Bernie Sanders Comes Out Against The Booming Economy

In what appears to be a common bias among the liberal-leaning news media, USA Today recently provided Sen. Bernie Sanders an open forum to publish his views about the booming economy under Pres. Donald J. Trump’s leadership. To say that “Crazy Bernie” isn’t happy would be an understatement.

It’s widely known that the senator from Vermont favors socialism to the very system that pays his salary. If that bit of capitalism seems like hypocrisy, consider his wife has been the focus of an FBI investigation for an alleged loan scam.

Apparently, the Sanders couple only hate other people who make money. And that’s the crux of the senator’s argument about why the Trump economy stinks, and why we should all go back to the Obama days or become like Cuba and Venezuela.

Fact-Checking Crazy Bernie

In his USA Today opinion piece, Sen. Sanders hits the Trump Administration with the usual Democrat talking points. He claims Obama laid the groundwork for the now-rising economy, record-low unemployment and ramped up stock markets.

“The good news is that over the last several years, long before Trump became president, the unemployment rate has been steadily going down,” Sanders writes. “Under President Barack Obama, the U.S. unemployment rate went down from 10 percent in October of 2009 to 4.8 percent when he left office. Now, it’s at 4 percent.”

What the distinguished socialist leaves out of his misleading argument is that when Obama took office in 2008, the unemployment rate stood at 4.9 in January and slipped back a notch to 4.8 in February.

But Obama’s zeal for harsh government regulations sent a chill across the business community. Confidence fell as he spouted off policies that would save the world by shuttering coal mines and taxing everyday Americans at a higher rate to fund pet projects. By the end of Obama’s first year, unemployment spiked to 7.2 percent and topped out at 10.2 percent in 2009. Unemployment didn’t return to the low 4.9 rate from when he took office until 2016, his final year in the White House.

After Pres. Trump ascended to the Oval Office, unemployment has plummeted to record lows, with African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans enjoying the lowest rates in history. Bernie Sanders doesn’t mention the fact that Pres. Trump ripped up Obama’s anti-business regulations.

Crazy Bernie Says: “The Economy Isn’t As Good As It Appears”

It’s hard to tell if Crazy Bernie is befuddled, or if he just thinks everyday Americans are plain old dumb.

Talking out one side of his mouth, he says the great economy is all due to the work by his fellow socialist Democrat Obama. But now it’s not great at all. Which is it Bernie?

The DOW Jones tends to be an excellent measure of economic growth. It’s objective, cannot be altered by partisan politics, and rises and falls in conjunction with economic policies and American wealth. It also flows with incoming and outgoing White House policies.

When Obama won the White House in November 2008, the DOW Jones stood at around 13,000. By March of 2009, it fell off a cliff and dropped to a low of 7,222. The housing crisis, coupled with anti-business policies from the Obama Administration caused an almost unprecedented purging of American wealth.

What’s even more frightening is that before Obama won the election, the DOW stood at its highest point in recorded history. Pres. George W. Bush had helped rebuild it even after the 9-11 attacks and protracted War on Terror.

When Obama saw the Trump Campaign win in 2016, the DOW had gained a meager 5,000 points in 8 years. It’s gained more than that in less than two years under Pres. Trump. What has Bernie Sanders to say about all this?

“Meanwhile, the median household in America has less wealth than it did 35 years ago after adjusting for inflation, and the average wealth of those in the bottom 40 percent is virtually zero,” he writes. “The wealth gap between white Americans and African-Americans has more than tripled over the past 50 years. Shockingly, the median white family has almost 10 times as much wealth as the median black family today.”

Bernie Sanders position is a common liberal one. If given the choice between every American having $100 in their pockets or half having $200 and the other half having $300, Sanders and his fellow socialists choose $100. Keep in mind, he and his wife already have the $300.

Decrying the tax reform that made American business competitive with other nations and spurred economic growth, Bernie would rather end prosperity. In his mind, hard-working Americans should have less and feel good about everyone struggling to provide for their families. Crazy Bernie won’t be happy until every American is dirt poor.

~ Conservative Zone

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34 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Comes Out Against The Booming Economy”

  1. I wonder if he is willing to through all his wealth into the pot with everyone else and divide it equally among the masses? That is true socialism. I would venture to say he is not. That then is communism. Bernie Sanders is a worthless communist.

    1. He cannot even be true to his own communist party so how can he be depended on for anything. The ole guys mind is gone. one sentence the economy is booming next sentence it.s not doing so well. Please ld man. Take your money and run. you are done here. And that half wit running with him seems to just got off the space ship from whatever planet she.s from


    1. Also, there is indications that Bernie used his political influence to allow his wife to secure loans for her questionable Burlington College endeavors.

      1. that caused the shooting of republican on the ball field that morning that Steve Salese was shot and almost died. Also, it was Bernie’s wild speeches that inspired the shooter to try to kill the republican reps who sere practicing for a game. e do not need any one like him in the government, let alone as the president. He would destroy us because of his socialistic beliefs. And Obama had noting to do with our booming economy. He was destroying us and Bernie would do the same.

        1. My guess would be that Bernie’s dream would be to see the USA as a third world nation. Show me a socialist country that is a success. Even that last bastion of large scale communism, China, was going nowhere until they embraced capitalism.

  2. When someone gets old and ugly they become senile and that is exactly what has happened to Bernie. Go purchase a rocking chair Bernie and retire before you turn into a john McCain!

  3. Bernie Sanders’ wife will NEVER be charged with anything, especially if comrade Bernivich loses another chance at the White House, because the left will say the same thing they have said about Hillary: “He lost the election, so he has been punished enough.

    Also, I wish people would please stop calling people like Sanders, ‘DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS’, they are full blown COMMUNISTS.

  4. Norman Thomas….1944
    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.
    I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

  5. iF PEOPLE are naive enough to believe that under Socialism everyone will be the same, I have a bridge to sell them. There are classes of people under Socialism, Look at the queen of England, and there are classes under Communism also. Look at Putin who is said to be worth over a billion dollars.

    1. the lunatic liberal/left don’t want to see the truth.. they are way too brainwashed with the lies of the democrats and MSM and too consumed with their hate to accept the truth…

  6. ANYONE who is for the socialist communist democratic party today, REALLY needs to have their heads examined… Their ridiculous policies will bring this country down and destroy it… WHY would ANYONE be against tax cuts, be for illegal alien criminals running loose on the streets of our communities… you have to be some kind of extremely insane to not want our country to prosper, not want our country to be safe… The liberal / left have absolutely become unhinged .. they are so consumed with their lies and their hate that they refuse to take a good look at what they want and the damage it will do to this country…
    HEAVEN HELP THIS COUNTRY!!! GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND ALL HE HAS DONE AND IS DOING TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY A BETTER PLACE FOR ALL AMERICANS… The economy is doing well under Trump and it has NOTHING to do with Obama whatsoever… it has all to do with what President Trump has done for America.

  7. The allure of socialism is and always has been the “free stuff” promised by its proponents and the class warfare used to gin up the have not’s into thinking the are entitled to everything they have never earned themselves. It’s no wonder stooges like Sanders hate the Trump economy. Low unemployment and better paying jobs pull the rug right out from under their argument. We will always have an under class. However, a healthy economy virtually ensures it remains a minority fraction of the overall voter base.

  8. The great flaw socialists ignore, or are ignorant of, is that “rich people” make two things an improving economy must have are (1) formation of capital and (2) people who dream. “1” generates “2.” Socialism and Fascism are the same thing: Socialism rises from the bottom up, the masses, unions, those wanting free stuff while Fascism comes from the top down those concentrating power, the ultra-political class with both telling any lie, committing any crime, including murders like Seth Rich, most recently. Socialism and Fascism have failed every time they have been tried, 40 times in all from Nazi Germany, East Germany, North Korea, Central America in several cases, Cuba and now Venezuela in spite of the greatest oil field in the western hemisphere. It is all clear if you take a good look at the facts.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    1. You said it all with “Unions”. They have ruined everything they touch with the exception of the Trade Unions (construction). They do things for their people with the dues that the Company pays whoever they are working for. The provide health insurance and retirement,. Even the lowly Labor’s union people retire with wonderful pensions plus social security. They also train their people and find them jobs but the other unions do nothing but take your money, period and that folks is communism that you have to pay. Some states are not getting smart and passing laws that if you work for a company and don’t belong to the union you don’t have to pay.

  9. Socialism is great…for people in big government positions. Not so good for the average Joe. In fact it is horrifying.

  10. yep, old berinie has BRAIN DEAD, he is no longer dependable, he says CRAP just to get noticed, and he is successful there we notice, an older idiot than before, take you little lation girl friend an go else where an talk about the good side of socializm,. May you 2 go to ZENEZULA , I,ll bet they would love to hear your message . But maybe you should just STFU now, while you still can.

  11. Bernie is a total idiot and is suffering from dementia. There is nothing in the heads of the liberals …… their heads are delepted of dencency and common sense to unite and are doing everything to bankrupt the country .

    They are too many Bernie’s totay and hope the American people can really drain the swamp from these sick people comes 2018 and 2020 eelections .

  12. As is evident in this article, Bernie and all his cohorts in responsible positions inside politics and outside, either outright lie about the successes of Obama and the failures of Pres. Trump or simply, as illustrated above, don’t share the entire story. When one considers all the trouble Hillary & Bill created, the stonewalling, unmitigated gall, leftist bias lying, lack of ethics & a disturbing hatred for our Constitution, all their lack for rule of law when it comes to the activities on antifa, the new black panthers, the vicious, lying, vulgar vitriol they spew, small wonder more and more every day American citizens are becoming fed up with the Democrat Party. They recognize and are terrified about all that has come to light simply because Hillary lost the election, that the activities of Hillary, the DNC, the Obama Justice Dept., the FBI & CIA top echelon are doing their utmost to create a “smoke-screen” to either cover their nefarious activities up or hope we the American citizenry will forget with all their nonsense disparaging of President Trump and anyone who openly supports him. As far as they’re conserned, unless you agree with their line of thinking, our First Amendment rights are non-existant.

  13. Give the democrats the house and we have a recession. Give people like Bernie the White House, Senate and House and we’ll have ciaos. All the talk of the free stuff sounds good right? The problem is who’s paying the bill. The American tax payer will be screwed and if they don’t like it they may be put in jail. Look at socialist governments of the past and present. 1930s Germany (yes the NAZIs are socialists (lefties) not far right wingers that the media likes to spout) killed millions. The Russian revolution and the Soviet Union killed millions. Cuba also killed millions. If these ideologies were so great there wouldn’t be refugees from all those countries. If Bernie and this new house candidate in NY, Cortez, likes socialism so much let’s plant them in Venezuela for a few months and see if they still like socialism.

  14. beanie!!! When obama was president you gave him credit for supposed good things that happened. But not so good, Bush got the blame. So lets give Trump credit where credit is due. It’s the economy stupid and Trump is responsible for the GREAT AMERICAN ECONOMY…

  15. I couldn’t “share” this article to FB BECAUSE THEY DEEMED IT ” OFFENSIVE”. Get a life FB!!!!! Too bad they don’t believe in adults making up their own minds.

    1. @Linda – I WOULDN’T share it because it would bring down the IQs of my friends who would be subjected to Sanders’ insanity.

  16. There should be no wonder why so many people are embracing the idea of socialism. It started in our schools a long time ago. Today we are witnessing the fruit of their labor. First teach the unknowing and in turn they will become the teachers. Keep all kids from public schools and colleges for an entire generation and you would see a complete turn around in this country.

  17. He’s an idiot who can’t find his village. No matter how crazy his past comments are he’ll develop more that will exceed his past lunacy.

  18. I never want Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to ever shut up. These two are the best thing that ever happened to Freedom and Democracy that the majority of the American population hold dear. We need these socialist out there exposing Democrats and there socialist ideas so the American people can see the fate of there freedom and way of life if they keep voting for these socialist left wing democrats. So i say let them keep digging that hole.

  19. Facebook would not allow me to post this! Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
    Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.

  20. Senile Sanders touts socialism, has waived the Russian flag at past rallies and now accuses President Trump of ‘collusion’ with RUSSIA?! He needs to go sit on one of his front porches and holler at kids to stay off of his lawn.

  21. It’s become rather obvious that good ole Bernie hasn’t been to Venezuela for a while. My best friend was born and raised in a small fishing village in the northern part of Venezuela. She was a very intelligent little girl, but under Chávez government controls, girls can only receive an education up to 14 years of age. She was just too smart to stay. When she turned 14, her family made “legal” arrangements to send their daughter to Florida to live with a family member.” She lived with her aunt and had settled in Hialeah, Florida, which has the highest percentage of Cuban and Cuban American residents of any city in the United States and all of them know all about the virtues of socialism. When she arrived in the US, she spoke only a little English. If she was going to live here she knew she’d needed to learn to speak English and she wanted her aunt to go with her but she refused. She graduated high school with top honors and received a full scholarship to the University of Miami and had graduated with honors of magna cum laude with a degree in Psychology.
    Every day she becomes very nervous as there’s a war going on within her country that the media in this country refuses to cover. The people there have grown tired of these corrupt socialistic ways and over the last 4 years, there have been riots everywhere. Those rebels have been setting off petrol bombs everywhere including the Supreme Court building and petrol storage tankers last year. Food and clean water have become a commodity and her dad, and her brothers make their living as professional fisherman. But, now they’re in enormous trouble, as her father had chosen the family business. Her grandfather and great grandfather were all fisherman. They used to catch medium hauls, kept a portion of their catch and then sell what remains in an open fish market. However, now what they catch, the government takes. If they feel you might’ve held back any of their fish, so they could feed their families, they will burn their boats or set your house on fire. But, now there are pirates stealing boats or torching them in the middle of the night. One morning their neighbor had lost two of his fishing boats. These boats are nowhere near the 60 ft, 75 ft fishing trawlers we have here in the states. These are wood rowboats no longer than 25 ft some with small motors, which gets stolen during the night, now her dad keeps his motors hidden in their small house. Now, if Hugo Chavez was bad, his replacement is far worse, Nicolas Maduro was a bus driver who has no idea how to run a country.
    They are going into a fourth year of crippling recession, Venezuela’s 30 million people found themselves skipping meals, suffering shortages of basic foods and medicines, jostling in lines for ever-scarcer subsidized goods, unable to keep up with dizzying inflation rates, and emigrating in ever larger numbers. In unprecedented scenes from this once-prosperous OPEC nation, some citizens survived only by scavenging through garbage.
    Now, is this the type of socialism crazy, Professor Bernie is talking about? Because all the leaders have said the same things as mad Professor Bernie has spoken about. Venezuela’s current economic catastrophe and has been well documented. Conventional narratives point to Hugo Chávez’s regime as the primary architect behind Venezuela’s economic tragedy. While Chávez and his successor Nicolás Maduro deserve the brunt of the blame for Venezuela’s current economic calamity.
    But, political “experts” conveniently ignore about the seeds of Venezuela’s destruction were sowed during those “glory years.” Years of gradual economic interventionism took what was once a country bound to join the ranks of the First World to a middle-tier developing country. This steady decline eventually created an environment where a demagogue like Chávez would completely exploit the people of Venezuela just for his political gain. She told me once if she ever sees any of Chávez Hollywood friends such as Sean Penn, Michael Moore, Oliver Stone or Danny Glover are all just useful idiots, or what she calls the propaganda police. They were Chávez and now Maduro friends so if she sees them in the United States she plans to kick them in the balls. Maduro is a lot like Obama. He has tried to manipulate their Constitution and ignore the laws or twist them to make it fit his needs.
    She wants her entire family to come here to the US, but her dad refuses to the US leave, he wants to protect his home and business. She has a little sister who she has never met, although they’ve spoken over the phone and received photographs of her and she’s just as smart as her big sister was at the same age. She’s an Aunt to her two older brother’s children. We have gone to Tallahassee numerous times to get an emergency Visa for her family, but they won’t leave, not yet. They will most likely they’ll send her sister here eventually and she holds onto her sisters emergency visa and takes it everywhere she goes, just in case she gets that call from her family. She has mailed them money, clothes, medicine and cleaning supplies but they have received none of her care packages, the corrupt government takes it and keeps it. She has days where she has panic attacks and she knows she could never enter Venezuela again.
    She speaks 7 languages Portuguese (because Brazil is close to Venezuela), English, Spanish, Italian, French, Latin and Greek. She was raised as a Catholic, believes in God, although God appears to be hiding in Venezuela.
    This is the true reality of what socialism looks like up close and very personal. Everyone tells the same lie.


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