Abortion is Becoming a Winning Issue for Republicans

The string of infanticide legislation passed in New York and proposed in states such as Virginia and Rhode Island point to a concerted effort by Democrats — not Republicans — to force the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Yes, you read that correctly. Democrats are trying to push the high court into upending the landmark ruling that made abortion legal in all 50 states.

That statement may smell of conspiracy theory to everyday Americans who are not thoroughly jaded by the partisan and power politics that infects both major parties. The idea that Democrats who claim to be fighting for a “woman’s right to choose” would try to accomplish the exact opposite sounds a lot like the moon landing was faked.

But one must consider that politics is first and foremost a rational process in which players strategically try to gain goods, power, and votes. Doing the people’s work is merely a byproduct of power mongering and vote-getting to the elites that occupy the Washington, D.C., swamp. That being said, think back upon the so-called Dreamers who were a rallying point for Democrats. These young people who were brought here illegally as children galvanized the Democratic Party’s connection to minority voters. The left’s propaganda divided the country between Americans whose families had been here for generations and newcomers. This is the same type of false propaganda used to pit women against conservative men who support pro-life initiatives.

If we think back over the history of the Dreamers’ plight, Democrats enjoyed a majority in the U.S. Senate, House and Barack Obama occupied the White House in 2009. The Democrats who had promised the Dreamers a pathway to citizenship for years could have passed any legislation they had the political will to push. Democrats wavered on the issue and did not act.

Naturally, the left claimed GOP obstruction and a host of other falsehoods. But the reality is that they simply did not want to do what it took to make Dreamers U.S. citizens. By 2012, Pres. Obama enacted the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) which only gave them work permits and kept the issue alive.

After the 2016 elections, Pres. Donald J. Trump and the GOP finally called their bluff by offering Democrats permanent residency for the DACA youths and even those not enrolled that may fit the criteria. When Democrats balked and voted against the DACA kids, they lost the Dreamer issue as a campaign rallying point. Now they have retooled their focus to enhance their connection with female voters.

Women account for 51 percent of the population, and the DNC has pushed hard to elect women to Congress and cry foul when a female candidate loses an election. Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacy Abrams is a good example.

So, what does all this have to do with extreme late-term abortion laws? Everything.

Democrats have consistently won when challenging state laws that impede the abortion rights offered under Roe v Wade. While that sounds like a good thing — if you are a pro-abortion liberal — but it’s not. In fact, all that winning becomes tiresome as Pres. Trump sometimes notes.

For example, Democrats recently won a stay on a Louisiana law that required abortion doctors to have admitting credentials at nearby hospitals should a procedure go awry. Chief Justice Roberts reversed his own opinion from a previous case that mirrored this one to hand liberals the win.

With a conservative majority in the U.S. Supreme Court that sided with abortion advocates, Democrats have nothing to pitch. A so-called “woman’s right to choose” is clearly not in jeopardy. All those heads that exploded when Pres. Trump pushed through two conservative justices are bewildered. Nothing changed.

New York’s law, however, pushes well beyond the boundaries set by the 1973 precedent. Roe v Wade outlines that while a woman has a primary interest in her right to privacy, the state also gains an interest as the pregnancy moves closer to full term. In effect, Roe v Wade balances a woman’s rights against the state’s, i.e., the unborn children. The battle line had long been the third trimester when the high court talked about “viability” outside the womb. Medical advancements have shortened that reality to as few as 23-24 weeks.

The new law passed in New York and pushed in other states would allow for legal abortion up until the second a baby is born. And, in some cases, after delivery. That standard runs 100 percent against Roe v Wade, and Democrats know it. These extremist infanticide laws will inevitably be struck down, and force the high court to reassess Roe v Wade in light of viability outside the womb. By taking a loss on unconstitutional abortion laws, Democrats can amp up their false propaganda that women’s right are under attack. You can expect the fake news media to participate joyfully.

~ Conservative Zone

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24 thoughts on “Abortion is Becoming a Winning Issue for Republicans”

  1. How can the Dem. Party conduct campaigns for President, when you are killing off future generations of voters, if Repub. Party runs the right non-political candidates, we will always win.

    1. You are right. Most abortions are by Democrat mothers with very few exceptions and most of those are black babies.

  2. Can you imagine the Repub. Party putting up issues that Dems. can not explain or answer in debates, Hillary or any candidate on the Female end of no answer no response effort, Bernie is the only one who responds, I am on retirement.

  3. Democrats – The party of baby killers, kay kay kay, blackface, sexual assault, antisemitism, insecure borders, allowing murderers entry into the US, no hamburgers, no airplanes, no cars.
    Now that sounds real appealing…or is it appalling?

    1. I think they should go all out and attack Christianity blatantly and try to take “In God We Trust” off our money.

  4. They say these things in public, just imagine what is said out of public ear shot. This is just the tip of the ice berg of the evilness that is the democratic party.


  6. No individual, institution, or govt. should stand on the way of natural laws that govern the world-life-existence. Abortion is not a natural process, No one on earth has the right to do abortion for it is unnatural in the economy of existence. Instead, people must inculcate a habit of self-control/abstinence. This nation is under Judgment, for killing yearly 1.5 million unborn since 1973. This law allowing abortion is also a blanket permission to indulge in indiscriminate sex, which is also unnatural and biological/anatomical indiscipline. Those high end officials say, Elected Rep., Senator, Governor, attorney, Judge or or abortion activist, whoever allows and advocates for indiscriminate sexual indulgence and resulting abortion are murderers, plain and simple. Stop all such self-destructive activities, repent and go with, not against, the law of nature. Do not misuse the progress and do not destroy the culture, learn from the history, by wicked action of human beings.

  7. I am sick about these states passing a law where a child is killed during any abortion but at 9- months! All of abortion is sick! Dems have really gone beyond the pail by being able to KILL a 9- month old full term baby (human)!
    They will be held accountable! Maybe not here on earth but one day!

  8. Next they will want to kill off the elderly and disabled just like the NotSees did…Oh wait they are pushing for that right now. Hmmm.

  9. We would be better off if all for abortions had been aborted.
    Killing an innocent child is no way to cover up your sin when there are over 20 birth controls. Stupid, irresponsible women have abortions. And I bet most are not married. Don’t commit a adultry or fornication. God’s laws. We reap what we sow, later than we sow and more than we sow. No wonder America is on the wrong road. It amazes me Demo. Want ILLIGALS to come in and have babies for votes and kill American babies as their little heads pop out of mothers wombs.
    Where are the fathers in this abortion vote? It takes male and female to make a baby for abortion.

  10. Whatever happened to the sanctity of life? God told Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the Earth. Not to murder and destroy it. Every society on our planet celebrates the birth of the next generation, EXCEPT ours. Rather than destroying these children, why not focus our efforts on providing homes and families for unwanted babies? We have so many couples who go to different countries to adopt because our own laws make adoption so difficult. Instead of giving hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood to kill our unborn or newly born, let’s use that money to uphold the sanctity of life. The next Democratic option offered might just be retroactive abortions!

  11. Now they are wanting to murder babies carried to term and killing them as they are being born.
    What next? A decree to kill all children under the age of 3? Maybe ALL children? It reminds me of
    the Biblical days when King Herod had all the Jewish babies murdered. This world is getting more and more
    evil by the day. Judgement day is swiftly approaching. Repent, get right with God. Accept Jesus Christ as
    your Lord and savior. Don’t go the way of this evil beast system of doing things. It offends God Almighty.
    With all of the wicked things going on in California, is it any wonder they have raging wild fires? Is it any
    wonder that they have draught? Why are they in the middle of fault lines that are prone to earth quakes?
    Why do we witness rich people’s homes sliding into the sea? These “celebrities” mock and curse Christians.
    They go against our president, curse him, and threaten his life and those of his children. God’s judgement
    has arrived!! They molest child actors, do drugs/alcohol, have sex orgies, homosexuals/transexuals, etc.
    They need to repent and turn from their wicked ways and come to Jesus for salvation. There is NO other
    way to get to God, but through Jesus. Any other way is a lie and a deception. God is NOT a female. God
    is Jehovah, NOT Allah. Jesus is the only one who died for us ALL! I pray that you find him. Read the BIBLE.

  12. Joe Blecker
    Infanticide is just the start. One you permit the infant to be destroyed because it
    is repugnant to the mother, it follows that one who is repugnant is liable to
    a death sentence. Start be defining speech as hateful, add that people with certain beliefs are dangerous and the next step is simple. Deny such hateful and repugnant people their lives.

    This is the new progressive response to Constitutional process. Label it hateful appoint the “right” judges as soon you one part state will help you decide how to vote. Guided by the media, enforced by a progressive generation of police, you will make sure you are not hateful or repugnant.

    In California, ANYONE can harvest votes from COMPLETE strangers. Dems
    here in CA win congressional elections that way. With many years of control, who do you think controls the court system?

    Illinois is the GREAT example what happens when one party eliminates all
    competition. Death in the Chicago streets, Bankruptcies looming and what
    solutions are offered? More taxes, more regulation and all the results that
    follow these policies.

  13. …but women will not have their freedom if they cannot have an abortion; so if abortions are evil and women and Democrats want them, then by their own words, they are the EVIL…

  14. What has happened to our great country and our civility? I am an 88 yr. old woman–and every day I read another horrible, murderous plan to alienate our God sent babies! Do we have enough people to fight back and put an end to this? I pray to God they have the courage and decency to speak up and act!

  15. Why do you think damned near ALL of these “PRO-ABORTION ADVOCATES” are so gung ho on OPEN BORDERS (specifically OUR SOUTHERN BORDER WITH MEXICO)? Since Roe V. Wade became “the law of the land” on 1-22-1973, there have been close TO SEVENTY MILLION ABORTIONS (i.e. READ “INFANTICIDE or MURDER!!!) and now we’re to the point in our population declining to point where we’re going to need to IMPORT “INSTANT DEMOCRATS!!!:”. At least that’s what the leftwing lunatics in this country expect will have with all of the illegal aliens coming across our southern border will be. I wonder what the totals are on immigrants who have come to the USA ON LEGAL TERMS??” Does all this indicate that the Democratic party has become “THE DEALERS OF DEATH”??? How are we ANY DIFFERENT FROM THE HOMICIDAL MANIACS WE FOUGHT AGAINST DURING WORLD WAR2? Did my beloved father shed his life’s blood for five years JUST TO BRING US THIS KIND OF HELLISH ACTION FROM OUR SO CALLED LEADERS?

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