Are NATO Allies Really America’s Enemies?

As the United States stands on the brink of peace with North Korea, a curtain is being pulled back that exposes the so-called NATO allies for what they are: America’s true enemies.

Consider that Germany started two Worlds Wars that killed millions and took the lives of hundreds of thousands American soldiers. In the end, Russia was tapped as America’s enemy, although the two superpowers have never exchanged fire on the battlefield.

Yet, after all the loss of life and billions in destruction, the U.S. somehow found itself footing the bill for Europe’s defense. In return, the NATO members have dragged their feet about paying for their own security, and few have ever lived up to their own pledge. Consider that Germany was not even an original member, and countries such as France and Greece have withdrawn their military personnel from joint NATO forces for long stretches of time.

In return for American generosity, NATO countries impose high tariffs on American imports while crying foul when the United States levels the playing field with the recent 25-percent tariff on steel and 10 percent on aluminum.

The NATO commitment is that of a leach, sucking the life blood out of its American host. When a leach attaches itself to your leg, it is not a friend. The leach, like NATO, is an infectious disease-ridden enemy of America’s body politic, and must be dealt with accordingly.

The Big NATO Lie

Despite promises to improve NATO spending and meet their rightful obligations, only four other member states are actually paying the 2 percent of their GDP they promised. Those nations include Greece (2.46), Poland (2.18), Estonia (2.04) and the U.K. (2.07). Those 2017 figures are an improvement from the Obama years, when precisely zero NATO countries bothered to fully pay their own bills.

Even with improvement asserted by Pres. Donald J. Trump, the United States still doles out $664 billion of the total $918 billion in expenditures. The U.K. ranks a distant second at $60 billion, despite the fact the U.S. saved them from the Nazi blitzkrieg in World War II.

Under Angela Merkel, Germany continues to evade its NATO responsibility, offering a measly 1.2 percent of its GDP even as overall costs have increased. As Russian aggression in the region rose and the former Soviets annexed the Crimea, France and Italy have not kicked in one Euro more. Instead, NATO countries thumb their noses at Americans.

The Big G7 Lie

The Group of Seven, or G7, represents upwards of 62 percent of the world’s economy with Russia and China outside the inner circle. During recent meetings held in Canada, it would be an understatement to say that Pres. Trump rocked the globalist boat.

Pres. Trump called for Russia to be included in the G7, and was the focal point of a simmering trade war between the U.S. and EU. Although a new NAFTA deal is being slowly hashed out with Canada and Mexico, EU members are holding fast to their excessive tariffs on American imports.

The rallying cry that the fake news media and outliers are pressing is that the U.S. president is a “protectionist” that doesn’t embrace long-standing mutual values. Never-Trumper Sen. John McCain shared this sentiment as the president pressed a fair deal for everyday Americans.

“To our allies: bipartisan majorities of Americans remain pro-free trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values,” McCain tweeted. “Americans stand with you, even if our president doesn’t.”

What exactly are these “shared values” that left-leaning politicians such as McCain, Obama and Hillary Clinton speak of? Consider these trade practices in the context of shared values:

  • Canada levies a 270 percent tariff against U.S. farmers to shield its dairy industry from American competition.
  • The EU levies a 10-percent tariff on American car imports. The U.S. requires only 2.5 percent on European imports.
  • The EU taxes railroad cars at 14 percent. The U.S. reciprocates with only 1.7 percent.

In response to Pres. Trump’s justified tariffs, NATO countries have threatened further unequal and unfair trade practices. As Pres. Trump famously tweeted after the G7 meeting, “Fair Trade is now to be called Fool Trade if it is not Reciprocal.”

To say that America’s G7 NATO partners are our allies borders on ridiculous. They have leached and back-stabbed working American men and women for 70 years. It’s time to bring them out into the light and call them what they are: America’s enemies.

~ Conservative Zone

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47 thoughts on “Are NATO Allies Really America’s Enemies?”


      1. I’m with you 100% I think we need to make America great again vote those out of office that are trying to bring us down. We also need to pull out of NATO and quit paying for everyone else if we don’t do it nobody else will, as long as we keep paying the other countries that aren’t will just keep taking, just like welfare (why work if they are going to pay me not to.)

      2. Trump in 2020…………………..
        Vote for morals, individualism, seek out what we all can do for the healing of our country, not living off it, fair share contribution to the health & well being of our Great Nation, say NO to drugs, no to free-loaders, raise your families and love your husbands & wives (male & female ONLY), discipline your children and raise them with honest and loving values. Way less government controlling our lives. Find a Holy Spirit filled church and worship the one true Creator Savior. Read the Bible and see what He says is right or wrong. Quit listening to the status quo voices in the world that attempt to shame everyone into believing that anything and everything is okay to do or experience. The voices in the world mean death to to us. Our Creators Word is LIFE……….Praise Him……….Blessings to ALL.

      3. The real enemy is the anti-American agendas of democrats and those democrats disguised as republicans and their anti-American tool the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, snowflakes, liberals, football kneelers and the people of Hate Hollywood, the whole past obama administrations corruption of politicians, yahoo, facebook etc The same Americans who came out in droves to elect a fellow American Donald Trump a non-corrupt politician as President better continue this Nov 2018 mid-term and beyond!

        1. Don’t know any thing about economics, what caused the depression? when gas goes up so does every thing else, you can make hydrogen from water as you drive, you know what powers the shuttles into space. The economy will never get better, unless free energy comes out. This is world wide, all gov. are bought. the auto com. are owned by the oil com.

          Prophesy will know all criminal acts and can be stopped before they happen, and resolve all crimes past, the end of all wars, and crimes.

          Did not you read where Jesus’s army will battle the anti-Christ Gov. and those that do not fight, (of the anti Christ Gov.) with Jesus will be punished, or sent to hell. Satan will not give up his world with out a fight.

          Communication with God will start Judgment day, and the end of all evil, the gift of prophecy will know every evil act before it happens then evil can not do evil the end of Satan’s world. read communication with God below.

          Gays through hypnosis these feelings for the same sex can be erased, by telling the person in the trance state to go to the first time that they had the feelings for the same sex, might have to do this 1 to 3 times to erased the feelings , read Diane tics.

          lets see who you work for these Demon from hell company’s or the people I dare you to expose these company’s now.
          The only way to stop these companies from destroying our world is to boycott their products, when they can not sell their pieces of junk then they will have to give us what we want, free energy, just think what our world would be like this will stop our capitalistic Gov.
          What are you going to do about the oil companies ripping us off and destroying our economy there’s a 200 MPG carburetor sitting in the patient office called the Porge vapor carb. collecting dust, an inventor invented the water to hydrogen car, and would not sell out to the oil company’s, and our Gov. killed him with plutonium poisoning, Volkswagen has a 264 MPG diesel but it’s not coming here why The only way to stop a capitalistic Government like the US of A is to boycott the company’s that is destroying our world, the three company’s that are destroying our world, and peoples living with their greed, are the oil company owned auto company’s, the aluminum can company’s autopsied Alzheimer’s patients and found aluminum nodules on the front lobes of their brain, aluminum poisoning also causes ADD, ADHD and a host of other mental illnesses, also the pills the drug com. are making have a semi gloss coating on them that is aluminum oxide, Mental illnesses, schizophrenia, bipolar, depression, suicides, are caused by Iodine deficiency, this was found out a long time ago, buried and covered up by your FDA, and AMA to kill people, nutrients will be depleted out of your body in 2 to 3 days so you need a little every 2 to 4 days to keep the iodine level up, also bocott the drug company’s, FDA, and doctor’s of the AMA, they found cures for cancer, and all illnesses way back in the 1930’s, and have been murdering people for over 80 years, chemo is no cure for cancer, 98 people out of 100 are killed by chemo radiation, the best cure for cancer is eating your fruits and vegetables, and drink fruit juices, red fruits and veg.
          #1 cause of mental illness is hyperthyroidism, and the cause was found out a long time ago, all your glands need iodine to function , how long has salt been supplemented with iodine? read the side of the salt container ( this salt supplies iodine a very necessary nutrient ) well now you know what iodine deficiency causes .

          Boycott, boycott, boycott,

          when they can not sell their garbage, then they will have to give us what we want.

          1 Do not buy a new car, or truck, force the auto company’s to make water to hydrogen engines and converters to change their garbage fuel injected engines to hydrogen with 2 switches to shut off the fuel pump, and injectors

          2 Do not buy anything in aluminum cans, cook wear, and aluminum wrap

          3 Tell your quack doctor’s that you want natural herbs or spices to heal you, and that they will not get paid unless they cure you. and do not give to any cancer, and research institution, because they can not come out with any cure, catch 22

          Communication with God will stop all evil acts, with prophecy put all the versus together John 4 23,24 this is the way you must pray to God, because the way you pray to God now is not this way that Jesus can not hear you, Rev. 1 10 The gift of prophecy, how do you pray to God read Acts, 10 10,11, do you want to do everything Jesus did, and great works, like he said you can do read Edgar Cayce the sleeping prophet.

          # 1 for a strong immune system is garlic, this will also keep your blood pressure down, all the drugs that you are taking have poison in them and you will become a brain dead Alzheimer patient. they autopsied Alzheimer patients and found aluminum nod gels on the front lobes of their brains, they found out what causes schizophrenia, bi- polar, depression, suicides, which they covered up, how long has salt been iodized ever since I can remember, read the side of the salt container, this salt supply of iodine a very necessary nutrient, all your glands need iodine to function and iodine deficiency causes all the mental illnesses, the bad thing about nutrients is that they will be depleted out of your body in 2 to 3 days so you need a little almost every other day, a container of garlic should last about 9 to 11 months,
          #1 cause of mental illness is hyperthyroidism, and the cause was found out a long time ago, all your glands need iodine to function , how long has salt been supplemented with iodine? read the side of the salt container ( this salt supplies iodine a very necessary nutrient ) well now you know what iodine deficiency causes .

      4. Not as long as there is ILLEGAL/FRAUDULENT VOTING. How do you think these dirtbags keep getting elected??

    2. Our “allies” would be more properly called “Frenemies”. That type of “friend” who is always there when THEY need something, but are conspicuously absent if you ever need something from them. The ones who will stab you in the back anytime it benefits them, but screams about how horrible you are when you confront them with it.
      With friends like that, who needs enemies?

    1. If you people actually believe this tripe you are sicker and stupider and more ignorant than Trump.

      1. The so-called “tripe” is the EU elitist authoritarianism, the superfluous stupidity bellowing forth from the islamic UN , and the sickness lies in foolishness of fake refugee migration! It is far past time for America to disengage from NATO, and disenfranchise the free-loading use of the United Nations on American soil- let Brussels have the UN and Europe their alliance of the Atlantic.

      2. Well well, imagine that. Someone that knows more than Trump. Like to know what any president after Regan has done for our country besides President Trump. l guess as the cobbler has no shoes, Cecelia has no brain.

      3. You can’t tell us what is false about it, because the ignorant one is you. You’ve been indoctrinated to squeal the same lines over and over; unfortunately you never have any facts. Squealing like a stuck pig won’t cut it.

  1. Like the Demcorat Party, the G-7 countries think that we, the American people, are “dumb and stupid enough to swallow the big lie they telling us where they are making bilions of dollars off of us with tariffs and we are getting crap in return and they consider that a fair deal”??? We will not be “robbed anymore by these countries for do not forget that we still provide foreign aid to a lot of them that we can cut off if they do not give us a fair deal and even the playing field”!!!! It is time for a change period and stop the “robbing”!!!!……

      1. A parasitoid is an organism that lives in close association with its host and at the host’s expense, and which sooner or later kills it. Parasitoidism is one of six major evolutionary strategies within parasitism.

  2. Can’t even trust our own government. NATO “allies” are a joke. They only want our money – just like Congress.

  3. Can NATO allies be trusted to come to the aid of the United States in a war and to battle terrorism? Yes!
    So what is your problem? Why cont you tell your readers there’s a dispute about money contributions not about NATO’s trustworthiness. If you cant tell the difference you are mental patient.

    Or Most likely a Russian agent trying to violate America’s Independence.

    1. Sorry Ian, but your service was to the UK not the USA.
      Do our vets receive the same status in merry olde England? If you have a problem with that, go back to England and cry into your pint of warm ale there!

  4. As a former Brit, I was in a position during my military (RAF) days to offer assistance to the repair team from the F100 base in UK who came to check on an F100 that had dropped the external fuel tank on some unsuspecting farmer’s and as an engine rumble required and emergency landing. The ground techs had only US money and could not buy a beer in the mess, so I exchanged what sterling I had with their dollars, so they did not die of thirst. I am still a little annoyed that my 12 years service does not qualify me for the term Veteran in the USA (my former employer being an exception, who placed a plaque with the RAF roundel amidst the others on their wall of fame for US vets in the company}. I am also grateful to the unknown US military personnel who “accidentally” dropped a can of peaches from their truck in front of my mother and I in 1945 /46 time frame – my first taste of these!

  5. Buds — you sound more like a Russian troll, naw — not Russian- they have done nothing more than the usual stuff — you sound more like a demoTRASH troll who spews garbage. You or we don’t have any idea if these “fair weather allies” would come to our aid at this time. The only reason they deal with us is because we are their CASH COW — paying far more of our share then ever. President Trump is exactly right again, and our “supposed allies” don’t like it. I very much question their “trustworthiness” and so should every other American !!!!!

    1. Agree- we need out of NATO they do Not back us in the war on terrorist except with pittance – and half the time we have to pay them for that.
      We also should not have rebuilt the world trade center – it should be moved out of the USA as well as that joke called the United Nations – that again We the US tax payers pay the majority of.
      Let these Beggars and shit hole countries pay there own way.
      We are Broke paying to take care of the world that hates us.
      Oh and to the Brit if he is one- we should have let Germany have your worthless Islands.

  6. It’s the NWO at its ‘finest’. The EU was the first big ‘litmus test’ for the destruction of free people and individual countries sovereignty. The idea is to ‘cattle prod’ the ‘future slaves’ into a pen, brand them and commit them to a future of servitude (for the great unwashed, that’s ‘slavery’!). This act of futility was quickly foisted on the ‘West’ and called NAFTA! Whoopee! Now we ignorant westerners could be enlightened like our European counterparts. It has always been known that the USA would be ‘the last man standing’ and ‘the toughest nut to crack’, but the idea was to destroy us financially/economically. ‘Un’fair trade was just one of the ways to pull this off and there were/are many. Take a close look at the Paris accord and you will see how the good old USA was the major ‘patsy’ to be ripped off… the tune of several trillions of dollars! Thank you Donald Trump, for getting us out of that fiasco…..not to mention the TPP ‘bath’ we were about to take. obama was getting our money out in many ways, especially with high corporate taxes which was causing companies to move out in record numbers and good jobs were well on the way to becoming nonexistent. obama, who was so sure that marxism was here to stay, since the election of the hildebeast was all but guaranteed, even boldly stated that manufacturing jobs would not be coming back to this country and we might as well get used to it! It was just the new way the world was doing business! obama was consistently trying to destroy all things American……he hated Christians, white people, patriotism, our flag, our National Anthem, our military, ad infinitum! Called American people ‘bitter clingers’ and said all they did was cling to their Bibles and their guns! Hillary was ready to take that a ‘step further’ when she called all people who supported Donald Trump ‘deplorables’!! This is a rumor, but it’s ‘out there’. The Department of Defense, along with the State Department have ‘lost’ somewhere around 10 trillion dollars in the past 15 years…..supposedly, nobody knows where it went?? There’s many more examples, but this is enough to ‘chew on’ for a while!

  7. They were never trustworthy! U.S. as usual believes most people are fundamentally good. We were too naive to recognize that they could not be trusted. And they have the nerve to scream about America First . Their polices are currently driving their countries into the ground. Gary

  8. This article was planted by Putin . He wants to drive a wedge between the US and our allies, so he can retake his former Soviet controlled countries Europe. The right-wingers used to accuse the Democrats and the left for being Communist stooges; it is now the Conservatives and the right who are promoting Russia and communism. Trump is a Russian agent, controlled by Putin. All patriots and christians in the US must stop this move to dictatorship and embracing the values of Russia, China and North Korea, or we are doomed.

    1. Exactly .Many fools here want to kiss the communist tyrant Putin I would prefer to bury that Russian bear!

  9. Much to-do over a tariff with China that may not (if China comes around & plays nice) even go into effect. China needs the market it has in the US, (at last count 67% of its exports come to the US) & must retain a good portion of it to keep their economy from suffering.
    Trump is playing hard ball on trade with other nations and so far it has generally been a success. China will come around, not because they want to, but because it’s in their best financial interest to do so, and as a result the US taxpayers will be better served.
    A clear evidence of the Chinese positive efforts is the back channel pressure they have exerted on North Korea to “play nice” in the Trump/Kim meeting. That will continue simply because it must if China wants the US market to stay available.
    The EU could only temporarily absorb a small additional portion of Chinese exports. The long term purchasing power of the EU is not good. & the massive costs associated with the recent major influx of people from the Syrian conflict will only make financial maters worse.
    The effective individual tax burden of nearly all of the EU is already well over 40% of income, & in some instances over 50%. With that much monetary confiscation by the government, any major increases in EU standard of living & the resulting bump in individual purchases just aren’t in the cards.
    The EU is in an even a worse position than China when it comes to pressure on the US for any concessions. Their existing tariffs exceed present US tariffs & whether they will admit it, to survive economically, they must do business with the US. Trump is only interested in a one on one national agreement methodology & that has the unelected bureaucratic leadership of the EU in mortal terror of loosing control.
    The present US/EU trade situation differs little from what has existed since well before the fall of the USSR nearly thirty years ago. The US economy (& therefore the US worker who ultimately pays all the bills), has been on the short end of that situation for over half a century & it simply has to top.
    The US doesn’t owe the EU a single thing, we have provided for their security & afforded them special treatment that gave them room to prosper economically.

  10. Can we left NATO and NAFTA for say 20 years ? Just to see how their own plans really works ?? It’s so simple and cost NOTHING !

  11. No…..with their socialist attitudes they will eventually turn completely. They’ve only been involved with us for their own protection. time they started manning up and paying their fair share.

  12. You have to be a Democrat by that remark. Trump is not led by Putin or Un. He is in talks with Kim Jong Un to try to get him to stop his nuclear program. That doesn’t sound like Un tells Trump what to do. If Putin told Trump how to run this country, Trump would tell him to worry about Russia and leave the U.S.A. to him to run. President Trump is doing a good job of helping the American people.

  13. There is an urgent need for a historical correction: Germamy started (arguably) only one World War. It was Germany’s ally Austria, which started hostilities, after their future monarch had been assassinated by a left-wing fanatic. The World War happened due to pacts between the countries involved, which drew many into the conflict against their own best intetest.
    Interestingly Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party was politically hard-left leaning, very close to Stalinism indeed. Their name even confirms this, as the term “Socialist Worker’s Party” (translated verbatim) is part of their full name.

  14. Germany is the Greatest Threat to America and the World they never Renounced NAZISM. America making a Deal with NAZI,S for Third Reich Stealth Technology Lead to Scattering of NAZI,S all over the World. Operation Paper Clip, Operation Sea Horse, Odessa was a Tragic Mistake. Germany used American Military Power to Destroy Ally Yugoslavia in 1991-1999 Truth was not Told about the Balkans. Germany and Russia made Agreement to Divide Czechoslovakia in 1986 for Russian Oil and Gas Russia obtain West German Deutsche Mark. Germany has Total Control of Continental Europe. When Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany Falls as Leader of Germany The World will behold The Fourth Reich.

  15. Cecilia Holland and those lie her stand heroic in the face of the Deluded Few that “Professing to be wise to be wise they became as fools.” Indeed this post and most others on “ConservativeZone” and other such wannabe click bait sites is at best ” tripe.” Even tripe can be used to make Menudo.
    Claiming to protect the truth with lies is as prudent as waging continual war to establish peace. Lying one’s way to Liberty is simply stupid.
    Americans cannot repent because Americans will not confess.
    2000 Years ago Our King, Yeshua, the Christ, promised, “You shall know the truth and the truth will make you free.”
    Therefor no greater harm can be inflicted than to promulgate falsehood.
    “Thou shalt not bear false witness against your neighbor.”
    If Donald Trump is smarter than his predecessors and We The People, why does the Federal Reserve System of Credit Fraud and the continual Global War of Conquest that it finances exist ?
    Arrest, Abolish and Exterminate the Kosher Kabal of the Bogus Bank of Credit Fraud.

  16. When we clean up the cesspool/swamp from our own internal parasites (i.e.S.O.Bs. McCain , Shumer, Clinton x2 , Carter, Pelosi, M. Waters, Feinstein, the demon G.Soros, Comey , L. Lynch, J. Brown (the CA Marxist sob), Sanders (sob Marxist ) & more , then America become healthy, strong, with red cheeks , then & only then, our external enemies would dare to stand up against us or challenge by flexing their hallow biceps to bully us including that evil evil Terrorist Islamic Regime IN Iran that is being backed and supported 100% by sob UK,G-7 , Russia, China (sneaky bastards) ,& N. Korea who helped them build their long range missiles aimed at Israel . Our President Trump 100000000% support , with huge (millions of people) rallies all over the country , and vote , vote only for Trump and his true patriotic and loyal congressmen/women and senators. Then we will rule with love, peace, prosperity and freedom .

  17. We all know that Trump has got us on the right track and I pray that God keeps him safe and in good health. We have too many enemies that would wish him gone from this world. It is up to us to help him by giving him the right people for the job in Congress and the Senate. With us working together and blocking the lib/dems we are bound to get there.!!

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