Andrew Cuomo’s Insane Travel Ban is Hurting a Mississippi Baseball Team

On April 5, 2016, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Democrat, prohibited all non-essential travel to the state of Mississippi. Coincidentally, this seemingly discriminatory action against the Magnolia State occurred on the same day Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, Republican, signed House Bill 1523, also referred to as the “Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act” and the “religious freedom” bill. The law went into effect on October 10, 2017.

Now, Cuomo’s excessively unnecessary travel ban is erasing three home games off University of Southern Mississippi’s baseball team’s schedule.

The Stony Brook Seawolves were supposed to battle the USM Golden Eagles from February 23-25, 2017 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Stony Brook is a public university located on Long Island in New York. Cuomo’s ban on non-essential travel will prevent Stony Brook’s baseball team from making the trip.

According to TheBlaze, USM’s cancelled home games will force the Golden Eagles to travel to Nacogdoches, Texas in order to play in a tournament at Stephen F. Austin State University. Lamenting the needless situation, USM head baseball coach Scott Berry said, “I just hate losing the three home games…I’m sure it’s going to cost us for sure. That’s three gates and everything that goes into a game day in terms of revenue.”

The Seawolves and Golden Eagles were originally scheduled to meet for a three-game series in 2014. However, inclement weather in the Northeast kept the Seawolves from traveling to Hattiesburg, Mississippi at the time. As a result, the two baseball teams decided to play in 2018. Brian Miller, Stony Brook’s associate athletic director of communications, relayed that the university’s head baseball coach, Matt Senk, and athletic director, Shawn Heilbron, didn’t know Cuomo’s travel ban included Mississippi. They were only aware of travel restrictions to the state of North Carolina.

New York’s liberal governor also signed an executive order banning all non-essential travel to North Carolina in 2016 due to that state’s transgender bathroom law. North Carolina’s law prohibited people from using public restrooms reserved for members of the opposite sex.

“Southern Miss obviously wasn’t pleased that we were trying to get out of it,” Miller went on to say.

When they found out about the travel ban to Mississippi, Stony Brook considered traveling to Slidell, Louisiana. They pondered staying in Louisiana while traveling back and forth to Hattiesburg, Mississippi for the three games. The school ultimately decided the hassle wouldn’t be worthwhile.

Berry replied, “Both times that we tried to play them unfortunately circumstances intervened…I’m just thankful that Stephen F. Austin is letting us in their tournament.”

Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, feels the Seawolves are sacrificing the opportunity to play February baseball in a warm weather climate against a good team. When referring to House Bill 1523, Wildmon exclaimed, “Mississippi’s law protects people from discrimination who, because of their faith, believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman, that sex should be reserved for marriage, and that one’s gender is set at birth.”

He asserted that the bill was created to protect Christians from government oppression. Liberal and pro-LGBT activists have vigorously opposed the “religious freedom” bill. Their actions include filing an appeal to the United States Supreme Court.

The bill’s opponents have cited that it will lead to widespread discrimination against gays and lesbians who reside in Mississippi. In an effort to verify their claims, Wildmon said, “I asked the governor’s office how many complaints have been filed in court that would signify this mass discrimination against LGBT.”

The answer Wildmon received was a resounding “zero.”

Cuomo is a divorcee who cohabitates with girlfriend Sandra Lee, a television chef and author. The Democratic governor is rumored to be eying a run for president in 2020. The State of State address Cuomo delivered on January 3, 2018 added fire to the rumor mill. In his 92-minute speech, the liberal governor worked overly had to appeal to the more progressive members of the Democratic Party. He proposed leftist initiatives including electoral reforms and eradicating bail for nonviolent criminals. Besides taking aim at President Trump, Cuomo said, “Progressive leaders must be dreamers and doers, visionaries and achievers.”

~ Conservative Zone

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  1. What he’s doing is protesting an action protected by the Constitution and going against the Constitution to do it! Some POTUS he would mak! A POTUS that ignores or tries to change the Constitution has tendencies of a dictator! No Cuomo, no Homo!

  2. These communist wannabes have no place in American politics! They are anti-America! You follow the Constitution at all times, you don’t go out of your way to dictate! Our Country refuses to be ruled by nuts from California, or New York!
    The “will of the people,” Shall Not Be Infringed! “By The People, for The People!” You seemed to have forgotten who you are, and where you are Homo, I mean Cuomo

  3. It’s time for “We The People” to do what we did to be called “We The People” it’s time to show these communists what Country they are trying to overthrow! Our Forefathers stepped up, had they not, we wouldn’t be “We The People” We must do as our Forefathers did, it is necessary when threatened, regardless of the date!

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