Would You Spend $7 to Attend a Clinton Event?

Tickets to the much-vaunted Bill and Hillary speaking tour quickly bottomed out a $7 a pop. But the lingering question remains: Are the Clintons even worth the seven bucks?

Now disgraced ex-Pres. Bill Clinton and “crooked Hillary” as Pres. Donald J. Trump calls her, opened an international speaking tour in Canada. Call it high hopes, but the former power couple apparently believed they had an opportunity to earn some quick cash by booking arena’s that topped 10,000 seats. It seems more like arrogance considering fellow Democrats issued subtle but stern warnings for the Clintons to stay away and be quiet during the run-up to the mid-term elections.

And despite the Clinton Foundation suffering a free-fall in charitable donations, Bill and Hillary just refuse to take a long look in the mirror and recognize that Americans are fed up with the lies, misdeeds and sexual assault allegations.

So enamored with their self-image, the Clintons’ initial ticket prices reportedly exceeded $1,000 for best-in-house seats. Even Canadian scalpers took a bath on the first event that opened with nearly 7,000 empty seats with prices for “An Evening with the Clintons” dropping just under $7. Naturally, events such as these commonly include a hundred or so freebies and guest list attendees. Hillary reportedly burst into another of her fabled coughing fits after seeing the mostly vacant 10,000-seat arena.

She managed to recover in time to engage in another boring Trump-bashing fest. Perhaps the Canadians who saved their $7 figured it was cheaper to watch CNN or an episode of The View to satisfy any fake news needs. Adding insult to injury, Michelle Obama is also on tour with tickets that are selling from $300 to $2,500, and she reportedly cusses people out when she doesn’t like their questions. Back to the original question: Are the Clintons worth $7?

Consider for a moment that the Top 10 YouTubers earned a combined $180.5 million in 2017 for basically playing video games and letting strangers watch. The highest paid YouTuber in 2018 is a 7-year-old whose channel earned $22 in a 12-month stretch. The average motivational speaker who never held a public office pulls down more than $100,000 per year.

The Clintons recently postponed a Texas tour stop where tickets had reportedly been lowered to as much as $15, which is about the cost of a Disney movie in a decent theatre. If you get the senior discount, the cost could be as low as $7 and far better entertainment value.

The couple’s top-tier price was reportedly more than $1,000. Michelle Obama pulls don $10K on the high end. Many expect the Clintons to start giving away tickets to save on embarrassment and prices could get down to $5 or less.

Still, Hillary rails against Pres. Trump like a petulant child, claiming his administration is corrupt. That tired old line barely gets a laugh anymore considering she operated a multi-million-dollar pay-to-play scheme as Secretary of State and reportedly paid for their daughter’s wedding with funds from a so-called charitable organization.

Given that a complete value meal runs about $7 at many fast-food chains, it doesn’t seem like a bargain to have to schlep down to the venue and listen to Hillary all over again. Between the traffic, parking and boredom, fast-food makes more sense and it’s not even good for you.

For just another 99 cents, you can get a month of Netflix on two screens and binge-watch “House of Cards.” It’s similar to Bill and Hillary’s time in office — and you don’t even have to leave your house. Some of the other streaming services are reportedly offering discounts that could mean change back from that $7. Not to be snarky, but what have the Clintons done to earn $7? Let’s review.

Bill gave us NAFTA which decimated the American manufacturing sector and sent our jobs to other countries while he was busy chasing interns in the White House. He lied under oath and to the American people on national television, and had repeatedly been accused of sexual misconduct and even rape. Although he skated on a partisan impeachment vote, he’s a disgrace in the #MeToo movement.

Hillary, by contrast, is best known for sleeping through the Benghazi Attacks as American heroes fought Islamic insurgents through the night. Americans died while Hillary told military support to stand down and curled up with a pillow. Bill was reportedly in another bed.

Are the Clintons worth $7?

Save your money and super-size that order.

~ Conservative Zone

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35 thoughts on “Would You Spend $7 to Attend a Clinton Event?”

  1. Bill is remembered as a pervert and Hillary as a very sore loser!
    They are no longer viable to the Democratic Party. The should slip away quietly so no one can remember what low lives they are!
    Good riddance to both of them!

    1. Pervert? Sore loser? Why, those are two of the traits which define members of the “Democratic” party today!

    2. Presidents use to just retire to their farm/estate/ whatever and come out for state funerals etc. The thing now is to try and stay in the spotlight, and make miserable comments about the President who is in office. Eisenhower retired to his farm near Gettysburg, Truman back to his home in Independence, Mo, etc. etc.

  2. When are we ever going to bring back the rule of law and fix our country.
    So many facts and proof of spying on Trump with our most powerful law enforcement(FBI,CIA,DOJ,State DEPT and Obama himself at the head.
    It’s mind blowing that the current government can’t do the right thing and go after all involved.
    Why are the republicans afraid of doing the right thing?
    I would love to debate any or all of the crooks that put this elaborate plan together to stop Trump and try to remove him from office.

    1. In spite of the lies in this article the Clinton’s will make millions in the future. Millions.. Reagan, when he left made $2 million when he went to Japan. It was Japan’s way of thanking Reagan for helping sell Toyta’s in America back in the 80’s. Even George W Bush made a few millions when he left. Jimmy Carter gave all his speech earnings to charity. The Clintons r Rock Stars in the R E A L world!

      1. The Clinton’s are only “Rock Stars” in your fantasies, and theirs.
        This whole “Tour” thing is just a scam anyway, to cover up for where their real money comes from.
        You didn’t really think that Hillary actually “Lost” that $6 billion did you?

  3. I believe that “the right thing” will, eventually, happen; this is nothing new, however. Winston Churchill once said, “One can always count on the Americans to do the right thing, but only after they have exhausted all other options.”

    1. Saw another great Churchill quote the other day:

      “If you are not a liberal at twenty you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 40 you have no brain.”

  4. The Clintons ticket prices seem to be in a race to the bottom with the NFL. Get the popcorn out – it’s going to be fun to watch. Hillary’s behavior at President Bush’s funeral was probably due to the fact she was intimidated by the size of the crowd. She is no longer accustomed to being in rooms with that many people add to that her poor health (drinking) and the fact she was in a church – she was terrorized by the thought of spontaneous combustion.

    1. I suspect u don’t know Bill and Hillary Clinton were great friends with the older Bush’s. Bill look at G HW Bush as a father figure.

      The sad part of ur remarks there wasn’t a shred of truth in it.

      The only spontaneous combustion that would ever happen in a church would come from the Donald himself. Over 6500 lies already. And all those porn stars and a Playboy model as well..

  5. Then there was the Uranium Deal, then the Clinton Cash deal with Haiti And the Clintonisqe problems with exorbant speaking fees to some of Americas enemies. Their successful Hit List was into the 40s last time I checked. Hillary’s association with old dead and buried socialist Saul Alinsky cements her socialist agenda. The DNC and questionable voter fraud along with the illegal wire taps and FBI/DOJ spectacle have endeared her to the likes of old dead and buried socialists Karl Marx (the Communist Manifesto, ~1840s), V. Lenin (the father of the USSR, ~1920s), J Stalin (the murderous god father of the USSR), Mao Zedong (the founder of Communist China (~late 1940s) and Ho Che Minh (communism of N Korea and Vietnam wars). This doesn’t take a third grade education to figure this out. US citizens are tired of hearing/seeing them constantly trying to get that next/last 15 mnutes of fame.

  6. So many empty seats? Poor planning. They weren’t paying people enough to get them to attend. Free whiskey might even make the experience tolerable.

  7. I wouldn’t show up if they were paying me! When will they get it through their politicians heads that just because they were once Presidential material they have left such a foul legacy behind them that like this article suggest, even the most hardened Democrats don’t want anything to do with them! And if Chelsea thinks she has a presence, she had better just stick to raising her children and leaving politics to a more honorable person, if there are any more to be found! I for one Do Not want any Clinton to come near Washington, they are as crooked as any politicians to come out of there! They will go down in history as “Criminals”

    1. Hillary has been voted the most admired woman in the world for 20 years. R children in America have had guaranteed Health care since she was First Lady when she lobbied Congress to get that healthcare. When she was First Lady in Arkansas she was responsible for taking a failed school system to one of the best. Bill left office with a 68% approval and a booming economy. In spite of what Fox tells u the Clinton’s r very popular around the USA and the world. Remember God is watching u and ur lies. He’ll get u in the end!

  8. I would not attend this Clinton BS event unless I was paid $1,000. Wait, even $1,000 isn’t close to being enough.

  9. Both Bill and Hillary are not from prominence and are quite lack-luster in their presence. It certainly is no sin to be from common ground but along the way you would have hoped that they would have acquired at least a little class. His sexual deviance and her screechy lying is sound evidence that they might feel familiar in a trailer park. (my apoligies to the good citizens that happen to live in manufactured homes)

  10. Somewhere along the way they the rest of the democRAT party and all liberals need to get a clue! Reading this is the first time I heard that Michelle was cussing out those in the audience that she thought were asking dumb questions. If they keep on, none of them will be worth spit!

    1. If u believe the graceful Michelle Obama would be cussing anyone out u r to far gone to help. Fox got u hook line and sinker.

  11. If the Clintons had any brains, they’d quietly disappear from public view. I wouldn’t pay one cent to attend their events. In fact, I wouldn’t go if they paid me to attend.

  12. I’m troubled with what I read on both sides of these remarks. We need to look at why these things came about, we the people are as much the blame for what’s happened to our country,where were we when one woman took prayer out of our schools, where were we when congress mocked and went agents our construction, pier spending tax fallers, using tax’s to fund their elections, I’m talking all sides. Where were we when superm courts made law instead of inturppeting the law, worst of all taking God out of the foundation of this country’s belief and letting pagan beliefs change our country, WHERE WERE WE, why didn’t we take a stand for our country, for the people, by the people, of the people, our constitution to keep evil praetors like our politicians and government from destroying our America from within, to stand for righteousness, where were we the people of the United States.

  13. Caller: What’s the going rate for the Clinton event? Conference hall: Ten dollars. Caller: Ok, that sounds fair. Conference hall: Would you like a ten or two fives?

  14. I am a lifetime Republican, currently 85 & counting. I’m truly surprised that none of the above 17 people said they wouldn’t. I for one, would gladly pay the $7 but with my conditions. I want no refunds offered, nor offers to pay me. I will pay the $7 with this one stipulation. The Event is for the Trial and conviction of both Hillary and Bill. Then if they both are convicted, I would gladly donate to either Bill or Hillary another $7 just to be able to say, I knew it all the time and money well spent. They might just put it into their Clinton Foundation to cover their fines.


  16. It’s interesting how The responders believe the trash of this publication. I think it is more interesting to have observed the greetings that the ex-president’s have to chela how they received Donald Trump. These are the people who Recognize the truth rather than the garbage that may come from any of the networks including this one. Trump sat stoicly obviously upset that he was not the center of attention and was not being asked even by a fellow Republican to take Park an Honorable and admired Republican

  17. I would pay $7 to see them if I could bring a bushel of rotten tomatoes and rotten eggs to pelt them with. Other than that, I wouldn’t waist my time

  18. Who has had an administration with as many convicted felons? What president has ever placed personal profits before the best interests of our country? If you answer truthfully, the Clintons don’t look so bad (and I didn’t want to vote for Hillary if the Republicans gave. me a senible choice)

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