A Bitter Andrew McCabe Excoriates Trump in the Washington Post

Andrew McCabe worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for more than two decades. On March 18, 2018, he planned to retire. But, at around 10 p.m. on the night of March 16, 2018, his plans were dashed when a friend allegedly called to inform McCabe that CNN was reporting he’d been fired.

McCabe served as the FBI’s deputy director from 2016 until January of 2018. From May to August of 2017, the recently fired McCabe functioned as acting director of the FBI. He stepped into this role after President Trump fired then FBI director James B. Comey.

A mere four days before McCabe’s expected retirement date, the FBI office that handles employee disciplinary actions recommended he be terminated. The recommendation stemmed from allegations McCabe authorized the disclosure of sensitive data to a reporter and misinformed investigators when questioned about the incident. The Inspector General of the Justice Department, Michael E. Horowitz, has been compiling a report that criticizes McCabe for permitting two high-ranking FBI officials to talk with the Wall Street Journal while the news outlet was preparing a 2016 report about a probe into Hillary Clinton’s family foundation. Horowitz feels the former FBI deputy director misled his team of investigators.

Earlier this year, current FBI Director Christopher A. Wray was informed about the Inspector General’s findings. He abruptly fled his post as FBI deputy director. However, he remained employed with the bureau.

On March 16, 2018, President Trump tweeted, “Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!” After reading Trump’s exuberant remarks about his demise at the FBI, McCabe sought solace by writing an op-ed for the Washington Post on March 23, 2018. Referring to the manner in which he learned about his termination, McCabe said, “So, after two decades of public service, I found out that I had been fired in the most disembodied, impersonal way — third-hand, based on a news account.”

McCabe confided that he noticed an e-mail from someone at the Justice Department in his work account soon after learning of his dismissal from a friend. He said the e-mail alerted him that he’d been ‘removed from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the civil service.’ In the op-ed, McCabe insisted he didn’t knowingly misinform or lie to investigators. He also maintained he answered inquiries as completely and precisely as possible. McCabe stated, “At worst, I was not clear in my responses, and because of what was going on around me may well have been confused and distracted — and for that I take full responsibility.”

The beleaguered former FBI deputy director said, “Not in my worst nightmares did I ever dream my FBI career would end this way.”

McCabe responded to Trump’s celebratory tweet regarding his departure by saying, “I was sad, but not surprised, to see that such unhinged public attacks on me would continue into my life after my service to the FBI. President Trump’s cruelty reminded me of the days immediately following the firing of James B. Comey, as the White House desperately tried to push the falsehood that people in the FBI were celebrating the loss of our director.”

Concerned the current state in Washington D.C. will hinder FBI recruiting, McCabe continued, “We cannot afford for young people to be dissuaded from lives of public service by the divisive politics and partisan attacks that now so characterize our national discourse and that, I believe, played a major role in the end of my FBI career.”

He referred to working with the FBI as the “best job you will ever have. Even if a president decides to attack you and your family. Even if you get fired on a Friday night, one day from your retirement.” Now that he’s unemployed, the former FBI deputy director clearly has a lot of time on his hands to ponder his termination.

~ Conservative Zone

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These content links are provided by Content.ad. Both Content.ad and the web site upon which the links are displayed may receive compensation when readers click on these links. Some of the content you are redirected to may be sponsored content. View our privacy policy here.

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57 thoughts on “A Bitter Andrew McCabe Excoriates Trump in the Washington Post”

  1. Anyone that doesn’t believe Obama doesn’t know everything about the fake Russian dossier is just plain dumb! Obama was the puppet master, and Loretta Lynch and James Comey and everyone below them were his puppets. One text message between, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page even stated that the president wants to know everything we are doing.
    This was nothing short of election rigging by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, Hillary Clinton and others, these people need to be arrested and prosecuted:
    Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Huma Abedin, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Susan Rice, James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein Robert Mueller (Uranium one) Eric Holder (Fast and Furious) and Barack Obama and many more belong in prison! Every one of them needs to be arrested and prosecuted for treason against the American people and the United States of America!
    Firing or allowing these criminals to step down and collect pensions paid for by the American people must stop and it must stop now! No one is above the law!

    1. Firing or allowing those who did wrong things (criminals) to step down, is good for them as rewards, and they should know real life with laws. They should master this. They are not above the law. They treated themselves, or think of themselves as special people with jobs or rank in the Government, that they don’t need to be fired? Well, NOBODY is above the law. They are just like us, and everybody.

    2. This WEASEL, along with those mentioned and many others, attempted to sell this country out to a bunch of Marxists and yet he doesn’t see what he did that was/is wrong. I am not a psychiatrist but I believe that is considered to be pathological condition; i.e. socialism/marxism/communism is a MENTAL DISEASE!!

    3. Everyone should not get a cent of retirement from the tax payers. I do not care how many good years they had. They got in bed with the devil and tax payers should not be paying a cent of retirement to these criminals and that is what they are!

    1. So far!!! If a second counsel is not appointed by Mr. Magoo, McCabe and many others will go unpunished. Shame on them if they walk free!!!

    2. If Mr. Magoo grows a set….appoints the special council that Gowdy and others are insisting on, we might still see justice ‘rain down’ on the heads of these traitorous bastards who were trying their best to bring our country down!

    3. Chicken Lips McCabe got caught LYING to his very own peers and it cost him!
      Now the Sissy Mary claims he was confused and did mislead the FBI!
      Then he wants to blame President Trump!!!!!

      McCabe! You weasel! You got caught along with Peter Strzozk, and his mistress,
      Lisa Page, Bruce Ohr and his lovely wife who works for GPS Fusion, and that
      FISA judge who is a friend of Strzok with your $12,000,000 False Russian Dossier!

      Blow it out your Rear Portal you Counterfeiter!
      You deserve jail time with Slick Willie’s Wench!

  2. Who cares about the trash, abuse power got money from our enemies to fund for his wife run for congress , luckily we don’t have one more criminal corrupt in our congress. These kind of people are the worst people ,we pay for them to work honesty, looking for the enemies in our government, but he is the one. This kind of traitor , have no conscience, he put our country in a extremely danger, he and his group democrats traitor want to destroy the country, and the life of hard working America in a great danger. put him in jail for hundred years so we can save million of American life and also our country

    1. In total agreement. Obummer & Hillarity both need to go to prison to contemplate where they failed the people of this great nation. Mr President, please keep working to make America great again. You have my support.

  3. “Concerned the current state in Washington D.C. will hinder FBI recruiting, McCabe continued, “We cannot afford for young people to be dissuaded from lives of public service by the divisive politics and partisan attacks that now so characterize our national discourse…”

    People in the know that are well informed have to agree that McCabe’s statement here is very accurate and true. But what McCabe left out, and what should also have been said, is that McCabe proved to one of the most politicized individuals to ever have worked in the FBI, and the actions McCabe took, because of his political bias, where illegal and used to cover up his political cohorts’ crimes through lies and obstruction of justice.

  4. “We cannot afford for young people to be dissuaded from lives of public service by the divisive politics and partisan attacks that now so characterize our national discourse”

    My God, he gas a lot of misguided anger! What Chutzpah! If it were not for him and his boss playing political footsy with the other corrupt DOJ and intellegence officials and politcal hacks in the NOBAMA white house, instead of doing his JOB in an apolitical manner, supporting and defending the Constitution, as he pledged, perhaps he would still have a job. Just like his prefered candidate, Corrupt, Lying, Criminal Hillary he has allowed himself to be co-opted by partisan politics. He has no one to blame but himself.

  5. McCabe if what he did is true deserves what he received.He should be arrested put on trial and sent to prison just like other crimlnals.Talk about collusion and conspiracy.Hillary, McCabe,B.O.they just are a stinking cesspool.Also while I am complaining most of the gutless,limp wristed,Republican swine that control the house and Senate should be taken out back the Whitehouse wood shed and throttle President Trump until they get the point and a new attitude.

  6. Tit for Tat…Amazing…These people at the top of the FBI…the CIA…the NSA…all believe what they have been doing all these years was justified simply because they got away with it…thus in their minds they have done no wrong…the wrong they chose to administer thus became the norm…they therefore also believe they are above the law…Much like “sanctuary” cities…they do damn well as they please with no fear of reprisal…not from the government…not from the people…nor any oversight committee who has no clue of what they are doing..Mostly because of what they do is kept secret…Outside of their agencies no one will be the wiser…They are unto themselves the “deep state”…They have vindicated themselves of all the innocent lives they have damaged and or destroyed by skirting outside the law by manipulating those around them to include the MSM for their own purpose of grandeur…They care not for justice…They care only about themselves…Why do they do this?…Because they can.

  7. Mc Cabe you screwed yourself when you didn’t do your job the correct way. You would not have lasted 20 years in the AF, Marines or Army. Navy would have thrown you over board. Oh yes basically you are trained as a lawyer. Swamp runs deep. Sad how many of the criminal element trained to be lawyers. Hummmmmmmmmm Hedgeing their bets.

  8. poor McCabe it was his service that got him in trouble, If he had performed honorable service he would be retiring with full pay. to bad, crime does not pay after all. That is the way it is supposed to be.

  9. One more thing, lawyers are part of the judicial branch of government, they should never be elected to any office . The legislaive and Executive are seperate bodies. Lawyers belong to judicial as they are sworn in to uphold.

  10. McCabe was likely guilty of sedition and should have been arrested and tried. He needed to be fired and I am in agreement that he should have lost the larger part of his retirement.

  11. Andrew McCabe should not have lied and he would not have been fired! He is a vile, dishonest, disgusting human being, and he finally got caught with his lies! He deserves no pension, health insurance, or Social Security because of his ongoing dishonesty and lies! McCabe is a disgrace to the FBI and to the American people who would have had to pay this traitor until his death! I am glad he got caught!

  12. McCabe does not even have enough decency to be ashamed for what he has done. I’m glad they fired him with NO benefits – for treason he deserves a hell of a lot more than just no pension. A hemp necktie would be more like it..

  13. McCabe, should shut his mouth up, because he is so disgusting. How in hell he has to draw 1.3 millions for his retirement. What did he do to deserve that. He must be the most big liar in the Universe. Throw him in Guantanamo for good. He must be related to Crooked Hillary the queen of lies,. They all take the Oath, and after that that are something else. HELL.

  14. The infestation of Obama’s disregard for the law of the land and the Constitution contaminated any and all who were in awe of the first black person to be foolishly elected to the most regarded highest position in our country. He did not only cause the greatest division of our society, but also the most hateful intolerant party in our democracy.
    Obama will go down in the annals of history as the worst person to be in the White House, and the most bigoted ever. He is without doubt the creator of increased, intent, racism.
    It is a shame that people lost their moral compass and their integrity during these past 8 years. I pray we never have to function under a divisive democrat party again. The best we can do is leave the Republican/Conservatives to lead our country in this 21st Century.

  15. I believe this lying pos got what he deserved well actually he should be locked up with the rest of the crooked swamp creatures. If they up the crap they keep spewing it’s going to bite them in their azzes. I hope and pray it will be soon. You McCabe have no right to blame anyone. You’re the one who swore an oath to uphold the laws of this nation and then decided to become a crooked weasel.

  16. There needs to be term limits at every level, every position of government whether one decides to run for office, or directly be on the public payroll as an officer of the law, road crew, dept head , any and every position….
    It’s time these people are held accountable and until they actually are forced to produce something positive in exchange for a paycheck at the end of the week , not only should there be no cushy retirement for them, but they should work for free if they really “love” their government positions
    Stop sucking off our backs (we the people who perform a service or produce product for a living

  17. He and many others should have been or (be) fired long before they are ! Many in the oBummer administration are criminals, and should have been indicted, prosecuted and put in prison (at least) a long time ago! The proof is all out there, and where is the DOJ Attorney General Sessions? Time to do your job Jeff. these guys and gals should be looking at some hard (LONG) time sentences if not worse for some. Treason, sedition and abuse of power used to carry some stiff penalties. I guess we’ll see what comes of all these criminals eventually when someone with the clarity of mind and sense of judicial pride in law and the constitution is in place.

  18. Where did McCabe learn to barge ahead and tell half-truths instead of saying, “Your question is misleading and ambiguous, I can’t give you a straight answer to that question.” At the FBI, of course. These lawyer type “investigators” have a false sense of what is right and wrong. He made his own grave, fair and square.

  19. Andrew, Read your statement again as you look in the mirror. You betrayed a sacred trust. Can you see that ?

  20. McCabe’s “explanation” of why he answered questions non-factually is the equivalent to the “apology” someone offers that states “I’m sorry IF I offended you”. You did it. Own it.

  21. McCabe is on a long list of treasonous SOBs that should not only be fired but charged criminally! He needs to shut up and the media needs to stop playing kiss butt with this trash.

  22. McCabe really should have realized that he had not been forth coming with accurate information.
    According to the emails that I have seen they were discussing daily all that was going on in the FBI.
    Maybe he should speak up about all that was happening there and let others take some blame.

    The truth always finds you out. That is what our Bible tells us.

    Jimmie Dixson

  23. This guy is an emotional dingbat. He should have kept his political hat at home. No room for that in government service, much less at the FBI. He has some more trouble coming up per the LAW.

  24. Andy got his feelings hurt conspiring against the USA. Gosh, that is terrible. Put him in the hoosegow without protection and let’s see what a big shot he truly is. Federal Pen with lots of soldiers would fit very nice.

  25. McCabe is just pissed that he got caught. He, like other liberals, think they are above the law and have free reign to do as they please. It’s about time these anti-American, subversive piles of sh** got what’s coming to them.

  26. thought McCabe was the one who edited Comey’s announcement to NOT indict Hillary’s law breaking of security clearance regulations (laws) , by changing the wording to preclude felony language. Not so clever, huh ?

  27. Why isn’t McCabe in jail? He should be prosecuted for TREASON, or at the least Obstruction of Justice.

  28. I am so sorry that the director of the F.B.I. was teramated a day before his retirement. I would hope that they will put that date forward a few days so the man can get his full retirement. I beleive that President Trump had good cause to fire him, I do not know anything about what happened but i have all faith in our President. I am for him he is doing a wonderful job. Never in my life time going back to the second world war have we been blessed to get a great President that has done so much good for this country.

  29. I guess he should have concentrated on being a good FBI agent/executive.
    He blazed his was into the world of ‘Partisan Politics’ … thought he was so righteous in his politics … probably sucked others into his political maneuvers ….
    Not good choices for him and his ‘sheepy-zelots’ ….
    So now – he is where he is.
    Should have concentrated on being a good FBI agent/executive.
    (but he didn’t … and Hillary can’t bail him out now)

  30. Message to McCabe. Much like Comey you run your mouth and say much more than is wise. The end has not yet come for you or Comey. Being fired should not be the only thing you two are worried about. And right now talking and spouting off like Spot Light Hound Comey is NOT in your best interest. You ARE subject to further charges Estupido! And in this soap box rant you have put on, you have definitely hung Comey up with your own rope as well. Apparently, you are both lying.

    And a major point here, it is damn hard to get fired from the federal government. The Inspector General has proven facts on you about your lying and obfuscating or this would have never ever been allowed to happen even if Trump had threatened the entire government. If you got fired, you have done something tremendously bad. That is absolutely no exaggeration either. So lie to yourself, the public, and your spouse and friends but the truth is coming like a freight train for you and Comey as well. I can hardly wait to see what the next event will be in your pitifully wasted life that will befall you for your really poor lack of judgment. Whatever you gained for this treasonous behavior can NOT be worth what it will cost you in the end. And that goes for Comey too as well as the rest of the “In” crowd for this sedition and treason.

    There are many of your fellow conspirators yet to face this public spectacle but your luck or lack thereof has made you the first to face the music. And your public spectacle is JUST beginning. Losing part of a pension is nothing compared to what is coming for you Mr. McCabe. And to your co-conspirators, all of you should be looking over your shoulders and definitely shutting your soap boxes down. Of course if it makes you feel better tell us all every last little thought that enters your brain. It is all being thoroughly documented. I believe the staff of Bozo and Hillary at least know how to keep their mouths shut or plead the fifth. And you an attorney, shame!

  31. Everyone from Obama to Hillary, to Andrew McCabe, to Lorretta Lynch, to James Comey and all the other crooked treasonus puppits in the FBI, and the DOJ. Need to be put in shackles on their ankles and wrists and made to build every inch of Trumps Border Wall, and the put in Gitmo for the rest of their lives. No that to me would be seeing justice served.

  32. It’s a disgrace that our country has so many educated but dishonest, devious individuals whose life obviously does not contain religious or moral principles. They are fortunate to land in high level positions and they have not an ounce of dedication and honesty to serve their country and protect the constitution of this Great Nation . They are lucky that they are not inprisoned. It appears that most lawyers if not all seem to be untrueful. There is obviously a lot more swamp clean-up to be done to get our nation back into operation and it’s everyone’s responsibility to positively support President Trump and his administration. Mostly the media should end its devisive and rediculous behavior and their “fake” news.

  33. Former FBI Director James Comey has a long history of involvement in Department of Justice actions that arguably ended up favorable to the Clintons. In 2001, following the original 9/11 mass murder by the Muslim jihadists, President Bush asked the FBI to track the movements of likely Muslim jihadists; Comey and Mueller refused that request on the basis that such tracking would be “un-American”. The jihadist mass murders of Americans in Boston, Chattanooga, Orlando, Fort Hood, and San Bernardino are therefore the direct result of that irresponsible refusal. In 2004 Comey, then serving as a deputy attorney general in the Justice Department, apparently limited the scope of the criminal investigation of Sandy Berger, which left out former Clinton administration officials who may have coordinated with Berger in his removal and destruction of classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to the accusations that the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack. Back a year or two ago, FBI director Comey announced that despite the evidence of “extreme negligence” by Hillary Clinton and her top aides regarding the handling of classified information through her unprotected private email server, the FBI would not refer criminal charges to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department since it was just a case of innocent negligence. Imagine a similar finding of the Nuremberg trials of the Nazi criminals: “Well – yes, Goebbels did order that 6 million Jews be exterminated – but he really did not mean it, so let him go free with an appropriate government pension”. And now those two criminal anti-American traitors – Comey and Mueller – are “investigating” Russian influence in the Trump electoral victory???

  34. Your Amazon dollars at work at Washington Post. Why doesnt the Washington Post write an article about the billionaires in taxes they do not pay.?

  35. McCabe should have thought about his precious retirement pension before engaging in salacious actions.
    I am thrilled my taxes won’t be used to pay him for the rest of his miserable and pathetic life!

  36. McCabe is nothing but a bitter hack that he got caught in his own web of what he went after others for. His wife accepted contributions from Clinton lackey, Terry MacAuliffe, then McCabe and Comey let Hillary off the hook for her plethora of crimes and corruption. If that doesn’t smack of conflict of interest. . . . He heeded his Clinton loving, Trump hating, lovebird staffers and participated in a fake news, unsubstantiated, salacious, Clinton & DNC bought dossier against Donald Trump because this was their insurance policy. They all need to go down in shackles because firing is not enough. Don’t know why AG Sessions is not doing his job–is he being blackmailed? Way past time to replace him with someone who will get to the bottom of the swamp and clean it out.

  37. hope he has to spend all of his 11 million on legal fees we should not pay anything to defend that pos

  38. McCabe is blaming the wrong guy for his dismissal. He should get a mirror, look into it , and blame that guy! The country needs a special prosecutor to look into FBI FISA warrant abuses, DOJ political prosecutions, State Department’s feeding misinformation to the media, and “unmasking” of over 300 Americans by the US Ambassador to the UN. McCabe won’t be alone in Federal Prison if AG Sessions finds his backbone.

  39. McCabe lead a group of renegade FBI thugs and they tried to overthrow a freely elected President, therefore attempting an overthrow of the United States Government. That was High Treason. McCabe should be hung in public.

  40. McCabe ruined his career all by himself. For starters, he’s a leaker (that, alone, is enough for firing….actually jail time). He says Comey gave him permission. If leaking is OK, then why are these leakers always carefully hiding their identity? His wife receiving all those hundreds of thousands of dollars was a huge conflict of interest. And, he’s a liar! McCabe has a lot of nerve to expect kindness from Trump who has had to bear more than a year of extreme obstructions from the likes of McCabe & friends.

  41. So Many people under Obama may have started their careers with good standing, but some where along the line they became complacent and used by the party in office. Promotions were not earned, but awarded by political affiliation. I can not imagine how many people were passed on because they did not belong to the circle required for by Obama administration. I am sure that McCabe is just one of many that sought promotion thru the political avenue. How in God’s name did the director become an FBI leader? He rose thru the ranks without any great history of being that very brilliant and great FBI operator. He has shown the world that he professes any remarkable intelligence as a criminal lawyer. He was not even there when Hillary was questioned and her associates were not put under oath. Imagine any citizen not in the democrat party ever treated with such abdominal behavior. General Flynn was treated like a criminal and that is not the only one, but the whole process shows just how political party makes a difference in the Justice department. If any injustice was carried out, it was against Flynn whom was treated as a traitor, and yet served this country with way more honor than any of these so called political leaders under Obama. So many names come to mind, Louis Lerner, previous attorney generals, and many under Obama were used by his administration to create the deep state, and corruption we see going on today. I can not judge our current DOJ as being forth coming of cleaning the swamp, but the director has made so many missteps, I wonder where he is getting his advice? The Current special council is so corrupt, and they will never end this circus , because it is making many in the democrat party very wealthy and is blocking real criminals from going to jail. Sessions should be terminated , I thought that long ago, and although he back Trump from the beginning, he has not proven to me that he is working as hard as he should be to support this administration. I would not care to have his job, but again he was chosen because he was really thought as a confident attorney, yet he has proven nothing to me or our citizens. Law should apply equal to every one, and the elite should not be given special treatment, and McCabe was, as many should not be above the law! DO YOUR JOB SESSIONS, CLEAN THE SWAMP , AND MAKE OTHERS ACCOUNTABLE JUST LIKE McCabe !

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