Attack on Catholic Students Could Bring Down Fake News Media

The attack on a group of Covington Catholic High School students by the fake news media and liberal celebrities may have lit the match that could finally bring them to heel.

The biased media appears to have taken a video out of context to impugn the actions and reputations of a group of Catholic high school students who participated in the March For Life in Washington, D.C. The group of boys is seen on steps celebrating, engaging in positive chants and camaraderie when a Native American group of counter-protestors pushes into their ranks in an effort to intimidate the students.

Despite the adult Native American group’s attempt to inflame the situation, the youths show incredible restraint and remain positive and non-violent. Omaha tribal elder Nathan Phillips walks directly at one student and begins pounding a drum just inches from his face.

Despite the obvious aggressive actions by the 64-year-old Native American, the fake news media appears to have deliberately used tightly cropped images and a narrative the obscure the truth. Since broader video evidence surfaced debunking on-air reports by outlets such as CNN, the fake news media has been backtracking to minimize potential lawsuits.

Former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee has called for massive litigation that could deter the liberal media and celebrities from targeting conservative Christian minors going forward.

“It’s time for some ‘really smart lawyers’ to sue the ‘ever-living daylights’ out of celebrities that exposed students’ private information,” Huckabee said.

Since the incident went viral, CNN hosted elder Phillips and gave him a platform that many believe misled the American public about the events and hid his aggressive actions. CNN hosts have all but called the high school students bad actors and accused one student of getting in Phillips’ face. Video evidence shows the elder approach the student who peacefully stood his ground.

Celebrities took to social media and TV opportunities to trash the Catholic students despite the obvious facts that Phillips acted with a degree of malice.

“This is appalling. The ignorance. The gall. The disrespect. It’s shameful. And sadly, on brand. When something like this isn’t even surprising, it’s evidence to our place in the cycle of recreating our darker chapters. That Native American man showed incredible strength and dignity,” actor Chris Evans said.

“Who are these good Christians? What school is teaching them to hate with such contempt and ignorance? How does this behavior reflect the life and lessons of Jesus Christ? They were bussed into DC for the March for ‘Life’” actor Tim Robbins added.

“Since they’re in DC, they should take the phucking red hats and MAGA bulls–t and get up in some faces over Congress Heights way. The reaction won’t be so dignified. They’ll relocate that smug grin to the back of his pencil-dick neck like he’s asking for,” actor Jefferey Wright chimed in.

The likes of Debra Messing, Alyssa Milano, and others also smelled blood in the water and took to social media to tarnish the youths.

In the wake of the incident, Covington High School has been forced to cancel classes due to security concerns. Celebrities and activists have put the personal information about these minors on social media in an effort to encourage harassment and possible physical harm. Former presidential candidate Huckabee is calling for a “seven-figure judgment” for those who put the teens at risk by their reckless behavior.

But the liberal hate feeding frenzy could have a silver lining. As Huckabee points out, the only way to stop the dangerous liberal behavior and lies is to haul them into court with a major civil lawsuit and hit them in their pockets.

Given the current climate by the fake news media to falsely attack those on the right, the parents of these wronged students may have the ability to sue CNN and others successfully. The standard to recover damages against a media outlet is the publishing of false information coupled with malice. The left-leaning networks have openly stated their hatred of conservative white males. Video evidence shows the reporting to be false.

Keep in mind that we are talking about attacking minors who enjoy heightened protections under the law. The fake news media and hateful liberal celebrities are on thin ice after falsely targeting these youths.

~ Conservative Zone

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38 thoughts on “Attack on Catholic Students Could Bring Down Fake News Media”

  1. I see a civil war brewing if this democrap assault on conservatives does not stop. I seriously doubt the democrats idea that they are in the majority and are unstoppable. The fake news is just that, fake. We do not have news reporters now, just story tellers. They twist and turn honest news into something that only supports their dishonest views. The courts better find a way to curtail all of this news manipulation before we end up with a national riot.

  2. With so many liberal Obama judges staining America’s Judiciary these kids will never see justice!
    But how wonderful it would be to have 1/2 of liberal Hollywood reduced from riches to rags!

  3. While I am not generally in favor of slapping lawsuits on offenders, in this case, I’d really like to see the whole incident opened up and proven in a courtroom to be the hate-mongering lie it was. My heart goes out to the students and their families. This is the same kind of inciting to riot and hysteria that characterized the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. And all based on lies.

    We need to be able to trust that news comes to us unbiased, and we can no longer do this. How can we survive as a free country when the news is edited to reflect an agenda. That is how all tyrants and despots gain power. Will we let that happen here?

  4. Democrats are pieces of dog SH*T!!!! And there’s a lot of things that can happen to dog SH*T. It can be stepped on. It can be scooped up with a shovel. And it can dry up and disintegrate into the ground. So, my advice to Democrats;
    be real careful where the dog decides to SH*T ya!!!!!!

      1. You mean the one demos rigged> They KNOW it is the only way to win!! I see you are VERY PROUD! Be careful, it may cause you one day to BITE your own TONGUE!

      2. Richard, I see you would rather live in Cuba, China or some other Communist country than here? Should you not like living in the U.S. with the rules and laws we have under the constitution you are free to leave.

  5. At the very least, every one of these hateful Leftists who made incendiary comments against the Covington High School kids should be made to pay a big fine, issue apologies, and eat a big red MAGA hat with their choice of mustard or catsup!

  6. Nothing ever happens to them when they destroy innocent peoples lives. They will not stop until they are stopped. They are pushing us to see how far they CAN push us and as long as our only response is to sit behind a keyboard and complain, they ARE winning at destroying our once great country.

  7. The best response I have seen so far, the only response that was needed, is this: There was never a point where any of the video coverage showed any of the teens doing something wrong.

  8. Wow! What has happen to our Nation Shamefull of CNN and actors and actresses that take to the media and discredit these youth for wearing a hat that says let’s make America great again or our President name Trump!!! On social media! Thank God no one got seriously hurt! It shows that sin is here the end of days draws near. Pray for our enemies that they give there hearts to God!!! Before it’s to late for then.

  9. this could be the law suit of the century, imagine if you will it goes to the supremem court and CBS gets real lucky and draws Judge Kavenaugh!

  10. All of those who attacked the young men with their hatred, lies, evil emotions, misleading statements (the list goes on and on) especially the actors who have no idea what is decent and morally correct. These groups of disrespectful individuals have no idea who is keeping score of every thing they do and they will be judged. I pray that they will find Jesus and get forgiveness before it is to late. The evil one (satan) rules this world, we can be in the world but we don’t have to be of this world. Everyone of the above groups that have been addressed in this statement must understand that you will be held accountable for everything you say and do on this earth. God is good and he is in control of this world which will end and all of us will be judged, if you know Jesus as your Savior you will spent eternity with Him in Heaven, if you don’t know Jesus as your Savior you will spend eternity in Hell for ever and for ever. It is time to stop disrespecting others and loving them the way God loves you.

    Read the Bible, start with the book of John or Romans. Always remember every word in the Bible is true, find one thing in the Bible that is not the Truth. Love all of you because we all were created by God and he commands us to love one another and to be a witness for Him.

  11. I would really love to try a social experiment with N. Phillips and the media. Secretly record Phillips as he goes to say a liberal high school in Seattle or San Fran, then have him go to an all Hispanic school in LA and finally have him go to an inner city high school in Chicago, Baltimore or east Cleveland go up to a group of teens standing in a group at each school and start beating his drum and chanting inches from their faces.
    I don’t know what the put come would be but I can only imagine, at the right school they would probably shove that drum where the sun never shines and beat him with the drum stick. We all know the Catholic school kids handled the situation with class and tact,let us see how others would handle the same intimidation tactics of getting in someone’s face beating a drum and chanting at them,

  12. Chief,, it’s too late, all of our honorable military and elected officials that took an oath to serve, honor and protect our constitution, have failed, they have sat on their asses and watched, they take an oath and it means as much as telling someone to tie their shoe, honor has gone out the door

  13. The Fake news folks need to be sued because they put the high school students lives at risk because of their hate and misconduct in reporting incorrectly what happened. Nathan Phillips needs to be sued because he lied once again about having someone do something to him when it was him instigating the confrontation. He misled people about his Military serve when he was never in Vietnam and went AWOL 3 times and got out after 4 years as an E-1 Private. Nathan Phillips is a disgrace to himself, the Corps, and the United States. Sad the Liberals gave home the time of day but his fake story fkt right into their narrative.

  14. I hope they can find a really good lawyer and a judge who is constitutional and take them for all they can get. Take the news media and disgusting Hollywood and reduce them to nothing. These people are a disgrace and are being encouraged by a power hungry party of government who, like them, don’t give a rats behind about the American people.

  15. first the obama administration, weaponized the government against conservatives. trump won, so now the democrat, controlled media is weaponized against conservatives. not to mention the fbi, is still targeting republicans for traffic tickets for 11 years ago.

  16. I pray these boys parents sue, sue sue everyone who through their hatred and jumping to conclusions pay dearly for putting these boys in harms way.

  17. Where is the hate and discord coming from? Not from the conservative side. The Left and it’s lap dog the mainstream media foment hate when ever they can and like the true deceivers that they are point the finger at conservatives in an attempt to assign blame to the innocent.

  18. Last I checked it was a punishable violation of law to incite violence against any person or group.

    By naming names and producing a FAKE story twisting who the victims were in the incident the media has in fact incited the individuals who blindly believe and follow them to do just that.

    So where are the prosecutors, you know the ones so fast to RETRY people already found Innocent of any crime simply because the MEDIA twisting the facts implied that somehow the RACE of the “victim” (actually the attacker) exempted them from anyone being allowed to defend themselves when attacked by them unless they happened to APPEAR to be the same race.

  19. Mr.mcginnis your statements are true about Jesus but I don’t think the Lord would mind peaceful ways to stop these people.Also we cannot let New York’s abortion law stand. Killing babies the minute before they are born May God have mercy on our souls.

  20. JAMES after viewing a clip from my Cousin, that COVINGTON IDOCY, the kids started that whole fiasco over a NATIVE USA LEGAL CITIZEN was paying tribute to a statue……They actually blocked his way to keep him from ascending the step to the statue…..They were shouting out obscenities and even once called him a F____ing Indian…..That smiling jerk can tell any story he wants to……..THE COVINGTON BUNCH WERE WRONG..

  21. LEAVE it to the LIBS that are empty headed and believe everything from MSNBC, CNN, and the rest of those in the MEDIA that love to twist stories and not show the full story of those BRATS…………

  22. They have made themselves COMPLETELY irrelevant to a few…unfortunately their brainwashing efforts over the last fifty odd years has reaped a dividend of approximately 50% of Americans and an even higher percentage of NATO citizens…lots of mentally challenged people running around that ACTUALLY consider the carrion swill output of the corrupted mainstream fake media to be “gospel”…

  23. I hope the news outlets are sued but also all those celebrities too. They need to keep their mouths shut especially on political issues and stick to their jobs.

  24. The American people are not stupid (well, there was that obama choice), the know which media are snakes and nobody pays any attention to him anymore.

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