According to Liberals, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is Now Sexist

Christmas is usually a time of joy, peace, and love. It’s also a time when people put aside their differences, accept one another for who they are and practice unconditional love. Right?

Well, apparently not if you happen to lean towards the left. After all, there is nothing that liberals won’t attack these days, even wholesome Christmas traditions. Case in point, Carol Costello, the host of Across America With Carol Costello recently penned a piece where she outlines why the 1946 movie It’s a Wonderful Life is sexist. Isn’t this taking things a bit too far?

What Did Carol Costello Say?

The following is a quote from Costello that explains her reasoning behind the accusation of sexism she directs towards the Christmas classic:

“It seems like America’s every cultural moment is under review thanks to Harvey Weinstien, Roy Moore and the rest of the men accused of sexual misconduct this year. I can’t even watch a Christmas movie like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ without wondering if it is inherently sexist. And I love that movie.”

She goes on to say more about the movie and why she feels it’s sexist:

“But seriously, if gorgeous, brilliant Mary had never met her George Bailey, would she have ended up working in a library? Worse than that, would she have been an old maid–a fate apparently worse than death when the movie was made in 1946?”

The Plot of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to watch the black-and-white classic that is a mainstay in many people’s Christmas traditions, let’s look at the plot for explanation sake.

The movie is called “It’s a Wonderful Life” because the film’s star George Bailey learns by the end of the movie what a truly blessed life he has lived. He learns this lesson thanks to the fact that he is given the opportunity by an angel to see what the world would’ve looked like had he never been born.

It is during this portion of that movie that the viewer sees the way Mary’s life would’ve turned out had she not met, fell in love with and married George. It is here that the viewer sees her as an unmarried, spinster who happens to work as the town librarian.

To be fair to Costello, Mary’s fate is in fact presented unfavorably. To call it sexist is a bit of a stretch, though. Everyone’s life in the town was impacted by George’s life in some way. For example, during this portion of the movie where George sees what the world would’ve been like without him, the viewer also sees that Georgia’s own brother dies as a young child because George wasn’t around to rescue him.

Therefore, to imply the movie is sexist simply because Mary’s life seems to be better with George than without him is taking some liberties to be sure. The whole town and everyone’s life therein is better thanks to George. Not just Mary’s.

More Holiday Traditions Under Assault

Unfortunately, It’s a Wonderful Life isn’t the only target liberals are trying to sink their fangs in. A few years ago, the Huffington Post, now called HuffPost, did a huge piece on why the song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” should be considered sexist. Costello happens to agree with this. She goes on to explain why she feels that movies like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and songs like “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” should no longer be around or at the very least enjoyed. Her quote is as follows:

“Old-fashioned songs, plays and ballets are part of the real world. They can influence the way kids think about gender roles. Perhaps it is time we retire these dinosaurs and bask in a brighter, more equitable future. It’s happening right under our noses. I cooled to classics like ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’? Kinda. I most certainly will never watch that movie or hear that song in the same way I did when I was a kid. And that’s a good thing.”

There is real evil that exists in today’s world. Murderers, pedophiles, terrorists and the like are all a very real threat to a peaceful existence. Movies like It’s a Wonderful Life or songs like “Baby It’s Cold Outside” are hardly in the same category as those evils.

It’s a Wonderful Life in particular is about as far opposite as one could get from evil. It teaches viewers a lesson about enjoying life — that we have all been blessed if we just open our eyes to see the wonder that is present. What could be wrong with that? Nothing.

~ Conservative Zone

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82 thoughts on “According to Liberals, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is Now Sexist”

    1. If you’re in agreement with leftistsl, they cheer you on,l if you don’t, then you have no right to voice your opposing position…Like the criminal clods who destroy university property because someone doesn’t support their socialist views, then they resort to force and destruction…civilized families raise their children to not behave this way, obviously these cruds never learned the meaning of decency and rights of others.

        1. IMy comment above has nothing to do with sexism or any PC or political nonsense. The movie,
          “It’s a wonderful life” is ,in my opinion, just sappy drivel.

          1. If you’re younger than 50 w Konrad nobody cares what you think of that movie. Just go back to your iPhone in your Mom’s basement.

    2. These liberal idiots hate the term Christmas as well. Anymore, schools don’t have Christmas programs, now they are holiday programs. It seems like our educational system would rather push the acceptance of all races, sexual perversion, and lifestyles, than acknowledge our Lord and savior. No wonder this country is going to shell.

      1. God bless you and all who feel the same. It is time for all liberals to be eradicated from our society thereby returning it to the decent and moral people who have had a decent upbringing. God bless America and curse all liberals to the bowels of Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I WILL AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!!!

        2. I own the classic Christmas movies and watch them before d after Christmas. Roll me up and call me sexist or whatever ….ist applies.

          1. As long as they spell my name right on my paycheck and call me to the supper table on time, they can CALL me anything they want to. Someone CALLING me something will not change the color of my skin OR my blood and it CERTAINLY does not make it so!!
            Your reputation is what people THINK about you…
            Your CHARACTER is who you really are!!
            I am a southerner by birth, a TEXAN by the grace of GOD and a REBEL at HEART – Always HAVE been, always WILL be!
            I am not a racist – I have friends whose skin is darker than the tires on my truck! I know some BLACK folks I would rather live next door to than some WHITE people I know. But if you are a MILITANT, I don’t like you no matter WHAT color your skin is!!

    3. The left is filled with Lesbians, queers and black activists. That is not to say that all Blacks are activists or bad. It is to say that all gays are an abomination and need to be eradicated from society. I, for one, will NEVER accept that they must be allowed to be accepted as a way of life in this country. They are disgusting creatures with hearts as black as coal. They have no morals or values. Call me homophobic or whatever else you want to call me. I will wear the lefts name calling as a badge of honor!

      1. There is something seriously wrong with you. To make statements like you have just made and call people you have never met disgusting creatures is appalling. Whether you agree or disagree with the lifestyle of another person, so long as that person does not have an adverse affect on your personal life, is nothing more than opinion.

    4. If the liberals don’t like something, ie a movie, DON’T watch it. Don’t like the music, DON’T listen to it. But DON’T tell the rest of us t hat we have to stoop to your level if idiocracy.

  1. Might as well ban the popular Bing Crosby song, “White Christmas” too. How dare those honky’s dream of a whitey Christmas.

    It gots tah be a Christmas for all.

    1. Of course — merely the “white” in ‘White Christmas” presents a racial slur to BLM and their like-minded junglebunnies.

      1. Wow, calling out someone for being racist by using words like junglebunnies is only telling everyone that you are one yourself.

    2. The sad thing is that your far left is so stupid that they have been complaining about White Christmas for years and havent got enough sense to know the song is ABOUT SNOW!!!!!!!!!

  2. Attacking classic movies and monuments from our past is the lowest of the low. Instead of attacking those things that were conducted generations ago, start attacking the movie industry portraying women as sex symbols and attack those rappers that use foul language and the abuse toward women and others. Talk about bias people, start cleaning up things happening today and learn from our past, not wipe it out.

  3. No one made her watch the movie, if she didn’t like it she could have turned it off.
    With so much diversity in the United States it would be really hard to say anything that wouldn’t offend someone, especially the deranged left. People need to remember that America is a Republic that was formed on Christian beliefs, not a Socialistic, open borders, Marxist or communist one. The thing that made America great before was that, yes we were all immigrants but we banded together, spoke a common language and worked hard to get what we wanted or needed. We don’t see this today especially with illegal immigrants coming over here to get what freebies they can grab and want special treatment to get them. What we have turned into is a country with a bunch of people that group together in different areas of the country. Now we have people attacking our heritage, tearing down statues. We have the liberal left complaining about stupid things like this comment on the classic movie. We have our Socialistic, open borders Democrats not enforcing our immigration laws and declaring sanctuary cities for these law breakers and even providing them with Free Education, healthcare, food and other social benefits that our own citizens don’t get. In fact one example, California spent over 25 Million last year to provide these services to people that don’t deserve it. Then we have a Democrat governor who raises the gas tax and DMV fees which will cause a hardship on lower income citizens who may have to drive 15 miles one way to work for a minimum paying job. Not to mention the fact that we are already being taxed to pay for the infrastructure repairs. We need to end DACA/Dreamers immediately, last I read they will cost American taxpayers Billions over the next 10 years.
    They can blame their parents for breaking our laws, it’s not our fault that they chose to do that, and we owe them nothing. They should count their blessings that they have lived off the American taxpayers all these years instead of being deported like they should have been because the Democrats and left in the DOJ etc don’t feel they have to support our laws.

    1. The article is written in a true Divisive way. She did not say it was Sexist. She loves the movie. It is just like the Right wing fanatics to try to blame something else on Liberals. So sick and so pathetic. You have nothing to do but try to conquer by dividing. Our nation will never heal if imbeciles like you keep posting this drivel. So why don’t you just STHU and slither back under your rock with the other right nut cases. Trumpolini is waiting for you with his snake oil laced Kool Aid. You have nothing better to do oh, I forgot you don’t have the brains to do anything anyway.

  4. Instead the generations to come can look toward the wonderful life portrayed by gangster rap??? WTF is wrong with these liberal morons?

  5. While Georges’ kindness changed people’s lives for the better, it’s obvious Costello has sold herself to try & influence someone, anyone in a negative way. The good thing is that we here in America can choose what movies we watch & how we think. I wonder if she actually believes she is smarter than the average citizen. Poor deluded Costello !

  6. something that depicts goodness & might even show a tad of religious goodness = they just can’t get their tiny little heads around that.

  7. Carol Costello is a pathetic product of college brainwashing. As such she unfit for polite company or to pontificate upon anything rational people view. She is just further evidence that leftism is a mental disorder. She is of the same mentality that would have approved of the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 30s, and like Dalton Trumbo and his communist buddies, prevented films with free market or conservative messages from being produced in Hollywood. Trumbo admitted as much. Millions of innocent people died in Eastern Europe, or in the Gulag, while Trumbo and his ilk worked to bring about the communist “utopia” around the world.” These are sick and dangerous people.

  8. the liberal,communist left, Don’t know right from wrong. what a shame, that we republicans, have to live, in the same world, with them . God bless america.

  9. Okay, two thoughts here.
    First: Do liberals understand calendars, time and space, and, well, social morays … ya know like “manners”, “customs”, “usages”, “habits”. Time sorta flows from generation to generation. Humans evolve (shock) and so do our behaviors (shock, shock). Lots of human morays have changed throughout (pardon me for bringing this up) history. So maybe we could tone down the hysteria and manic outrage about what is ‘sexist’ from a once lovely Christmas movie. Kiddies, things were far different and people more noble in 1946. So that you understand what I’m saying … Yes, of course they had sex because children were being born then. However, sex was not on their minds 24/7, 48 hours/day, 367 days/year. Ya know, they enjoyed life as best they could since there was a big world war going on right then, and well, their priorities were otherwise focused.

    Second: I’m getting very concerned about liberals obsession with “sex” and sexism. Aside from being extremely tiresome to those of us who aren’t consumed with this single-minded-perception, you appear to have lodged yourself into a tragic place. Looking through lenses where all one can see, feel or relate to is 500MMMMMMM % focused on sexism DISQUALIFIES any opinion or valid conclusion that you articulate.

    Please stop screaming at me. Your strident, non-stop raging isn’t going to get you where you want to be, ever. Frankly, I’m not sure you even want to be pleasant and happy at all. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe Look at something beautiful – like a sunset, or a painting by Michalangelo, Da Vinci, van Gogh or Rembrandt. Maybe even consider that your venomous and sick obsession is eating you up from the inside out.

  10. Thank God I have both movie and song recorded and protected from such pukes. They have attacked the Bible, God, Jesus and every other belief real Americans have. Americans have their own culture and, if it offends those who come to this country, then go back to where your own culture is prevalent. We don’t need to change our own beliefs, culture, or way of life to cajole those who are offended. We don’t need you, want you nor accept you. Just go away and take your liberal pukes with you.

  11. Finger pointing and name calling is the liberals way of telling us they are really the guilty ones…so I discount whatever they call me as their inner person screaming for help…

  12. Contemporary American feminism is a social disease, a scourge that afflicts our society like a metastasizing cancer. These women are selfish, hypocritical whiners. Sadly, hell will freeze over at least once before they recognize — much less appreciate — the reality that they owe their freedom, including the freedom to whine about perceived slights, to the sacrifice of freedom, flesh and blood made by male Americans.

    1. Have you ever noticed the lack of feminist outcry about the possibility of Sharia law in this country–a system that would set women’s right back at least a thousand years? Where are the bra burners, the ERA advocates, when we really need them?

  13. Carol Costello is such an elitist stuck-up snot-nosed snob.
    Repulsive & condescending … just like a biotchy sorority twit.

  14. This article is nothing but a bunch of horseshit put out be the damn republicans, the left has NOT deemed anything that this rag mag as sexist, if you want to know what is sexist, look no further than what is in the White House now, that should answer any questions.

    1. James Bongiovi ; you poor man , brainwashed and very confused . You and all like you are the Destruction of this Nation . God have mercy on all like you . Your dear 44 started this mess : same sex marriages ; man in women bathrooms ; perverts in the military not knowing what they are ; school boys in girls showers etc . etc . etc .
      He just about destroyed this Nation . Lord have Mercy .

  15. Border security (including funding for the wall), e-verify, and guest worker programs are all unfinished obligations of the last immigration reform act. Until those provisions are fully implemented there should be no consideration of the DACA question. Once a full reform is implemented a way forward for so-called dreamers might be considered and under stringent conditions.

  16. do you people have nothing better to do with your life, than sit around and find ways to find everything, sexist, racist, nazi like, etc. Go get a job, a real job, where you have to put your mind to work all day rather that day dream


  18. When one becomes so one-dimensional that you view everything through that dimension, be it race, sex, gender, etc., you miss everything else. You begin looking at life through a straw.

  19. I am 75 years old and never in these years have I ever seen the hate going on in our world!!!!
    Just makes me sooo sick !!!!!!! What is wrong with these assine people. It make me so very sad that it has come to this today.
    I do not even care to see any movies made today, DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!
    At this point I do not care who I piss off, I am sick of these Liberal A holes !!!

    1. MARY , Bless you and yes indeed : fools full of hate . What a mess and what a shame . Brainwashed leftist with one desire : the destruction of this Nation .
      T.V. is very disgusting ; same with movies . These asinine people have been brainwashed so bad their brain ended under the left sole of their shoes. The worthless scumbag media does not do any good ; they are satanic . Lord have Mercy .

  20. Let’s be a little more understanding of Costello’s feelings and why she feels this way… She obviously has too much time on her hands and should spend more of her time cooking and cleaning….

  21. The movies message was to show a distraught young man all the positive ways that he impacted the lives of those around him. If this progressive liberal can find anything wrong in that, then maybe we should regress to a more warm hearted time and these “progressive” views would be considered, as they should be, shameful and divisive.!!

    1. It would be great if an angel can come and show these hateful liberals how much better our lives would be if they had never been born.

  22. I am a liberal and I like and always watch the movie. Don’t generalize that all liberals don’t like it. It’s dumb.

  23. According to Liberals, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is Now Sexist just prove that liberal and their drug has killed their pea brains, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is Now Sexist How the hell do they come up with that when many of the shows on the networks shows nudes, gays and lesbains kissing and sleeping with each other which by the way is total sickening to see on TV.

    Liberals are the manure pile that taking America to the laughing hole of the world.

  24. Isn’t it amazing that for decades this movie or movies like it never bothered anyone of any color, all of a sudden everything is a problem. Isn’t that just like these leftist Marxist just find another way to stir up the mud in the swamp that hopefully Trump can drain thoroughly. Another thing that bothers me that the country is so hell-bent on prosecuting people of sexual misconduct that is wrong yet America is the largest Producer of pornography, the same women who Complain about sexual salt feel there lives of been changed forever Because of it don’t seem to mention a powerful influence that’s telling me American people just the opposite of what they complaining about. Sexual salt is a crime and immorality rains in America, then why are we spending billions of dollars producing this kind of entertainment ?And guess what, they are women Who are American citizens that are Acting in these pornographic movies and pictures that stir up sexual passions, Some people even call this adult entertainment but there are a lot of people who can’t tell the difference between entertainment and real life or how they should behave in real life, but it’s influence is still there. Sexual-harassment Is a bad experience but in these movies it’s saying the opposite, it says come and get me I want it !! A disease like sexual misconduct can’t be cured by just complaining about it, you have to attack the root cause of it. It’s just like you keep complaining about a sickness or disease but never try to find it’s cure. I guess in a lot of instances money does really talk and you know what walks, Like common sense!!

  25. I just finished watching the Wizard of Oz. Talk about sexist – all of the main male characters are pathetic weaklings – Scarecrow (brainless), Tin Man (heartless), Lion (cowardly), Wizard (a fraud). Dorothy is the intelligent and brave one throughout, the good witch is a saviour and even the bad witch has a strong character.

  26. Only a adversely sick person would set around and watch something they didn’t enjoy. Especially if it is on their TV set or a movie being shown. Then to try to degrade to their sick level?

  27. Hate piled higher, and deeper and the majority is spewed by men.
    Sounds very much like the statements heard in the South when slavery was outlawed.

    1. Yo, AK Lady — I would love to debate you on your statement about Make America HATE again but, Whenever i show a Liberal Facts and Truth it renders them Speechless — That’s been my experience with Liberal retards — So I feel I would be wasting my time on you —

  28. It’s really funny..but not in a humorous way. For someone to call a movie “sexist”…well I have never seen “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE” …but to this individual who makes this claim…You know instead of complaining about the movie..then why don’t you take that item that controls the TV …and that is called A REMOTE…you see you either take and do one of two things…either you take and press the ..OFF..button to turn your set off….OR …you can do something else like…CHANGE THE CHANNEL…see now wouldn’t that be even more easier to do than find fault with a movie???

  29. These left wing fools wouldn’t know “good” and “class” if it bit them in the rear. Having grown up in the 50’s I am so glad I didn’t come out of this warped generation!!!

  30. If it ticks-off the brain dead Liberals, I’ll enjoy it all the more the next time I watch this wonderful movie.

  31. This is a movie that I had to search for, to watch.
    I am glad I could still find it. It means more to me as the years go by.
    It is about everything that was good and decent in a by-gone era.
    Mary was in love with George since they were children.
    If he never existed, she may not have fallen in love and gotten married.
    I doubt that she ever would have married that blow-hard Wainwright! Hee Haw guy
    was a player anyhow. Mary loved being a wife and mother, she flourished with George.
    George was a great guy and people loved him. He was truly the richest man in town.
    Nope, sorry libs, nothing to see here, Go adore Jay z and Beyonce; listen to your rap/crap.
    Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!!! As for me, I”ll take old school, family values every time.


  33. After reading the vast majority of these posts I have some thoughts of mine to share with you. When you find that the opinions of people on the left are affecting your life to the degree that you respond to their ridiculous ideas by using the same rhetoric I suggest you take a deep breath. If we fall for their pathetic attempts to enrage us , to make us respond in their way we become a mirror image of what we oppose. Ignore them. Use your energy for the good. Look for anyway you can find to help someone in need.

  34. People have become absolutely stupid! No sense what so ever! How sad & pathetic it is to make such ‘sexist’ comments about a Classic movie!! Get over yourself people!! Grow a back bone & a brain… Then try using the Brain that GOD gave you!!!! Quit letting other people tell you what to think!!!!

  35. Why does the American public give these liberal bullies a pulpit?
    We need to reverse the bullying. A difficult thing to do because most Americans just want to be left alone. But the reality is, liberals don’t want to leave you alone, they want to control you. At some point, Conservatives are going to have to push back hard. Our future depends on it.

  36. It’s only one person’s opinion. I am sure Ms Costello does not speak for all women. I think she need to do some historical context reading before blabbing off like this. “It’s a Wonderful Life” is what it is. Not a political statement, but as an example of the genius of the American cinema. I think it’s kind of sappy, but I do watch it sometimes. It’s a good movie with a great story line.

  37. To the dumb broad who thinks this movie I would like to give her a gift. My size 12 boot firmly attached to her rear end as I help her out of my door!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. These are the words of another total idiot thinking that her thoughts and words make it so.
    WHO does she think she is anyway,? Maybe another total conceited Barry Sotero, Barack Obama or what ever his real name is. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE IN AMERICA PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE, I WILL EVEN CONTRIBUTE THE FIRST DOLLAR FOR YOUR FARE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY! like Russia or Cuba or even Africa.

  39. Just remember this —- Whenever you show a Liberal Facts and Truth it renders them Speechless — That’s been my experience with Liberal retards

  40. I have to agree with “Ïrreverant One”. I also agree with the simple fact that the liberal left is against anything that is good or patriotic or American. This is a mental disease of very weird people. But, we are most all of us failing too. We are letting these mental deficients drive us to be just about as stupid as they are by LETTING THEM GET UNDER OUR SKIN. Read the language we use in this series of comments. It is just giving them more to complain about. How about WE act with the values we were taught as children – that they obviously weren’t . Be polite but firm. Listen to what they say, realise it is coming from sick and delusional people, and shake our head and go on our way. Why are we acting as badly as they are but for different reasons. We won’t ever change them so just ignore the bastards and don’t let them win by making us act like them. Don’t give them more ammunition to attack us with.

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