Anti-Trump Celebrities are Taking a Beating

Going toe-to-toe with the president of the United States may not be the wisest course for celebrities.

Although they seem to take great joy in firing up their radical left friends, reduced popularity, financial losses and public humiliation await the stars of the Democratic party. These are just some of the many star-studded beatdowns the liberal elites have suffered since Pres. Donald J. Trump made Crooked Hillary the country’s biggest loser.

Here are some of the biggest examples.

The Grammys Go Down Hard

The Grammy Awards had been long hailed the best-of-the-best in music awards. Fans were more than willing to stay up on a work or school night. That all changed this year when the liberal wing of the music industry did a guerilla-style takeover to bash Pres. Trump and America’s conservatives at large.

In a pre-taped skit about who might take home next year’s Grammy for Best Spoken Word, liberal elites lined up to read from the discredited Trump attack book “Fire and Fury.” Anti-conservative Americans John Legend, Snoop Dog, DJ Khaled and Cher did mock auditions by reading from the book. The linchpin was failed candidate Hillary Clinton winning the role. Apparently, Hillary can only win in make-believe situations because like her presidential bid, the Grammy ratings were in the toilet.

Ratings for the event were the lowest in the history of the event. Only 19.81 million people tuned in. That figure was down a whopping 24 percent from last year alone. The feat was so staggering, that perhaps only Hillary’s self-inflicted election defeat was more remarkable. Making the hard fall even more amazing is that the 2017 Grammys went head to head with a mid-season debut of the tremendously popular “The Walking Dead.” Still, the 2017 Grammys garnered more than 26 million viewers. The big question: who will be writing CBS a check for all that lost revenue?

CNN’s Jim Acosta Gets Repeatedly Smacked Down

CNN star Jim Acosta has a penchant for grandstanding in front of the cameras. His attempts to embarrass White House press secretaries, administration officials and even the president himself have been well-documented. But, for those that enjoy instant karma and a good beatdown, no one gets humiliated more often than Jim Acosta.

Early in Pres. Trump’s first year, Acosta continually railed that CNN was “real news.” The president attended a press briefing and made Acosta look like a child. At the end, the president upgraded CNN to “really fake news” while scolding Acosta on national television.

More recently, Trump Administration policy advisor Stephen Miller took Acosta down for making racially-charged remarks about proposed immigration reform.

“Jim actually, I can honestly say, I am shocked at your statement, that you think only people from Great Britain and Australia would know English,” Miller said. “It reveals your cosmopolitan bias to a shocking degree…This is an amazing moment that you think only people from Great Britain or Australia would speak English is so insulting to hard working immigrants who do speak English from all over the world.”


But, Jim Acosta has become the poster child for political beatdowns.

At the outset of the government shutdown, or “lunchbreak” as many have called it, Acosta got schooled on basic civics and math by White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney. Acosta, defending the left, argued that it can’t be the “Schumer Shutdown” because Republicans appear to be in power.

“Come on, you know the answer to that as well as anybody,” Mulvaney retorted. “I have to laugh when people say that […] You know as well as anybody that it takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass an appropriations bill. You know that, right? So, if you only have 51 votes in the Senate, then you must have Democrat support to fund the government. So that’s the answer to your question.”

Hollywood Sinks Under its Own Weight

A quick glance at anti-conservative stars and their industries reveals one thing, and one thing only: losing. Last year’s Oscars award ceremony hit a 9-year low after it announced that Trump-hating Jimmy Kimmel and the liberal elite would make derogatory remarks about the president.

In conjunction with Americans tuning out Hollywood actors on awards night, they also stopped buying tickets. George Clooney has been an outspoken anti-conservative and he has enjoyed a string of box office flops as a result. One of the more recent financial disasters was “Suburbicon.” After backers put up $25 million to make it and another $10 to distribute this little gem, it reported a horrific $2.8 million release. While Clooney’s big words may have cost millions, there has been no report that he wrote them a check. However, co-star Matt Damon may be rethinking working alongside Clooney.

Jennifer Lawrence appeared to be Hollywood’s new go-to actress. She helped vault “Hunger Games,” “X-Men,” and even “American Hustle” into popularity. This success seemed endless until she started with the liberal hate speech. Since then, the $175-million “Passengers” tanked like it was nobody’s business. Sony, banking on her star power, could lose upwards of $100 million.

At the end of the day, conservative-hating, anti-Trump forces are getting smacked in the wallet and their celebrity status won’t last long when financial support gets pulled. The liberal beatdowns just keep coming.

~ Conservative Zone

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65 thoughts on “Anti-Trump Celebrities are Taking a Beating”

    1. In Britain we call celebrities by the derisive term luvvies. It’s a well-known fact over here that they always refer to each other as luv.
      Our TV and film personalities by and largely like the ones in the US. The US, though, had a few exceptions to the rule, like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Jon Voight. We may have a few exceptions over here but, if so, I can’t think of any.
      They live in a fantasy world bereft of real people so it’s not surprising that some of them think they way they do. It’s as if they believe they were elected to run our nations when most of them can’t even reason logically. We saw that with Merle Streep and her emotional cr*p. She couldn’t make a statement without tears. Mind you she is a good actress so her tears would have been as fake as her statements.

        1. I agree, show bizz libs. are sickening,! I stopped going to movies a few years ago, stopped watching the Oscars, and music awards, and all that other crap,!!! I will go watch a movie, depends on the actors.

  1. My family and I no longer watch the NFL, major news networks, award shows, and any posts by pollsters.
    Also, I have a full page list of Hollywood Elite and other entertainers that we will never watch again on the screen or support them or their sponsors in any way.
    It’s all about money. Deprive them of money, and they die.

  2. You offend more than half the country hope you not wondering why you’re losing fans. Keep your politics to yourself we just want you to entertain not lecture us on your BS ideas.

  3. It’s about time Hollywood realize they are not our parents. Some of the actors and actresses have had awesome career movies that marked their talent for stardom. But they forgot the most important thing….the viewers! We are the ones that watched your movies!

    Watching you does not mean we have to listen to your pie hole spill. Your job is to put on a show or slam us with your opinion about our life We are true Americans we love our country and our way of life. You are not our boss. If fact we are yours!

    There are many things I have to do yes but that is by law or by choice. Watching you is also by choice. If you enjoy your job of acting do us a favor. Keep your pie hole shut and your hateful thoughts to yourself. Or we will no longer watch anything you are on or in. Wow! That felt GREAT! Get made snowflakes I will always turn the channel! Jo

    1. We’ve got a similar situation here in Britain.
      Although Brexit was passed democratically by the majority vote, all our liberals and socialists came out like Arabs having one of their Days of Rage. They were like little children having a tantrum.
      And they’re still trying to overturn the democratic vote. Also there are many “Conservatives” among them–just as Americans have so-called Republicans against Trump.
      Fifteen years ago, no-one would ever have imagined such insanity happening in our nations–fascists calling themselves liberals and calling people who do stand for liberalism they call fascists.
      This shows where we are in biblical time. It’s known as the Last Days in the Bible.
      Please check the words of the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 24 and 25, Mark 13 and Luke 17. See also the Book of Revelation.
      God is soon going to call the shots.
      And you don’t want to be an anti-Semite either as they are in SERIOUS trouble (If you don’t believe that just look at the Moslem world.) The apostle Paul shows us in Romans 11:11-29 that Genesis 12:2-3 & 27:29 still stand.
      Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus. Your people are waiting for the shout [1 Thessalonians 4:16]. No politician can save us. Only the Lord can.

  4. Liberals don’t seem to have basic life preserving skills. They believe they are the smartest people in town, but people who are doing business ought to know that it is a really bad idea to persuade half of your potential customers that they ought not do business with you. I listen when these idiots begin to spread their manure and I determine not to do business with them. They have a status, earned by their large incomes, and they use that status to demean people like me. I, therefore, decide on the spot to deprive them of my money. I’ve missed most of the movies these morons have made (some, I won’t even watch on TV for free), and I find it to be no loss in my life. I say, let them keep talking and I’ll keep saving.

  5. What we never hear is how much the ratings have slipped for all the late-night so-called comedy talk shows, Fallon, Kimmel, Corden and especially Colbert. I have stopped watching these very un-funny individuals and, of course, their lefty Hollywood guests.
    There must have been significant drops in viewers who feel the same as I do.

    1. There are millions of us that agree with your point of view and I am one. I also have turned off lame stream media.

  6. Self-righteousness, anger and hate have a dear price to pay. What goes around, comes around.
    It’s important to realize that “things are not as they seem”.
    Trump was elected to get us away from the corruption of both parties. He was not elected because he is a model citizen–he was elected have the American people think about what they want and don’t want.
    I’m a registered independent and would not endorse Trump as a person living in his higher nature, but of all the possibilities for POTUS, he is the man of the moment and needs our support, not judgment. Allegiance to a political party is not good for America–only our egos that insist on being right.

  7. Self-righteousness, anger and hate have a dear price to pay. What goes around, comes around.
    It’s important to realize that “things are not as they seem”.
    Trump was elected to get us away from the corruption of both parties. He was not elected because he is a model citizen–he was elected have the American people think about what they want and don’t want.
    I’m a registered independent and would not endorse Trump as a person living in his higher nature, but of all the possibilities for POTUS, he is the man of the moment and needs our support, not judgment. Allegiance to a political party is not good for America–only our egos that insist on being right.

  8. They kissed Obama ass while Obama stomped on our constitution, but a true president that is doing great things for our country, the call names, vile names. They are no better than isis.

    1. They could actually be worse than Isis.
      At least Isis make it clear that the rest of us are infidels and make no bones about it.
      The Democrats pretended to be something they have shown they are not–i.e., democratIC!
      When Isis arrive, you know you have to run and duck for cover till you get something to fight back with.
      The Democrats claim they are for the people while they build up Fema Camps, &c, with which to enslave people while claiming they are liberals.
      We know where we stand with Moslems–Taqqiya, Dhimmi, Jihad, Majuj & Jajuj and the Madhi. They don’t make any bones about those chilling beliefs.
      We see them openly beheading infidels, stoning women to death for BEING raped, practicing genital mutilation on girls, marrying children to mature men (Mohammed married a six-year old child, taking her virginity when she was nine!) and train their own children to be suicide bombers. We know where we stand with them.
      Liberals cover these things up and yet are furious at people who take a liberal stance against these things.
      Hello! Where’s the cognitive dissonance?
      The world has gone insane. There again, if you read Matthew 24 and 25 in the Bible and Mark 13 and Luke 17 you will see that Jesus Christ showed that’s exactly how it would be in the Last Days prior to Armageddon.
      One day fairly soon the world’s going to wake up to a mass disappearance (of true Christians) and then the anti-Christ will be revealed and there’s no turning back them.
      Maranatha, come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  9. Why would anyone think that Jennifer Lawrence would be a wise person when it comes to political intelligence? Just because you can act doesn’t mean you can act so well you can cover for the idiots in Washington DC.

  10. Leftists are paying for their dementia. Leftist Democrats will also pay. They will be in a smaller minority in the Senate and not gain in the House. Good economics trumps (pun intended!) off-year elections and Trump Derangement Syndrome affecting all MSM.

  11. I haven’t been to a movie theater in years and have no plans to attend one any time soon. These left wing loons and traitors can spew their lies and venom without any of my dollars in their pockets.

  12. Too bad, so sad; liberalwood and the NFL are their own worst enemies and will continue to suffer the effects of their own insulting stupidity.

  13. Let’s don’t help them, they are doing a good job of destroying themselves! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of shallow people!

  14. Back in the 50’s Hollywood was said to be part of the communist party,and
    I think today there are even more so part of that. What they should be doing
    is stick to what they know. That is playing someone who they are not. Keep
    there mouths shut,and do what there paid for being someone they are not.

  15. How are people so unaware of what is taking place among Trump bashers? Why are people who attack President losing their careers? Hillary Clinton and Megyn are stellar examples. You will find the explanation for that destruction in the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Holy Bible, chapter 12, verse 3: “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” Here God made a promise to Abraham, father and progenitor of the Hebrew/Jewish people.
    Trump is unquestionably one of the best friends Israel has in the world today. A new railroad station is planned in the vicinity of the Temple Mount; that rail station is to be named after Donald J.Trump. Have you noticed how everything Trump touches succeeds? It is apparent to me God’s Hand is on President Trump, God is fulfilling the promise He made to Abraham more than 3500 years ago. (OPRAH TAKE NOTICE!) Consider obama’s life since he turned his back on Israel, he and his followers have gone into the tank, and it does not appear they will be getting out anytime soon. That too is part of God’s Promise, “I will curse him that curseth thee…” I know un-believers will not, cannot, even consider this explanation for the Success of President Trump, even other Believers may have difficulty making the connection between God’s Promise to Abraham and the Success of Donald Trump. If there is anyone with a better explanation for the “protection” Trump enjoys, trot it out, “run it up the flagpole and see if it catches a breeze.”

  16. The country has had enough of these liberal “bastards”. We are sick and tired of their crap and the way to prove it is to not support their movies,tv shows and music. I for one do not go to the movies any more,watch any of their liberal programs or listen to their “music”. They are trying to destroy this great country and we are not going to let that happen.If you don’t like what this country stands for you can leave and take your illegal aliens with you,bye-bye!

    1. Randy, All the liberals have said, ” if President Trump gets elected they would leave America.” Strange not a one of them have left! They think they can lie, deceive, manipulate, kill God, poison our young, kill babies and spit on all patriots that have given freedom to all of us. These people are exposed for attempting nothing less than a Third World coup in plain sight. Americans saw the Democrats all sat during State of Union speech during the mention of God, the flag, jobs, rising wages, veterans, black, white and other unemployment. Their faces told what they are up to. As American Patriots, we have entered a new era in history, “an awakening and a day of reckoning.” What we have here is a Violation of our Constitution rights and we will stand together and fight!

  17. We do not watch the celebrity awards nor do our friends. We do not support the actors. We used to watch Kimmel but have not nor ever watch him since his ant on healthcare. HE WAS WONG, WRONG about child health care. No child that needs emergency heart surgery would be denied and just like adults denied or transferred the fines are immense for the hospitals. When will the middle class rise up since Obama care went int affect our daughter’s health insurance has gone from 800 to 2000 dollars and the senate and house and there federal employees were exempt until POTUS stopped this. Illegals get free education and free attorneys while our grandchildren get highinterst loans from the gov. Enough is ENOUGH. If the Dems don’t agree to build the wall stop DACA?

  18. I would really like to know who in their right mind would give credence to a bunch of Hypocritical Athletes who are paid a kings ransom who need for nothing and or Hollywierd Morons who reside in LA LA Land who either earn (?) their living pretending to be someone else or live a charmed life because of their looks, questionable talent or might know someone who might be someone important!!!! These HYPOCRITICAL CLOWNS have the brain of a pebble and need someone else to put words in their mouths alter their voices make them up to appear semi presentable and or to appear semi literate or talented. Listening to them speak without a script speaks volumes for their character intellect and or sophistication (or lack thereof)!!!

  19. I no longer go to the theaters to watch a movie, I don’t even rent movies. Some of the actors and actresses that I used admire, I now think of as unwatchable. If I don’t respect the actors, I don’t enjoy the movies. I don’t watch the Grammys, the Oscars, CMT awards, etc. Not only are these idiots trying to insult Pres. Trump, they are insulting those of us that voted for him. Once a celebrity becomes a loud-mouthed political activist, I am no longer interested. Not all were that great to begin with. The Hollywood crowd needs to do what they do best, act like someone else. Late night hosts that say conservatives aren’t smart enough to be a celebrity – why are they on late-night? If the ratings got so low that their show would be cancelled, what would they do instead, enter politics? It’s great when they all get on their sanctimonious bandwagon about the wrongs of the world, caused by the conservatives – why aren’t they opening up their wallets and doors within their gated communities to help? Instead, all they do is give their hate-speeches – all talk, no show. What happened to all the celebrities that were going to leave the U.S.? Why are they still here? Some even said that they wanted to go to another planet. I believe 7 new planets have been discovered – go there. Check out the air quality. When the MSM stations have nothing negative to say about Pres. Trump, they have to say negative comments about Melania’s wardrobe. They should be so lucky to look as classy as she does. A ceIebrity complained about Sarah Sanders’ wardrobe – I think I would have issues if Sarah dressed like a slut such as the complainer. Those that are coming forward years later to announce their sexual abuses – I don’t think that there is a job in the world that is so important to sell myself for a role. Many, like me, would have said, NO WAY then instead of ME TOO now. Let’s not forget to mention the “barely there” slutty wardrobes worn by the celebrities to the awards show. Exactly what kind of message are they trying to get across? Then there’s the NFL. If there are issues with whatever you have issues with, disrespecting the flag, the anthem and our military and first responders is not the place to protest. Go to the places that are in need and open up your million dollar+ wallets and donate your own sweat to help out those communities. Go to the town hall meetings. Mouthing off and showing disrespect for our country is not resonating well with us proud Americans. One more thing – for all of the celebs that want to have illegal aliens stay in our country (not legal immigrants), open your gated community doors and your wallets and take them in. Immigration should be the way it has always been – come in legally and wait in line. Be self-sufficient, no criminal background (vetting) and wait your turn. Be proud to be an American. For all of you complainers, if you don’t love our country, then feel free to leave. We, the proud people of America, will help you pack. I am not even going name names because the list is too great and they (along with the rest of the world) know who they are. I hope that someday some of these celebs have to actually work for a living and be humbled. I want the America back that was hijacked many years ago. The good old days are coming back!

    1. I agree with you on most of this. I only watch movies with Actors and Actresses that have NOT bashed this administration! and there still are a few out there that respect it. Also i still do watch the CMT awards. most of the country music people are very patriotic and respect this administration as well. But the rest of the hollywood elites that have done nothing but trash our President and tell lies about him, I will never ever spend my money to see them again. I have lost respect for all of them!

  20. I’m tired of these “holly wood” elites making millions kicking the hands that has fed them for years and now they cry when the silver spoon gets jerked from their mouths! I’ve not gone to the movies for years and don’t think I’ll go again before I die! Watching TV has become a real task with the walking dead, ghosts and computer generated graphics nothing can be enjoyable anymore! I’m back to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons, Duck Dynasty reruns and old John Wayne reruns!!!
    Hollywood jerks need a reality check and it no wonder our younger generation is messed up! Blame on Hollywood!!!

  21. Celebrities should do what they do best! Just like the paid monkeys they are, they should stick to dancing when the organ grinder plays a tune. Further, they should keep their political views to themselves and use their pie-holes only to stuff bananas
    in them!

  22. All the push to get kids to go to college, (not vocational education, trade school, or an apprenticeship,) is the Progressive Elite’s way of brainwashing our kids. Consequently, many of the kids of the people who built our great bridges and sky scrapers don’t have the skills to keep these bridges and skyscrapers repaired. We need to encourage kids to learn building trades jobs before our current builders and repair people retire.

  23. Apparently the agenda of these evil people supersedes even their pocket book or they’d have at least started to subside. We just have to hope that not only their opposition boycotts them, but that people on the left, in particular, Millenials having been so brainwashed come to their senses.

  24. I haunt watched an nfl game this year. I got up this morning and turned On FOX news to see who won the Superbowl. I am 61 years old and Superbowl 52 is the first one I have missed in my life. As long as the liberal players keep kneeling for my National Anthem, I will keep turning my back when they are playing football. I hope their # of viewers was down 50% and the advertisers quit paying Millions of dollars for a 30 second spot. Then maybe the players will get paid WHAT THEY ARE WORTH instead of what they think they are worth.

  25. Cant believe those Hollywood ass wipes haven’t yet realized that the Donald may go down as one of the best Presidents in History and one that keeps his promises.

  26. The article didn’t mention the recent liberal celebrities “People’s State of the Union” which was just another opportunity for self important morons to bitch and moan. It was a real “who’s who” of…WHO? The man pictured at the top of the article was one of the participants. I’d mention his name but he’s so insignificant I don’t recall it. But I think he’s been portraying the Incredible SULK in the Avengers movies. Other “celebrities” in that event included Wanda Dykes, Michael could always eat Moore, Common ( whose name fits him PERFECTLY ) and a few other B-listers once again seem to think that what they say matters. Guess what? IT DOESN’T! Shut up and do what you do best…well, TRY to do best. Entertain us by acting or singing. Just acting like you know something about politics or singing your own praises WILL NOT make you any more fans. But will get you plenty of BANS.

  27. The boycotts hits them in their purse where it hurts the most.
    Someday they may wake up, but it’s too late I’m finished with the idiots.

  28. Even in most shows or movies when they began years ago with propaganda, I turned them off. Now we don’t watch the haters any more. They like the corruption of the left maybe Soros will throw some money at them but I hang on to mine. They are so bad you can’t have a child watch tv anymore anyway.

  29. Hit them in the wallet where it hurts. I guess they didn’t get the memo about how Megyn Kelly and Kathy Griffin’s careers tanked after they mouthed off. Seems all who do end up getting a hard dose of well deserved reality.

  30. Amen to all of the above comments. Some of these Hollywood stars, have not even graduated high school let alone anything else. Why should we hear from the uneducated as if they know something? Actually, I am not sure if even the educated know something as they seem to be a bunch of sheep spouting the same opinions as each other without seeing if any of it is true. Maybe if they got out of Hollywood and spoke with the common people like us in other states where people are not in “never never land”, they would have their eyes opened to reality. Perhaps they should watch Fox News to hear some balanced reporting.

  31. These people have been dealing in fantasy for so long that they wouldn’t know truth if they looked it in the face. Fortunately, some people take time to study the facts – and vote accordingly.

  32. Thank you so much for this explanation — the truest one for Trump’s success. People either don’t know about God’s promise to bless those who bless Israel or they consider it irrelevant. But it is being demonstrated right in front of us. We are seeing how God is going to have the victory — both in the positive realm with Trump and on the negative side with those who curse Israel. To God be the glory!!

  33. rocky • 5 hours ago

    In defense of Donald Trump: Try to keep these points in mind,

    Donald Trump did not steal your money.

    Donald Trump did not raise your taxes.

    Donald Trump did not quadruple the price of food.

    Donald Trump is not starting a race war.

    Donald Trump did not leave any US soldiers in Benghazi to be slaughtered and desecrated by Muslims.

    Donald Trump did not send the US Navy to fight for Syrian Al-Qaeda.

    Donald Trump did not arm ISIS and systematically exterminate Christians throughout the Middle East.

    Donald Trump did not betray Israel.Donald Trump did not let illegal Aliens in the USA,o dump@$$ an the demoRATS did.Donald Trump didn’t give russian 20% of the USA uranium the F’ING demoRATS did. Donald Trump did not create a 20,000,000,000.000$ debt! LIBERALISM Is It Mental Illness or Demonic Oppression?State Department Private Email Server
    Obama’s first secretary of state created a private email server. Hillary Clinton used the privately owned server instead of her government email during her four years under the Obama administration.

  34. Screw hollywuss. I stopped going to see their movies 25 years ago and haven’t been in a movie theatre since. And no way I’m watching the late night goons. Here’s hoping they continue to lose ratings, money and elections. Let’s make them even more irrelevant.

  35. Why would anyone value the opinion of someone who plays dress-up and let’s pretend for a living? This describes about 95% of the actors. A few have shown some sense but the majority are brainless drones.

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