Reports of Rape Surged by 33% in Sweden Over Past Decade

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Bra) recently released a report with some shocking statistics about violent crimes against women in the country. According to Bra, the country has seen a 33 percent increase in the number of reported rape cases in the last decade – and an 8 percent increase in rapes in the last year alone.

Even more shocking, rape reports alleging attacks against children rose even more in the last year; those crimes are up 13% in just the past 12 months alone. According to Bra researcher Stina Söderman:

“We have seen a clear increase in reported rape in recent years.”

The most recent figures reveal that almost 8,000 rapes were reported in Sweden last year alone, this number represents an increase of 614 rapes from the previous year. In 2018, rape reports against children of both genders (under the age of 18) rose to 3,420. Only adult men saw a decrease in the number of reported rapes in 2018.

Since 2008, the total rape report increase for the total population is 33 percent; that number climbs to 44 percent with cases that have adult women as victims.

According to SVT, Sweden’s public news network, immigrants commit about 85% of the rapes committed by strangers; the station came under fire for revealing these statistics. The network revealed that a review of 843 court cases in one district over a five year period found that 58% of the convicted rapists were not born in Sweden. When cases where the rapist and victim did not know one another were considered, the number of foreign born attackers rose to 80%. In addition, more than half of the attackers had lived in Sweden for less than a year before the attack.

Rape and violence against women were the most significant findings in 2018; the overall increase in crime was just two percent. Crimes against property actually declined, while violent crimes against citizens are on the rise.

Violence in the country continues to be an ongoing concern for citizens; record numbers of fatalities due to shootings were recorded in 2018. Crimes against women are the highest in decades, as seen by the increase in rape detailed above. According to Politico, crimes against citizens are becoming commonplace in the once safe and peaceful nation:

“Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon,” Politico reported.

Politicians in the nation remain concerned about how the country is perceived. Sweden has welcomed more immigrants and refugees than any other nation in the European Union, according to Politico, and they are now faced with downplaying any additional violence that this entry policy has caused. Even a left-leaning publication like Politico acknowledges both the problem of violence and the connection to immigration and the failure to assimilate into the host culture. While the problem of violence is now widely known and accepted, few solutions are on the table, leading to an increasingly risky homeland for Sweden’s women and children.

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  1. The solution is obvious: THROW THE BUMS OUT! Round up all those poor-pitiful “refugees” and send them back to where they came from — or at least to Mecca — and *don’t let them come back*. They’ve abused Sweden’s hospitality long enough.

      1. Before they deport them cut they’re genitals off, enough is eunuch. A permanent cure. Any future immigrants no matter where they come from has to supply a DNA sample.

        1. They need to execute them. Otherwise they’ll just find another way to victimize or abuse someone.

      2. In simplicity what is going on is a picture-perfect example of this. A man that doesn’t have a well-ordered system of thought will ALWAYS be at the mercy of a man that has one.

        As a WOMAN, I shudder to think of areas HERE in the US where women slave laws are being implemented. Women have a slight voting majority here in the US, we should vote to defend ourselves against any group that wishes to implement laws against us and our Constitution. You hear so much about how the founding fathers (a percentage of them) had slaves and that the US was wrong from the start. Why aren’t those “Hate America” MEN fighting against today’s “Keep Women Slaves” cultures going on RIGHT NOW instead of screaming about a wrong that was fought over and made illegal 150 years ago? Paris is already helpless and their police don’t dare enter in certain areas of the city.

          1. How was Hitler wrong about anything?
            Thank you Jews! Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron for totally destroying your civilized WHITE nations.
            When the MuZZies sack The Louvre, it’s game over for advanced civilization in Europe! Goodbye Tourism. Hello Sharia Law! Hello Brutalitarianism!

    1. we all know which races are beneficial & which are harmful ones – if the criminals are allow to spread & multiply, humans will go extinct

        1. For some 1400 years a certain ideology has ‘stagnated’ on the ladder of ‘evolution’….and have been overtaken by at least four rungs thereon by the chimpanzee…

    2. A key point in this is “the failure to assimilate into the host culture”. EXACTLY what the US is dealing with. They all demand to come here, yet REFUSE to accept our culture, our laws or anything else. They demand rights they have NOT EARNED, free benefits at our expense, all the PERKS of this country while refusing any of the responsibilities! WAKE UP PEOPLE! THIS is exactly what is happening here!

      1. Deport them. Stop playing fair with
        the trash. Use the military or any
        means necessary to stop the crime.
        It is your country. The first people
        to protect are those born there.

        1. Put them down for good and you will be on your way to having your country back. Not to mention you won’t have to put them in jail. In the United States we warehouse them too so they can get out and do more of the same. We aren’t very bright here either, we let the trash out so they can do it again. Go figure.

      2. This is what happens when uncivilized immigrants do come to any cultured country! We have to GET RID of the Politicians that push for illegal Voting Rights, for THEIR own benefits (DEMNOCRATS). With the modernizations and less workers going to be required for many jobs in the future and the immigrants flow, we will have more uncivilized riots right here in America. Wake Up, People!

      3. The situation in Europe is different than America because in Europe the preponderance of people are African and or Muslim which is a very different demographic profile from the central Americans who are mostly catholic / christian already. Christ is the only one who can unite the three major ethnic groups in the world and the United States has it better off because we have an immigrant population which is more like the Europeans who came here, whereas the Africans and Muslims coming into Europe are part of a completely different cultural background and much more problematic. True we have gangs and drugs coming into this country but a lot of that is because of our own stupid laws that we won’t fix where we could close the border and initiate legalized immigration and get the good people in who want to work and better themselves. The idiots in Washington refuse to let it happen in the name of cheap labor and exploitation of the poor which they feed off of in a very dysfunctional way designed in part to fuel ethnic strife. We will be very surprised when the immigrants that are now illegal get assimilated and you’ll find that many of them are quite conservative although probably interested in unions which is a positive thing. The problem is they’re not getting a chance to get illegal status and they’re kept as a permanent underclass which is a problem the government is creating and not the people coming in. We had gangs and we had the mafia and trouble in the 1900s when people came from Europe but by and large people came here to better themselves and there was plenty of work. Now under Trump we have the formula for a flourishing economy for years to come if the imbecile socialists are just kept out of power and there’s plenty of room for people to come in and assimilate if the other idiots the do-nothing Republicans can get their butts in gear and get the border closed and the immigration laws fixed. I agree Europe is in the grip of a terrible cultural atheism that renders them incapable of facing facts speaking truth and acting appropriately. Their ‘freedom’ from Christ and the church is going to be their undoing if they don’t get back to his serious revisiting of their medieval and glorious spiritual roots. The same could be said of the us but we do have a very large militantly patriotic minority which is a very good thing; the revolution continues in America against tyranny, stupidity, lies and evil.

        1. The current problems in the Middle East was caused entirely by American intervention (primarily Bush’s, Clinton’s and Obama’s shortsighted policies) in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Getting rid of Sadam Hussein was the most stupid thing anybody could do. Those American policies were the direct cause of millions of people leaving the Middle East to get away from the violence. Due to immense stupidity by Swedish politicians hundreds of thousands of Muslim were let in. Just imagine a state like Michigan has about the same population as Sweden and letting hundreds of thousands of Muslims into Michigan it does not take a brain surgeon to figure out the result. Don’t forget Muslims will never assimilate because of their religious beliefs’.
          Does anybody really believe that the idiot trump will resolve anything. He will destroy our country as we know it. We can all hope that the idiot trump will be disposed of.

          1. You rail against President Trump…You should be railing against the dnc and rinos who OPENLY call for “open” borders…No borders = NO COUNTRY…at least the “idiot” WILL build the wall…and lest you forgot, tried to, and met with overwhelming opposition by the leftist, progressive, liberal democrats and their allies in the mainstream corrupted media, when he attempted to restrict migration from certain countries….and if you really want to get a glimpse of the people that are fully to blame go check out WHO rescinded that 1952 law that would have prevented this situation. Trump derangement syndrome IS a certifiable affliction of the mind!!! Better start diversifying your sources of information and you may realize that the same people that brought you Kosovo and WMD’s are the ones currently leading you by the nose!!!

          2. Idiot Trump destroy the country??? It’s the communist Democrats that want to throw open wide our borders to allow in illegal voters. Our country is well on its way to destruction thanks to the looney Communist left.

          3. Personally, I’m thinking all of you idiot Demon.crats need to be gotten rid of! It is because of you imbeciles that need your safe rooms. You don’t support our military, veterans, and all people of our nation no matter what color or background. Imagine if that garbage did this to one of your family that you love. You are a moron!

          4. Sad to say but you are not up to date on who has ruined this country. The idiot you need to be blaming are the democrats that want the open boarders. Trump has tried from day one to build a better wall. More security, no birth rights and deport all the trash that has over stayed. So think about that before you blame the only person trying to stop it and take a good look in the mirror because it seems you are part of the problem as well. We have enough veterans who would love to set up at the boarders to stop the illegal immigrants from coming in and if dumb asses would get off the back of ICE they could do their job and deport criminals before they are put back on the streets.

          5. Pray to God & Jesus to make the World a better Place to Live in – we all need to Pray to obtain this!
            THANK GOD, AMEN

          6. These people are following the commands in their religious literature for the last 1400 years, and they’re not going to quit now. It’s up to us to understand them and treat them accordingly. There’s no place for them in an orderly/law abiding society.

        2. Mark, has your head been in the sand? We also have had many rapes and some of children from the Immigrants who force their way into our country. Don’t forget the gang members from South American countries who have come in to set up here. We also have a huge population of immigrants from the middle east who won’t assimilate either. Their goal is to make us like them, not to become Americans. They want Sharia law throughout our country and the world. They’re working toward that goal with the help of left leaning members of our government.

        3. I agree, in our country we allow to many leaches into our society, besides we have our own home borne leaches, who work the symptom daily & take the money that hard working citizens pay the government. And I blame our representatives in Washington for this waste of our hard earned money. They go to Washington with very little money , and come out millionaires? On there small salaries, huh wonder why they can’t even balance our budget, but sure as Hell can increase there wealth, to our exspense, so I can’t blame that illegal alien wanting to come here. The only solution I can see in the future is get rid of special interest groups, or monitor them with stiff penalties if they cross the line . Everyone reading , I’m an old man that watched a great country go to hell over a period of the last 40 years, thank god for Donald Trump, maybe it’s not to late for our grandchildren! God Bless all of u out there and your families and have a Merry XMAS & HAPPY NEWYEAR Mike Silagi

        4. Another point that should not be forgotten is that Uncle Sam sends hundreds of millions of. $$$$$ to Mexico every year. I believe the US State Department website has that info. WELL!!! what is the Mexican gov’t doing with it??? Where is the accounting, or does Mexico even send detailed reports on how our money is used? With all the aid/money we have sent them over the years, and if properly utilized, Mexicans in this country might even want return home. If they choose to immigrate and want to settle here then they have to do it legally and fully meet all the requirements as the European immigrants did before and after the turn of the last century. One of those requirements was that they had to show they could support themselves or identify an individual who would financially vouch for them. To prove their identity I believe a formal church baptism document was accepted.

        5. Just like you do not face facts. There are thousands of Muslims. So called refugees that have been let into this UNITED STATES, Except the States are not United in they’re actions to protect this country. The Obama Administration let in far more than you Or I will probably ever know, unless we live another35 years and all his Presidential records are unsealed. Just look at Minnesota and what is happening there due to letting unvetted so-called refugees in. You need to open your eyes and ears plus use the grey matter between your ears. To think for yourself and not what idiotic political decisions and Politicians plus the MSM tell you.

        6. “The problem is they’re not getting a chance to get illegal status and they’re kept as a permanent underclass which is a problem the government is creating and not the people coming in. ”

          I have no clue what that means ! It appears ridicules’ in the face of having an estimated 20 K illegals in the US at a tax payer cost of over $200 billion a year. Then there is the so called resettlement of world wide refugees on top of a complete disregard for our immigration laws through our southern border and other ports of entry. This disregard driven by the democrats to increase their power over are government and turn it into a crap hole socialist mess.

          You appear to think as long as we welcome illegals and record them as such that all will be better is we give them a special status of “illegal” then we can welcome them and they will just be a great asset ? That’s insane – stop sniff’n so much glue.

      4. In reality we ARE being invaded….via the back door so to speak…Agenda 21??? The mainstream corrupt media is complicit by protecting “us” from reality…as it may offend the sensibilities of the “perpetrators”…

      5. Hhmm, to us Native Americans this sounds familiar. So what you’re really saying is that anyone who isn’t Native American needs to go back to their family homeland. Our tribes could certainly handle that solution!

      6. Blame the BABY MURDER PARTY for that in America. These CLOWNS want SOCIALISM FOR AMERICA so we can be CONTROLLED by a few Idiots on the Left Side. America cannot let this happen.

    3. The unfortunate fact is the ‘LeftNuts’ are too doctrinaire to criticize their agenda or political philosophy ! Communism failed miserably under Lenin and his followers and when they dissolved the Soviet Union , almost overnight they started to become a country with freedom and prosperity for all! What has this got to do with migration? It’s the same political philosophy (with some cosmetic alterations added) that controls the political philosophy of the ‘LeftNuts’ today! They want us to conform to their idea of what is good for us and any digressions from it they label as Racist-reactionary and elitist!

      1. The ‘LeftNuts’ appear to have forged an unholy alliance with the “stone age” ideologists whom the idiots fail to realize WILL ram their scimitars up their derrieres as soon as the rest of us are ‘disposed’ of!!!

    4. You got that right! The same thing is happening in France and England and not to mention the United States! Send this scum back and close the boarders! Thank God we have President Trump in office, but even we have a problem because we also have dumb ass Democrats to deal with! Its time the civilized countrys on Earth get their act together and fight epidemic like we did in 1918! And this time its even worse! Send this scum back or eliminate it all to gether!

      1. Exactly……there are cultures that simply cannot co-exist with others. Islam and their Koran that teaches to kill all that will not convert to their cult belief system is top on the list of cultures that will not play well with others. Just read their history and how they conquered, enslaved and tortured nearly every European country they came in contact with; only to be finally driven out at the end of that rifle barrel or sword when the enslaved finally had had enough and then burned their mosques. Problem is America is to historically stupid and naïve in thinking this is a religion of peace and love and singing Kum-By-Aaa around a campfire. Or, the real and more frightful reality is that we have a communist left who is so bent on its communist agenda, that they know the history but don’t care, all for the purpose of votes at the polls. They know the history, but are willing to sacrifice the lives of good American children and women for the sake of their agenda. Remember, with the communist left the rally cry is “Win at all costs”. Even if I means the safety of America’s innocent.

        1. Correct all followers of the Quran and Allah are at war with western society and western religions. They will not change they’re life style but will try to impose it on us. You just need to watch and understand what Obama has done by opening our borders to the thousands he let in, Also watch what AOC. Has done and her comments towards our country.

      2. well get the muslims out of the country and the rapes would drop 33% in Sweden. germany and england having the same problem with the muslims. it’s to bad they let this people in their countries. the U.S. will become just like them allowing illegals in this country . because of the demorat socialist/communist party nut jobs.

    5. The answer is not so simple. The mindset of emasculated men and delusional women and children trained into the population since WW2 was designed to facilitate this so called diversity and feminism B.S. enabled invasion.
      Putting barbarians in a polite and thoughtful society palace only makes for a larger barbarian society that refuses assimilation but opts for domination.
      Even though they yearn for what your society has attained they have a built in self destruction mechanism hardwired from birth into them that will assure that even if society is vanquished they will fight and kill each other with sticks and knives if all else is used up.
      This utopian delusion is paving the way for a dark age manufactured by the socio/psychopathic minds that represent the 4% of the earths human population. Those who elevate to positions of influence and power. Rich beyond comprehension with no need or concern for money or basic needs but an insatiable drive for power and control of instant gratification types and the eradication of independent thinkers with liberty.
      Order out of chaos is for them, not you.
      In simplicity what is going on is a picture perfect example of this. A man that doesn’t have a well ordered system of thought will ALWAYS be at the mercy of a man that has one.

    6. Leslie , I live I. California and we’re over run by illgeals and when be a sexuall account like rape to a child or man or woman is being kept out of the news .I would love to see them sent back but we have politicians on the left who care nothing about it and just are trying to give them citizen ship for a dam vote.

    7. I firmly agree. Protect the citizens of Sweden; especially the children. It’s insane and unconscionable to allow this to happen to the children. We adults have a moral responsibility to protect our children. We have similar problems with our politicians fighting daily against our President in our country, US, who is trying to deal or manage with the flood of refuges; problems associated with diseases, human traffickers, gangs, criminals. BY ALL MEANS, send them back to their country of origin.

      1. Yep and all of us are making the same mistake, let them in no matter who they are . The hell of it is we don’t learn from our mistakes. The crime in every one of our democrat states is horrible, but they don’t care about a damn thing except power and votes. My state of Maine just fell into trouble, a democrat governor just got into power and she is going to turn us into a state that nobody will want to live in. She is trying to turn us into a —-hole like New York and California as fast as she can. The new taxes are already on their way.

    8. You are absolutely right. Refugees seem to have contaminated a lot of countries. Help them where they are at, NOT BRING THEM TO YOUR COUNTRY, NOR LET THEM INTO YOUR COUNTRY. Vilence and wrong doing should be contained, not spread around.

      1. Most of you are Dead on with your ideas for cleaning up a problem that is only growing worse as the days go by. It’s past time, we as (for now) free citizens of the greatest country in the world “WAKE UP “ and vote ALL of these DUMB ASS SOCIALIST ,COMMUNIST, ANTI-AMERICAN LEECHES out of offices they never should have been elected to. Get your head out of your ass America and vote responsibly. The Democratic Party is a party of the past. It has been bought out by those who don’t give a damn about our freedom only the quest for money and power.

    9. I am hard core against rapists. Sweden needs to establish a death penalty. And if a moose-slime is convicted for rape, they are fed to pigs. They die and they can’t get into their heaven.

    10. Quit beating around the bush, just come out and say it! The immigrants your implying here are predominantly “MUSLIM”! These actions your talking about (RAPE) are a cultural normality for them! Once you come to the realization of this fact and get past the political rhetoric, you’ll know what you need to do! Do nothing and these actions will be the end of your country!

      1. You have this spot on. The problem is with the Idiotic politicians who agree to let them in. They do not live in the same world or under the same laws as the regular citizens do. Then the SHTF They will just move to another country or buy they’re own islands.

    11. I absolutely agree that all of those migrants, regardless of age or gender, need to go back where they came from and including all those who now work there and have no Swedish citizenship, must be thrown out, forcibly if necessary, even if only to protect the culture, the society in general and especially its Swedish citizens, and never allowed back into the country.

      Government, in general, is there to protect its citizens, and to let these degenerates into the country with no real governmental action taken, is a blatant abdication of its responsibility and is thus complicit in criminal activity.

      Sweden should be a lesson to all the other countries in Western Europe who let these people into the country and is on notice that what is happening or happened in Sweden will happen or is happening in their own respective countries.

      God help them, if they don’t!!!

    12. Yep, send them all back from where they came and tell them to fix their own countries instead of screwing up the one they immigrated to.

    13. Get Greta Thunberg to get after them like she did about Climate Change. Let her get raped and beat-up a few time while they quote the Koran at her. She might find a new calling!!

  2. that is the problem with letting these people in our/your country. look at all the white women who get close to black men!! all these men want to do is to have sex with them, than abuse them.

          1. How can these European Countries take in people, race, faith and religion are destroying the people’s country with impunity and the elected gov’t sees nothing.

        1. I suspect Obama’s encouragement (arm twisting) is behind the EU countries like Sweden opening door to wave of Muslim immigrants—after centuries of little middle eastern immigration.

      1. I agree, but the leftists in the Swedish government are taking their marching orders from the nameless, faceless leftists in Brussels (the European Union). They are truly evil & must be stopped. Praying that the people of Sweden wake up and demand their own exit from the EU (and that Great Britain will ultimately honor the will of their people and get on with Brexit already.)

      1. And your denial, ignorance and stupidity say a whole lot about you. We are safer and more prosperous to deal in reality than in your imagined Nirvana. All people are not the same. Do you want to live with a person infected with typhoid fever? Islam is similar, except it kills more violently.

      2. Truth is not racist, William. Defending ethnic rapists is. BTW, we do know more about the rapists than is being admitted in this article, and a religion is not a race, so don’t even try that childish retort.

      3. You freaking leftist Libidiot, you and your ilk are just what we don’t need in our once-great Nation. Go to Venezuela where you can reap the just rewards of your stupidity.

    1. That is not true. I know that for a fact. Just because their skin is darker, doesn’t mean that they are abusive. Here’s a statistic for you…. Only white men are serial killers. What does that say. Check it out for yourself. The whites are the ones that do that, torture their victims, etc. The British were the ones who taught the Native Americans to scalp. It was never something they did. And then they were paid for the scallops, so it became an income source. And yes I am white, but I am not racist. I do not; however think we should open our borders to just anyone. And that is for proven reasons of protection.

        1. That ill-informed statement that serial killers are white is a doozie. Google up Samuel Little.
          He ringing the bell so far as our best serial killer. “We’re number one!”
          How about educating yourself on the facts before you throw white privileged individuals under the bus.

      1. Really? Then how do you explain the Atlanta Child Killer? There HAVE been several serial killers who were not white, as well as teams where neither of them were white. Check your facts before spouting lies

    2. But it is an endless, mindless media barrage across the board that portray light skinned women as promiscuous sluts who marry and heap weak willed men around them. Add that to innocent young women are told that they aren’t complete if they aren’t diversified sexually and socially. They are looking with instinctive excitement for manhood void in the castrated population they have grown up in and what the media sells as normal development. Naive and ignorant they slip out unsupervised to hang out with mentalities fresh off of the Bedouin trail being a law unto themselves and trained to believe women out by themselves dressed like strumpets are indeed fair game.
      This is used then again by the bought out media to ignite rage and frustration in whats left of the Western European men with any level of testosterone. Until the root of this is dealt with, this prickly thistle is not going away with peacefully anytime soon.

  3. This phenomenon is prevalent throughout the world. Open borders solicit opportunities to those who are looking to cause violence. With rape, murder, burgulary and other menacing acts of violence.
    President Trump is spot on. The ignorant, mostly Democrats in America, had better wake up before they fall victim. Protect America. Put up any effective barrier to keep these criminals out of America.

    1. I agree DC And this Bitch House Speaker need to shut the Hell up and let Donald Trump do what he wants to do to protect my ,our Country!When this happens to them or their Family then they will say we should have let our President do what he does best


      2. Oh, they’ll NEVER do that! They are mentally ill themselves, so they will find a rationalization by which they can blame It on you!

      3. Great reply. The DemonRats are so bitter
        that they lost the election…that they are
        willing to put every American citizen in
        harms way to screw him over.
        Do you want to fix America?? Put America
        first. Back our president because he is our
        only chance to turn this country around.
        Remove Omar and Tlaib for their terrorist
        fund raising..investigate and if the proof
        is there that the Obama administration
        was guilty of spying and other acts to include
        an attempted coup…prosecute every one
        of the best wall ever made and
        secure our borders…legal immigration is
        one thing..mallowing criminals into our
        country is another..make it illegal to have
        Sanctuary Cities.. Let ice do their job
        Every American regardless of race or color
        needs to join hands to vote every DemonRat
        and RINO out of office.

        1. The left, the Democrats, the liberals, etc. have an agenda in mind far beyond removal of Mr. Trump. They are out to get control of the House and Senate so it won’t really matter if Mr Trump remains in office. His hands will be tied and Congress will control the country.; Stop thinking small potatoes and work towards getting these radicals under control before it is too late.
          The illegals getting driver licenses will use them for voting registrations; and we will have illegals voting.
          The Muslims were brought over by Obama ; No mosques should be built in the US because that is where they are training future Muslims to overtake our nation. We must remove them from our government also; Whatever happened to the law forbidding this?

          Islam was banned from the USA in 1952 but Obama didn’t want us to know that nor did he respect or uphold the US law. The Immigration and Nationality Act passed June 27, 1952 revised the law relatinig to Immigration and naturalized, and nationality for the USA. That act, which became Public Law 414, established both the law and the intent of Congress regarding the immigration of Aliens of the US and remains in effect today. Among the many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2, section 212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an organization seeking to overthrow the government of the US by force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” This, by its very definition, rules out Islamic immigration the US , but this law is being ignored by the White House, media and liberals. Islamic immigration to the US would be prohibited under this law because the Koran, Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam, which is antithetical to the US government, the Constitution and the Republic. All Muslims who attest that the Koran is their life’s guiding principal subscribe to submission to Islam and its form of government. NOW the political correct crowd would say that Islamists cannot be prohibited from the entering the US because Islam is a religion. Whether it is a religion is immaterial because the law states that Aliens who are affiliated with any “organization ”that advocates the overthrow of our government are prohibited

  4. Evil is evil and individuals still refuse to see Jesus Christ their savior Jesus wants us all to come to his saving grace, That none should perish but have eternal life and have a blessed life with him here on the earth but eternal life in heaven with Jesus. In today’s world most politicians every day people don’t want to give up their life they don’t want to give up their Sin Life they want to do as they see fit and if it goes against everything that the Bible teaches, so be it. The end of time is drawing near and you can read in the Bible and find out what those signs are as they are everywhere around us but the world will ignore all the signs just as They ignored Noah who built a huge boat that for over 100 years he had people working on it with him Noah told them what was going to happen and they believed not as it had never rained and didn’t believe it and he witnessed to them and they didn’t believe and they all perished .there was approximately 1 to 4,000,000,000 people on the planet at that time as people live to be 800 -900 years old ; instead and they laughed and made fun and then when the flood came they all perished out of that many people only eight were saved. Please ask Jesus Christ to come into your life and save you from your sins and be born again. Start reading the Bible and learn all about Jesus and how much he loves you that he was willing to crawl up on the cross and die for your sins. It doesn’t get better than that folks

  5. We must stop the obstructing Dems trying to destroy America. When did America become a country of lawlessness? The Dems get by with murder and our politicians are becoming so corrupt that it makes anyone sick to their stomach to see what’s happened in Washington

    1. Things are slowly continuing to go down hill in our Nation. I don’t think it will end.
      I can recommend two possible actions:
      1. Move to New Zealand.
      2. Prepare for civil war.

    1. start with Paula Abdul and Doctor Oz. Our forefathers studied Islam, you fool.
      The Koran mentions Jesus as “THE MESSIAH” at least nine times. have you even read it???

      1. William need to read the Book , The Epistle of Jude …Jude was a bond servant of Jesus Christ , and the brother of James , To those who are called sanctified by God the Father , and preserved in Jesus Christ : this Book tells about the origin of the KORAH , or as it it called in your translation and or re-advised for manipulation of the unsuspecting minds of the youth and your edification not telling all of the real truth of the koran but what they want you to know …Woe to them ! For they have gone in the way of Cain , have run greedily in the error of Balaam , whom is Satan for profit , and perished in the rebellion of the Korah … Genesis 4:3-8 …and st. Jude 17 the Book just before Revelations in the Book of Books …KJV ..First English translation from the Torah 1642 …educate yourself and our for fathers were those who left the EU to escape the Queen who was denying the people of the truth to control them jailing imprisoning them , hanging and beheading those who where of the Christian faith and teaching the truth of the gospels of the Lord Jesus Christ …and learning the His ways …. so you really should educate yourself ..before shaming and calling names to those who are trying to do what is right , and of things you obviously do not know …for lack of true guidance in the knowledge of the truth …in the Book of Books , also known as the Book of Life , The Gospels of Christ … for whom our God and The Father of all that lives and breathes said to follow if you wish to live long and be prosper many good years ..

      2. William Stout
        the quran has 109 instructions to kill, rape, enslave, convert or tax infidels and one COMMAND from allah himself – to conquer the world via either immigration or WAR

        know your enemy or die at his hands

      3. It also advocates killing anybody who disagrees with them and treating women abominably. So of course YOU support it. Does Soros pay you to be so hateful?

  6. SEND BACK ALL the NON-WHITES brought to REPLACE and DESTROY / KILL the WHITE PEOPLE in Europe and its historical COLONIES !
    MAKE Europe and its colonies WHITE AGAIN !
    It’s a TREASON from LEFTIST SECRET SOCIETIES (“Enlightened” type) that invented and founded this MONSTROUS “European Union” that must be DISMANTLED NOW.

    1. The slaves were sold by the chief of their tribe to the slave traders. Most slave hunters were blacks. When we abolished slavery the blacks were offered free transportation back to Africa, in what is now Nigeria. But many didn’t want to go back, as they were born here. Now the “Open Borders Foundation, founded by Mr. George Soros in 1985, is trying to make the USA into another “Union”. Like the ‘European Union”! The Dems are “Owned” by Soros, as is the liberal media, unions, and the others that work in the over 2,300 liberal organizations funded by the foundations. Obama was supposed to deliver an “Americas Union” for Soros, but failed. Read the goals of the foundation on their website. “NO governments, borders, or religions”.

      1. And fully 80% of black slaves were sent to countries OTHER than the US too. They were captured and sold by other blacks, sometimes their own kin. The blacks STARTED the slave trade! There is plenty of blame to go around. It is not just whites. And while we’re at it, after the civil war, ONLY the black slaves were freed in the US! None of the other races being used as slaves, just the blacks.

    2. There are many good people of color..
      just as there are trashing scum in white
      people. Just look at the DemonRat party.
      Race baiting will get us nowhere.
      Judge a person by their actions…not their

  7. This is where we need to send all Democrat Congress and Govenors men and women to for one year. Then let’s see how they will vote.

  8. Right now our country is under attack from Nazi Democrats in the name of immigration. They know with out the illegal People, they can not stay in power. While our government stays at a stand still, Russia and China is growing powerful. So who is our enemy?

    1. What does “NAZI” stand for? “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” Hitlers Party. “Nationalsocialist” is that what you want to be called?

  9. Here is a government because of PC in Europe who has lost its real meaning. Government’s first and most important job is to protect its citizens and here the Swedish government is caught red handed being complicit with the rape and murder of women and children of Swedish origin.

  10. What happened to the Viking spirit? If the government won’t protect its citizens maybe it’s time to form vigilante groups and teach these barbarians a lesson!
    Shame on your men for not defending your beautiful women!

      1. Which is what Piglosi and her ilk are trying to force here! They’ll get my guns when they pry them from my cold, dead hands. MY family WILL be defended and protected from ALL threats and attacks, whether foreign or domestic.

  11. None of these democrat supporters are going to wake up until it happens to someone they love. Then and only then will they realize what’s happening. I just hope and pray it’s not too late!! Just be ready to defend yourself. With the likes of Crazy Pelosi and Comatose Schumer around, we have no security in this country. Thank you, President Trump, for doing your best to protect us and our great country!!

  12. The Swedes offered an “olive branch” and are getting the s**t beat out of them with it. A lesson for the entire world- it the people are smart enough to understand it. They say ” a wise man learns from his mistakes ” – but a wiser man learns from others mistakes

    1. And the UN sits smugly by after setting this invasion in motion. They are trying to do the same here! Get them out of the US and withdraw from it!

    1. Amen.racism is not the answer. Judge all
      people by their actions. Your bigotry just
      divides everyone. You being white does
      not make you superior.
      I am white..I am not a liberal…I just know
      there are many good people out there of
      all colors.

  13. Awful! Corrupt! An evil spirit. Pure unadulterated evil. There is not one that has assimilated to that country, Sweden. My mother is Swedish~speaking. We cannot go there now. Our culture, our people… lost. Viking~spirit is right!!!!!!! Form internal men military groups, who knows some females too, I’LL DO IT, and capture them. Rid them. Crimes, cut like body parts off, send them from whence they came, BUILD A WALL!!!!!!! Again, I will do it.

  14. Has Sweden had enough of the importing savages?
    Savages are not trainable how to act in society!
    Get rid of them while you can.

  15. The cult of death will never assimilate and the sooner the nations of this world understand that and isolate these crusaders back to their home lands in the middle east the better. The doctrine of this cult allows the members to do all of the things noted in this report without any consequences within the horde. The victims have only to kick these monsters out of their country by whatever means it takes. In the past it was wars. And it is going to take that again if their governments do not act and send them back. This particular cult has done this in the past historically about every 100 years to EU. I guess the educators wiped that from the history as well.

    This is what we face eventually in the US. The crusades are coming and when they feel their numbers a sufficient they will act like this in the US as well. The illegal aliens are not a whole lot better. Yet the dem wits and fools like Cortez advocate for more of all of them.

    Votes and power, not humanitarian thoughts, drive the dem wits and their loud mouth soap box caricatures like Big Mouth, Cortez expell their lies like a poison. The Cult of Death members now in the house are just smoothing the way for their members to bring all of what has been noted to this country. It is time for congress to step up but they will not and with rinos and dem wits aligning against their legal constituents we are likely headed to violent resolutions in a country where the people unlike EU are heavily armed. MAGA will happen but congress is gonna change forever after.

  16. Sweden’s socialistic progressive ideology is the cause of their woes. If they would have read the utopian novels of the past (1984 and others), they might have had a clue of their demise. It was all predicted by old socialist Karl Marx and his Das Capital and Communist Manifesto (~1850s). If the US of A doesn’t wake up, it will be their turn “in the barrel”. Should we ammo up ?!?! I would if I were you. Many of us have already made plans. After all, the authorities are only minutes away while old Betsy, a WWI bolt action .30-06 with scope, Leroy, a 6 mm bolt action with scope, my Fathers Army .45 semi and .38 revolver and a 16 gauge pump action (doesn’t need a scope). All are only seconds away. Come hell, high water or radical illegal immigrant, I’m ready, regardless of the situation with the Border Wall.

  17. Everywhere you see imagration allowed by reception governments, it’s political and somewhat evil. (1) To increase poor people for cheep labor explotation. (2) Getting poor ignorant people to vote for socialism for the power mongers who want this to stay in power. Every nation that has declining population is seen as a serious problem by that nations rich-elete and powerful controllers.

  18. Same anti immigrant bullshit I heard as a kid, when Italians were considered “non white” and not allowed to live in certain areas or own certain businesses. Teach cultural awareness to newcomers and allow them to assimilate.
    All we Europeans did was MURDER the people who lived here first(for thousands of years) and steal their land, then screw it up in a few hundred years. We Europeans have screwed up and wrought destruction everyplace we immigrated to.
    thoughtless, ignorant, racist post.

    1. William Stout is either incredibly stupid or an unmitigated domestic enemy. Either way, by his statements you know him. He never responds to the actual subject and always accuses people of something off-point.

    2. This is the result of forced naivete by the leaders in Europe and yet North Americans are being forced by similar groups trying to force open borders which will have the same results! Brainwash ideology will unleash the same results here because those with an ounce of brains won’t take it seriously! The European “experiment” has been a failure and the silent majority is still apathetic! The liberated Left is still basking in their glory despite the results! The world is changing and not for the good!

    3. Come and get us, “William”. Not getting any dates, are you? Real American women find you, as they say, creepy? We know all about you and millions of democrat “males” just like you. You’re going down…everyday, right? Get lost from American society. We’ll be happy to help.

  19. Yes, and it’s coming to America if we don’t smarten up but quick. Even God himself is trying to let us know this migration must be stopped. Millions of locusts are continually swarming the Muslim holiest spot and they won’t stop. If that doesn’t get your attention nothing will.

  20. I find Stouts comments interesting, he has a mouth and no brain . The Koran states that Jesus is a prophet, and yet Muslims call Jews the descendents of pigs and apes. Jesus stated that ” salvation is from the jews”, so a Muslim that hates the jews, rejects the words of the Koran!
    Stouts words are not at all surprising, Socialists, (liberals, progressives) are the most bigoted, and racist of all political groups, and and love to stir up violence, hatred, and racism wherever they are. They hate god, hate man, and hate peace.
    A good example is ANTIFA, an organization loved by “liberals”, that claims to be antifascist, yet is as fascist as the SA or Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany. Interesting that the Democratic “Liberal” speakers are now attacking the jews; I wonder how long before they burn synagoges smash and rob Jewish stores, and decide to build “rest camps and Vacation camps ” for Jews and others.

  21. Roundup all the moocher refugees and send them back. Increase penalties for rape. Rape someone and loose your testicals by the swipe of the kings sward. All will end.


  23. If one reads the plans of The Frankfurt School, which moves from Germany to Columbia University early in the 20th Century, you can see what they have done to institute these plans to install Marxism around the world. All we are seeing is a direct result of successful implementation of these plans. Infiltrate the voices of culture, politics, media, education and religion. Foment identity politics to turn people against each other and weaken the bonds of family and morality. They’ve been pretty successful and unless we get “woke”, this progression will continue to its ultimate conclusion. What’s so amazing is how the mindless supporters of this “progressive (Communist) agenda fail to realize that they will be among the first to be destroyed when the fall occurs. God help us…and pray, as one said, is right!!

  24. What in the world happened to “Viking” Heritage? Have the Swedes’ lost their way and succumbed to weak and feeble ways of people’s they used to dominate! The current crop of Swedes’ certainly couldn’t match their forebears!
    Get off the feeble bandwagon and take back your country!

  25. Democrat leaders and the media are not going to be successful in turning Americans against one another and weaken the bonds of family and morality. Our eyes are open and we can see that what they are selling is not what we want for our neighbor and definitely not for our children’s future!

  26. The Socialist Bleeding Hearts in Sweden allowed these “refugees” into Beowulf’s land and gave them the freedom to rape, pillage, and create no go zones! Enjoy the fruits of your benevolence but if you have any common sense, you would throw these rapists and murderers out of your country before they impose Sharia law and conquer your land for the Islamic republics!

  27. Totally misleading article , it wants you to assume this is done by Muslim immigrants when the fact is only 5.2% of rapes are done by persons considered Islam faith. Now why the increase is you could find out your self by some research.
    Sweden’s rape laws have changed, and the Democratic party there who had this as an issue in their election campaign’s lost.
    Under Sweden laws the below examples do happen.
    Imagine, for example, if your boss rubbed against you in an unwanted way at work once a week for a year. In Canada, this would potentially be a case of sexual assault. Under Germany’s more limited laws, it would be zero cases. In Sweden, it would be tallied as 52 separate cases of rape. If you engaged in a half-dozen sex acts with your spouse, then later you felt you had not given consent, in Sweden that would be classified as six cases of rape.

    The marked increase in rape cases during the 2000s is almost entirely a reflection of Sweden’s deep public interest in sexual equality and the rights of women, not of attacks by newcomers.

    But aren’t refugees and immigrants responsible for a greater share of Sweden’s sexual assaults?

    In a sense. Statistics show that the foreign-born in Sweden, as in most European countries, do have a higher rate of criminal charges than the native-born, in everything from shoplifting to murder (though not enough to affect the crime rate by more than a tiny margin). The opposite is true in North America, where immigrants have lower-than-average crime rates.


    Why the difference? Because people who go to Sweden are poorer, and crime rates are mostly a product not of ethnicity but of class. In a 2013 analysis of 63,000 Swedish residents, Prof. Sarnecki and his colleagues found that 75 per cent of the difference in foreign-born crime is accounted for by income and neighbourhood, both indicators of poverty. Among the Swedish-born children of immigrants, the crime rate falls in half (and is almost entirely concentrated in lesser property crimes) and is 100-per-cent attributable to class – they are no more likely to commit crimes, including rape, than ethnic Swedes of the same family income.

    What also stands out is that almost all the victims of these crimes – especially sex crimes – are also foreign-born. But for a handful of headline-grabbing atrocities, it isn’t a case of swarthy men preying on white women, but of Sweden’s system turning refugees into victims of crime.

    That is the real Swedish crisis. Refugee shelters are terrible, dangerous places, whoever is in them. When such shelters, then known as displaced persons camps, held millions of Europeans in the 1940s and 1950s, histories show they were at risk of sexual predation and organized attacks against Jewish refugees.

    Because otherwise generous Sweden doesn’t allow refugees to seek work until they know the language, tens of thousands of people are stuck in these awful places, in similar conditions, or in welfare-dependent netherworlds.

    There they become victims of violent crime, victims of economic exclusion and victims of a grotesque, viral story that portrays them as predators, entirely because of their skin colour.

  28. the so called human race was setup , to live in different areas , due to cultures , ect , when law was handled the right way crime and all was lower they were afraid to be caught, nice people always get raped, America has been under invasion way before obummer he just opened the dam up. .. all the countries that wish to get rid of the garbage send them here and other moron countries whom have big hearts , who wouldn’t take advantage of that , demos love it cheap work forces , and cooperative people too, we live in one of the best places in the world but ever since the late 70s and 80s we were sold out right in front of us , religion major issue any where , and racism does not exist created by the demos to keep us at each other , and some races can not survive without it ….I know human factor , the end of this planet as we know it that’s for sure …GO TRUMP and GOD BLESS AMERICA

  29. I have no pity for the Swedish shitbrains of Sweden!!!! You made your bed, lay in it!!!! I have only one advice to give to the Swedish people…..import more Muslim refugees to your country, don’t stop now and don’t iffin complain, you wanted these Muslim cockroaches in your country. These savages will rape every single orifices in your body, from children to elderly, to males and females, and when they’re done with their evil and wicked cravings, they will then behead every single one of you. F U 4 your stupidity !!!!

  30. Most of these comments are pretty good .But like my words, are febale if we don’t stick together while were the majority of Americans .We need to make a physical stand,We are the Government, We the people .I wholly support are great President, but he’s just a vessel we put in the white house .Today is the first day of the rest of your life.I have a request right now for all those that want too preserve are Constitution. Talk to as many people as possible from this day forth in your home State about a March on every state Capital in America on the same day in America. Call in at all the conservative talk shows, Fox news or anyone with enough backbone to make this a reality. MR.TRUMP has been walking his Talk ,now it’s time to show are best support.It’s never too late,no matter what.The only thing that will change is how we will keep this Country great,the later we wait the more we will suffer.Be ready to put your millions of Trump hats on starting today with pride.I live in Tallahassee Florida, the state capital,i will do my part if you will so your’s.Remember procrastination is your worst enemy, don’t stand behind are President. Stand in front of him to support him not behind him like some coward.

  31. Swedish government is consistently in favour of importing Muslims, Government live in protected enclaves so there is no consequence for the favoured few. Indisputable that Islam demands conversion or death for Infidels- that’s all the rest of us. Just a matter of time before their numbers result in enforced Shariah law. Swedes have no idea how bad that will be. Insurrection and risk of death are hugely preferable to Islamic domination.

  32. No matter what is said, what we read, or how we perceive this problem, the base of all these problems is the selfish attitudes and behaviors, lack of human respect, and disregard to any morals from the muslim refugees and other immigrants like them coming to this once beautiful country. A small number (very small number) of muslims appreciate the hospitality of this country, but are too scared to speak out about their fellow “peaceful” middle eastern brethren. The government and their law enforcement personnel have to come down hard on this and stop this unlawful action and stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks or feels. Take the country back and place these “others” back where they belong – in their own hell. Then, and only then, will the behaviors and inappropriate actions be held back.

  33. I agree. Democrats have become the domestic terrorists. And they have become filthy rich. AOC will have a 15cmillion dollar bank ACCOUNT a personal ACCOUNT by january. OMAR the same or more. Schumer nadle . SOROS HANDING OUT CASH THROUGH 100. 501CS. . HIS TWO SLIMEBALLS GET handing OUT CASH TO PROTESTERS. MOVE ON PAC. NAN . SOLICE TRUMP HAS THE GOODS ON ALL.. BUT LOBBYIST ARE HANDING OUT BILLIONS. ALL KNOW THEIR ON THE LIST. OF TREASON. TRAITORS. FELoNS. GET THE ROPES. OUT.

  34. Liberals will never wake up. Their DNA is set on a permanent setting of “head-in-sand” notch. Until it hits their end; all the agendas they like; will backfire in their faces like the rapes at their inner circle because it has yet to hit the Liberals
    Increasing penalties for rape like castration, losing parts of the body but slicing the “sin” out, eye-for- eye etc. Humans do not learn till they lose something–more so like castration–plus the 2nd amendment gives the right to protect oneself. Until ‘we the people’ learn to take control over the representatives we voted in, as well as throw them out by REAL action…voting no longer seems effective because the voted Representative(s) failed to do their jobs and no longer represent us. We pay taxes for that : “No representation with our bloodied taxation” deems legit enough to file criminal charges. Starting with civilian arrests of those in DC as a good example for the rest to follow. Even the DC Law enforcers are paid off by the both representatives who are deemed as “legit voted in” by corruption are collateral damage

  35. This is what they get for letting all those muslims into their country crime of all kinds have increased all through Europe because of the muslim migration.
    Facebook wouldn’t let me put this comment on Facebook. This comment is the truth.

  36. They Invaders have no Moral nor value when it come to any one other than their
    own corrupt cult teachings. Sadly they are not fit to live among civilized people
    as long as they cling to their bastardized cult’s teachings. You have two choices
    First is to stop the influx of the terrorist to your Nation, and the Second is to remove
    them form your Nation denying them a safe harbor in which to ferment unrest and
    violence upon your citizens. There is a third alternative but it is a case of last
    resort and the world view and public outcry from liberals and socialist would
    be unacceptable.

  37. Men stopped being leaders and men and allowed sexist and myopic women to be leaders and allow this evil to befall their nation. Their mindless stupidity and sexism have brought untold pain and suffering and death to Sween’s women and children. Once again, when men stop being men and allow women to be leaders we see, time and time again, the folly of their ways. These sexist women leaders in Sweden have blood, misery, and violence on their vile and deranged behavior.

  38. Hi your so right our country is going down hill because the illeagals and the muslims have come into our country and want to go buy there laws and religion .
    The United States needs to kick out those who dont want to assimilate and follow our laws.
    As far as most americans are concerned loadem up the ones are bucking the system and drop them off back in there own hell hole then they will see how good they had it in ours.
    We the people think those who want benifits from our country need to earn them and put into the system before you get a dime.
    The problem were having here is the democratic party thinks more of the illegals then they do there own people.

  39. The surge of Rapes in Sweden is because of all the refugee and immigrants and the government bowing and caving to them instead of upholding the law. the true Sweden’s left need to get out before they get killed.

  40. You guys did ti to yourselves. It’s time to throw these vermin out! Nothing any good will come of this forced immigration. I hope it’s not too late for Sweden or for the United States.

  41. Send them back to the Place they are use to do what is sickning to the rest of the World.
    Comm, dont be afraid.They are the Satan.

  42. The incidents reported in the article must be sent to Congress and request your Representatives and Senators of all parties who are not born in this Country and those who entered legally and illegally to adopt our culture and assimilate or be Deported to the Country of their birth. Please write to your Reps. and Senators to get this legislation started before more of the Muslim faith are infiltrated to Congress like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who are not assimilated and hate our Country.

  43. Talk about Sweden’s problems ours is just beginning, we have no go zones right here in the US, these no go zones should be outlawed and cleared out by deporting the people that will not accept the Us rules and laws, unfortunately we don’t have anyone in the government that has the guts to implement this policy, someday it will come down to a war between these non Americans and the people who were born here and want to live under our laws and freedoms such as we still have we can’t let the idiot leftist pass laws to confiscate our firearms because it will leave us wide open to a take over

  44. Well, it is the women’s faught they got raped according to Islam’s perfect prophet Mohammed. The damn woman is below an animal and is to be treated as such. They have to say yes to their husbands and husbands can beat them where it does not show as long as he does it in their house. Why do you think women are to be covered up so they can’t show any abuse by the man. Children over three can be sold to a man by the Father and when eleven years old the man has to marry the female or return her to the parents. Boys can be used for sex by a man who pays the father. Now you can see where the raping of women and sex with kids is coming from. And since this sexual control is given to men by Mohammad you are not going to change it. You need to get rid of the men who put the Islam laws into effect by practicing them and send them back to where they came from. And women when approached need to okay the man’s advance so they just get raped and not killed which is okay too in Islam. Sweden is a garden of women and kids available to Muslim men and they just can’t take no from a blond blue eyed woman especially if they are infidels of another religion than Islam. Well, actually Muslim men don’t have to take no from women and kids. Good Luck to European and all Western countries as Islam makes it’s move to conquer countries and women. Where are the men any ways in these countries, why aren’t they protecting their non Islam women.

  45. The easy answer is obvious…make the Muslims practicing Sharia Law leave…and send them back to their native country and don’t take in any more Muslim refugees. If that is done however, the European Courts will scream “unfair”, etc. It’s a shame that these people won’t assimilate themselves into their host country.
    This is what the Obama Administration planned on doing to the United States; opening us up to the same people. We were scheduled to open 83,000 positions this year; thank heavens President Trump cut it down to 18,000 slots. People where mass immigration of Muslims (Memphis, St. Paul, etc) are upset with the result of having so many immigrants pushed on them.
    We talk about illegal immigrants on our Southern Border being a problem, but we don’t ever talk about the problems we have encountered by the Muslim community. Many disregard our laws and customs and try to force their customs on our country. President Teddy Roosevelt said the following:

    “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language… and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

    I think that says it all!!

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