Wisconsin’s Governor Wants to Give Illegal Immigrants ID Cards

Despite soaring illegal immigration figures and the impact it has had on natural born citizens, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers plans on issuing legal documents to unvetted people crossing the border illegally.

Governor Evers, a Democrat who succeeded Scott Walker in January, announced this week that illegal immigrants in Wisconsin will be provided with state-issued identification and driver’s licenses. This initiative is part of the Democrat’s proposed budget, and Wisconsin Republicans are already speaking out about the impact this move would have on residents and citizens.

“We’re announcing tonight that undocumented folks will be eligible to receive driver’s licenses and ID cards,” Evers said. “This makes our roads and our communities safer, and helps strengthen our economy and Wisconsin families.”

The Wisconsin governor’s plan would allow individuals that enter the country illegally (or who stay after Visa expiration) to apply for and be awarded either a state ID card or driver’s license. According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Evers says that giving these items to illegal immigrants in the state will benefit the economy and increase roadway safety.

House Republicans in Wisconsin disagree; they state that the proposed change will make it easier for illegal aliens to move to the state and could cause a spike in illegal activity. There are also concerns about voting. Once illegal immigrants have identification, they could be encouraged to participate in local or even national elections. This has already happened in other states that allow official identification for illegal immigrants. California reportedly had a string of voting abuses in the past few years.

Wisconsin would not be the first state to allow illegal aliens to legally drive and receive documentation. The other states so far are California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. According to local news station WBAY-TV, there are thousands of illegal immigrants in the state already. One county alone boasts over 15,000 illegal alien residents that would benefit from the plan.

Green Bay Police Department Chief Andrew Smith says he supports the move for practical reasons.

“If we have 15,000 people living in the shadows here in Wisconsin in our own county, it’s pretty tough to figure out who did it if we don’t have an ID, when we don’t have a photo ID, we don’t have an address, a fingerprint or anything to start from,” he said. “It really is helpful for our detectives if someone has some kind of government-issued ID, so we know at least where to start if we’re looking for someone.”

Republicans in the state are against the proposal, and feel that it should be removed from the budget and resubmitted as a separate proposal. By untangling the illegal immigration issues from the budget, it can be passed without further delay. Since Republicans have a majority in the state legislature, the proposal remains up in the air and a subject of controversy. The budget approval has stalled over this issue.

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71 thoughts on “Wisconsin’s Governor Wants to Give Illegal Immigrants ID Cards”

    1. I agree. They’re trying to swamp the states with illegals to get more voting power. So we will have people that don’t understand our country or what we stand for voting for democrats because they helped the illegals get in. I think republicans lost a few elections this past November because of voter fraud. Republicans need to get on top of this problem and figure out how to combat it. Cheaters all of them.

      1. or at the very least créate an atmosphere like the one in NC with voter fraud, IF THEY LOSE! of course if they win, and that is what they are counting on with the ILLEGAL VOTERS is to control the country, make a “democratic socialis?????” (what does that even mean) country in which they tell us what we want and do not allow free thinking at the risk (today) of being called a racist, bigot, something phobe to tomorrow where, IF THEY WIN, it WILL BE MANDATED!

      2. Stand strong GOP and shoot it down. It is time that the senators, congressmen, governors, mayors and all in political position start governing by the constitution and laws not feelings. Vote all these morons out.

    2. only stupid ass evers, thanks lefties of wisc. look what you voted for and got……….. you are all as dumb as him. what did walker ever do to you?????????? this is only the beginning….. next comes your money, as it’s already happening. that surplus will be gone before you know it.

    3. The only way issuing IDs to invaders would be if ICE is waiting at the site to arrest them and deport them
      Otherwise its a scam

  1. That will just give Wisconsin cheap labor at the cost of resident higher taxes .Great trade-off!!!!Time to move out.

  2. Totally unnecessary. Licensed drivers from other countries are already accepted pretty much across the globe.
    This is a phony issue just to circumvent immigration laws.
    Recall him. He has shown himself to be a traitor.

      I saw it societies that live and die by the motos “oh well, this is where we live”, I am a católicos and i hear from catolice always but especially in latín countries “it must be godos WILL” WHICH ACTUALLY MEANS, SHUT UP ACCEPT IT AND GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS” if there is a thought you should have I (Government) Will tell you what you think.

    2. Very true…If he issues State IDs to illegals, they should have a BIG RED “ILLEGAL” across the ID. Plus, they should NOT be able to receive ANY free funds (Welfare, food stamps, Section-8, free medical, etc).

    1. Don’t just recall him, deport him to Iran, Mexico or one of the countries he so treasonously embraces and send those that support his ideas with him..
      This is AMERICA a SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC with a CONSTITUTION and LAWS that he swore to support and uphold so help him GOD. Ideas like his affect the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA as it was formed “UNITED”. I don’t see how this cannot be seen as anything other than OVERTHROW OF OUR GOVERNMENT which is treasonous with penalty of death.

      1. Only if your are a republican, conservative, Trump supported, a Minority that does not agree with the premisa the Trump is a racist and a bigot which btw is exactly what the left is. Here them talking about White privilegie (Sanders, White old man, socialist, 3 homes, millionaire along wiht his wife) Clinton (White Old Woman, Downs a bunch of stuff, attended a Black rally with an 15000.00 USD chat or something like that) Joe Biden (White old man, called uncle Joe, has reports of being crepes with kids on public cameras and idiotic remaras like “take a shotgun (which BTW takes a ONE SOLID Shell or 9 pellets the size of a 9MM with no control of where they go after they leave the puzzle of the shotgun) to name just a few common traits of democratic front runners all old, all White, all have only to say spent 30 years in Congress or government but cannot mention any accomplishments
        Excuse me while I simple JAAAAAAAA
        ALTHOUGH I VERY MUCH AGREE WITH YOU WE SHOULD DO THAT. But… we cannot do anything u and me no Authority but botina every two, four or six years per position in Government

  3. Just what this country needs (joking) at this time. I am glad I woke up years ago and saw what the democrates were all about & changed to Republican. I pray for our country and our President every day. Please AMERICA, PRAY, for GOD to remove all our corrupt politicians. I know he will take care of them in his own way and his own time, but I still pray.

    1. yes lwts do that if they want to feed/give medical/educate/put roof over their heads let them but not on my hard earned tax dollars any state that wants to foot the bill let them try as long as they get yours & my tax dollars they speak real good so yes take away the funding with the oprovision they foot the bills

  4. This is another “DEMORAT” who is circumventing his duty to protect our “CONSTITUTION” and “WE THE PEOPLES” “BILL OF RIGHTS”, he is a “TRAITOR” ! This Rat ,needs impeached because he is not following the Oath that he had taken and Sworn too, but again , he is a DEMORAT AND IS AGAINST “WE THE PEOPLE”, just looking for “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT VOTES” to protect his Illegal doings!!

  5. this ahole is a stupid fool, if he does this he will turn wi into another cal. this is a federal issue not a state, why do they think they can do this when the American dont want it. I wish scott walker was still there.

  6. What are you doing!! They get more then Any of us that live here in the United States. We are Getting Sick and tried of all this! We have a Great Country and for some reason you All think your God and go against your own people! Why?
    You All are putting us more and more in Depth, here we have Great President and all they do is give him a Hard Time At All he does! He’s trying to Great America back on our Feet Again, and every more he makes you Stop him!
    He’s our President, get over it! let him do his job! All our money going on trying to get him out of office. We’re gonna Vote him in again!! And they Should investergate the ones that wouldn’t stop with him.

  7. So if lawmakers do not support the rule of law what is the point.If being illegal is okay make illegal drugs okay.Make illegal bank robbery okay.Make illegal porn okay.The list goes on.You can’t cherry pick the law.It is or it isn’t PERIOD.

  8. This man is a Traitor and needs to be put out of Office Send all illegals back and send this man with them .And right they get free money and housing and now they want to give them free schooling Hell no im not paying for these people while I have to pay for mine to go to school The country is so screwed up and can’t take care of our own people Obmam started this shit .Hes not even a American citizen

  9. Dear Tony Evers,
    Shame on you! More taxes? Rewarding illegal behavior?
    Look, I am all for immigration, as long as it is LEGAL! America desperately needs hard working, talented, skilled, tax paying individuals. Some shutter at a $5 BILLION “wall” while the working poor shell out $200-300 BILLION on illegal immigrants each and every year {Numbers and Fair}. The cost of illegal immigration is staggering and unsustainable. Here in Wisconsin each taxpaying household pays out $250.00 to “support” illegals here now! We simply need to stop rewarding and encouraging illegal behavior! And now you want to give illegals driver’s licenses? Why not actually do the right thing by helping our own needy citizens instead of rewarding illegal behavior! When you reward illegal behavior you only encourage more illegal behavior! You are an educator and should know that!
    The cost of our self-inflicted dilemma hurts everyone especially our working poor. Be a leader! A fair {to tax payers} path {NOT AMNESTY} for the DACA recipients should and must be predicated on by-partisan legislation that prohibits any further amnesties, enforces E-Verify, finally ends Chain Migration and eliminates the visa lottery. Most importantly, we must stop rewarding illegal behavior and genuinely help those in real need. I am proud to say that my ancestors came here legally. Some were turned away due to their health issues.
    Illegal immigration hurts everyone!
    Stop the madness!
    Paul A. Hanson
    Big Bend Wi.

  10. No way. That will just flood the state with illegals and end up costing our state with more welfare benefits. And who pays for that is us workers. I would like to see him recalled.

  11. Tell that governor to move to the border with the rest of illegals who don’t give a dam about the American taxpayers citizens

  12. The only way issuing “illegals” ID’s and or Drivers licenses can be justified is if the document is clearly marked as Non-citizen – no Voting Rights. Anything other is a clear attempt at illegal voting and election manipulation.

  13. Don’t give then a thing, not even food stamps, send then back and take care of the American citizens first like you were put in office to do. If you care so much for the other country , go move there. We come first , if they come in that takes away from us. If they want to be a citizen work it out the legal way. Period.

  14. We, as, Christians, know that the Devil is alive and well and has persuaded people to follow him. We know that those who follow him will suffer in Hell, FOREVER! Pray for his SOUL, that he might see the truth and it will set him free!


  16. Yes, Talk about hyprocites! Its too much stress on the poor, the elderly, the unhinged to require or get ID’d for propping up legal voting, but making it easier for illegals to vote illegally is the answer. When are the people in these states going to stand up for our country and protect our rights against these unhinged non Americans. I can not believe the people in any state and especially Wisconsin are so blind not to see what the true agenda is for these people.

  17. When issuing these documents, It should be clearly stated that the recipient is an Illegal Alien. Just because they come into this country without proper documents, does not automatically make them a citizen.

  18. Hey numb nuts I’ll tell you what should be given is you with your walking papers in your hand you stupid $hit! You even look like a dork!

  19. Our ID cards are printed horizontally. Make the illegal ID cards vertically, that way you can tell immediately it is an illegal holding that care.

  20. Haven’t seen it to be all bad but first and foremost this is America where we speak English. If that’s in jeopardy something gotta give!

  21. well the cold weather has definitely screwed up cheese heads way of thinking.paul ryan screwed up the republican party while he was speaker of the house. that is why we lost the last election in the house. not sure if he was not dem in repub party.

  22. Wisconsin becomes another state whose votes MUST NOT BE COUNTED in any federal election from here on out. It is a violation of federal law to allow anyone who is not a U.S. Citizen to vote in a federal election and we need to start enforcing that law. NOW!!!

  23. Great Job Wisconsin !!!!
    Welcome to the Deep Blue Leftist Kook States !!!!
    What happened ? Too many Illinois Democrats moved up there to ruin your State ? Like they’ve ruined Illinois !!!!! LOL

  24. Democrats’ objective is to allow illegal aliens to vote. It’s their latest power base, along with vote harvesting in places like Southern California.

  25. Wisconsin what the hell were you thinking when you voted this traitor
    In.You will be sorry that this bastard is your governor.Impeach
    this prick

  26. Democrats are the only ones who want this. Their purpose is clear, pack the voting boxes with illegal votes. Somebody better stop this. by the way, you can use my email or name anytime..

  27. Just how does this governor believe that giving MS-13 members, criminals, other illegal aliens as well as rapists and murderers, thieves, etc. drivers licenses and ID cards is a good idea? How about also giving illegal aliens and other criminals — automobiles, automatic assault rifles with ammunition, hand grenades, reicin, explosives and amored vehicles also? Sounds like a great plan to me!

  28. The people who allow the illegals to get ID cards should be charged with assisting and abetting a criminal. This includes everyone up to the and including the governors of the offending states.

  29. What Laws does the Governor chose for or Sheriffs and Police to enforce.
    The Law is the Law. Arrest and Process Deportation.
    Illegals are breaking the law by just being here, what other laws are they willing to break.
    Why are illegals entitled to anything except for deportation?
    Even if you give them a License and ID, they don’t have a Social Security Card to get a Job
    and pay Taxes (oh ya they usually work for cash) (illegal) tax fraud
    I live in Wisconsin and I have Right also, and I expect the Laws of this State to be enforced.

  30. Frigging Democrats and Liberals are the most treasonous sons of bitches that have infested this country for way to long–there ought to be a law making them jail bait!! Right along side the Muslime, illegal aliens and all the gang’s that infest our country.

  31. I am not in favor of granting ILLEGAL aliens any special privileges in America but if they are going to give them ID cards or driver licenses that the background will be a specific color like grape purple or fushia and their name would be blocked from registration to vote or jury duty – their auto insurance will be higher than legal alien and citizens – with illegal status then they pay both parts of the social security tax along with FUTA and SUTA – stop the free entitlement funding

  32. Evers needs to be recalled ASAP!! He is a traitor and should be tried, convicted and executed according to the law!! We have enough people in Wisconsin that are law abiding citizens that need assistance, we don’t need to be supporting illegal aliens to boot!!!

  33. Aliens should come into our the right way they are welcome. We need to come together here and en force our laws as they are. Also we should respect our President. Wake Up he was elected by the People


  35. As a Kentuckian I always enjoyed time spent in Wisconsin. Best glass of milk I ever had was in South Milwaukee. Guess that’s over with all that excess of male bovine fecal matter creeping into the state. Sorry, guys. Maybe you could collect illegal names and individually report them to ICE as testimony that not everyone in Wisconsin has betrayed the country.

  36. Illegals have no rights period . No rights to welfare or food stamps or jobs and absolutely no right to vote in our elections.One can tell from the get go it’s alwayd a democrat. Wisconsin is overrun by Muslims and like so many are determined to destroy the rest of the country .,Like California they continue to vote and put in these kind of idiots who always run the state into the ground and expect the rest of America to pay for their millions of illegals . And to continue feeding their state fwiyh federal funds to support their destructive policies.

  37. Government officials are only concerned about themselves and not this country and citizens.The latest in the house is a bill using our tax dollars to fund their criminal ambitions.Works for them because US tax dollars fund their campaigns.These assholes think that if they drive this country to civil war,they can sit back and wait.Not true.Certain politicians will have a heavy price on their head.Oh yes,illegals coming into this country are able to receive more government aid than American citizens.Really tired of that bullshit also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work pelosi and the rest of the demoshits.

  38. This has worked out well for the taxpayers in CA where it has been in place for several years without any of the problems that I see mentioned above. By having drivers licences, they will be able to get insurance, and that will take the burden of having to pay the costs for uninsured moterests accidents off of the taxpayers. The, since this will be a legal requirement of all drivers in the State, the information that they provide will not be able to be used against them in deportation, under the 5th Amendment, which Trump has yet to nullify by and EO or declaring a national emergency. Right now, the DACA people are protected where ever they are by the same Fifth Amendment which says, in effect that people cannot be forced to give any government incriminatory information about themselves. For those who can read, you might consult Murphy v Waterfront Commission – a Supreme Court case of more than 60 years ago.

  39. The governor is a damn maggot.
    This cowardly decision should be made by the federal government not by a Communist like him. There cant be any good from a boneheaded decision made like this. Take a look at California. From a Combat Vets point of view, we didn’t fight for Illegal aliens, or leaches taking advantage of our American generosity, we fought for our American Citizens.

  40. One look at this rattlesnake and you know its another LIBERAL POS, they only care about votes and think their high moral tone and rose colored glass outlook on the world will solve our problems. It won’t.

  41. You dam Democrats all you are looking for is voters for your cause, you know what you are going to generate is a Civil War and just like the last one the blue coats will win.

  42. He is one sick puppy,,, what he realy needs is to go through a old time 8 week basic training course,,,,i would be happy to dust off the old campaign hat and blow the dust off of the boots to help him grow up and become a proud American

  43. No one knows what the long term consequences of this will be…no one. It all starts with a “feel good” idea that carries with it a bunch of excuses “why” the illegality of “giving” a Government ID to an illegal makes sense. The key word here is “sense” or more factually the lack of it. A police chief pretending that this will give them identification evidence “…in case of…” the need for it. That’s a little like saying, a crime scene can be solved because someone has a driver’s license. How absurd is that! The police chief needs to take Law Enforcement 101!

    If you need to ID these illegals, do it by a method that does not give them the ship, i.e. green slip, bar code, electric bill, mailing address. Something other than a driver’s license or Government ID that allows VOTING or any other citizenship benefit. They are illegals.

  44. Anyone who thinks that those who’s first act in this nation is to VIOLATE IMMIGRATION LAWS has no right to spout about impeaching the president based on the UNFOUNDED accusation that Russia somehow helped him win the election.

    Allowing FOREIGN citizens (an illegal is a foreign citizen who ILLEGALLY entered this nation) to have a DIRECT voice in our government is in fact allowing foreign nations to DIRECTLY INFLUENCE our elections as well as DIRECTLY VIOLATING THE US CONSTITUTION that states US Citizens have the right to cast ONE vote per election not FOREIGN citizens under control of a FOREIGN government and certainly not MULTI-VOTERS.

    Trump won the election because

    1) Many states took measures to LAWFULLY stop voter fraud despite having to fight socialist groups like the ACLU who insist the same ID needed to lawfully cash any check somehow selectively prevented LAWFUL citizens from voting. This of course is false unless they are also suing the government for having a law requiring ID to cash checks on the same grounds they are clearly trying to keep it where illegal non eligible or multi votes can be cast in our elections.

    2) he promised to put an end to the ILLEGAL actions the government was doing on its path to transforming this nation into another socialist nation where the WEALTHY control the government and the CITIZENS are merely their slaves with no actual rights.

    The recent vote in the house clearly shows they have never actually READ the US constitution or they are just blatantly ignoring the fact that it does not GRANT the rights it merely specifies what rights we have that the GOVERNMENT CAN NOT TAKE AWAY. In other words it would not matter if the entire congress votes to ABOLISH free speech, Freedom of religion, etc. the constitution states they CAN NOT INFRINGE on those rights not even by constitutional amendment.

    In fact the only way the bill of rights can be constitutionally altered is by having a constitutional convention in which a whole new constitution is created. Something many politicians wanting to abolish the rights of the people that get in the way of their socialist agenda have actually tried to get.

    They only have a few steps left to overthrow this nation from within some of them are.

    1) Impose the UN small arms treaty. This is currently being done piecemeal as “common sense” gun restrictions that are in fact the opposite of common sense. Just read the UN small arms treaty (can be found at the UN website) and then look at the new gun restrictions the certain politicians (who feel foreign interests are more important the the very lives of US citizens) have proposed.

    2) Abolish freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, The right to keep and bear arms, the restrictions on how the government TAKES or SEARCHES personal PROPERTY.

    Essentially every right that gets in the way of their political agenda an agenda that has nothing to do with protecting or serving the citizens of this nation as they were elected to do.

    Remember the fit several in congress threw to cover up their congressional voting records when it became public knowledge they would blatantly lie to the people saying the voted how the people they were supposed to represent wanted them to vote on a bill but the record showed they did the opposite instead. As if an EMPLOYEE has the right to hide the fact they failed to do their job from their employer and still get paid for the work.

    Three big things people have forgotten or have not been taught in recent generations.

    1) The government is supposed to serve the people NOT dictate to the people as if we serve them.

    2) The bill of rights were referred to by the 250+ founders of this nation as “GOD GIVEN RIGHTS NO MAN CAN TAKE AWAY” this makes it clear that they had no intention for congress to have the power to REVOKE any part of the constitution that limits the governments powers over the citizens of this nation.

    3) All arms restrictions in the past (guns, swords, bows, etc.) have been about the government OPPRESSING the people without fear of armed resistance and had absolutely nothing to do with “PUBLIC SAFETY” despite that excuse being used in one form or another every time.

  45. Throw the traitor in prison and all governors/mayors of sanctuary states and cities. These traitors should be in jail and all people who support/votes for them.

  46. ID cards would be the way to keep track of illegal. Illegals will not be allegeable for well fare, food stamps or any medical help. Illegals must get work permits and have a sponsor.

  47. [ Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers said, “This makes our roads and our communities safer, and helps strengthen our economy and Wisconsin families.”]

    Statistical facts prove without-a-doubt, which the liberal biased mainstream media and the Democrats try to keep hidden from the American people, that everything Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers says in the above quoted statement is factually completely opposite of Governor Evers claims, proven in every state in the USA that have also made these same miserable mistakes.

    Everywhere “that undocumented folks (illegal immigrants) will be (are) eligible to receive driver’s licenses and ID cards”, accidents, hit-&-runs, and DUIs on the roads go up, in communities that were safe the crime rates (armed robberies, home break-ins, rapes, kidnappings, & child molestations) increase significantly, the economy recedes because illegal immigrants take the jobs citizens need, by working for a much lower wage than American citizens do to make a living, while the illegal immigrant families also go on welfare and food stamps, also causing citizens to then go on welfare and food stamps too, and this brings down wages for everybody else, as wage increases then no longer happen, and Wisconsin families and citizens will end up paying for it all through higher taxes, as their state economy will then head for another recession.

    But the good thing for Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is that it will increase Democrat voting (more voter fraud through illegal immigrant noncitizens voting, like they do in California where the same things have been done) and put Democrats in most state government elected positions, taking Wisconsin and it’s people back to the financial and economic woes from before Governor Walker won elections and brought Wisconsin and it’s citizens out of these financial and economic malaises through Republican policies and agendas.

  48. Talk does not resolve anything. Action is needed to deport all illegals that are discovered by traffic stops, raids in factories or standing in street corners or shopping centers parking lots looking for day jobs, or in emergency rooms or visiting doctors or attending public schools. Govt does all that and slowly but surely they are deported and not encourage more illegals from coming

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