WA State Government Caught Using AI to Illegally Surveil Republican Voters

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Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs has been accused by his state’s Republican Party of using an offshore Artificial Intelligence (AI) company to illegally surveil and censor Republican voters in the state. Republicans filed a formal ethics complaint against Hobbs on the matter.

Anything that Republican voters say on social media in Washington State is “fact-checked,” reported as a “threat,” and suppressed. Hobbs has allegedly been spending public funds to do this.

It’s a safe bet that if the Secretary of State in Washington is doing this, then the Democrat secretaries of state in EVERY state are doing it ahead of the 2024 election.


The legislature in Washington has already rejected the idea of creating a state agency that would be responsible for censoring online speech. This is despite the fact that most Democrats in power would love to have such an agency watching over all of this. That hasn’t bothered Steve Hobbs, however. The secretary went ahead and established something called the Information Security & Response Division in his office.

Hobbs is accused of partnering with a foreign AI company called “Logically.” The purpose this new state agency, which was created without legislative authority, is to have the AI scour the internet for speech that is critical of Steve Hobbs and suppress it. The Washington State Republican Party says that Hobbs refuses to let the public see the contract that he signed with Logically.

You can probably already guess the reasons why Secretary Hobbs set up this AI system to surveil and monitor the speech of every registered Republican voter in Washington State. He claims it is to protect against threats to “electoral integrity” and “threats targeting the Secretary of State or staff.”

“Logically” is monitoring the speech of Washington State GOP voters on websites including Twitter/X, Rumble, Truth Social, Substack, and others. The AI also sends notices to Facebook/Meta, which labels voters’ comments as “false,” and then applies a warning label to it and suppresses it.

According to the ethics complaint against him, “This allows Secretary Hobbs to suppress and abridge free speech on a massive scale. Logically refers to free speech selected for suppression as ‘narratives.’”

Here’s an example of the type of speech suppression that Logically engages in on behalf of the Washington Secretary of State. Republican voters were labeled as a threat to the Secretary of State’s office because they were having a discussion online over whether mail-in ballots enable fraud. The AI program declared this to be harmful, because it could “Motivate individuals to call on officials to ban mail-in ballots and advocate for in-person voting.”

In another example from August this year, Washington voters were questioning the logic of why Washington State requires mail-in ballots to have the voter’s political party displayed on the outside of the envelope. (Duh. It’s so that clerks know which ballots to run through shredders and which ones to count on behalf of Joe Biden.) Logically declared this discussion to be harmful because it might “Motivate individuals to protest the requirement that voters disclose their political party preference.” So much for the sacred secrecy of ballots.

Hobbs is accused of blatant political targeting. Every Republican voter is specifically being surveilled for their online speech in Washington State. Hobbs is also accused of directly targeting the Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, Jim Walsh, and the Chairman of the State Republican Party Election Integrity Committee, Bill Bruch.

Steve Hobbs is just one small cog in this system. The federal government is moving rapidly to implement this sort of AI speech suppression, targeting the entire country. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Here’s what Joe Biden’s Director of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said about the implementation of AI to monitor speech in August:

“We have got to change the procurement capabilities of a government agency to actually move quickly and nimbly, so that when we’re dealing in a very dynamic environment, we can actually move with dynamism,” Mayorkas said. “I’m not suggesting moving to a sole source model, but we just have to be quick.”

Quickly. Nimbly. Dynamic. Note the emphasis on speed. They want this nationwide system up and running (if it’s not already running) to monitor and suppress Republican speech on a nationwide basis as quickly as possible before the 2024 election.

Logically, the AI system being used to illegally suppress the speech of Washingtonians, is a British-based company that says in its promotional materials that it uses “advanced AI to fight misinformation at scale using expert fact checkers, OSINT investigators and data science.”

Notice that “misinformation” and “disinformation” can always be defined as “things that the Democrat Party disagrees with.”

We’ve got a sinking feeling that it’s going to take much more than an ethics complaint in Washington State to dislodge this problem, if we hope to maintain any semblance of freedom in this country.

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37 thoughts on “WA State Government Caught Using AI to Illegally Surveil Republican Voters”

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  2. It’s already all-too obvious that AI has become a deciding force in who’s vote is counted and who’s voice is heard Iin Washington. Names are documented and never allowed to be acknowledged, nor their opinions published …and more importantly, allowing those controlling the Media to almost totally control the narrative, and obviously, perceived public opinions. We can ‘already’ see that horrible Freedom-Destroying Control in today’s media and the upcoming Election. Our next president may well be a Duffas, Incompetent and Controlled Puppet.

  3. This is abused of power! All these democrats politicians need to be recalled and removed from office. They are in violation of the Constitution rights of the people. THEY DESERVES TO BE TREATED AS TERRORISTS who are not following the laws. Hobbs never should have been Arizona governor! It time for you people to come clean. It your FREEDOM AND LIBERTY THAT IS BEING STOMP ON!

  4. Personal you voter better get your head out of your a$$! Being stupid is what Al is making you look like! Did you watch the movie == TOTAL RECALL? Well that what this is about! A few people controlling your life! You are nothing but trash to these people. Why do you can’t see how DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS CONTROL THE BLACKS RACE SINCE 1968? Guess what they still controlling the black races! Because blacks keep voting to be SLAVES! 95% vote for DEMOCRAT POLITICIANS WHO ENJOYED KEEPING THEM DOWN! Same is about to happen to WHITE PEOPLE! One reason why LIBERALS DEMOCRAT DESTROY THE SCHOOL SYSTEM! MAKING KIDS DUMB AND STUPID! In another word putting in HITLER SOCIALISM THAT GEORGE SORO WANTED!

    1. correct but if you feel a little communism or marxism if you prefer you are correct. those are embraced by socialism also as is fascism. Now included is the islamic regime which is controlling also. Why we are allowing this to continue is beyond most of us.;

  5. Why is there a judicial system if they are bought out by democrats? Democrats are writing their own laws and rules for 2024 election like they did in 2020. Blue states have enacted new laws like Gretchen W. , K Hobbs and now this guy to rig elections. People in the states better do something about their leaders or do they really want to be controlled totally by government? Stay in your state if you do nothing about it we don’t want stupidity in our state. I think anyone who left a blue state should have to wait so long before allowed to vote in new state. Look what Gretchen just did in her state. Look what K Hobbs did in AZ. See democrats only win when they cheat. I am just wondering exactly how many of their new laws and rules are actually legal? With lack of judicial system, accountability is out the window because we all know they also only go after republicans for anything. Look at J6 and antifa? Republicans you better start getting better at playing swamps games.

  6. Satan has his minions doing his evil….
    The bible says babylon the great will fall
    Dont count on america coming back
    Turn to jesus….an live in heaven forever

  7. Looks like Democrats have become criminals and some violent in their actions .Voting in person and paper ballot is the future if we don’t succumb to Democrats stealing all elections.They have become more evil than the the known dictators

  8. Isn’t it interesting that all of the “swing states” went democratic in the last presidential election? Cheating only has to happen in a few key districts in a few key states to change the result. I am disgusted that the democratic party relies on this method to stay in office rather than providing good policy. Controlling an election is the first step to totalitarian rule. Once in power, election laws are suppressed or ignored. This is what the NAZIS did in the early 1930’s. Once in control, it was impossible to get rid of them as they eliminated anyone who opposed them. So called “ballot harvesting” should be illegal. Voters should be required to show ID. We require it for driver’s licenses, why not for the right to vote?

    1. think about that. What do they have to offer. We will control your lives in every aspect all freedoms gome. We will take your guns, we will take all your property and money. You will love your gov. as your god. we will feed you maybel we will house you , maybe. we will give you what we think you deserve but you will be very happy. (*or else.) try voting on that truth. Plus I forgot you will like as a third world victim. enjoy.

  9. Vote Id is paramount Ai has no place in any sate let alone the supplier is an English commonwealth operator has absolutely no place in our country!!

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  12. If anyone is interested I would like to dish out punishment to hold these idiots accountable. Trust me when President Trump get back in WH I want to be on a committee of citizens who will have the say for these criminals. I think it is time us citizens take charge of judicial system because we all know how corrupt is all the way to top. Only ones who sit in judgement are us the citizens. None of our judicial system can be trusted right now. I don’t even trust some republicans right now. We the people should have a say in everything going forward.

  13. I consider the Democrat voters being the guilty here and other destroyed states.They keep voting for the Satan’s disciples and then they complain.

  14. Inslee is totally on board with making sure the Dems win! Where’s Ferguson when this happens? Ih yes he’s too busy getting convicted sexual predators out early! Nevermind the people who will be harmed by this. Election interference and using AI like this is total corruption!

  15. It sounds like only controling one side the Republicans, Hobbs is not looking for anything on Democrats wonder why ? Hobbs should be put out of office at once !! But of course nothing will come of it — he will keep on screwing tbe people !! This democrat virus is getting more powerful by the day . It has to be got rid of if the true American people are to survive . There getting wzy to out of hand and screwing with anyway to make them right !! We the people need this horrible virus put down. But i have a feeling that this virus is not going to go away there going to take over the 24 election so as to win again. It don’t look good for the true American citizens of this
    Homeland the virus is taking over every crack every corner. We don’t stand a chan e in hell against this deadly horrendous virus. God help us all.

  16. The USA is now a Communist United Confederation of States (CUCS)! We are a Third World Country and no way back to the greatest county in the world.

  17. If you read the Bible you will see we are close to the end of times where there will be a great awaking of our Lord’s people.

  18. The Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand. It is 2024 years closer than it has ever been and most dispensations of time are around 2000 years. So get ready. The end is near and those that do not believe in God and religion will be able to rest uncomfortably with the father of all lies….Satan.


  20. IMHO: If we can’t get the half of our population that doesn’t give a sh!t and are so politically correct that they are afraid to talk about our political problems because it might hurt someones feelings and don’t think enough of our country to get off their lazy butts to go to the poles and vote, this country will be no longer in existence after February 2025.

    The Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch with their Democrat party, and their RINOs are basically controlled by the CCP now. We have pretty much lost our borders, language, and culture thanks to the Senior Executive Service (Deep State Unelected Administration Communists that can’t be fired), who are about to make illegal migrants registered voters. With that overwhelming mass of Democrat voters, we may as well kiss the electoral system, your ass, and the USA goodbye.

    The CCP barbarians have breached the gates and and infiltrated the government. The only option left Patriots will be a Civil War! May God save the USA!

  21. Read Declaration of Independence and the statement made about corrupt government. What does it say must happen?

  22. “The devil’s in this world, shout loud and long. But in the end the Angels out vote em.”
    Laws and rules for reason,
    Constitution for a reason,
    We the people for a reason,
    American flag for a reason,
    Church and Bible for a reason,
    People fought for our freedom for a reason,
    Prisons for a reason,
    Different political parties for a reason,
    Secure boarders for a reason,
    Lying, stealing, corruption, killing, disobeying God, destroying a country and it’s people NO Reason at all!

  23. Communist Democrats, Globalist, Elites and technocrats have been destroying our country for years. They will lie, cheat and steal to do it. They attack our Freedom of Speech, Religion and especially our 2nd amendment rights (they know the founding fathers gave us the Constitutional right so citizens can protect themselves from a tyrannical government, which is what we have now). They use Race, pandemic, and other crises to gain power and divide our country. They brainwash our children, military and government employees and others with CRT (includes DEI) , A Marxist ideology and LGBQT agenda. They attack the family unit by attacking our Constitutional Freedoms. They further destroy our country by opening the borders letting millions of illegal invaders into our country. This will destroy our country financially and socially and is a huge security threat. Biden and Comrades are nothing more than traitors and need to be dealt with as such. One only needs to look at California; Newsom destroyed San Francisco first then destroyed California. There has been Several attempts to impeach/recall him and amazingly he is still Governor. Other than a rigged system how can you believe we have elections fraud?

  24. Where are you Pence now? You did not want to set a precedent by holding on the 2020 electoral votes certification until a pannel by the people and for the people would look in the methods used of rigging the election but now with all the precedents set by the Democrat thieves to stay in power and deny the voices of those who don’t agree with them you are nowhere.
    Make no mistake. You gave the stolen election on a silver plate to these thieves without a fight and you alone are responsible for every
    stolen and rigged election from now on. Steve Hobbs is not to be blamed for taking away the voices of those who oppose this administration of thieves, from which he is a part off. It is you, Pence, for letting this happen.
    Mr Trump will not have the chanse to set the country on its recovery path. This administration of thieves will prevent him from running no mather the methods required to achive this goal.
    This is your legacy Mr. Pence and people like Hobbs are in power now and they will use this power for their cause which has nothing to do whit what the people want

  25. We are being surveled? Wow, did it take an article for that piece of info to be told online? The internet these days is a machine of surveylance via even google, msn and whatever else is being used. With all of us on record for what we believe, what we shop for, etc..

    I ignore the warnings, what can be done about it? These morons who are destroying this country will be the first to go down, they just don’t understand their masters don’t want underminers in their designed eutopia. The greed is gigantic and they want the populace to be sheeple to be lead. And surprise, these days there are many who willingly sell out their freedoms and ours.

    And I agree with all the comments made. It is disgusting and this is another system tracking all of us. Who cares? Not me because I am old but this is sad for the younger people who will end up fighting for their freedoms back. And the politicians who are steering this will live to regret their choices. They will not be the big shots they think but the potential trouble makers their new masters don’t want in the end. They have proved to be twisted and untrustworthy for personal gain. The Biden family as an example are modern day grifters so anyone really in charge should be well aware of the extent they will go to for MONEY! When their usefulness ends, things for them will change guaranteed. Like keeping a pack of snakes and contained!.

  26. This is NOT just a Democrat issue; globalist, Uniparty Republicans are just as bad as the Democrats with this!

  27. Nothing will happen until a lawsuit makes its way to the Supreme Court. So file a lawsuit as an ethics complaint never works to stop unconstitutional behavior. The rest of the nation has no faith in Washington State doing anything ethically.

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