AOC Introduces Her “Green New Deal”, the Internet Tears it Apart

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled her highly-anticipated Green New Deal before the weekend, and it’s easily among the most radical pieces of legislation ever introduced on Capitol Hill.

This is more than a spending bill for a few progressive pet projects. If this legislation was implemented tomorrow, it would completely restructure American society — and not for the better.

Here are just a few of the gems from this bill. And remember, before you throw your head back in laughter at the utterly ridiculous promises here, just remember that we have no choice because the bill’s author is certain that the world will end in 12 years if we don’t do anything about climate change. Stop being a bigot.

First, there’s a federal jobs guarantee. Anyone who wants a job to support this dumpster fire of a bill can get one. There’s also a section on the need to support those who are “unwilling to work” — yes, people who could work but would rather melt into the couch all day, so it’s socialism at its finest.

Second, there’s a part about phasing out air travel, and replacing international travel with trains built through the oceans. We’re not kidding. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually wants to take transportation technology back 100+ years. And don’t worry — the bill goes after cars too, aiming to phase out automobiles at some point before the world ends.

The funniest part of the bill is the mention of “farting cows”, which scientists have said are partially responsible for green house gas emissions in the United States. The author isn’t really clear about what to do with flatulent cattle, but there’s an implication that all of them are about to be slaughtered em masse.

We understand that this quick review of the Green New Bill almost comes across as satire. It’s not. These are real things mentioned in a real piece of legislation. Perhaps it’s best that we put our blind faith in a 29-year-old former bartender who’s biggest accomplishment in life was winning a Democratic primary in a dark-blue district with an overwhelmingly large minority population while being a minority woman herself.

Here’s the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles with more on the dumbest parts of this bill.

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27 thoughts on “AOC Introduces Her “Green New Deal”, the Internet Tears it Apart”

  1. This young lady is pretty, and although young, I give her kudos on being passionate on her supposed mis-directed belief’s. It appears that the more she talks fast or talks in unrecognizable sentences the less she makes any sense! One thing is clear however, when she is passionate about something, I get the feeling that she has to talk louder and louder just so she can attempt to convince herself, as she most certainly is ‘NOT” informed about reality of the world and politics, and is not very convincing in to others.
    We absolutely need a range of educated women to serve in our government because after all “MEN” have been screwing our government up for years, and it’s about time we have more female leaders, especially as President, (just not any of these Dem-leftist progressives) however saying this, it is apparent this young woman Ms. Cortez has way much more to learn about the American people and our government than just getting before a mic, and spewing nonsense. She should not have been elected, period! In fact, from what I gather, this young woman only received 10k or 15k of votes from her district, and still won? Of, but still it is not a massive majority of people to represent, especially in our House of Reps, who have loud often unclear positions, such as she has. Not sure if this is accurate, but given that very low turnout, don’t you think that Ms. Cortez should not be appearing with a national audience and spewing the rhetoric she espouses on, at least not without backing up herself up with solid facts, Not fake ones. Sorry Ms. AOC, you may have been elected to represent your small district, but you do not have the right to try and force a change of American values, traditions and years and years of American Exceptionalism. Please do us all a favor Ms. AOC, if you want to participate in our governmental process, how about “LISTENING” first, then listen again before ever talking. You gain more respect, credibility and support by listening, researching and educating yourself by talking to as many American’s as possible, well in advance of taking a position on an important topic. “Just spouting your loud rhetoric to your single minded freebie, x-gen, non-working and uninformed severely leftist anti-American people is not the America the masses want! ” “PERIOD”

    1. Women in politics seems to be the worst for the USA……….AS a woman, I can truly state that those women politicians are the worst scenario for the USA…….They rule with their heart, not their brain…….They actually show their stupidity when they open their mouths……

      Their egotistical minds are the worst, as they never care about the USA Legal Citizens that helped to put them in office……….

  2. The really scary part is there are so many morons that listen to this complete ass! She could save more lives by dropping dead and donating her organs to sick and dying people. Take the little pea sized brain and try and find out just what happened to it. Abortion is so wrong and this proves it. She must have been a failed abortion that survived after having been injected with poison into her half empty skull.

  3. If this is what OUR BEAUTIFUL AMERICA is coming to, we can all hope the world does come to an end in 12 years. I don’t blame this looney misinformed?????? I blame the Demrats, the people who voted for her and the ones who hate Trump and want to turn this country into another Venezuela or Iran ETC. Can’t say on here what I really think, but I hope the real Americans wake up like yesterday.

    1. Stella, If you think these communists should be eliminated, just say it. They can’t come knocking on every door. In the movie Good Bad Ughly Tuco said ” when its time to shoot, don’t talk. shoot!. Most of us are just about done talking.

  4. This lady goes well beyond stupid, and its unbelievable that there are folks dumb enough to take her mouthings serious. Be very enlightening to have a list of all or any of the politicians who give this nutcase any credibility. If its really “free” it either bad advice or Syphilis ,in either case the welfare system will bail you out.


  5. It needs to be made very clear that the Green deal consists of the final and total destruction of America .There would be no modes of transportation for anything . No military as vehicle run on diesel and gas. Ambulances , cars , planes , farm equipment, motorcycles , Ships , boats , no factories , no trucks to haul freight for any purpose.etc: There are millions of law from saving things ran on fossil fuels . Everything in our lives depend on Americans having the ability to live . This bill would be all about the deaths of just about every legal American . Since all illegals are taken care of we the people would die, Our enemies who would still be using these and would come into America and make the ones who were alive Global slaves . No more America .

  6. The Green New Deal, is only one attack on our freedom, there are other avenues of approach to end our freedom
    by the communist controlled dimocrats, the communist dims are going after freedom of speech, and the second amendment. Carl Marx and Joseph Stalin would be proud. If the commies win, our two party government is toast.

  7. Its funny how all these LIBTARD commies can’t tell you how to get to UTOPIA but when they do try they are JACKASSES. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. This green deal is a great presentation…by a brainwashed 3rd grader. Nice science utopia dreamland with purple unicorns. Because there are so many democrats that agree with her it just shows how many democrats have a third grade education with no course of study on the evil effects of Socialism. Even nice sounding democratic socialism. Kinda like saying democratic sattanizm. (deliberately misspelled)

  9. There is nothing good or honorable about today’s so called Democrat Party, and in this case there is nothing intelligent either. What a MORON!!

  10. Yes, she does sound like a real nut. But maybe a sly one???? Try to remember back when gas was $3.50+/gallon. We were all horrified and thought we couldn’t afford to drive anywhere. And we were so happy when it went down to “only” $2.50/gallon. Remember when they asked us not to smoke in hospital ICU rooms. The smoking restrictions grew and now there is no smoking even in people’s own homes and yards in some towns. Yes, smoking is bad for us but so is socialism. Remember back in the 70’s when hamburger reached 50 cents/pound and we were never going to eat meat again? Now we are happy when it goes down to being cheap at $3.50/lb. Remember when we were kids and wanted $5.00 for the movie so we asked for $20.00? We were overjoyed when dad gave us $10. Remember when wearing seat belts was just a good idea but it grew until it is very expensive not to wear one. Be careful of this little ding-a-ling AOC. She has a lot of devious, clever and persistent backing in her quest for socialism and it is easy to grow compliant to her trickery, especially when told daily by the liberals how great it is. She got elected, didn’t she? For starters she will be happy with a fraction of what she is asking for but, like with every other democrat’s plan, that will grow until we suddenly find ourselves totally ruled by her socialistic plan. Every day there seems to be a new word we aren’t allowed to say because it is not “PC” and someone’s feelings are hurt. And they are trying to convince people how bad guns are and why we should eliminate them. Stay alert and pay close attention to what she says and does, how she does it, and who is backing her. And DON’T believe or rely on the MSM news. Once she gets her foot firmly in the door and enough support to implement her plans we will see America go down the drain. Read and think about Venezuela every day to remind yourself how socialism works and where AOC is leading us.

  11. I worry about our country because of all the people that actually voted for her. Ignorant people will get the government they deserve.

  12. To all Americans, you are all to blame for Popeye’s wife to be doing this to American People. is there anything wrong with Trump’s economic revolution? do you guys even have an idea of what is going on there in your Country?
    AOC Aka “Popeye’s wife” is a Sick Women who is on a mission. people with hidden agenda always hide behind such Air headed Fast Forward person. she is good with her mouth and bad with her thinking. Some Republicans are Dumb and Stupid and there is no word to describe them. Hating and Go against Trump is like taking a gun and shoot bullets in their own feet and hands! as results they are Giving access to people like AOC to show up and wanting to dictate her Craps to all Americans. I THOUGHT AMERICANS WERE INTELLIGENT PEOPLE! can anyone explain how Demons have won the house? you guys are taking Trump for granted, do you know that other place of the planet, people are struggling BIG TIME, I have never see a person bringing JOBS into the economy like his policies is, WHO IS VOTING VOR DEMOCRATS? ON WHICH BASIS? WHAT ARE THEY OFFERING YOU GUYS? WHAT IS THEIR FUTURE PLANS THAT IS BETTER THAN THE TRUMP ECONOMY?
    EVEN BARACK the LIAR is envious of this Economy. ” sometime abundance make ungrateful people blind and not to appreciate the efforts that Trump and his Government have been investing in this economy. IT IS NOT LATE FOR YOU AMERICANS, MOBILISE EVERY AMERICAN WHO STILL HAVE COMMON SENSE, EVERY AMERICAN WITH RATIONAL MIND, TO VOTE OUT POSITION ALL DEMOC-RATS, you can clearly see that they shouldn’t be into position of power. they are a HATRED, REVENGEFUL, ABORTION, OPEN BORDER and ANTI DEVELOPMENT PARTY. I have never see any group of people so cunning like all of them. IS AMERICA INDEBTED TO THEM? GUYS WAKE UP CANT YOU SEE WHERE YOU ARE GOING? you have Maxine waters, Adam Sheaf, Ocasio Cortese, Tlaib, Pocahontas, Spartacus, Kamala, Nadler, Sheila Jackson, and many more. they are all united to destroy America Future. GUYS PLEASE COME ON! are you going to let these BUNCH of UNBEARBLE LOSERS take over? PLEASE!

  13. Well now, we have to get rid of the farting cows,what about the farting people? I think that there are more farting people than farting cows in the world. I believe I found a solution for cortezl lets put gas masks over all of the cows and peoples butt holes this way we could clean up the air and create more jobs!

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