Hunter Biden Paid Joe $50k Per Month to Access Classified Docs at His Wilmington, Delaware Home

According to a document discovered by the New York Post, Hunter Biden had been paying Joe Biden monthly “rent” payments of $49,910 while living Joe’s Delaware residence – the same residence where classified documents were uncovered in the garage and home office.

On a document titled “background screening request,” Hunter reveals he paid nearly $50k in monthly rent to his father. While his tenancy at the property is reportedly from March 2017 to February 2018, the document was signed on July 2018.

On that same document, Hunter even falsely claimed to own the Biden home.

According to Zillow, the most expensive home for rent in Wilmington, Delaware is going for $6,000 per month and the Biden’s home is worth around $2 million.

In reality this was most likely one of the ways that Hunter transferred the money he made overseas to his father. It’s akin to money laundering or “washing” the money as the mob would call it.

Joe Biden’s 2017 and 2018 tax returns, meanwhile, only list $19,800 in “rents received” in the two years combined.


But the evidence trail doesn’t end there. Hunter Biden revealed in a 2019 text message to his daughter that the family has an arrangement where Joe Biden collects half his son’s salary.

“I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years,” Hunter described in texts to his daughter. “It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

Trending Politics pointed out that this could be Hunter’s way of giving old Joe his cut for the corrupt business dealings:

“After Hunter’s divorce was finalized in May of 2017, he was included in an email from his business partner James Gilliar about a venture with Chinese state-funded energy company CEFC China Energy. The email stated that Hunter and his partners would receive 20% of the shares in the new business, with 10% going to Hunter’s uncle James Biden and the other 10% being “held by H for the big guy.”

Tony Bobulinski, another one of Hunter’s former business partners, claims that he had a meeting with Joe Biden regarding the CEFC venture on May 2, 2017, and that the president was the individual referred to as the “big guy” in Gilliar’s email. Additionally, Gilliar himself confirmed that Joe Biden was the “big guy” mentioned in a message found on the laptop.”

Owasco PC, Hunter’s law firm, is also listed on the document as an entity Hunter owned in 2018.

Oversight Committee chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) believes many of Hunter’s suspicious wire transfers, flagged by U.S. banks, involve Owasco PC.

The Biden family business is the subject of an investigation, led by Rep. Comer, over potential wire fraud and the Committee chair has requested that Hunter’s wealth manager turn over “suspicious” bank records connected to the Biden family business schemes.

Money launderers have been using wire transfers to commit fraud for years. Financial institutions are to report suspicious wire transfers over $10,000 to the Internal Revenue Service.

International wire payments, such as those to James and Hunter Biden, are monitored by the Office of Foreign Assets Control to ensure the money is not a part of corrupt business schemes.

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30 responses to “Hunter Biden Paid Joe $50k Per Month to Access Classified Docs at His Wilmington, Delaware Home”

  1. For the last few months or years, we have been told that Hunter Biden has received millions of dollars from companies owned by or affiliated the Chinese Government. It has recently been disclosed that Hunter was paying around $50,000 a month rent to live in a residence actually owned by his father Joe Biden. Another news article advises that classified documents have been discovered at properties owned by Joe Biden – including the residence that Hunter was renting.

    If you take a step back and ask, were this situations related? Were these classified documents the reason the Chinese were paying Hunter? Was Hunter basically in the business of selling classified documents to the Chinese? Could this be the reason he was constantly on trips with the Vice President via Air force II at different times to different Chinese cities? What exact was the true purpose of these trips? Why exactly was China giving him a job as an oil & gas company expert when the only thing he knows about Oil & Gas is how to spell it? Why isn’t anyone asking the above?

    Any thoughts on this?

  2. Between Joe and Hunter I’m sure they passed.around a lot of info., would not put anything past them. He has lied, the dem. Party has lied, cheated, and paid for votes, even threatened voters. Tell me they are stand up people.

  3. It doesn’t stop with Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. No, look into the entire family – wife, brother, daughter, etc. From data which is open to the general public, the entire Biden family equals or surpasses the corruption of well known mafia leaders not too many years back. Joe Biden was a weak-kneed coward when he more or less studied in college. His college grades proved that he was certainly far from highly educated. But, he was desparate to avoid military service as a result of his natural cowardice. He somehow convinced people in Delaware to elect him as one of their U.S. Represe4ntatives. From there, he was able to entice his constituents to elect him into the Senate, where he sponged on the USA for over 40 years. The desparate Democrats realized that Joe Biden would kiss a mule’s ass if he was paid, so they slipped him into Obama’s ticket, which in turn allowed Biden to stick it to the USA for an additional eight years. Then creating the greatest political fraud in the history of the USA, the Democrats “bought Joe Biden” another four years. They knew damned well that he was too inept to do anything other than what his “handlers” told him he could and could not do. He is, and has been for many long years, incompetent, dishonest, immoral, and a true disgrace to the human race. His mentality only allows him to tell one lie after the other to try and acquire fame and respect from those who know no better. History will prove Joe Biden to be the most corrupt, politician ever to step on the ground of the White House. Impeachment — far too lenient for the punishment Joe Biden deserves. He has certainly earned impeachment… so let him have it…or better yet, let him take a long rest at one of our Government’s famous resting placces – the Leavenworth Federal Prison.

    • Wow Robert, best post concerning the deadbeat “president” that has nothing on his mind but the decimation of America.
      I agree, his level of corruption is beyond any other politician I’m aware of.
      This man has literally been a FAKE entity his entire time in Congress.
      Besides his dirty dealing business practices he is also a serial liar.
      A serial sniffer
      A serial pedophile
      A serial treasonist
      And as far as I’m concerned (because of his nasty Covid response)…A SERIAL KILLER.
      This man has NO PLACE in American society, why is he still walking around a free man, his entire political existence has been for personal gain, and now wealthy…..he wants to shit on you and me?!!!!……with impunity!!
      To all those who voted for this idiot…you reap what you sow
      This country’s problem didn’t start with my vote, that’s a fact

  4. Hunter Biden Paid Joe $50k Per Month to Access Classified Docs at His Wilmington, Delaware Home. All are damn communists and should be arrested and Hanged for TREASON or shot by the Firing Squad today

    • I’m with you, they hung the Rosenbergs for treason. The powers that be are too soft on crime, especially on fellow peers

  5. The classified documents found at various Biden locations are probably just the remnants that he and Hunter were unable to sell to the Chinese or some other foreign government. Back when I dealt with classified documents there was very strict accountability for each and every copy and all hell broke loose if one wasn’t able to be accounted for. From these reports that evidently wasn’t the case in the higher echelons. The entire Biden crime family neeeds to be indicted, tried, convicted, and hung from a public gallows.

  6. I don’t ever want to hear or read another word about President Trump’s business dealings or taxes. Far as we know, that was a deterrent to keep the focus off of Biden because they knew Hunter’s lap top would soon be exposing all of the “Big Guy’s involvement in the money laundering scheme.

  7. It looks like Joe and Hunter Biden should be sent to prison for wire fraud. Let’s start with tax evasion please investigate both thoroughly.

  8. I don’t know for sure what the actual crimes and punishment would be, but it would be nice if the ones in the media that tried to protect the Clinton’s and the Biden’s from being properly acused and arraigned based on the crimes that were commited would also serve time since they arev all guilty of obstructing the justice plus lying and abetting the politian’s and their criminal activities! I say we try them all. Unless that have something to be woried about, I see no reason for them to refuse since I am sure they would want to clear the name of any wrong doing. If caught, they should also have to surrender the income paid to them by the citizens for the time they were in office as well as serve time.

  9. This family is unbelievable; I can’t believe that man is in the White House and that he has actually been conducting corrupt a family money laundering business while ILLEGALLY occupying the White House.

    Unbelievably, the DIMS keep insisting that Biden’s possession of documents that he was not supposed to have in his possession while he WAS Vice President, let alone after the Obama ILLEGAL REGIME ended is perfectly legal, that it is Trump who is the criminal.

    Yet, according to the DIMS, Trump is the criminal for having LEGAL POSSESSION of documents in a firmly secured place. Something definitely needs to be done about this so horribly corrupt and evil family.

    They are a CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER to the American people. The ILLEGAL Obama of the White House by two of the most corrupt criminals in the world is nothing short of phenomenal.

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the Chinese were HEAVILY involved in getting this criminal into the White House.

    • I am pretty sure the Chinese were involved. Look closely their is a Chinese man walking next to FAKE Biden all the time. The real Biden died 3 years ago. So we have an imposter in the process of destroying the country. Whats the penalty for that.

  10. Joe Biden and his family owned a home at 315 3rd street Bethany Beach Delaware. They sold this home when he was Vice President and after Beau died. I saw Jill riding her bike . The secret service were housed in the attached cottage and another cottage they rented on the other side of the home. I was able to walk through this house when it was going on the market! There was a closet the stairs near the kitchen, and I opened it and was surprised! There was mementos going back to the McGovern race! I saw papers marked White House and the bust of Bobby Kennedy . There was so much In there but I just glanced at most of it!
    When I saw the stuff in the garage behind the corvette I said that stuff was moved from the house in Bethany on 3rd street. Our “esteemed” President who is not very neat ,has helped himself to lots of historical if not “classified” documents for years!
    I hope someone looks into this! The house on 3rd street was sold again in October !

  11. Why is Congress only talking about impeaching Biden? That’s like a slap on the wrist considering what this family has done. Yes he should be impeached 5 or 6 times but what he has done has put this country and every American citizen in danger and he needs to be tried for TREASON and that hasn’t even been mentioned.and it should be done before his “PERSONAL” private DR. decides to comes forward and say when it’s to their advantage that he’s not fit to stand trial. I see that coming and he will get away with what he has done to this country.

    • It all started, when Missy H “The Liar”RC started her Arkansas University Education, but the shedding of blood started before The Clinton’s Whitewater Scandal started! The week before Mr. William “Billy Boy” Clinton signed the legitimate 7/27/1993 Version Of The US Immigration And Naturalization Act’s Rules And Regulations, their friend and worker Mr. Vincent Foster was shot in the back of his head, the night before he was ordered by The US Federal Court to present Pertinent Evidence concerning The Whitewater Scandal, and the Whitewater Evidence somehow Disappeared, with Mr. Vincent Foster!!!

      • Thank you for refreshing this key info about the George F.W. Bush/Clinton subversion of the 1970s.

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  13. The democrats got wind of the “classified document” crimes lyin joe biden commited would be coming to light, so how did they respond. Raid President Trump’s home desperate to find something they could blame Trump for having. They thought this was the perfect way to make lyin joe biden look “innocent” for having the classified documents. I believe the real reason for the family having these documents was to insure an income stream from the Communist Chinese government! This entire Biden family is corrupt as any mafiosi family ever was.

  14. Biden isn’t serving as President he’s a crime spree serving as a political whore… Hunter is his pimp. Pimped his dad out in Ukraine, China and Moscow, Russia!! Even pimps and whores have to file their taxes, unless of course you’re political whores and pimps. The entire Biden Crime Family should be indicted!!

  15. I agree. He and his whole administration need to be jailed. The stamp rats have destroyed America. The Democrats must hate America to allow this charade to continue. However, their hatred for former president Trump will let them continue down the road of the Banana Republic that’s here.

  16. – look at the “handler” of the voting machines used to install comrade Biden into the POTUS slot – . Who is Mark Eliot Zuckerberg ?

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