Father of Florida Victim Attacked by Liberals for Wearing Trump Shirt

On Valentine’s Day, after a shooter opened fire at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, anxious father Andrew Pollack tried desperately to get ahold of his 18-year-old daughter, a senior at the high school. Pollack tried calling his daughter repeatedly and the phone just “rang and rang.”

After trying desperately to contact his missing daughter via telephone. Pollack waited for hours outside the emergency room at Broward Health North to find out if she was one of the shooting victims. The frantic father sat in his truck outside the hospital waiting for news about his daughter.

The Palm Beach Post happened to snap a photo of the distraught father holding up a picture of his daughter on his cell phone. Pollack later confirmed that his daughter, Meadow, had died in the shooting. The 18-year-old had just been accepted at Lynn University in Boca Raton. According to family and friends, she was an energetic, lovely young woman.

The Palm Beach Post reporter uploaded the photo that had been taken of Pollack in his truck to Twitter. The Tweet sparked an outrage — not at the fact that this bright, young woman had lost her life to a senseless crime. The outrage was over the father’s choice of clothing. Rather than sympathizing with the grieving father and offering him condolences and support during his time of need, liberals attacked him for wearing a “Trump 2020: Make America Great Again!” t-shirt. There were more than 1,500 replies to the Tweet and most were focused on Mr. Pollack’s attire.

Although liberals often say how tolerant and peaceful they are, the comments on the Tweet were anything but loving. Rather than blaming the disturbed individual, Nikolas Cruz, who pulled out an AR-15 and began randomly gunning down innocent students and teachers, some of the Twitter commenters went so far as to blame Mr. Pollack for his daughter’s senseless death.

Leonard James tweeted that he didn’t feel sorry for Mr. Pollack. James comments that Pollack probably doesn’t recognize that the NRA supporting policies of the current administration and what happened to his child are both connected. In actuality, they are not connected. Pollack’s daughter was gunned down by a deeply disturbed individual bent on violence in one form or another.

Another Tweet from Jesse Whiteman said that Mr. Pollack should feel guilty as helped enable the shooting himself. Whiteman doesn’t say outright, but seems to indicate that Pollack’s support of Trump is what enabled this terrible tragedy.

After the Twitter outburst, Andrew Pollack gave an emotional speech at the White House directly to President Trump and others about the school shooting. During the speech, Pollack talked about how his daughter, Meadow, had gotten shot 9 times on the third floor of the school. The distraught dad understandably says that he is furious as he will never ever see his daughter again. He explains that his beautiful daughter is gone for eternity.

Pollack points out that as a country, we have failed our children. He said that no one thinks that a similar tragedy will happen to their family until the day that it does. Pollack believes that, rather than ignoring the danger, everyone needs to work together to help keep kids safe at school. Pollack went on to say that people need to stop fighting about gun laws and come together — across party lines, to fix the problem – and that gun laws are a different battle.

Pollack added that many school shootings have occurred over the years yet little has been done. Angrily, Pollack pointed out that after 911 happened, security measures were taken to ensure that something similar would never happen again. And, it hasn’t. However, in spite of the increasing number of school shootings over the years, nothing has been done. Pollack said that there should have been just one school shooting and things should have been fixed.

Pollack vowed to work with President Trump to fix the issue. He strongly believes that this administration will make our nation’s schools safer. The angry father said that he would not sleep until things change. President Trump could be seen during the speech nodding and giving a thumbs up sign to Pollack in support of what he was saying.

~ Conservative Zone