying they have to be in our country because they self identify as citizens.

  8. One of Obama’s horrible decisions is that crazy diabolical one TRANSGENDER. He could not find more evil things to destroy our values. If he were to stay in office, God (not allah) forbids he would have found more of that kind of nonsense. Thanks to our Lord for pres. Trump.

  9. Nutjob perverts who can’t figure out which sex they are, do not need help from the Federal Government. They need help from a sensible psychiatrist who will help them out of their mental illness.

  10. “mainstream news outlets are publishing story after story telling the general public what should be done to support transgender individuals

    yes indeed! they should be getting all the mental health support and medication required to treat the root cause of their mental disorder – you don’t celebrate disease, you cure it

    1. They have acquired “Big Pharma’s” philosophies…celebration/control vs cure…hey, there’s no money in a cure but a lifetime income from “control”…

  11. Hell, ya please pass this legislation once and for all and put this transgender BullShit to bed, I’m so sick of hearing all these additional pronouns being thrown out to the point of being nauseated, some forget just how small this group is and yet we the majority are being told how it will be, well I pray not for much longer, now that we have a president that uses common sense, facts and actual science, will put this to bed once and for all, that SOB that came before him tried to destroy this country and he was doing a hell of a job at it but now we’re seeing his so called policies being revoked for the garbage they truly were, if a society cannot reproduce, guess what, it wasn’t meant to be and that’s why GOD created Man and Women, put all these individuals in an island let them pick and choose whatever they like, but we’ll see just how long it takes before there wiped off the face of the earth…….

  12. I’m so pleased Trump has taken this step. I’ve said many times, and been pilloried for it but it is a scientific fact there are only two genders. Everyone has a genetic signature, XX this is female, XY this is Male, it’s either or folks there are no alternative, there is no other version we are born one or the other and we die as we were born. All surgical “reassignment” does is produce a mutilated Male or Female it does NOT CHANGE any bodies gender, that is an impossibility!

  13. There are two genders, male and female, anything beyond that is a mental aberration, and needs psychiatric help, not recognition!

  14. It takes a real idiot to argue that there is more than two genders – male and female. Only a pervert would argue otherwise.

  15. I thank God everyday for Trump. It was advancing under Obama, and if Hillary had been elected, she would have helped “transgenders” in the military change the Uniform Code of Military Justice to include criminal offenses of gender harassment against people who will not date them, or who even accidentally misidentify them. That list of genders is now 50 or more?
    For example: ‘Susie’ (formerly Bob and still a male) approaches a fellow unit member, Mark. Mark is simply not interested. Mark has no malice against ‘Susie’ and acts professionally. ‘Susie’ claims Mark is guilty of harassment because Mark did not respond favorably to “her” chosen gender identity. “Dave” (a female) makes advances to Jill. Jill just says, “Please leave me alone.” “Dave” claims Jill is guilty of harassment because Jill did not respond favorably to “his” chosen gender identity. Susie and Dave want make those unfavorable responses criminal offense. They also want criminal offenses imposed on anyone who accidentally uses a wrong gender pronoun.
    1SG, US Army, Retired

  16. I agree completely, what is between a persons legs should define where a person should go, in what restroom. I don’t understand why that is so hard for people to accept. When my daughter was small, I didn’t want a man calling him self a woman in the restroom around her or vice versa when my boys were small. I don’t know if they are to ignorant to see that or why they can’t see that. If they have a woman’s parts they belong where they women belong and if they have a man’s parts. they belong with the men. They will never have children so guess they don’t care. Grow up and think of others and not just yourselves.

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