Arrested for Protesting: How Quarantine Became a Constitutional Crisis

England has no constitution, but their ideas about freedom – at least until fairly recently – have long been more or less the same as our own. Many American ideas about what freedom means come from English thinkers, and frankly — America’s forefathers were essentially English people who expatriated and created a new country.

This is important for Americans to understand since what happens to the rights of English citizens can serve as a warning. As stated, they do not have a constitution. They have an agreement to govern in a given way until a new agreement is made. Their “constitution” is an agreement, not a set of laws.

Here, things are different. If the government does something which is not constitutional, then it has broken the law. Of course, we know that the Constitution is not taken as seriously by many authorities and citizens as it should be. But we still have this one stop-gap between our freedoms and tyranny.

During this pandemic, we can see very clearly how these differences are playing out in the US and England, respectively. English citizens started getting arrested for disobeying “lockdown” orders earlier and more frequently than Americans.

But the wave has caught up with us. In recent days, a California man was arrested while paddling a surfboard across the water with no one anywhere near him. The incidents are increasingly many, in which Americans are being arrested for flouting local “lockdown” ordinances.

Most disturbingly, people have been arrested for protesting the quarantine orders in the United States. Now, this is where authorities are crossing the line.

The fact is that these protesters were not standing close to anyone other than their fellow protesters. That means that they were willingly taking on the additional risk of contracting the virus. Anyone in the group who might have had it already was not endangering anyone who was not willingly taking the risk.

But what’s more important is the fact that a fundamental, constitutionally protected right of Americans is the right to peacefully gather with persons of our choosing. By choosing to break up a protest, the local leaders and the police who enforced the order are directly violating the law of the land.

Looking back to England, the situation has gotten much worse – and it has been much worse for some time. People have been getting arrested for at least five years for criticizing political Islam, transsexuals, or the way the UK government is extending additional rights to these groups.

Until the COVID-19 crisis, we have not seen this here to an extent comparable to the English. But, remember, we have a legal stop-gap which the British do not. The will to abolish our rights is and has always been there. But until now, there has not been an ostensible reason to legally put every American effectively on house arrest. COVID-19 is the reason they need, and they love the control it gives them.

People are being called murderers for breaking quarantine. That is all that is needed to strip you of your rights. We are just a few lines of legislation away from being in the same situation as the English.

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17 thoughts on “Arrested for Protesting: How Quarantine Became a Constitutional Crisis”

  1. its time we take our country back by force if nessisary and jail or deport or exacute the govt. folks that dont obay the const. or uphold there oath of office

  2. Yes, our Constitution and our Freedoms need to be guarded very closely. They are a precious gem! All of the Constitution needs to be protected as written. I for one think the 2nd Amendment is one of the most critical as it paves the right of citizens to protect ourselves against tyranny.


    1. The protests are because the means being implemented to fight the war against germs is also killing people’s livelihoods. Poverty leads to disease and death also. The number of deaths from the virus is insignificant compared to the potential destruction looming. Lyman Stone ( – article “Lockdowns Don’t Work”) says there is no evidence lockdowns work. Why use an unproven, ineffective method to control the virus? Quickly developing “herd immunity” seems to be a much more effective approach. In the end this is a matter of personal responsibility. Government should protect vulnerable populations, yes, but not by penalizing those who have healthy immune systems. We all risk our lives daily when we ride in a car (over 40,000 yearly die from auto accidents). Do we choose to save lives by having a 10mp speed limit? It is up to each person to decide whether they want to risk their life by going out in this pandemic. That is our constitutional Liberty (not a government-given right). Government has no authority to deny that. Protesters are rightfully exercising their Liberty to oppose government which denies their Liberty.

  4. As an 84-year-old Grandad of 8! With a 75-year-old Wife, wife of 27 years, second and best wife! We are an at-risk group. Old people in not bad condition. Love it other to bits, love being locked in together.
    We both can understand how this rabid SXXX is transmitted, the spoiled children who sit and cry about the Government breaking the Constitution? Are you stupid or what?
    I was born in Liverpool UK, lived in Australia/Canada and for the last 17 years here in Orlando. Did I say I have a fully loaded Glock 19 in my track pants pocket and a Steyr AUG close by. The Cops I know have told me, they have a strong desire to keep living! And will not be knocking on doors to collect guns! Especially one retired firearms Instructor, who can outshoot them. The second is alive and well.
    Badmouthing Muslims? Can get you in trouble in London. Can get you shot in Orlando! Our tame American Citizens have guns as well. Just like this one. No, not a Muslim, just a Citizen. By the way, Cops till they retire, then they are like you and I. Citizens of the greatest country on earth.
    They can leave their guns behind, some do (And some don’t)

  5. Many of us are appalled that the mayor of Miami-Dade County ordered everyone to wear a mask when out in public. You cannot enter a grocery or pharmacy (the only businesses allowed to operate) without covering your nose and mouth. As if that weren’t bad enough, he is enforcing the wearing of masks when walking or jogging in parks when the parks reopen. It is hot and humid in this part of the country and doctors have said there is no danger of contamination outdoors in the heat and sunshine. To my mind, it is a form of tyranny when some bureaucrat becomes inflated with the power to control your rights and limit your freedom. It is eerie and discomfiting to see everybody around wearing a gag over their mouth and nose like a bunch of hostages of a state gone overboard. Some people are thinking this is the new normal. The same way travel on an airline after 9/11 has never returned to normal again. We are herded through the TSA like cattle, taking off our shoes, allowing ourselves to be x-rayed and frisked, giving up all our privacy just to get on a plane. Will we now suffer the indignity of covering our faces just to go buy a carton of eggs?

  6. When the peoples rights are trampled upon by the government and the people fear that government that is Tyranny. However, when the government fears the people that is Liberty and Freedom. We are letting Schumer, Pelosi, Shiff, and the Democrats turn us into puppets, not allowed to make a living, see our families go to church etc. If this keeps up there will be a civil war for Liberty and Freedom under our Constitution.

  7. So if the government is aware of this, why are they doing nothing about it? Because these are democrats going for power and I have come to the conclusion that the republicans are afraid to do anything, they have kissed the democrats butts for so long they are afraid to show the power that they have. I am a Republican but have been getting more frustrated with the way they don’t do anything when they know the problem but still let the left get away with literally murder. If they don’t wake up we will be lost. Time to stand up to Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty and all the others and make them pay for their crimes. No more pork in the monetary relief for hard working Americans, no vote by mail funds. Time to stand firm, they know republicans will cave, time to let them know we won’t or be prepared for that socialust/communist country they are pushing for.

  8. If you think we live in a True US Constitutional Republic, think again. Government Elite have been abusing every individual right we have for decades. Between total abuse and the freedom given the people under our US Constitution lies a freedom all should share, yet they don’t, we call this the right to choose as long as we do not infringe on the rights of others. When Obama claimed that if we did not accept Islam, then we could be charged with a hate crime. Is this constitutional ? Of course not , every US Citizen has the right to accept or reject any Faith they choose. When government officials restrict guns and gun accessories is this constitutional? Of course not. every US Citizen has the right to bear arms if they choose. The arms they choose is the person’s choice; not the government’s. The US Constitution has The Second Amendment to remind our Lawmakers of this fact, yet these Lawmakers are denying a direct US Constitutional right and want to abuse this right even more. Why are the First and Second Amendment listed one and two in the Amendments of our US Constitution? Simple answer: These are rights all US Citizens(by law) should share. Any right a citizen has under our US Constitution is their right as long as they do not abuse their rights. We have Rule of Law to enforce our laws. No US Citizen should, by law, become a criminal if they commit no actual crime. Having a gun is not criminal, yet committing a crime with a gun is. So we get back to every US Citizens right to choose. Our Republic has been corrupted by Political Correctness, thus we do not have a US Constitutional Republic. If Rule of Law is not enforced we are a nation without Law and Order. If Rule of Law is not enforced we no longer have a US Constitutional Republic; for and by the people.

  9. I am not as good as the rest when writing something in words but I agree with everything these before me have said. It might already be too late because now they are arresting people for playing in the park, opening their hairdressing salons, etc. Ever day it seems to get worse and the propaganda from the left gets more frightening to each individual who watches the news. Worse than that, people not paying attention are going to get taken by surprise before these things take us by storm. Don’t believe it can’t happen because it’s truly bound to. The democrats are criminally insane and they want what they want!

  10. Thomas Jefferson said ” The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I truly fear that time may be upon us, I ppray I am wrong!

  11. It’s time for Illinois to open again all the the republicans should get together and down take down jb shit of diaster governor because he brings disaster here in Illinois deaths of the coronavirus NONESINCE is dieing in a car accident cancer and illiness and knows what else so salons restaurants schools jobs needs to be open one republican already sued jb already I’m not wearing no damn mask when I go to staore because other people will not care I’m done with this fucking staying at home order I got bills to pay so fuck u jb u fucking Asshole disaster fucking shit open Illinois back up because not a lot people are to listin to some fucking damnocrate like u

  12. There are several factors in play over the Un-Constitutional lockdown
    1 – This lock-down is against the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
    2 – Many people over the last 140+ years have been fed Marxism a little at a time.
    3 – Marx’s 10 Commandments that have been gradually put in place.
    4 – The US Dept. of Education and Dept. of Agriculture are from his 10.
    5 – I think the Federal Reserve Bank is too – it isn’t Federal and there is no Reserve.
    6 – God gave Moses 10 Commandments which He wrote with His own Hand.
    7 – Those 10 were written in STONE to indicate they stand forever.
    8 – We have 10 fingers, so palms up note that Hebrew reads from right to left.
    9 – Covet-False witness-Steal-Adultery-Murder-Parents-Sabbath-Name-Image-God

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