5 Things Liberals Blamed On Global Warming In 2018

End of Days prophesies raise a few eyebrows and even hairs on your neck until they pass. Then it’s on with the jokes. But with global warming, the doomsday crowd has managed to change horses a few times and keep dreams of an apocalypse alive. Switching propaganda away from global warming to “climate change,” the excitable left has managed to minimize Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” that Armageddon clock struck midnight in 2006, and we’re all still here.

Coming to the former vice president’s aid, Good Morning America claimed that the seas would rise and flood Manhattan in 2015. Much to the left-leaning show’s chagrin, real estate is still for sale, and not all waterfront properties. It’s not that everyday Americans want to laugh at the outrageous radical environmental predictions, it’s that we just can’t help it.

Human activity certainly has some impact, but we’ll never truly know how much because the science surrounding the issue has become a farce. And to support that point, these are some of the more outlandish things liberals blamed on Climate Change in 2018.

1: Wildfires in California

In perhaps one of the more transparent efforts to avoid personal responsibility, California Gov. Brown claims the wildfires raging across the West Coast are not caused by matches, but by you starting up your car. While he’s correct that the state’s wildfires are getting progressively worse each year, it’s a tad more complicated than greenhouse gases.

California has been suffering massive recorded wildfires for nearly 100 years. But the recent escalation coincides with a little-known fact that forests have been increasingly mismanaged since the mid-1990s. Under now disgraced Pres. Bill Clinton and liberal state policies, logging and clear-cutting were effectively banned. Two decades later, all those clear-cut swaths have grown back, and wildfires no longer run out of fuel. Clear-cutting trees was the commercial equivalent of backfires. The only way to stop a wildfire is to cut off its fuel supply. California’s liberal environmental policies created the monster.

2: Intuits’ Ancestral Knowledge

People living in the Canadian village of Rigolet are losing all of their “ancestral wisdom” due to swelling seas caused by climate change. Leave it to the liberal Guardian to claim Intuits will be less smart due to greenhouse gases. If you don’t believe it, here’s a couple of quotes the outlet published:

“I’m seeing changes that impact the way that we live. The sea, the ice, the snow, it’s all changing. You can’t travel safely anymore. Up and down the coast, it’s the same thing. And it’s changing right before our eyes.”

“These changes are disrupting hundreds of years of knowledge and wisdom and connection to the land. That’s a scary thing for humanity.”

But the major faux pas in the left-leaning media outlet’s premise is that the people interviewed claim new species of fish are arriving at their shores every day. So…more fish? Even the fiercest climate change advocate admits the oceans may have changed only 1 degree in the last 100 years.

3: Incredible Shrinking Sheep

Climate Change scientists are claiming numerous species are becoming increasingly smaller due to the profound impact of climate change, particularly sheep. According to a recent paper published by David Bickford from the University of La Verne, “Many species already exhibit smaller sizes as a result of climate change, and many others are likely to shrink in response to continued climate change, following fundamental ecological and metabolic rules.”

Although this sounds like the plot to a sci-fi comedy, Bickford is not alone. As far back as 2009, after the world ended once or twice already according to Al Gore, researchers claimed that sheep were progressively getting smaller due to cold, under-vegetative landscapes. But once climate change came along and things warmed up, they still got smaller. Inexplicably, climate change is being blamed.

4: Glaciers Are Shrinking . . . But Growing

According to liberals, glaciers from the Himalayas to the Andes are rapidly melting away. While the annual spring-summer runoff has been a boon to communities downstream, scientists now say the ice masses are too small, and climate change is to blame.

But according to NASA, the Earth’s temperature may have only risen a maximum of 2 degrees in more than 100 years. Two degrees doesn’t seem significant, and the reports tend to leave out the fact that the northern Andes are traditionally warm and balmy anyway.

Complicating the sky-is-falling climate change prediction is the fact that glaciers are growing in many places around the world. In Montana, glaciers continue to expand despite predictions they would have vanished by 2002 and ice packs were excessively high last year.

5: Fall Foliage Stinks

Perhaps NPR had the most egg on its face during 2018 when the left-leaning radio network did a piece about climate change impacting fall foliage in New England.

By focusing on what it called the “leaf peeping” season, the so-called journalists tried to claim there was no longer a foliage peak. But it all came unraveled when they interviewed folks at Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. Much to NPR’s chagrin, the restaurant had kept patron data that correlated to the fall foliage tourist rush. Apparently, the eatery had just set a record for visitors, and people seemed to come for three weeks rather than two in the old days.

Determined to prove climate change and its adverse effects, they tried a ski lodge that only attributed the lack of advanced bookings to weather apps. Yikes.

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36 thoughts on “5 Things Liberals Blamed On Global Warming In 2018”

  1. Do you believe the nonsense that Liberals believe in, take a look at Canada, the European Countries and Venezuela, Cuba, need I say more!

  2. Wow, apparently they wanted me to comment because my name and email were already filled it. I just didn’t want to disappoint them.

  3. Boy, your un-named author really had to dig deep to find these 5 “things” that liberals blame climate change for. Sea level rising, increasing average temps world-wide and melting polar ice caps were conveniently left off. Next time you guys go to the doctor, tell them to forget the science and rely on voodoo to diagnose and treat what ails you. Simply amazing!!

      1. 4/10ths of one degree by man over 100 yrs. Gov’t hijacking of science to skew data from the outset to arrive at the most optimum result for gov’t control over people’s lives. Interesting how when you listen to weather, 95% of the time it’s the worst since…many more devastating natural disasters happened prior to this decade.

  4. Ice caps have been growing. Don’t ignore the science. Also global warming has been the root cause of blizzards and record cold temperatures. Don’t ignore the hard evidence. Also global warming has cause the middle east crisis and Islamic radicalism. Global warming has also cause us to mutate into 73 different genders.

    1. Just goes to prove that like everything else you can “buy” your research data…and with the likes of the mainstream fake media, recently allied with social media, they will push, distort, censor what they are TOLD to!!!

  5. Resolution of the “Climate Change” controversy is unresolved. Needed is continuing study by qualified scientists on both sides with facts appropriately verified and presented. The most appropriate response at present is cautious pessimism about the hue and cry of pending doom, with politics removed from the equation.

    1. The current over-politicized government issued climate data is no more to be trusted than the various over-politicized national economic statistics such as GDP and unemployment data. It’s all about politics and any science involved is no more than political science.

  6. If you take the funds use to research cancer and only paid for a cure, we would have no cancer.
    If you took the funds to research climate change it would also not exist and problably have less Colleges waisting their time with unneeded studies.

  7. Global warming is causing me to the age. I am now one year older from this time last year. I will continue to get older until we stop global warming. Age Change is the direct result of man-made Climate Change. I need a safe place and a box of juice.

  8. Our Main Stream Media and our liberals, progressives, socialists, communists, environmentalists, “social sciences” professors, Democrats, and other bottom-feeders, low-lives, and scum of this once free and strong and proud society equate nuclear bombs with nuclear electricity. Hoodwinking Americans is the essential part of the environmentalist agenda. Environmental activist Stephen Schneider told Discover magazine in 1989: “We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. … Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”
    In 1988, then-Sen. Timothy Wirth, D-Colo., said: “We’ve got to … try to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong … we will be doing the right thing anyway in terms of economic policy and environmental policy.”
    To resume this-comedy in 3 acts performed by the US-taxpayer-paid ($25 billion per year) drones supervised by the UN socialist panel:
    1) New Ice Age panic in the 1970’s; remedy = our unilateral disarmament plus nationalize everything and establish a United Nations-supervised world socialist government “to spread the wealth around”, as proclaimed in 2009 by our Marxist Muslim ex-President from Kenya B. Hussein Obama; when that ice failed to show up the same criminals invented
    2) Global Warming scam in the 1990’s; remedy still the same. After 21 consecutive years of global COOLING as dictated by the 30-year solar cycle the same bunch of criminals declared
    3) Climate Change hoax; remedy – see above.
    Our former (thank God!) Marxist Muslim President B. Hussein Obama from Kenya bestowed $50 million of our money to the United Nations Climate Change fund organized by that criminal Paris Conference comedy. In hasty preparation for that conference the fakers “recalibrated” their thermometers and “modified” their computer programs RETROACTIVELY to “demonstrate’ further warming. Mr. Trump – PLEASE – nullify this waste of our money and stop that socialist conspiracy! Well – miracle: he has done it!

  9. Many confuse the issues of “Climate Change” with pollution.
    Although the release of “greenhouse” gas (primarily carbon dioxide) by humans is pollution; the vast majority of it is natural.
    The question of “Climate Change” is not whether it is pollution; rather “is the climate affected by anthropogenic sources?”
    Assume for a moment “Climate Change” is all carbon-based causation, 100% anthropogenic and we all are certain to be drowning in 20 years.
    The fact would be; unless all carbon emitters in the world reduced or eliminated their carbon output, “Climate Change” will continue.
    No amount of money, localized prohibitions or restrictions, nothing would solve the problem except a worldwide reduction in carbon emissions.
    Your local politician will hype and propagate this over-reported less understood situation for your dollars although there is nothing they can do whether “Climate Change: is real or not, the real tragedy is so many are ready to blindly buy into this and pay the fraud.

  10. I lost my MOJO this year. Could it have been Global Cooling (gc), Global Warming (gw), again gc, and now gw and social, racial, economic and environ-mental (pun intended) JUSTICE (i.e. socialism or spreading the wealth) ?!?! WE hard working Patriotic US citizens already pay through the you-know-what taxes are asked (so far) to divvy up more carbon (???) or CO2 (???) TAXES to the NWO/OWO of old (and I really mean OLD) socialist Georgie Soros and his UN, EU and US RINO minions and sheeple. I’m NOT ready for the USSA, are you??? It might be time to ammo up and get ready for the next American Revolution, especially with Obozo the Clown (BHO or Barry Soetoro) the HMFIC. Regards, a deplorable and skeptic.

  11. “Intuit”?

    intuit verb
    in·​tu·​it | \in-ˈtü-ət,
    intuited; intuiting; intuits
    Definition of intuit

    transitive verb

    : to know, sense, or understand by intuition

    1. Yeah. That one bugged me too along with some other grammar and punctuation errors. Overall it was funny, though.

    2. Inuit: n. A member of a group of Eskimoan peoples inhabiting the Arctic from northern Alaska eastward to eastern Greenland, particularly those of Canada.

      That was the author’s intention, given the context.

  12. To all you liberals. Once you see a Big Foot at your local park it will be the piece of missing evidence that Climate Changes is not only real but the eco system is dying off. Until Big Foot is caught and interviewed as to why he is here I will guess he is just like others here illegally looking for work or a social program he is eligible for at tax payer expense .

  13. Climate Change by the Numbers
    1 =Winter 2=Spring 3=Summer 4=Fall 1=Winter
    2=Spring 3=Summer 4=Fall 1=Winter 2=Spring
    3= Summer 4=Fall 1=Winter 2=Spring 3=Summer
    4=Fall 1= Winter 2=Spring 3=Summer 4= Fall

    (You see It All About The Numbers Numm Nutts) Reality! Can you Disagree ?

  14. A recent finding of 200 million new termite mounds will help close the missing balance of world wide carbon exchange. Please be aware that before this new find tremites were estimated to be emitting more carbon dioxide than all the world fossil fuel burning. Yes it changes ones confidence that we know enough to be making extreme investments on noncarbon energy sources.

    1. In India the number of sacred cows roaming the streets and never killed for religious reasons, emit enough methane in flatus to equal the global warming effect of all use vehicles CO2 emissions.

  15. Liberals are not only the cause, it is the money, votes and non-informed people who can’t think properly.

  16. Once again the left has successfully redefined our language by stealing the phrase Climate Change. It’s brilliant because it’s undeniable that the climate does change but the real question we need to ask is, are any of the efforts to reverse climate change working. With billions of dollars poured into reversing the climate no one is held accountable for proving if the science of CO2 reductions is actually working or at what cost.

  17. A lonely cow fart in Oklahoma has caused gigantic flooding in southern Africa. An example of “reasoning” by our Eco-Nazis.

  18. This is more nonsense from the Left. Global Warming is a lie & a hoax. I remember in the 1970’s there were a few bad blizzards & every one was talking about a second Ice Age. It didn’t happen then & it’s not happening now.

  19. This is all happening because, they figured out a new tax, the carbon tax? they can apply it to your house, your car, your business, and if you breath? your body?? just new revenue, they can suck from your pocket, to enrich the wealthy, even more while you fall deeper in debt, from the liberal agenda, and their carbon tax. (the Hanson bank) was purchased for the purpose of selling carbon credits to you? if you went over your limit, so, now you pay a tax? and now you pay another tax to get you out of trouble because of the other tax? this is a trillion dollar shiphon off of our economy. Guess who owns the hanson bank? barrack obama, George Soros,that’s who!! makes me sick!! they stand to make trillion’s and suck this country dry. just think about it?

  20. I’ll tell you one of my favorites, JR. The naming of hurricanes! 25 or 30 years ago (maybe a little more) hurricanes were named when the storm had sustained winds of 70 mph+. Weeellll….as the push for global warming/global cooling/climate change became more ‘heated’ the idiots needed more proof to back up their fear mongering. One of those ways was to show an increase in ‘named storms’, so in their ‘infinite wisdom’ they decided to start naming tropical storms (over 35 mph sustained winds)! After all, they could possibly become a hurricane….right? All of a sudden the number of named storms had doubled and the climate change freaks were coming out of the woodwork…..fingers pointing at the ‘indisputable evidence’. It’s all about redistributing wealth and breaking the USA. If that were to happen, the New World Order a**holes would throw a party that would make the New Years Eve celebration in NYC look like a backyard birthday party. That is the end game and we’re the pawns. obama was taking us down that road and quickly…..he didn’t finish the job but no worries. The hildebeast would be elected and she could finish the job. Along came 2016 and the unexpected (unimaginable) happened. The elitist establishment thought they had the citizenry dumber down to the point where they would not lose another election, but waalaa…..along came Donald J. Trump and upset their ‘apple cart’. Finally….a voice for the people!! A ‘pro America voice’!! His message resonated and woke up the ‘sleeping giant’ which is ‘middle/mainstream’ Americans. WE THE PEOPLE have never agreed with high taxes on the people….it destroys capitalism and promotes ‘crony’ capitalism, which is a pox on our way of life. High corporate taxes work the same way. Businesses do what is necessary to stay in business and be competitive….they move their business out of the country. Unemployment goes up but no problem we just increase the unemployment payments and increase the time people can draw them…. works good for redistributing income… which is the endgame anyway! With DJT, the people finally had a voice. Our complaints about illegal immigration, unfair trade practices, high taxes, businesses leaving the country, high export tariffs, hardly any import tariffs…..everything unfair to the American people was now finally being addressed and the people we’re waking up. I might have gotten sidetracked just a little but all of this stuff is intertwined and it all relates to the same goal and that’s the new world order. Back to the climate change issue…..just look how the news reports weather. Back when they used to tell you what the temperature was, they now tell you what it ‘feels like’ and that’s always four-five-six degrees higher than the regular temperature they want you to believe the higher number so that it supports their so-called theory of climate change and global warming. Mind games!! The Paris Accord was just a climate change hoax designed to dupe the entire world but primarily the United States. They cried and squealed when we got out of that crazy organization because we were scheduled to pay money over the next 10 years that was going to be something like 15 trillion dollars. Lends new meaning to redistribution of wealth, but President Trump sees through the bullsh** and it frightens these globalist fools. That is why they are constantly working toward getting rid of President Trump. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Mr. President!!!

  21. I believe the “Good Lord” controls everything, including the climate. Man has no way of changing anything!!

  22. I didn’t know climate change was to blame for so much.. I could have swore everything was the fault of the baby boomers.

  23. climate, has been oscillating for thousands of years of recorded history. and it appears, to be tied to this world’s distance from ELOHEEM and Son. if you, do not think so ask the pharaoh of egypt as to WHO changed their egyptian climate.

    and it, does not take a genius. why G-Dless pagan occult california is suffering from wildfire, drought, illegal alien, murder, drug and other plagues. not a well thought out plan, when you make G-D and Son angry at you all.

    if you, piss off ELOHEEM and Son enough. your liable to, even have school and other massacres. now do you still think war, alzheimers and cancer are not plagues because of your idolatry.

    now you, are stupid enough to head in the direction of democrat sodom and gomorrah. today you, cannot even claim to be a christian if you claim to be democrat.

  24. The gas that is most effective as a Greenhouse gas in Earth’s atmosphere is NOT CO2, it is H2O.Should we then tax Oxygen?

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