4 Democrats That Could be Disqualified from Presidential Bids

During the run-up to the 2016 elections, then-President Barack Obama was quick to mislead everyday Americans by claiming Donald Trump had been “disqualified” from holding the land’s highest office. At a Hillary rally in Greensboro, N.C., Obama said Trump’s braggadocios off-mic comments about women at beauty pageants disqualified him. During his travels, Obama denounced Trump for his views on illegal immigration, lowering taxes, and reworking trade deals as reasons he was too uninformed to sit in the Oval Office.

“The most important thing for the public and the press is to just listen to what he says and follow up and ask questions to what appear to be either contradictory or uninformed or outright whacky ideas,” Obama reportedly said.

Maybe, just maybe, it was Obama who was unfit for office as the American economy has enjoyed a renaissance under the Trump Administration, Russia has been forcefully sanctioned, the immigration crisis at the border is being fought, and African-Americans and Latinos are enjoying the lowest unemployment in history. But, for argument’s sake, let’s take the failed Obama presidency at its word and see which Democrats have already disqualified themselves from holding office.

1: Joe Biden is a #MeToo Offender

President Trump had a nickname for the ex-Obama flunky and former V.P. It was “Sleepy” Joe Biden based on his lack of energy and general failure to accomplish anything beneficial for Americans. Unfortunately for Trump, he may need to yield his “Sleepy” moniker for the “Creepy Joe Biden” label that is fast-circulating. As it turns out, Biden had enough energy and wherewithal to do one thing with vigor — engage in inappropriate, non-consensual sexual behavior.

Upwards of a dozen Democrat women have come forward saying that Creepy Joe touched, kissed and sniffed their hair in ways that made them very uncomfortable. In the powerful #MeToo era, one would think Biden’s gross hair fetish was enough to disqualify him. But in recent weeks, Creepy Joe has doubled down on his fetish and total disrespect for women. He’s making the rounds cracking jokes about what women called inappropriate touchings after promising to be more “mindful.”

“Frankly, to me it demonstrated that the words that he said — that he was going to take this very seriously, that he was going to listen, that he was going to learn — to me, that indicated that he didn’t mean that at all,” former Democrat politician and accuser Lucy Flores said. “We’re talking about the fact that, as women, we have had to endure this kind of inappropriate behavior on behalf of powerful men certainly for as long as I’ve been alive — you know, forever.”

2: Kamala Harris Slept Her Way into Power

If there’s equality in the Democratic Party, it’s based on their ability to transgress the ethics of sexual behavior, and California Sen. Kamala Harris may be the most loathsome of the presidential hopeful field.

It’s one thing to have a salacious tabloid article claiming someone carried on an illicit and immoral affair to get ahead. It’s a whole other matter when the seduction is confirmed on a national scale.

Apparently, when a young Harris was fresh out of law school and without significant career opportunities, she engaged in a lengthy affair with the married former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, an influential California Democrat. Out of that illicit affair with the politician, Harris leveraged the then-senior citizen’s influence to be seated on high-profile paying boards. The now 84-year-old Brown also figured prominently in her political fundraising and elections. Based on her unseemly moral and ethical violations, Harris is unfit for even her current office.

3: Elizabeth Warren Disqualified for Flunking a DNA Test

Like Biden, President Trump also had a bitingly funny nickname for Sen. Warren, “Pocahontas.” Although the president rarely yields, the moniker “Fauxcahontas” has become widely more popular. Sen. Warren reportedly listed herself as a Native American to get into Ivy League Harvard University, and even lied on her Texas Bar application.

Given that Democrats continue to bamboozle Native Americans the way they used to get away with misleading African-Americans, Warren appears to be disqualified by her own party’s phony campaign platform. Not that her web of deceit matters. Once considered a frontrunner for the nomination, Fauxcahontas has dropped to 5 percent in the polls.

4: Mayor Pete Shows Signs Of Racism

The Democratic Party understands that’s its false promises to African-Americans are falling on deaf ears. Pres. Trump’s approval rating among minorities has skyrocketed because he delivered real benefits such as jobs and increased school choice. That being said, upstart candidate and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has an anti-Black track record.

Among his first actions as mayor, he fired the city’s first-ever African-American police chief under a cloud of suspicion. Mayor Pete has been squeaking by on the issue because a judge has kept the record and recordings sealed. Mayor Pete’s anti-Black action smells of racism and certainly disqualifies him from his party’s endorsement.

~ Conservative Zone

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24 thoughts on “4 Democrats That Could be Disqualified from Presidential Bids”

      1. notice the evil clowns just begin to form in a cluster and they will all face a big bang when POTUS trump will take aim with his shotgun, blast them to oblivion. by the time 2020 comes demorat party debate comes, San Francisco will have to provide suitably faggie sewage dump to fill their stinking vomit of lies and hate.

  1. Have these Democrats been qualified to do ANYTHING of any value?!? Just look at their record . . . It speaks for itself. I’ve yet seen ANYTHING of any real value coming from a left wing liberal agenda except suffering, destruction, mayhem and misery. AND if you need proof, look at Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, etc., etc., etc. Nothing but miserably failed policies from miserably failed individuals and regimes, Which the Democrats have turned into. Socialism is a miserably failed experiment.

  2. Anyone who EVER votes for ANY DemonCRAP (socialist/communist) Party candidate or politician has already proven that they are anti-American and want the further destruction of the US. Collusion? How idiotic! Why would ANYONE with brains want things such as transgender bathrooms, unions, criminals voting, illegal aliens, higher taxes, frivolous lawsuits, more government control, Muslim terrorism, less law enforcement, release of prisoners, total gun control and confiscation, teenage voters, LGBTQ power, BLM, AntiFa, increased racism, punishing the wealthy, a single political party forever, gay marriage, climate control and ridiculous environmental restrictions, banishment of all religions except for Islam ( and of course, Jews want Judaism which completely CONFLICTS with Islam, but go figure…..), destruction of American culture in order to push TURD WORLD cultures, reduction of private businesses to promote government owned businesses, punishment of White males, increased feminism, support for socialist governments of the world, increased support of homelessness, revoking of the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights, sanctuary cities, allowing more drugs and government funding of drug usage, government paid abortions on demand and many more examples of the dissembling of the US done by anti-American brainless idiots? Can ANY DemonCRAP dispute or discuss any of their party platform points, as listed above, intelligently, and without hostility?

  3. OK, this is CRAZY…1) Democrats don’t have the requisite Moral Fortitude to disqualify ANY of these Candidates for ANY REASON stated here. 2) Biden is a decoy, anyhow – The REAL Candidate at the end of the process is & WILL BE Kamala Harris. Why do I think so, you ask ? SIMPLE…Two words- IDENTITY POLITICS. She’s Black, Radical, Female & Communist. Also, she will have the ability to appeal to younger Voters. This checks EVERY box on the list that the Democrats could hope for in ONE package. 3) As previously stated, Biden is a decoy. His role will be to unite the Moderate/Establishment wing before dropping out & endorsing Harris, thereby turning his supporters over to her (where else are they gonna go?). 4) The rest, Fauxahontas, Booty-gig, & the myriad of others will fall by the wayside in short enough order once the DNC’s focus comes down to Biden & Harris, which IT WILL. Bernie ? PLEASE !!! He’s EVERYTHING Identity Politics rails against – Old, White, Grumpy, Rich. The Banner of Socialism will only carry him so far before the DNC screws him over again & his supporters are turned over to Harris. 5) The light at the end of the tunnel – Trump WILL absolutely DESTROY Harris once the Debates start. He DOESN’T PLAY NICE like the RINO’s do & has absolutely NO PROBLEM with making Harris look like the FOOL she is & putting her in her place QUICKLY !!! After his first 4 years, only a BRAIN-DEAD MORON (yeah, I know) could POSSIBLY consider ACTUALLY Voting for ANY DEMOCRAT, but some still will because of Lifetimes of Democrat Indoctrination. But that’s the only LOGICAL explanation as to why ANYBODY would. 4 MORE YEARS, COMING UP !!!!!!!

    1. Kamala Harris is not qualified to run. She is not natural born. When she was born both parents were subjects of India and Jamaica respectively. They became citizens later but still leaves her short of qualification

  4. Thank God for President Trump–He is really busy trying to drain the swamps of Washington DC.. He is confirming real judges and cleaning that stable of the 9th circuit court that has been throwing wrenches into this invasion from not only Mexico and S. America but from all over the world–Yet the DemoMarxists resist and are attempting to have him impeached for a totally false and treasonous dossier provided by Madam Clinton and the DNC in an attempt to remove him from office. Thank heavens the subpoenas are coming and we will see numbers of political hacks lawyering up for their upcoming trials and convictions for the attempted coup against a sitting American President. We even may see the Obama Cartel running for cover when the facts are made public about the rot and corruption from the oval office. Some members of Congress may even be exposed for their part in this treasonous coup attempt and I hope they are prosecuted . MAGA

  5. The Dummycrat party is awash with idiots who makes one wonder how they got elected to Congress which lends credence to their voters as being obviously equally imbecilic with room temperature IQs. The party is also composed of beloved to Dummycrat voters’ moldy oldies such as Diane Feinstein, Nanny Pelosi, Upchuck Schumer, Auntie Maxipad Waters, and creepy Joe Biden, door killer extraordinaire with a 12 gauge. God obviously had a bad hair day when he created these loony people.

  6. Quite an article, especially in light of the repuglickin criminal that we currently have in the White House. Where is the “outrage” over the over the moral character of Fat Donnie? Where are the questions coming out of repugs over the criminal indictments sitting there waiting to be served when Fat Donnie finds himself out of a government job? Where is the concern over 100+ meetings between Trump staff and Russian operatives? Were they comparing borsht recipes?
    Here you guys are. The height of moral indigence. So how is it that such “moral” people support a guy who has been shown to be a liar in literally THOUSANDS of instances. Where is it over screwing porn stars while his wife was recovering from childbirth. How do such “moral” people condone carrying on a relationship with a Playboy model while his wife is sitting home. What do you think about illegally paying both of them off to “shut them up”?
    You are all a bunch of self righteous brain dead hypocrites who are too stupid to even look out for your own interests and those of your families or, for that matter, use the ability to reason, supposedly a characteristic of humans, to see who is actually looking out for the American people.

    1. Hey bill, I see you are another brainwashed liberal democrat living on planet idiot, I liked how your American Destroyer Obama was so successful in brainwashing you clueless liberals, it’s too bad Jim Jones was a few decades late because he would of had a field day with all you brain dead clueless liberal democrats & by the way, President Trump is the best thing that has ever happen to America, just in case you were not aware of that. Good luck to you and all the democrats, because you all are going to need it.

    2. Well he doesn’t espouse infanticide(murder on demand) He is not a Jew hater. He is not a socialist whose policies have led to over 100 million deaths in the last 100 years. He is not for spending 96 trillion dollars for an idiotic dem policy. He is not for sanctuary cities and states. He is not for open border. He is not for millions of people being on food stamps. He is not for supporting criminal illegals over American citizens. He is not for pay to play like Hillary. He is not for swamp people like dems and Rinos. He is not for Satan like you and your party is. He believed in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Notice pursuit is not a given, it’s earned. Life means every human has a right to life, especially the most vulnerable of us. Like the unborn. And happiness which is dependent on citizens not the government. So now what moral superiority do the socialists have over our Great POTUS. Go back under the rock you came from. Loser

    3. We do not have a criminal in the White House BILL LINGLE. Too bad you are just another brainwashed liberal.
      You believe all the bullship dished out by the media and liberal talking heads. The real liars and hypocrites are your bedfellows.
      If you were still able to think for yourself you would realize the folly of your party… they are closet commies just emerging from their patient rest to rid us of cars, planes, homes, and yes taking away our hot dogs and hamburgers and those nasty cow farts. Get a grip man!

  7. Obama was not fit for the presidency because he wanted to (and did his best) transform America to socialism, spied on candidate Trump, gave uranium to Russia, gave billions to Iran, and promoted socialism and racism and destroyed capitalism as best he could.
    He was not qualified to be president because he never produced a valid birth certificate, and even showed the photoshopped one which the media glossed over. And then there was the later bizarre plane death of L Fuddy, the Hawaiian official who was the contact for supposed birth certificate.

    1. Don’t forget he also created ISIS(remember the JV team that was in 30 countries which this President eradicated. Trump has been turning around the disaster Hussein left us . POTUS is for all Americans. Obama was for all our enemies. He should be tried for treason. Along with his whole justice dept.

  8. They r all a bunch of losers.The Democrats of today r pathetic.When John F. Kennedy was President they were left center,today they r far left and scare the hell out of me.They play to the people on whatever they want to hear.Socialists is what they r and they r trying to destroy this country.Thank God we have a president who is for the people.

  9. The Democtrat’s motto. Touchy-feely, bedroom politics, a little lie will get you everywhere, and racism-not me? It’s only damning if a Republican is accused.

  10. People were stupid when they voted for Obama, they will be more stupid if they vote for Biden.
    Biden is just a puppet of Obama.V

  11. Hey Conservative Zone, who is writing this rubbish? This essay goes beyond spin; it is replete with misrepresentation and falsehoods. I get it…reading the replies makes clear that your readership is a credulous and misinformed group, long on name-calling (some pretty good 5th grade material there) and short on facts and critical thinking. It’s sad that the right wing so often resorts to dishonesty; it is always a sign that your argument is weak. Do you have enough self-awareness to be embarrassed? Have you no shame?

  12. Clearly the Democrat Party has turned into the DEMONRATS Party.
    Just pay attention to their Platforms. They embrace every imaginable
    EVIL behavior that we all know. The solution? VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN in 2020.
    This will send all the DEMONs to oblivion where they properly belong!!

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