Arizona AG’s Office Says Maricopa County Broke Election Laws. Fine. Do Something!

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office has announced the obvious: Maricopa County cheated in the 2022 midterms to steal the election from Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

Duh! We’ve all known since they stopped counting ballots on Election Night that the Democrats were going to steal the election. That’s what they do. They stop counting the second that they know how many fake ballots they will need to overcome the Republican’s margin of victory. Then they spend days or weeks “counting” as the funnel the fake votes into the system and steal the election. The question is, now that Brnovich has stated the obvious, what’s he going to do about it?

When do the arrests start? Has Brnovich hanged anyone for treason yet? No?


I don’t know if anyone else has picked up on this (sarcasm), but the Democrats never seem to have a problem wielding the sword of justice against their enemies, even if it’s completely outlandish and the charges are made up out of thin air. Since the fake imposter Creepy Joe the Kid Sniffer was installed in the White House after the 2020 election was stolen, we have seen the Department of Justice send SWAT teams armed with machine guns and body armor to arrest the following sorts of people:

Single moms who stood on the grass outside the Capitol on January 6th and who never went inside the building; people who sang hymns at abortion clinics; people who went inside the Capitol on January 6th and did not break anything or hurt anyone; political consultants who raised money for President Trump in 2016 and 2020; and a guy who transported a ginseng plant across the border from Ohio into West Virginia. (That last one was apparently more important than the hordes of illegal alien child molesters pouring across the southern border.)

They even sent FBI agents to President Trump’s house over some BS paperwork spat.

When Republican Attorneys General catch Democrats red-handed cheating, as they just did in Arizona, they send a strongly worded letter to the criminals. That is a Mike Pence level of sissy right there. Brnovich may as well put on dress and head to story time at the library if that is how much he cares about election integrity.

Republican Attorneys General are always trying to fight with Marquess of Queensbury rules when Democrats show up with a knife trying to kill everyone. And that is why we always lose cultural battles, and why we’re starting to lose more and more elections due to cheating methods that have now been honed and refined since 2018. There is nothing more important than stopping the Democrats from cheating in elections before 2024.

That won’t happen if all we do is send strongly worded letters and give them weeks to reply to our demands. Brnovich should have already sent a SWAT team to the Maricopa County election thieves’ homes with body armor and machine guns. Those SWAT teams should have had orders to kick down the door, shoot the dog and hold the election cheaters’ spouses and children at gunpoint as they place them in handcuffs and search the place. It’s what they do to us.

A bully doesn’t learn anything unless you punch him in the nose and give him a taste of his own medicine. He just becomes a worse and worse bully. The Democrats stole the 2020 election. Then they stole a bunch of elections in 2022, using the exact same tactics. And the reason is because Republican congressmen and AG’s are not fighting back. Everybody knows they’re cheating, but almost no one is willing to say anything about it.

Brnovich’s office sent a letter to Maricopa County complaining that 25% of poll tabulators stopped working on election day. (The number was actually between 50% and 70%, but whatever.) This only happened in Republican-weighted polling districts where Democrats were outnumbered. Thousands of Arizona voters were disenfranchised because of this.

Brnovich also complains that ballots were seen being transported in black duffel bags. That’s a tell right there. It’s exactly what we saw in Fulton County, GA in 2020. Ballots are not transported in LUGGAGE. If you see ballots being carried in a duffel bag or a wheelie suitcase, it means Democrats are cheating again. If we don’t clean up this election cheating, we’re never going to see another Republican president in the White House again.

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26 responses to “Arizona AG’s Office Says Maricopa County Broke Election Laws. Fine. Do Something!”

  1. Time to take back our country and send EVIL INTO THE PIGS. ( not the dedicated police officers). The pigs are the DEMON RATS and they are filled with Evil thoughts to destroy the country.
    I take JESUS’action to be the best one. Take all these LIARS DEMON RATS and RINOs and put them on a boat and send them on the high seas…Pull the plug…..

  2. They couldn’t get a mail truck to deliver all the harvested ballots? Democrats would promise the USPS more money if they help them commit fraud…….like they always do.

  3. Recall the AG! File charges against his surety bond. It’s not just a good tactic against woke school boards; politicians swear an oath to protect this Republic from communist policies. Just a thought…

  4. Arizona folks needs to protest in mass. No more cheating in our elections… American (those of us that pay taxes) are tired of idiots running this country into the ground…

  5. Action against the Corrupt Democrats is the only way to change criminal election activity! It is pass time for talking about the corruption and get on with the house cleaning!

  6. On Sunday, November 13, 2022, Our Lord told me in a dream that the Democrats had stolen the governor’s election in Arizona. He said that Kari Lake was the rightful winner of that election, and that legal proceedings need to be undertaken to rectify this flagrant fraud.

  7. This means not that Maricopa county (inanimate entity) was not the cheater, but Katie Hobbs, the Democrat candidate (person) cheated. She therefore should be disqualified and forfeit the election, just as someone who moves his ball in a golf tournament. And what kind of person would accept a win at anything, knowing that they had cheated to win?

    • Hobbs was an overseer of cheating there. As AZ Sec of State (her current position which she has only shown up for work SIXTEEN DAYS this year), oversaw over 6000 ballots distributed WITHOUT Kari Lake’s name on the ballot as a choice! She was responsible for making sure machines were up and running smoothly, accurately, ink toner all filled, ballots available. Etc. She apparently didn’t do any of that. Out of toner. Short of ballots. Machines not working in REPUBLICAN DISTRICTS, but OK in Democratic majority ones. You name it, it was a disaster. Republicans trying to vote standing line 3 hrs to find it wouldn’t take their vote, driving miles to another voting station and again finding long lines and hours spent… and not able to vote again, even with ink toner gone. Drive to third place, a Democrat district, and able to vote after running it through 3 times before accepted. THEN those voters went online later to see if their vote was tabulated, and site said they HAD NOT VOTED SINCE 2018. So they found their vote was not counted in 2022 NOR in 2020 election! All Republicans, of course. Kari Lake was being informed of this and posted the site to go to so ALL her followers could see if their votes were counted and to report to her if they weren’t.
      AGAIN, lots of fraud in 2022 because the fraudsters weren’t stopped after their 2020 fraud. “Election deniers” people were called, chastised, punished to be quiet including anyone who called fraud after it was found, from President Trump to millions of voters. If this isn’t stopped and corrected, it will continue to grow. They are emboldened and protected, these cheats. PA just arrested a man found to have led cheating in voter registration IN 2020. They didn’t arrest him until after 2022 voting done.
      Colorado is a new state where they have found 2022 cheating, 2022 cheating in all the states that got away with it in 2020 because Democrats and media demanded not to be looked at because “no cheating here!”. Another falsehood. In 2020 Project Veritas filmed Valletta harvesting fraud in active operation in Minnesota, involving men paid $20/ballot they brought to ILHAN OMAR. Nothing happened to her or to rectify it. They were taking ballots from senior citizens and nursing home residents families were finding their relatives voted, even when confined to bed and not recognizing family because of advanced Alzheimers and the vote was for Democrats. Surprise. Many Minnesota voters were surprised Trump hadn’t won there, as everyone they knew was voting for him. Well, he probably DID win there.
      The 5 Squad members were re-elected this year with amazing % support of mid 70s to high 80s % of vote in their Districts. This despite, for instance, Ilhan Omar being BOOED OFF THE STAGE by her constituents in HER district. 76%? Doubtful. Pressley/shaved head and foul mouthed anti Semitic, pro terrorism Tliab both were in high 80s%??? I doubt that, too. All of them need to be checked re vote. Hey, if Omar got fraud to work in 2020, she might have done it again for herself and the Dem governor

      • And everyone knows it but nobody does anything about it. Therefore, we the American citizens watching as our country is destroyed by those who hate America and have enough money to buy off corrupt politicians, such as Communist China and Soros, etc.

  8. If the Democrat thieves helped by never trumper dogs get away with this stolen election in a swing state again there will be no republican elected in the WH or for that matter in any position of power which could damage the status quo of the thieves.
    Prople of Arizona should have a new election done Florida style and let the dice fall where they may fall.
    This Venezuela style election is an insult to the people of Arizona and for that matter an insult to all the people in the world who follow this election

    • Many Democratic politicians have indeed sold their soles to the Devil. Why else would the Democrats refuse to allow passage of a bill that the Republicans have repeatedly tried to pass which states that a newborn who has survived an attempted late term abortion and has been born must be treated like any other newborn and be allowed to live? Democrats insist the newborn be set aside to die or have a sharp device enter his/her brain through the newborn soft cranial spot. This evil is taking place at a time when several young couples I know are not able to adopt a baby in America and cannot afford expensive international adoptions. Only the Devil, or an agent of the Devil, could condone such atrocities.

  9. When will this government start working for the people, instead of themselves?. Don’t the tax paying citizens of this country deserve what they pay for with their extremely high taxes. We are told we must follow the laws of the land while those in charge continue to break law after law for their own benefit. This must change before our beloved country no longer excists.

    • A while back, it was said that our taxes no longer pay for services provided by the government. It had changed to paying the interest on the national debt spent into existence by borrowing from the Federal Reserve by an irresponsible, power mad legislature!

  10. Congress should pass a law that says that any state ( no matter how many people involved) and the cheating can be proven to 3 of 5 judges of mixed political parties should automatically go to the party that was cheated. That law should cover the initial count and/or any other count taken. If we can prove states cheated today, Trump should become president and he has a four year term from the day he is sworn in.

  11. The fact that there has been cheating occurring in at least the last 2 election cycles is meaningless unless something is done about it. Even after the details become known, nothing – ABSOLUTELY NOTHING – is done about it. Democrats lie/cheat/steal and Republicans just shake their heads, go “tsk tsk” and follow up with – NOTHING. That makes them just as complicit in this sickening sham as the perpetrators. Biden is a mush-brained idiot who is still capable of flushing this country straight down the drain and is happily doing so. Bend over America – and kiss our republic good-bye.

  12. ALOT of Scumbag, two faced, backstabbing republicans in on the take as well. Completely draining the swamp, will reveal the WORST slime it has to offer!!

  13. Brnovich was handed a forensic audit in 2021 proving fraud in 2020 election, did not push for decertification because RINO Rusty Bowers blocked him. Bowers lost primary. Brnovich needs to order Legislature back in session and reverse Governor & Senator outcomes. Let Garland bitch all he wants; tell him any DOJ official who tries to intrude will be arrested J6 style.

  14. Nothing will be done. The reason why is because they got away with stealing the 2020 election and they learned the psychology of the masses. What they learned is that only a civil war can overturn the stolen election and that it will not happen. We don’t leave in the forties or fifties. Then the society was made from people with morals and balls Not anymore.
    This election will go away as the 2020 went away with same consequences.
    And don’t expect justice to be done. If the Supreme Court turned a blind eye on the 2020 why a state Judge should feel compelled to do otherwise
    Welcome to the Bizaro’s country

  15. Katie Hobbs should be run out of the country. You say that everyone has rights, at what Goddamn cost. The liberals have been Communist for many years. This country needs to get a wake up call, but they won’t answer the phone. There were a lot of man and women gave oaths to protect this country against all enemies foren and domestic. The liberal leaders are corruptand treasonous without a doubt. Some people have no rights in my eyes. They should not be able to keep getting away with it. They need to bring back the death penalty.

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