The Postal Service Has Been Spying on Trump Supporters – Probably Including You

In September of 2020, right before the election, the US Postal Service began spying on Trump supporters. And not just in small ways. The USPS was spying on both online and offline activities of Trump supporters, Second Amendment supporters, and other conservative Americans. They used sophisticated facial recognition software to spy on the social media posts of Trump supporters.

This unlawful spying – without a single warrant – has only ramped up and become more pervasive since Joe Biden took over. And amazingly, this story has received almost no press coverage here in America.

This info was obtained through Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed by the Cato Institute. They obtained heavily redacted postal inspector reports from the months of September 2020, through April 2021. The documents also highlight the fact that the spying continued until after the Virginia governor’s race in 2021, when Glenn Youngkin defeated Terry McAuliffe.

The Postal Service was specifically spying on the activities of Americans to sniff out gun owners, pro-Trump dissenters, and people organizing lawful anti-Biden political protests that are protected under the First Amendment. The online spying was carried out by a group called the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP).


Covert Operations? Again, this program was operating on US soil, and it was directed against conservative Trump supporters and law-abiding Americans who did nothing wrong. Why in the world was the freaking Postal Service doing this to us?

The Postal Service specifically spied upon the Million MAGA March, which took place on November 20, 2020. They filed a “threat assessment” that ended up on Nancy Pelosi’s desk, predicting that due to the size of the march (lots of Americans planned to attend), it would cause traffic delays for the Postal Service.

Another intelligence report – from the Post Office, of all places – was titled, “Right Wing Extremist Website Organizing Violent Action on Inauguration Day.” The Postal Service in that “intelligence report” also claimed that 1 million armed “militia members” were going to disrupt Joe Biden’s inauguration. That report didn’t age well, did it?

Call me crazy, but if you’re the Post Office, maybe trying to do all that spooky CIA spook stuff isn’t exactly in your lane? Maybe stick to… I don’t know, delivering mail and packages? Because your intelligence reports flat-out suck. A million armed militia members? Really?

Yet another “intel” report that was sent to Nancy Pelosi was completely redacted. Every single line of it was blacked out, as if it were part of the warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago. Exactly what “intelligence” did the Postal Service obtain on American citizens without a warrant and then send to Nancy Pelosi that was so top secret that no one can read it?

All of these secret squirrel spying ops from your mailman came out in a Yahoo News report initially, which went completely unnoticed by the rest of the media and most of Congress. That news report prompted an inspector general investigation, because no one in the government realized that the Postal Service had gone rogue and was acting as a secret police force against the American people, and on behalf of Nancy Pelosi. This spying garbage started while Trump was in office! So, we know there’s no way that he authorized it.

The inspector general report was finally released in March of this year. It concluded that the Postal Service does not have sweeping authority to spy on Americans without warrants. No ****, Sherlock! I could have told them that.

The IG report determined that the Postal Service also spied on everyone who participated in the peaceful, lawful, armed protest at the Virginia Capitol on September 21, 2021. So, the spying continued well after the timeframe of the documents obtained by the Cato Institute. You don’t suppose that Joe Biden has done the right thing and shut that program down, do you? Probably not, huh?

Other documents show that mailmen were spying on social media sites like Parler and Wimkin. Remember when Amazon completely knocked Parler off the internet for a few days in January 2021? It looks like that was specifically done in response to the Postal Service spying on Parler users. The Postal Service even patted itself on the back for that one, claiming that it had disrupted the 1 million militia members who had planned to storm the Capitol on Joe Biden’s inauguration day.

So, when we say that Joe Biden is weaponizing every department in the federal government against his political enemies, we really mean EVERY department. You know the Swamp is getting worse when they have your mailman spying on your protected political speech.

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18 responses to “The Postal Service Has Been Spying on Trump Supporters – Probably Including You”

  1. Why does this info not surprise me?! I’m 74 years old, I grew up loving my country, watched friends join the military to protect her, many not returning home! I felt so much pride when I heard our anthem played at many occasions, felt proud to say the pledge of allegiance! As a child I remember Russia saying that we would destroy our country, from the inside out, and never believing that could happen! Now I know with certainty that Kruschev was right! I don’t recognize our country anymore! If we had been like this when WW2 started, I suspect few would have felt compelled to go to war to protect our country! What a terrible thing to happen to one of the most forward thinking, benevolent countries ever! People like Pelosi, Schumer and most Democrats would rather our country looked like China or Russia, and it appears they are getting it.


      • I lay all of what “Adolf Biden” does (he admitted it once that I know of), that “his administration would continue the Obama policies.” He has no thoughts of his own, they all come from ‘ Obama Marx.’ But you are correct he is doing everything possible to destroy America, financially, (national and personal debt), small businesses, Corporate Farming, Health, infrastructure, freedom of speech, orthodox Christianity, morally, wipe out the Constitution, socially, patriotically, Etc., every aspect of our values, and integrity, our sovereignty, we will be a 3rd world nation part of the North American Socialist Union, under the total control of the United Nations.

  2. It would appear that the “Fourth Estate” has now become a “Fifth Column…”. It looks like the United States where I grew up has passed its greatest moments and is now placing fools in positions of power. (Note, I didn’t say ‘electing to’ positions of power). It’s not looking good from where I stand. let’s get rid of the Socialists faction and get back to putting REAL Americans in charge. After all, it’s supposed to be a democratic Republic, isn’t it?

  3. The Democrats in charge are so evil that they are going to usher in Communism and death camps for people who believe in God and conservatism. If we don’t vote these people out of office I don’t see this country being saved. It will be as the Bible says, country’s will mourn Babylon the fallen. I believe that the United States is Babylon and unless we Repent we will be destroyed. The Democrats are ushering in our destruction because they hate God and they hate us, which they prove on a daily basis

  4. Wow. Everyone’s comments here are great ones! We’re all on the same page. I just wanted to add, this is not ‘news’ that the USPS is bought and paid for by the Dems. We saw in 2020 that they used the USPS to ‘deliver’ boxloads (‘pallets’ even) of ‘fake ballots’ to different voting precincts! even across State lines – which is weird. We should have realized this for years, as the USPS costs more and more $$ for less and less ‘service’, even claiming ‘Covid’ as an excuse – wonder if the USPS got ‘Covid Relief Funds’ – probably. We have now realized that virtually EVERY Govt. Department is ‘bought and paid for’ by Dems’ – which means they are ALL AGAINST ‘the People’ and are pro-Dem Govt.! and that’s very scary. It’s very much like a ‘take-over’ by Bots, as in ‘The Terminator’??? They’re not ‘elected’, but they now RULE over US, behind the curtains, out of sight, and unidentifiable. How weird it is that We the People didn’t REALIZE this could happen to us, after we saw what Dems did with Unions, and their corrupt collusion, and with The Mob, and with the KKK… my goodness, the list just keeps getting longer! And We the People are LEFT OUT! And we all know that something has to be done – soon – or America WILL FALL and America will not be America, just like happened to Cuba, to Russia (and all small nations around her), to China, to Venezuela, to Iran, to Viet Nam, to Korea…where are they going next?? Taiwan is in danger, and the UK is surrendering to WOKE rule with King Charlie leading its demise. They have WANTED America for so long, and now the Dems are handing us over to them… If we DON’T STOP this Dem election fraud-takeover, 2024 may be our LAST real election, if even THAT is REAL. Are you seeing that nation in the News (name escapes me…) where they’re forcing the People to vote (is it Iran???) but the people don’t WANT to, becuz they KNOW it’s just ‘for show’ and not real, but FIXED – but they’re being FORCED to FAKE IT anyway!!! wow! People are standing up all over the World right now FOR THEIR FREEDOM, and we’re like Floridians seeing the Tornado Ian COMING, and not FIGHTING enough to even EVACUATE, but just remaining and expecting ‘HELP’ to come. But now HELP can’t reach them. If only they had heeded the warnings and ACTED, they could have saved their own lives. But I’ve heard that many there just disregarded the warnings because they didn’t believe it could be as BAD as the News said – becuz the News always LIES??? And that describes the people across this Nation who STILL don’t believe what they’re seeing ‘is as BAD as it sounds’. And we wonder, ‘what is it going to take?’, and ‘will it be too late?’ when they finally realize what trouble we’re in. And that WE have to DO something to CHANGE THIS, or we will ALL perish? Hard to think about… hard to understand…

  5. I noticed one more thing… this is as good as any to say this. The Dem PUSH to go ‘all electric’ – have you thought about how much HARDER it is going to hit ‘Middle America’ (Repub. territory), fly-over country, the ‘heart’ of America, while Dem areas are centered in the coastal regions and huge metroplexes on both coasts? Think of it. All electric – when America is NOT READY structurally FOR THAT!!! ESPECIALLY in ‘rural’ areas, and ‘suburban’ areas (mostly Repub.). Dem States AND the Federal Govt.! are aligned in DEMANDING the reduction and elimination of ‘gas-powered cars and trucks by 202_!!!’ Pick a date, it doesn’t matter – WE’RE NOT READY. We not only don’t HAVE the ‘electric charging stations’ across the Nation yet, we don’t even have THE CAPACITY to SUPPLY such ‘electric charging stations’, if we HAD THEM!!! We don’t MAKE enough ‘energy’ from Solar and Wind sources, yet, if EVER we do! AND it’s NOT DEPENDABLE all year, ESPECIALLY in seasons when it’s needed THE MOST. We’re NOT READY for this stupid ‘change’ in our lifestyles – back to the Stone Ages! What will Middle America DO when that ‘date’ arrives??? without the ability to BUY GAS at ‘gas stations’ anymore, AND without the ability to ‘Charge’ an electric car/truck (if you HAVE one) because there are not enough of them, and they are ‘far between’? Is America in the next 3 yrs. going to spend boo-koo $$$ GETTING that infrastructure in place in time??? To the tune of $Trillions of MORE DEBT??? Do you think Dems really CARE enough about ‘Middle America’ to CARE if they can get to work or to school, or ANYWHERE, anymore, AFTER that DATE comes??? I don’t. This is a Real War they are setting up between Dems and Repubs that I don’t think ANYONE is looking at or warning about, or even NOTICING what all these stupid mandated DATES mean for the Nation!! We now know from Covid that the new Dem ‘plan’ is to make this Nation SUFFER, as much as possible, for no real ‘reason’, but to MAKE the PEOPLE THINK they are DEPENDENT on GOVT. for EVERYTHING we need!!! And that, I believe, is what this ‘go green, clean energy’ mania is about. They HAVE to get CONTROL of EVERYONE somehow in order to put in place their Socialist/Communist agenda! They take away our guns. They attack political opponents and put them in prison. They create chaos. They support rioting and looting, allowing criminals to take over cities so the People will just stay in their houses and not ‘feel free’ to go ‘out’! They stop or greatly reduce the ‘food supply’. They make and enforce ‘rules’ that are IMPOSSIBLE in good conscience to ‘obey’. People who DON’T obey are imprisoned and punished. Political factions occur because one Party is favored over others by Govt. Even the Courts do not hand out Justice, but are ruled by ‘political correctness’ based on one-party rule over ‘what is right and what is wrong’, regardless of our Constitutional rights and the Law. These things are all already happening! This next election in a month is soooo crucial that we have a 100% turn-out. I have grandchildren who don’t vote. We must get out and talk to our neighbors to Vote. But most of all, we need to help get churchpeople to Vote – because MOST of THEM don’t Vote! Unbelievable! We have this sacred Right that many people CRAVE for themselves to have – and WE have it, but 50% of The People don’t VALUE it, and don’t Vote, AND they don’t VET the candidates to find out ‘how they think’ (mostly because they don’t tell anyone…). But we know one thing. It’s very clear. We know how Dems vote when they get elected. We know what Dems stand for. We SEE what Dem control is doing to this country. We know we hate it. We know they’re destroying our country. WE have the ability to CHANGE things with our Vote if we USE it. If we don’t THIS TIME, we may never have another chance. If there EVER WAS a ‘time’ for ‘change’, it is NOW. It’s in our hands. We KNOW there WILL be Fraud. We’ve seen what they DO. We HAVE to OverPower THEIR evil with 100% of the People’s Vote! It’s so critical! Never in our History has there before been Such a Time as THIS for our Nation. If we don’t USE OUR RIGHT TO VOTE, we will pay for that choice with our own blood, sweat and tears I’m afraid. Because the ‘climb back’ to where we WERE will be MUCH HARDER than our great Fall we think took a toll on us.

  6. Why is no one, especially, the Republicans doing anything about this? Nancy Pelosi, Internet Covert Operations and the US Post Office, FBI and the DOJ must be unvestigated. Identify all parties, from the very top to the bottom, who are involved in this travesty and prosecute them. Nancy Pelosi is one of the cog wheels behind the Trump witch hunt. She and her thugs have blatantly violated the Constitution time after time. It’s time to prosecute them and remove them from the White House.

  7. DEM, BIDEVIL, McCrow even McCoward are so deeply involved in POLITICAL ASTROLOGY doing very bad things You have no clue about because You do not understand how astrology in politics works except me. Simply said, Astrology in politics is the religion of the TYRANTS. Everything can be traced back to the “Star of Bethlehem”. Childbutcher BIDEVIL has been applying these “dark arts” since 1972 probably since 1966. I got it all, I have documented almost everything. They make AMERICA WORST. Also G.W. Bush, OBUMBA. BIDEVIL is doing very bad things on SATAN CROSS on virgin fucking island that WORST BASTARD in history.

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