Schools Ditch Homecoming “King” and “Queen” to Appease SJWs

Educational institutions throughout the United States have had a homecoming king and queen for decades. However, that is now changing as politically correct students demand that high schools and colleges use “gender neutral” terms so that trans community members who can’t figure out what gender they are can participate.

Not surprisingly, faculty members across the country are capitulating to student demands and eliminating the homecoming king and queen titles in favor of “gender neutral” titles. In some instances, school principals and others who are in charge are even eager to relent to student requests to create an “inclusive” environment.

Stony Brook University in New York is perhaps the latest educational institution to get rid of the titles. Instead, the university will choose three “Stony Brook Royals” without regard to gender — or lack of it. The royals may be all male, all female, or a mix depending on who happens to be chosen. The move isn’t necessarily surprising given the fact that New York is known for its left-leaning outlook and policies; however, it should be noted that it isn’t just liberal states that are doing away with this.

Austin High School in Texas opted for a “Homecoming Royalty” group consisting of four seniors and two underclassmen after a lesbian couple in the school complained that they both couldn’t win the homecoming queen title. In Iowa City, West High School and Liberty High School have both ditched the traditional king and queen ritual in favor of a gender-neutral group. West High School went one step further and also eliminated “exclusive” superlatives such as “Most Athletic”, “Most Talented” and “Most Spirited”.

These educational institutions are following other, larger universities who began transitioning to a “gender-neutral” royalty system a few years ago. Northwestern University, Penn State and Purdue University all began using gender-neutral awards as of 2017. In Northwestern University, one student now becomes a “Homecoming Wildcat” and that individual can pick a crown, tiara or some sort of gender-neutral head wear for the occasion. Penn State chooses two students to receive a “Guide Sate Forward Award” while Purdue picks a group of ten students for the homecoming court.

Naturally, the move to create gender-neutral royalty groups has received the praise of trans-friendly organizations and LGBT activists across the country. Those promoting the move say that the old tradition of a king and queen excludes non-binary students who then feel rejected. The new royalty groups, on the other hand, supposedly include everyone and help them feel accepted and loved. As one liberal high school principal put it, inclusive royalty groups help kids feel comfortable with the gender they want to be rather than the one they were “assigned” (read: born with).

It is likely true that non-binary students who couldn’t be homecoming king or queen probably feel happy, safe and validated now that the new system offers them more opportunities. However, an important fact that is being overlooked is this: the job of an educational institution isn’t to make its students feel happy, safe and loved at all times. Educational institutions are tasked with providing young people with a solid, top-quality education that will provide students with the skills and experiences needed to get good jobs after graduating.

In the real world, employers don’t put a premium on employee feelings; instead, they expect them to be productive team players who are ready, willing and able to do the work they are assigned. Coddling young people and adults by putting a premium on their emotions rather than what they are supposed to be learning is doing them and society a disservice.

These educational institutions who are afraid to tell some students they can’t have what they want will produce students who aren’t able to function. At the same time, society as a whole will lose out as companies are unable to find good workers who have the skills needed to take on difficult tasks that may not provide immediate validation or other “good feelings.”

~ Conservative Zone

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40 thoughts on “Schools Ditch Homecoming “King” and “Queen” to Appease SJWs”

  1. There are male and female human beings and if you don’t fit in, then you are a freak of nature and need treatment, intelligent people should not cater to perversion.

    1. But they DO cater to the pervs as the Boobus Americanus adults are more confused than the kids.
      I fear only a ground upward purge is the only salvation for the tidalwave of perversion washing over the nation.

    2. I agree completely! These transgender individuals are just another “subculture” of the LOONY Left. The Left loves to support the weird, confused and retarded because anyone with a decent IQ refuses to be led astray by those morons. Unfortunately, most of the kids who try this sex change end up wishing they never did it — and the damage is already done because they become infertile and cannot produce offspring. The ultimate sad thing is that most young preteens waiver between experiencing both sexes desires and wants. It’s a normal thing. But the Left took it to another level!
      What triggered the first transgender was a mother who gave birth to a healthy little boy, but wanted a girl. So she dressed her little boy in girls clothes, gave him girls toys and makeup, etc so soon he thought he was a girl, not a boy. Getting him to say he was a girl was easy, the doctor did the rest. But I guarantee there will be a judgement day for mothers like that little boy’s mother. When that precious little girl becomes a teenager and discovers she is really a he inside, Mom is going to have a reckoning she won’t believe — can you blame that teenage boy? Of course not.

      It’s such a sad ending and there are lots more happening every day thanks to the Libs who grabbed that boy to girl story and ran with it. It’s on the LOONY lib’s shoulders that all responsibility for infertile and unhappy young adults that found they never really wanted to be another sex, but the Libs encouraged the transition. Sick and perverted. Now schools are playing along with this perversion. That is even more sad for our society…

    3. OMG Are our educational leaders going to continue to baby these kids forever. They are about to be adults and they had better Grow Up and get past this Liberal Snowflake behavior. Life in the big world is a Bitch and in the real job market they don’t about the Liberal Gender wants. Grow Up and act like you an Adult.

  2. Amazon, Apple, Google all have proven time and time again that a diverse workplace is a happy workplace. And a happy workplace is a productive workplace. This is why these companies out produce their competitors every time. Your stone age attitude has been proven wrong over and over again.

    1. “Google sees major claims of harassment and discrimination as lawsuits proceed .” Hummm….. you call this “happy?”

  3. SJWs are nothing more than whiny children making up things to whine about and this school is bowing to said whiny children. It’s time this country grew up.

  4. Boy,(oops) I mean man,(oops I did it again), Golly gee, I am glad I am 65 and out of the work force! It was hard enough to deal with the sane public, THANK GOD I won’t have to deal with the added pressure of this CRAZY public!

  5. More liberal insanity. We are just hoping i ends and real adults take control over these spoiled brats and tell them NO

  6. As my mother used to say, “The world is going to Hell in a handbasket!”
    Your gender is NOT something determined by what you want, but what you were born! Deal with it!

  7. We have a four-ounce tail wagging a hundred-pound dog here. What the Hell ever happened to “Majority rules”? This is eerily reminiscent of a splinter faction of atheists led by madelinE murraY, a.k.a., “madam” murraY, stopping school prayer. From Richard William Faith to all mouthy minorities: zip it!

    1. Think back to before madelinE murraY, when we still had God in the public square and we didn’t have such craziness as all this. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the solution is to let God back into the public square. Let’s try it!
      Remember the Constitution is supposed to guarantee Freedom OF religion not freedom FROM religion. Yes, the Constitution doesn’t allow establishing religion, as did Henry VIII, King of England, but where does it say the government can’t acknowledge the prevalent religion in the country? The Founders seem to have had no problem with that. Read some of their writings!

    2. So your blaiming minoritie’s for all this? Nut bag! When I was growing up! It was white. Especially. When it was the Greek , English , Italian and Irish who dtSrtrd the gay crap and child molesting boy crap! This SJW crap is sewage period and destroying our country. As one person put it? We are controled by what gender we were born. Not an idea! These people are sick puppies! They should be treated got that sickness. Not to spread it?

      1. Please parse my words with greater care. I am not painting minorities with a broad brush and dissing them categorically; far from it. The ones I have a problem with are the mouthy ones who are demanding disproportionately more than their share of policy-making clout. Other than that, it seems to me we are on the same page.

  8. This is nonsense. There is only one type of person male and female who get chosen for king and queen. Any high school knows it is always the prettiest girl and the best looking guy that gets chosen. When’s the last time you ever seen anything different in your high school? Doesn’t matter what gender you think you are it will still be the same. FOOLS!

  9. Do schools of today not have ADULTS in charge of classes, programs, etc. Since when did young students still in school change society into a monstrosity? Do teachers have no guts whatsoever? Are the students making the rules these days instead of the teachers…..OR are the teachers brain dead? I would not tolerate for one second having my child in such a “school”, and it bothers me greatly that the state Capital of Texas tolerates such crap. If a lesbian wants to be the school “Queen”, let her act like one instead of acting the part of a man. I’m sick to death of this insanity teens and teachers and many politicians are having fun with…….they are destroying the greatest nation that ever existed….and they are loving every aspect of the destruction. I would NEVER tolerate such, but then I have MORALS. Obviously teachers DO NOT and students’ parents DO NOT. What a disgusting way to begin my day!!!

    1. You are correct ,this is why my Grandson will never go to a public indoctrination center now the left will call it brainwashing but both my son in law and my daughter (who we raised with conservative Christian values)agree that he will be raised the same way and the very first thing is God made male and female only and no matter what anyone says or what operations they have or hormone shots they take they still cannot change the fact they were born either male or female.You cange the cover but not the book.

  10. Here’s an all American idea instead of king, queen and the neutral titles galor: President and Vice President. It fits everyone, it’s as American as you can get. Illegals don’t count. This is the USA, not the country you came from. You left it, remember. If your country is greater then go back. Assimilation is the culture. I like it as it is. That’s why I’m not trying to change your country. Those who are need to stop that.

  11. AGAIN, the 99% being governed by the poor radical melting 1% that wants to bash in our face via the Antifa fascist crowd. It’s time for us to grow a pair, pull up our man pants, get a back bone and settle the issues, once and for all. No Mister Nice Guy. Retired engineer, Texan and US Navy vet 1966-1969

    1. An addendum: if you are BORN with a penis then you are male. Just having it surgically turned into a vagina DOES NOT make one a female, that’s just a guy with a pussy!

  12. If you have a penis, you are of the male sex! If you don’t have a penis then you must be of the female sex! Some smart Doctors are now calling Transgender a mental illness and need appropriate treatment!

  13. God made male and female. the Psychological Society needs to get with it and change the fact that these people need therapy. You are what you are, get help and deal with it. Don”t tell me it cant be dealt with. Psychiatrists are as liberal as they come. If they would change then therapists would be able to help these kids who are coddled and think they know what they want.

  14. Well this just shows that grade school and middle school did their brain washing getting these kids into the left leading direction. Like the old quote goes America is going down hill fast! But it needs to stop now, home school or if you can a good school that will not brain wash them. teach right from wrong.

  15. Well, whatever venue is used for homecoming will need to be larger to provide a “safe space’ to accommodate all the disappointed kiddies who did not win any category. Next, we’ll hear schools have to spend more on comfort puppies, hot chocolate, crayons, and counselors. They are being set up to fail.
    Companies will not want to hire people who cannot handle everyday life. Several states have defeated measures that would have enabled job applicants to sue a company that did not hire them for any reason (like having a criminal record, no degree, no certifications, no experience, etc.)

  16. Remember the story is not about diversity it’s about functionality,in the real world employers expect you to perform even Google, Amazon,etc cannot be successful without employees that can perform the task assigned to them,to teach young impressionable minds that all their demands and wants will be granted to them (no matter how outrageous or unrealistic)is well creating unrealistic expectations.

  17. So have a Homecoming for all the normal students. After all, it is by vote. Then to satisfy the few have a coming out homecoming and let them do their thing. Stop forcing this shit down our kids throats.

  18. This is just giving recognition and acceptance of insanity. What’s next…doing the same for pedophiles and serial killers?

  19. Why not just stop having it altogether after all wont the snowflakes who did not get a date/invite etc. feel just as left out as those upset they were referred to by their ACTUAL BIOLOGICAL GENDER instead of some idea put in their head by POLITICALLY CORRECT school officials who are supposed to have taught them how to know their actual gender instead of playing to their FANTASY or delusions about easily proven biological facts.

    Remember in that ADD for some so called documentary about it the one SAID IT THEMSELVES they were x age when the SCHOOL OFFICIAL TOLD THEM that they were transgender NOT ASK THEM, TOLD THEM. An official in the occupation of helping them through such things as an IDENTITY crises instead used them to promote their POLITICALLY CORRECT agenda by TELLING them what that official WANTED instead of helping them. Note that schools get EXTRA funding for SPECIAL students the more they can squeeze into these categories the more funding they get on the false premise that it “helps the students”.

  20. America. It was fun while it lasted. But we have reached the end of our time. All the signs are there for all to see.

  21. This is a good start but the right is going to have to start coming down on the left much much much harder, as they are nothing but demonically evil speaking the destruction of this country at every turn. Don’t let them get by with any humanness tactics anymore, as they only use them to hide behind the mask the demonically evil hateful agenda against the American people. Evil Fears no words, however evil does fear massive repercussion and that’s what we the people are going to have to do to take our country back as this government is that corrupt. They knew what they were doing the elites when they grew the government they were growing their self a brown shirt army, do you use against the people not protect the people.

  22. If humans survive future mass extinctions their anthropologists can pick through the rubble that we left behind and have many a belly laugh at the absurdity we became while in a decline and fall that eclipsed the Roman Empire’s demise many times over.

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