Father of Florida Victim Attacked by Liberals for Wearing Trump Shirt

On Valentine’s Day, after a shooter opened fire at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, anxious father Andrew Pollack tried desperately to get ahold of his 18-year-old daughter, a senior at the high school. Pollack tried calling his daughter repeatedly and the phone just “rang and rang.”

After trying desperately to contact his missing daughter via telephone. Pollack waited for hours outside the emergency room at Broward Health North to find out if she was one of the shooting victims. The frantic father sat in his truck outside the hospital waiting for news about his daughter.

The Palm Beach Post happened to snap a photo of the distraught father holding up a picture of his daughter on his cell phone. Pollack later confirmed that his daughter, Meadow, had died in the shooting. The 18-year-old had just been accepted at Lynn University in Boca Raton. According to family and friends, she was an energetic, lovely young woman.

The Palm Beach Post reporter uploaded the photo that had been taken of Pollack in his truck to Twitter. The Tweet sparked an outrage — not at the fact that this bright, young woman had lost her life to a senseless crime. The outrage was over the father’s choice of clothing. Rather than sympathizing with the grieving father and offering him condolences and support during his time of need, liberals attacked him for wearing a “Trump 2020: Make America Great Again!” t-shirt. There were more than 1,500 replies to the Tweet and most were focused on Mr. Pollack’s attire.

Although liberals often say how tolerant and peaceful they are, the comments on the Tweet were anything but loving. Rather than blaming the disturbed individual, Nikolas Cruz, who pulled out an AR-15 and began randomly gunning down innocent students and teachers, some of the Twitter commenters went so far as to blame Mr. Pollack for his daughter’s senseless death.

Leonard James tweeted that he didn’t feel sorry for Mr. Pollack. James comments that Pollack probably doesn’t recognize that the NRA supporting policies of the current administration and what happened to his child are both connected. In actuality, they are not connected. Pollack’s daughter was gunned down by a deeply disturbed individual bent on violence in one form or another.

Another Tweet from Jesse Whiteman said that Mr. Pollack should feel guilty as helped enable the shooting himself. Whiteman doesn’t say outright, but seems to indicate that Pollack’s support of Trump is what enabled this terrible tragedy.

After the Twitter outburst, Andrew Pollack gave an emotional speech at the White House directly to President Trump and others about the school shooting. During the speech, Pollack talked about how his daughter, Meadow, had gotten shot 9 times on the third floor of the school. The distraught dad understandably says that he is furious as he will never ever see his daughter again. He explains that his beautiful daughter is gone for eternity.

Pollack points out that as a country, we have failed our children. He said that no one thinks that a similar tragedy will happen to their family until the day that it does. Pollack believes that, rather than ignoring the danger, everyone needs to work together to help keep kids safe at school. Pollack went on to say that people need to stop fighting about gun laws and come together — across party lines, to fix the problem – and that gun laws are a different battle.

Pollack added that many school shootings have occurred over the years yet little has been done. Angrily, Pollack pointed out that after 911 happened, security measures were taken to ensure that something similar would never happen again. And, it hasn’t. However, in spite of the increasing number of school shootings over the years, nothing has been done. Pollack said that there should have been just one school shooting and things should have been fixed.

Pollack vowed to work with President Trump to fix the issue. He strongly believes that this administration will make our nation’s schools safer. The angry father said that he would not sleep until things change. President Trump could be seen during the speech nodding and giving a thumbs up sign to Pollack in support of what he was saying.

~ Conservative Zone

4,401 thoughts on “Father of Florida Victim Attacked by Liberals for Wearing Trump Shirt”

  1. The mainstream media has a real problem with parents like Mr Pollock. Ones that support the President of the United States and not their liberal, anti-gun agenda. I support you Mr Pollock, as well every other parent who lost children at Stoneman High School on that terrible day. However, I do not support the liberal, left leaning media, who continue to rant and rave about the guns. The problem isn’t the guns, but the shooter. Get these kids the help they need and prevent the next shooting from happening.

  2. Some people in this country have no idea of empathy for anyone for any reason. They take any situation to pounce on anyone for any little thing they can do try and prove their point. I don’t have anything good to say about Donald Trump, but I don’t take uncaring stabs at a grieving parent. I have more compassion than that. What will talking about his unfortunate wearing of a shirt do in his time of grief?

  3. Of course, Life & Death are just a sidelight to their main purpose in life – to promote their Socialistic “One World” agenda. They have shown over & over that that supercedes the safety of US citizens. The deaths of Americans from terrorism, mass murder, criminal illegal immigrants, etc., are just “collateral damage” in their quest for totalitarian world conquest. They don’t even have the common sense to look at the history of continual failure of Socialist – Communist systems and learn from it.

  4. I am stunned that anyone, anyone would say such horrible things about a father searching for his child! Period!! My mind cannot comprehended such ugliness! I am so sorry that Mr. Pollack lost his daughter! It is not even about liberal or conservative, it’s about doing and saying the right thing! Ugliness has no place! Being a compassionate human being! I lost a son and the pain of loosing a child is unbearable! Shame on you liberals who were mean spirited! Shame on you! This man had to be frantic trying to find his daughter! I weep for the ugliness that was said! My heart is filled with love for Meadow and her loved ones❤️ And all who had to go through such a horrific event and their losses and terror!!

  5. Sure they are anti-gun…right up to the time that a gun might save one of their loved ones or themselves from severe injury or death.
    As far as these reactions are concerned, they are nothing short of disgusting!
    Next time you have a problem, don’t call a gun toting police officer. Call a gun protester!

  6. But this article did not add in some words that were said. He said “That guns were not to blame”. This part of the speech was deleted out on the CNN report and in this article. So get all the facts in not the only the ones that support you thinking.

  7. Unreal anyone would attack grieving parents! They are not even human if they cannot feel the pain (empathy) the father, family at losing their loved ones. It puts hateful left on same level as one who did the killing!

  8. Let us put aside all the rhetoric about guns and bumpstocks and the rest of the garbage that is clouding the issue and have an honest conversation about what will help. Before the government decided to tell us how we could raise out children we were allowed to teach our kids truth, honesty and respect. They were not taught how to defy authority and to destroy other peoples property and have it excuse in the name of protest. We did not glorify thugs and murders and sexual deviates God was revered and we taught children to pray. Morals and decencies were considered virtues not weakness. Pkut
    God back in the schools and Quit bashing Christianity and let the people who are offended by that go to a place where their mindset is already the norm and stop trying to destroy the wonderful place called the United States of Ameerica

  9. The people who are responsible for the STUPID COMMENTS about this grieving father are the problem and should all be centured on the internet their behavior is totally UNACCEPTABLE.

  10. So much for freedom of speech and expression, (without violence). This activity and such makes me wonder if this nation
    is heading to an upheaval, revolution or what.

  11. These are the same repulsive leftist hypocrites who were outraged , outraged, that anyone would even encroach in any way on the sorrow of the TV-interviewed students by questioning their spontaneity and suggesting that the students were being coached and orchestrated.

    The Left is marked by its selective, hate-filled “sensitivity.”

  12. Liberals make life long Conservatives every time they open their ignorant mouths, or type their ignorance through a keyboard. Kind of like an Angel gets it’s wings everytime you hear a bell.

  13. Look for the common denominators – absence of God in the schools – absence of any moral foundation or code – absence of solid American education and critical thought – absence of clean water, food and even our air (chem trails) rendering our children with ‘disorders’ requiring … yep you guessed it – DRUGS – disrespect for America – topped off with an evil corrupt deep state that controls the main stream media. THAT is the issue! Not guns!! you don’t see law abiding citizens shooting up schools. Not rocket science people!! HANDS OFF MY SECOND AMENDMENT AND MY FREE SPEECH!!! DOWN WITH THE CORRUPT DEEP STATE AND MANIPULATED MEDIA.

  14. Our country seems to be fueled by a culture of hate.What is even worse are those that need to take the telephone pole out of their eyes instead of the sliver they can’t see in others.What a heartless bunch they are.There has been and always will be evil people in this world.Schools,churches,where you work and play will always be targets.Wise up law enforcement and stop pretending evil will not strike here.Wherever here maybe.

  15. These liberal assholes should keep their fucken thoughts to themselves, show respect, that is, if they have any….a bunch of scumbags…..Raising the age to purchase these automatic rifles is not the answer…..they shouldn’t be sold at all..there is no reason for anyone to have an automatic assault rifle, are they going to kill BAMBI twenty times over? Take out a whole family of deer at once? AR-15, AK47, Ousi….no need for them tighten restrictions and records should be kept up to date registering ALL WEAPONS bought by anyone at any time, anywhere……what is the need for anyone to have ten rifles, twenty hand guns? And, when one of these little shits does this, we need judges with balls to put them away immediately, not 1-2 years later….in fact, if multiple deaths involved, give them the death penalty and use it ASAP….not 20-30 years from now….ASAP….goodbye, send a message…..no freebies for you, no highly colonoscopies from your cell mates, off to an electric finality……

  16. All the idiot’s who are screaming about do not realize that there over 25,000 gun laws already existing in this country. Look at Chicago who has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and look at there gun violence. Remember what happened to Germany after Hitler took all the guns.

  17. As far as liberals are concerned the United states is a free country with freedom of speech just so long as you say and agree with what they want and say. If you do not they not only dislike you they hate you and have child like tantums and demonstrations that cause a great deal of anger and hate. They want it their way in spite of how many do not agree with them.

  18. The Animals on the Left, these hateful, intolerant Dividers of OUR County are completely soaked in Hate, dangerous from gullibly believing Leftist propaganda. Many need Mental examinations, as they are unhinged from reality!

  19. Leave it to a bunch of liberal twits to blame the father of one of the victims ! The biggest problem is the no-gun zones which just provide the warped shooters with plenty of targets that they know aren’t going to shoot back.

  20. Andrew fight for the right to protect our school children. I believe in concealed carry in school. That could have saved your child. I almost lost my son to drugs so I can understand how difficult it is for you to lose your only daughter.


  22. How would they feel if they had lost a child’s life, would they blame themselves for
    Being so liberal. How can they be so hateful? What a sorry hunch of bastards they are
    What would they think if the conservatives acted that way about Obama administration, we voted for him twice, he was the worst President we ever had.
    President Trump has To undo all the wrong he did to are country. Now we can
    Defend ourselves by making our military strong. They don’t seem to realize that
    They will benefit from Trump taking care of our country.

  23. Please be an example: pray for Mr Pollock, Meadow, and all those who were lost, scarred, in this awful incident. I already have. Then too, pray for Cruz. Whatever circumstance our civilized people left him with, he also needs healing. I’ll take the liberty here to review all that I’ve heard; read.
    1. heard he was a Cuban abandoned DACA, anchor baby. Heard anything about his biologic parents ?
    2. read he was adopted by a couple, both died, one fairly recently
    3. read he then was taken in by couple ‘unsuspecting’ good Samaritans. Little hard to believe @ 18 in all kinds of school/police trouble already.
    4. was allowed in his condition, to “legally” purchase the AR15. Not assault weapon, but semi-automatic, high power.
    Certainly at fault, but also certainly effected by our gov’t immigration policy or lack thereof. We ALL need to consider how not to make any more of these kinds of individuals and how to revive his life, if that is even possible. Let’s pray ! and act.

  24. I am not going to say I can feel this parents pain because I can’t. However, he is 100% right we need some better laws that are enforceable that protect our children. When people report issues/concerns about people who pose a danger they need to be pick-up BEFORE they harm anyone. As a country we need to come together in pray to get through this. Calling each others names, assaulting people with whom you disagree is not the answer.

  25. I am so sorry for Mr. Pollack & his family, they have had to endure the loss of their daughter & the Hateful remarks of some Students at the Stoneman-Douglas School. I would have thought that a Father of one of the Victims, would have been accorded Sympathy & Compassion, by the Surviving Students, not the Hoots, because of the Father’s Politics.

  26. It is outrage at what they were saying about this father. Well we should not expect less from the liberals they have so much hate in their hearts and so blind that they saw only his shirt instead of his grief. I was crying looking at the news parents & families had to endure so much pain & to all those people that were so heartless I am praying for you that the Lord open your eyes and apologize to him. God Bless

  27. The sick liberals in this country have no clue what a GOOD President and Business man is about; he will make this country great again. I am sorry for Mr. Pollacks daughter and for that families loss, but these people have no clue about what this life is all about. They have a sick agenda; obviously these were the types that put obama in twice and he nearly destroyed our Nation. Trump will be remembered as one of the best Presidents this country has ever had! More love him than these fools can ever imagine; the polls show it and we the knowledgeable know it too.. God Bless Him and God Bless all those poor kids and teachers gunned down by a sick individual. Guns don’t kill, mentally ill kill and we need to be more prudent in checking the background of those who purchase fire arms..

  28. Karen – YES to all that you wrote!
    I remember at school all would say
    The Our Father and then it went to the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Where are the parent/parents of many of these kids and young adults? Or do
    the parents feel the same way?
    I also think many people are being paid to do these things – S.

  29. I just don’t get it, Sheriff “bone Head” Israel and the FBI openly admitted they dropped the ball in stopping Nick Cruz and now they’re blaming the NRA and anyone that doesn’t agree with the liberal media?

  30. Several previous Presidents have done NOTHING to rid the U S of Assault weapons.,NRA and be damned. To blame Republicans, is rich. What did Obama do. NOTHING.
    As long as the public continues to reelect the same tired-old-senators and!; You will have the same tired-old-results !

  31. Sheriff Israel did not drop the ball. It was part of the agenda. They used this poor mentally ill kid, (probably from birth—–maybe fetal alcohol syndrome) for their own agenda. False flag like many others.
    There are isolated cases where abortion is appropriate. “we need to talk about Kevin”, fiction, would have been another. Extremely difficult to feel any empathy, but Nick Cruz was defective from birth, and led a tortuous life,
    I hope that taxpayer money will not keep him alive for decades. Only misery of one sort or another awaits him.

  32. About 50%+ of America…especially those situate in cities…appear to have lost ALL cognitive abilities and are little more than zombies where intellect is concerned. This is attributable to years of brainwashing by the corrupted/controlled mainstream media – and a higher percentage exist in NATO countries. It is fascinating to observe people denigrating others for things they claim they uphold…They are so convoluted they are pathetic…we “deplorable” types can attest…

  33. May God be with the family. I am so sorry for your pain. Your family should not have to deal with hate at your time of sorrow. Believe me there are so many people that are praying and thinking of you. Your daughter was a beautiful girl. Stay strong and hold on to one another. I have not lost a child but I have lost a niece same age as your daughter and a nephew both at someone else’s hands and the pain that I have seen that the parents suffer is one that I will never forget. May God Bless our children and keep them safe.

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