Democrats Are Already Worried About a “Bloodbath” in the 2022 Midterm Elections

Democrats are naturally rejoicing over the fact that they have control both houses of Congress as well as the White House right now. However, senior Democrat politicians and strategists are now openly worrying about the very real possibility that the Republican Party could take full control of one or even both houses of Congress after the 2022 mid-term elections.

Even mainstream media news outlets point out that history is not on their side. The party that wins the White House almost always loses seats in Congress. This has been the case since the 1930s with the only exception being the 2002 mid-terms as voters rallied around then-President George W. Bush in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

Democrats are down playing the possibility of big losses, stating that former President Donald Trump’s post-election actions were a turn-off for many voters and pointing out that they intend to create big, bold legislation that will allegedly benefit voters. However, the reality is that President Joe Biden faces an uphill battle creating legislation of any kind — probably why he rolled out over 30 executive orders in his first weeks in office.

The Democrats only have a slim majority in the House of Representatives. The defection of even a few of their members would mean that key legislation won’t pass. Moderates in the House have already seen what happens when Democrats from moderate districts move to the left, and many may be unwilling to risk their careers. At the same time, progressive far-left representatives may be unwilling to settle for compromised bills. In the Senate, the 50-50 split almost ensures that nothing “big and bold” will get by — unless Democrats succeed in ditching the filibuster.

In fact, moderate Democrat senators may even join Republicans in voting down overtly progressive bills.

Even the $2,000 (now $1,400 for some reason) stimulus checks that President Biden bribed Georgia voters with in early 2020 may not materialize as politicians from both parties debate the scope of the bill, who should receive funding, and other forms of action that should (or should not) be added to the legislation.

Additionally, the current President has already alienated potential 2022 voters. His executive orders halting construction of the border wall and Keystone pipeline have cost tens of thousands of jobs. The administration’s callous remarks stating that these workers will have to “get other jobs” will do nothing to endear the party to these and other potential voters. The Biden Administration’s 60-day moratorium on new oil leases, natural gas leases, and drilling permits would decimate state economies that depend on the jobs. New Mexico alone would lose a whopping 100,000 jobs if the moratorium became permanent.

Voters want to see positive action from the federal government. A deadlocked Congress, coupled with job-killing executive orders, will enrage voters against the Democrats in 2022. Party strategists are right to be concerned about their slim majorities in Congress. This hold on power is very likely to slip from their grasp in a mere two years.

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36 responses to “Democrats Are Already Worried About a “Bloodbath” in the 2022 Midterm Elections”

  1. The Dems have to worry about Biden. He is turning off his base with some of the changes he is making. He is also building a wall between the parties. The opposite that he campaigned on. The Republicans are gaining a following from former Dems that are sick and tired of Biden’s proposals. The republicans do not have to do much but watch Biden and Kerry destroy the working person life. They will create the worst following of any President in this country. These people have not figured out what the American people really want. They want to be healthy, employed and an opportunity for their families to succeed. Biden has screwed up and he can not turn back. A person who is running for President of this wonderful country should never be allowed to ignore questions of their policies. This is biggest joke of this last election.. When some one asks a question and the person will not answer and giggles is the first sign of a lyer.

  2. This is fine and dandy, but unless the GOP finds its spine and starts to fight against democrat ballot harvesting corruption with investigations and court challenges it wont matter much. The will of the people will mean little if democrats are allowed to cheat in the big city districts that in turn influence future election results at the Federal, State, and local levels.

  3. What is of major concern is the voter machine manufacturers willingness to sabotage and manipulate voter machines to suit a particular party as in 2020 the Democrats. Fake votes by mail, duplicate voting and loyal staff willing to destroy their own integrity for a party that is willing to destroy our country and their lives as well those of us who know the sham that happened in the 2020 election. They must get the voting machines ready for 2022 elections where no fraudulent activity can occur and NO MAIL IN VOTING EXCEPT FOR SELECT FEW WITH PRIOR REGISTRATION AND LEGITIMATE VOTER ID. We can’t mess around anymore. Democrats have been too comfortable for so many years and since President Trump took over he pulled the rug from under them and they reacted with a vengeance. These were our elected civil servants that say they know how we should live better than us. They have robbed us blind.

  4. The Communist Dems have nothing to worry about in 2022…Just so long as the spineless GOP allows the Dems to rig the elections…

    • That is so very true. The Democrats have been rigging or trying to rig elections since the civil war. We need Republicans and the few honest Democrats that are left to fight for legitimate election processes. We need voter ID, only legitimate absentee ballots, no “mail-in” ballots, no counting of ballots received after election day and signature verification. We need to prosecute anyone at any level who is involved with election tampering in anyway. No exceptions. Without this we will never have a fair election. This HR1 is the opposite of what is needed. It takes the States rights away. We need to toughen up the State laws not take them away.

    • The GOP had better wise up and get to work and defeat all who are running in 2022. I don’t know about you, but I will always think the election was a fraud and a good many other people think so too.

      • As suggested elsewhere here, the Republicans as a party have to get a backbone. Many of them saw the manipulations in state election laws taking place in various states a full year BEFORE the 2020 election, yet they must have assumed that it would be insignificant affecting the election. Or they didn’t know how to deal with it or they were afraid to deal with it and just hoped for the best. The fact is, their response was weak. The Dems play hardball! The GOP is content to play whiffle ball. That has to change and they have plenty of time before 2022. Will they use it wisely?

  5. What they should worry about is not about the We the people. They better get ready for
    Judgment Day. Jesus is coming and going to separate the tares from the wheat. Jesus and God see all and hear all and you may fool some people some of the time, but you can’t lie to God. God knows your inner thoughts, desires and sees your actions every day of your life. We will all have to face judgment the day before Jesus and he looks to see if your name is in the Book of Life and all of your bad actions, bad thoughts, bad desires, and all the hate that control your life which the one that you actually love ( the devil) is leading you to the pit of hell. However, you do have a choice but before it’s too late, repent and choose to love God, your fellow humans, yourself, and obey all the commandments.

  6. – 2792 murdered yesterday by the election-stealer and his marxist mongrel second-in-command.
    – The spectre of 1994 and 2010, when what is now the American affiliate of the Chinese Communist Party went off on radical left-wing toots and was punished by outraged Americans, is why the party of satanism, socialism and sodomy is trying desperately to queer the pitch (pun intended) of American elections from now on. In addition to a tsunami of non-American un-American and anti-American illegals who will promptly begin voting democrat, the illegitimate Chinese puppet regime will pitchfork jihadis into the country as in the salad days of the Marxist Muslim from Mombasa. Automatic registration to vote of everyone who exists and many who do not, routine ballot harvesting from the defunct and the imaginary and internet voting (and voting and voting and voting) will be supplemented by this year’s drill of truckloads of ballots all for one candidate delivered in the dead of night, suitcases full of votes pulled out from under the furniture and machines manufactured by Nazi Pelosi’s husband that record Republican votes as democrat and democratic votes as democrat. Elections in the United States (or whatever they change the name to) will be like the one in Liberia in 1927, where the incumbent president got 3.5 million votes out of 15,000 cast (and brought a dressed-up monkey to the polls and let the monkey “vote” just for fun). Just to be on the safe side, the Republican Party will be banned for “domestic terrorism”, Republican politicians will be expelled from their seats and prosecuted for “sedition” and the defeated candidate will be (is being) tried by the winners for “treason”. You can vote your way into socialism, but you usually have to fight your way out.
    – Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElection. #FuckBiden. #Resist.

  7. What I’m afraid of is, before the 2022 election, it may turn into a LITERAL bloodbath. With all these insane orders that are being put in place, with jobs being eliminated because of these orders, offending the American people, including their own base, and the ideological make-up of Cabinet choices, Democrats should be paranoid, because they unknowingly have placed targets on own their backs.
    Military presence in Washington will be permanent! It won’t do them much good, because of the way the Dems and Left have always treated the military, past and present. SHAMEFULLY!
    I PRAY that this won’t happen! But the Democrats and the Left have become suicidal

    • This all sounds great, until we look at the spineless pathetic GOP’s talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the past decades. The 2022 Senate contests feature far more Republicans up for reelection than Dems, just like 2020. That doesn’t change until 2024. Most of the states that are getting screwed by the pipeline betrayal were won by Trump. America is a very stupid nation, we proved it last fall. All of this comes down to one big factor- STATE LEGISLATURES! GOP still controls most of those and we MUST hold them accountable for revamping the voting system, purging the voter rolls, removing any foreign made or corruptible ballot machines that have internet access, reducing mail in ballots to a trickle and no drop boxes. If we don’t do that, the Dems can and will cheat again and in perpetuity.

    • They did – majorly (as President Trump might put it). There is no legal way that guy occupying the White House won honestly.

      • Cheryl — you are right and Trump is right with all the evidence being completely ignored by EVERY agency and governmental body including the not-so-supreme court in this country. If anyone does their research, it does not take much work to figure out that the numbers don’t add up in almost every state. You can find the blatant fraud, lame excuses and complete corruption which was completely ignored. You will most likely start thinking like I did — this was not just a political party action against Trump — it was a total U.S. government conspiracy against him. It seems it was “mandatory” to get Trump out of office.

  8. The Republican Party will not be the party of populism until they rid them selves of their entrenched RINO’s and get a spine. Until this happens, the Communist Democratic party, which should be renamed to “The How many votes do we need Party,” will prevail.


  9. Live and learn, right? I hope Americans are smart and intelligent enough to see what has and is taking place in America by placing old Joe at the helm. This is a captain who is already running the ship into the ground as we are seeing happen. Management of the pandemic is even worse now with Joe at the controls. Yet, Dems and liberals will use the pandemic as the cause for all of their bad, liberal policies.

    • The GOP lives but they have never learned. Going back to in the 90’s when the finely took the House and every year after that even when they had the House,Senate and the White House they blew it. There are too many Rino’s that are still in the leadership of the GOP that think they have to go along to get along and that dose away with all the learning.

  10. 50/50 my a$$. there has not been a vote to get a split joe is EO happy. It is killing the US whether he wants to see it or not. Some of his changes are good but they need to take place over 20 or so years not 4. we cannot afford the price tag. he is destroying our economy. even a fool can see that.

  11. what needs to be done is stop the congress and cabinets, and excecutive branch paychecks and cut all expences till they start working for the people and by the people, The must abide by the oath they take before they are allowed to take their seat. They do not have the tight to kill steel cheat and lie, They are in office to protect the constitution not abolish it. They took the prayer out of our schools yet they say prayers before opening a meeting (AMEN AWOMAN) What is that bull shit? Biden speaks with a forked tounge. He fucked every Native American violated peace treaties. WE WANT THE ASS HOLE AND BITCHES (Nancy and Harris) IMPEACHED AND OUT 0F OFFICE,

    • You’re dreaming! Politicians will never vote to end their gravy train and to force them to do it would require enraged, informed, committed voters to only run candidates who support that and term limits, voting out any who don’t. The American people are way too distracted, stupid and disconnected to do that.

      • Carlos, you’ve hit the nail on the head, as my grandfather used to say, … one approach, and I stress it’s just a thought (idea) … create a third party, pour all the money into winning a small number of states… and I’m talking congressional seats… that way neither of the two current parties could get anything passed without the help of the third and then, perhaps we, the people, might regain some (not all) control of our government. Our congressional bodies are so far out of touch with reality it amazes me.

  12. If the past is any indication of what the future may hold for Americans I suspect there will be no violence from the right until Biden comes after the guns which he has promised to do. There is little doubt he realizes he must do that in order to successfully install the Obama fundamental transformation into a socialist country. He however, will never succeed!

    America has had two wars, with a foreign power, on its land in our history. One with England and the other with Mexico. Both forces came after American guns and both were repelled rather violently. Both lost the conflict England actually lost twice. There is little doubt if Joe Biden comes after our guns there will be resistance to such an action. Anyone who knows the history of the twentieth century when somewhere between 170 million and 260 million (yes that is hundreds of millions) people were murdered by their own government(s) throughout Europe and Asia once the citizens were disarmed. I know there are many Americans who say something like that could not happen here in the United States of America well that is what they thought in both Europe and Asia too. They were wrong and paid a horrendous price for their mistake. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others for there is never enough time to learn them all yourself.

    We who are United States of America’s citizens must never give up our guns. Even if somehow the second amendment is done away with we must keep them. We must never allow anyone to disarm us. We must never give these so called democrats, who are in essence really communists, a chance to do to us what was done in Europe and Asia to so many citizens. If we look closely we can now see the hate in the eyes of these so called democrats and it is rather simple to determine they would do to us what the dictators did to so many innocent citizens during that bloody twentieth century. Everyone of those countries were run by socialist dictators. As a matter of fact those who desire a fundamental transformation into a socialist country probably do not realize more people were murdered by a socialist government then all the wars combined. It is said Mao Zedong murdered over two hundred million Chinese himself however, such a number cannot be verified. Mao, Stalin and Hitler were the worst however there were dozens more scattered throughout Europe and Asia. In Cambodia for instance people were killed for as little as wearing glasses or speaking a foreign language. Anyone seen as a possible threat to the dictator was murdered.

    Organized we citizens, here in the United States of America, make up the largest militia in the world much larger then all the armies in the world combined. We may just have small arms but we have a far reaching overwhelming number of small arms. Along with a possible 20, 30 or perhaps even 50 million fighters. More power then is required to overwhelm those desiring this fundamental transformation into a socialist state! If they were wise they would not even attempt such a transformation. Furthermore, many in our military who take an oath to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic will see these so called democrats who wish to transform America into a socialist state a domestic threat to our constitution and all our liberties and therefore will not fight us but may fight with us against them. Their oath demands it!

  13. The Democrats are SHAKING in their BOOTS because WE The People are WAKING up . . . They are SEEING HORRIBLE legislation and EOs that are SURE to disappear when the NEXT bunch of CONSERVATIVE legislatures rescind them OR are SHOT DOWN in the COURTS because of their UNCONSTITUTIONAL basis. And, they WILL be replaced because of P*SS*D off VOTERS – and RIGHTFULLY so. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  14. Our votes will not be counted………WAKE UP! The fix is in the inmates are running the asylum. Before Rome finally fell senators were being shot and killed in the streets. History will repeat itself because history is no longer taught. Thomas Jefferson said the only way to keep the Republic healthy is to have a civil war every 100 years or so
    We are way over due. The only good liberal is a dead one.

  15. What kills the Virus? It is not mask, although they do help screen out much of the virus., It is not then Vaccine although it helps many overcome the Virus, but not all, and many have lingering side effects. So what does kill the Virus, cold germs, the flu, and many forms of the virus, plus mold spores, and removes pollen, and many air impurities? It a well designed Air Filter!

    Yep, it is an Air Filter. If the government installed them in all government facilities, Hospitals, and doctor offices, and schools, it would go a long ways towards killing off these bad lung menaces. And if the government gave a large discount to buying and installing them to businesses, they would eagerly come on board. And if they gave us poor folks a large discount we would but several of the smaller units to protect our homes. I already have two small units and may buy another to make sure my home is kept clean from all these air pollutants. Just contact your local Politicians and point this out to them. They are a bit slow you see and need your and my advice. I can’t you see because I have been banned on several Health Sites as well as others. In fact you may not even get to read this, unless this is one of the good moderators who loves their country and wants us to survive. But here goes. Tell them Hardee sent you, author of Slaves Without Chains and many more unheard of novels. Have a thoughtful day, and be healthy and trust in God. He loves you! fjh

  16. Something to think about, Joe Biden son and brother are receiving very, I mean very large sums of money from the Chinese. The Chinese have their thumbs on Joe Biden, he cannot deny the Chinese anything or they will could leak it to the American pubic ! Then Joe Biden would be put out of office into a jailcell. He has no alternative to not do what the Chinese in instruct him to do.

  17. Never fear — I’m sure the demoRATS have some left over illegal ballots laying around and if needed I’m sure they can have china make them millions more at any time. I would imagine by 2022 they will have warehouses full of ballots they can bring out in the middle of the night or when a pipe (sort of) breaks or when someone sneezes or when they fall behind in every district in the country — those “magical illegal ballots” will suddenly make an appearance.

  18. New Mexico is getting exactly what they voted 4 so they have no room 2 complain. U could have voted 4 Trump and kept your jobs, but this is what U wanted so live with it.

  19. Either the writers of this story is naive, or he thinks we’re idiots. They fabricated 39 million votes for the 2020 election. And they got away with it. They had corrupt media, and judiciary backing up anything they did or say. They can repeat this as often and as many times they feel it is necessary. We are now officially a third world dictatorship. America has fallen. Any elections after this point is strictly for show.

  20. repubicans must do one thing, they must get ride of the rinos and work as a team. I never saw any team win when some of the players work for the other team. voters must vote these traders out of office. Money will not help. voters must send a message to the traders. so voters rather than setting home and complaining, you must get out and vote.

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