Bernie Sanders Staffer: ‘After We Abolish Landlords, We Don’t Have to Kill Them’

Good news for landlords! Bernie supporters may want to take your property, but they’ll let you keep your life after their (proposed) revolution!

One key point for the most rabid Bernie supporters is the abolishment of rent and property owners. Shelter is a human right, so therefore Bernie fans should be able to live wherever they want, if only those awful landlords would stop holding them back.

This approach ignores the obvious. Beyond the crazy idea that personal property should be seized and redistributed, there’s the idea that landlords are wealthy and holding tenants back from opportunity. While there are wealthy landlords, most are simply getting by; many have become landlords not by choice, but because they’ve been transferred for a job, need to move for personal reasons, or simply can no longer afford their own home and neighborhood. These are hardly the oppressors they are described as.

“After abolishing landlords, we don’t have to kill them,” a Bernie Sanders campaign staffer can be heard saying in a video that recently went viral.

This quote came from footage filmed by Project Veritas. They were interviewing employees of the Bernie Sanders campaign ahead of the first Democratic primary contest in Iowa. It is not surprising that these staffers are radical – it is surprising how openly they talk about.

The latest Project Vertias project is a series called #Expose2020. In one clip, a pair of South Carolina community organizers talk about their feelings about property ownership, capitalism, and their overwhelming urge to destroy property. They lament the fact that their radical views need to stay under wraps for now. These are paid staffers for the campaign.

“Even if Bernie is elected, change will not come swiftly or easily, so the connections we’re making now in the campaign and with other volunteers and events, it’s important we retain that regardless of the outcome,” said field organizer David Taylor. “It’s unfortunate that we have to make plans for extreme action, but like I said, they’re not going to give it to us even if Bernie is elected.”

His fellow organizer spoke out on video about the people who are attracted to Bernie Sanders’ campaign, calling them “well outside of the American norm.”

“I’ve canvassed with someone who’s, like, an anarchist, and I’ve canvassed with someone who’s more of a Marxist/Leninist, so we attract radical, like truly radical people to the campaign,” he said. “But that’s obviously that’s not outward-facing.”

Both men agreed that their own radicalized views and extremism needed to stay dormant now, until after Sanders is elected.

“We don’t want to scare people off, so you’ve kind of got to feel it out first before you get into the crazy stuff,” he said. “You know, we were talking about more extreme organizations and stuff like Antifa, you were talking about the ‘yellow vests,’ all that, but we’re kind of keeping that on the back burner for right now.”

The pair had mixed thoughts on violence after a Sanders win, according to Baird.

“[A]fter we abolish landlords, we don’t have to kill them,” Baird said, noting he is “not excited by the prospect of armed struggle.”

“I just never want to kill anybody. That scares me a lot,” he added. “I would say most people in the movement are in it to avoid going that far.”

The men don’t share what the connection would be between killing landlords who are likely struggling to get by or who have invested everything in their properties and a benefit for others (the right kind of others).

The latest clip by Project Veritas shows just how extreme some young radical supporters can be, and what they truly expect will happen in the event of a Sanders victory.

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34 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Staffer: ‘After We Abolish Landlords, We Don’t Have to Kill Them’”

  1. Wake up America. You cannot have stuff for free. You have to pay for it and the landlords are no exception Open your eyes and look at how some people who pay a lot in rent leave the places they rent. Junk all over, broken windows, seldom cleaned, dog and cat urine and feces all over the place and you want landlords abolished? It’s a wonder there are still places to rent.

  2. Far left, who speak about anti gun and abolishing the second amendment. Yet they speak of killing people and armed conflict. Seems a bit contradictory to me. If they like the type of lifestyle that they speak of, maybe they should move to Russia, China or better yet North Korea. Us deplorables will help them pack.

  3. If “shelter is a human right” and we should “be able to live wherever we want”, then Bernie better start making room because a whole bunch of people may decide it’s time to move into his mansions: rent free of course.
    It’s easy to spout this nonsense of his, including about “wealth redistribution”. But if he were actually serious about his rhetoric, why should he be exempt from the very policies that he wants to foist on others?

    1. Foisting misery on others while living high on the hog is standard procedure for Communists and any other dictatorship in the world. The very rich live in luxury and reduce “the masses” to slavery, they keep their own wealth while taxing the “peons” into abject poverty.

  4. Be realistic, the first ones to lose their rights will be those that try to infringe on ours or take property by force. Most of these fools are basement dwellers. If something started it wouldn’t take long before they realized those of us who work will fight back.

  5. My 2nd Amendment right says that I can PROTECT myself from these individuals. And, no. you CAN’T have my guns . . . EVER! Besides, COMMUNISM has been OUTLAWED by the U.S. Constitution (Read it for yourself and WEEP!). So, put the BONG down and quit fantasizing and come to REALSVILLE. Otherwise, you may come to your demise QUICKLY as some FREEDOM loving RED NECK puts one “right between your eyes”. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. You really think the man upstairs will let this person be your next (V) President. Strike me once, strike me twice, won’t be nice, but he is too old and Racist-Commie-Bullier. That is not a President. It won’t happen DDROTG

    1. You have that one right. God will not allow that to happen. God brought us DOnald j. Trump and God, with our help will keep Trump as president as long as we need him to. I shudder to think what our beloved nation and world would be like under any of these communists in the Dim party from Bernie, to Nancy, to any of those running for the office of president on the side of the leftists, to Shumer, Nadler, Hoyer, etc. They are all communists or senile or just plain crazy. No one qualified to lead this country except Trump!

  7. It’s a kool-aid thing. His followers are as out of touch with reality as his pea brain. He’s trying to push crap on sane people that his psycho ass believed in for decades

  8. Let the homeless population move in with Bernie, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and Nadler and the rest of the socialist/communist who think everything should be free. There is absolutely nothing free in this world and only two things that anyone in this world is gntd. and that is DEATH AND TAXES!!
    If you really think these socialist/communist will give you anything for free out of the goodness of their hearts, then why don’t they do it now—out of their pockets and not out of the pockets of taxpayers.
    Granted their are US Citizens who do need help – however their are State and federal funded programs to help them–Medicaid, Snap program (food stamps), rentals based on individuals income, ability to buy a home based on individuals income, assistant in paying child care expenses while parents are working, homeless shelters, various programs for people to get a free hot meal–the list goes on and on. However the individuals that do take advantage of these programs are not the ones screaming for everything to be handed to them. The individuals that want everything for free are the ones who are to lazy to get a job and take care of themselves–they thinks they are owed something!!

  9. The Democrat/Leftist agenda:

    -endorses seizing your property
    – endorses redistributing your wealth
    -endorses overthrowing the government that American’s voted for.
    – endorses Open Borders/Sanctuary Cities
    – endorses allowing illegal aliens to vote.
    – endorses BLM
    – endorses Occupy Wall Street
    – endorses MS-13
    – endorses ANTIFA
    -endorses race baiting
    -endorses seizing your guns
    – endorses outlawing Christianity
    – endorses forcing their homosexual/transsexual agenda on America.
    – endorses CAIR
    – endorses The Muslim Brotherhood
    – endorses Sharia Law
    -endorses rewriting history
    -endorses destroying the constitution
    – endorses Social chaos
    – endorses killing Babies
    – endorses Genital confusion
    – endorses Social/economic warfare
    – endorses raising your Taxes
    – endorses Weaponizing government agencies
    – endorses a Fascist/Socialist/Islamic World Government

    1. Bubba you are right , and we All Must get out to Vote for President Trump in November And to Vote Out these Democrat/Socialist/Nazis in Congress !! They are Anti Law , Anti American and are Already Destroying Our way of Life And Our Constitution !

  10. Everybody’s a tough guy until you meet one. Running your mouth in your little mutual admiration circle means nothing. Come get’s some!!


  12. Democraps are like poor Muslims, they complain about so much but when they leave the place that they feel does not suite them for one reason and relocate, they bring all of their bad habits and the new place turns into just as big a dump as the place they left.

  13. This IS no surprise; communists hate our Constitutional Republic, it is the antithesis of their ‘state run’ oligarchy, God help us if this idiot were to win along with his brain dead millennials.

  14. Communists, socialists, fascists are all the same. Islamists are not a religion but a system of tyrannic oppression. If you like freedom, you have to fight always for freedom and against those who like your freedom, property and rights.

  15. They are the reason democrats want to take our guns. That way it would be a lot easier for these nut jobs to do what they want. Can you believe they probably have normal parents. They could be their first victims.

    1. Exactly! I see the turm “gun hater” in print fairly often but that term is not correct; what they really are is “gun monopolists.” They want guns, all right, but only for themselves so that they would have power OVER the people.

  16. how about telling these people to ask Sanders that they are going to move into his home, rent free, with maid service. and all the joy we are going to have just laying back and let you wait on me. what is good for goose is good for the gander.

    you have time to practice on handling your ARMOR and teaching your family how to used them.

    When we tell GOD we do not need him anymore, you have stopped praying stopped reading his word. TIME IS NOW TO FALL ON BENDING KNEES AND CRY OUT TO GOD. JUST DO NOT FORGET HIM AND THANK HIM EVER DAY. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  17. Let’s see…… As a common law abiding middle class person who has worked all his life to try to get ahead and also support his family I am now supposed to allow a group of people who don’t want to work or even follow our societies norms dictate how I and my family may live in my USA under their socialist/communist rules or be subject to their possible violent reaction.?
    It’s not going to happen !!………I belong to the silent majority!……..If you don’t know what MAJORITY means look it up in the dictionary. There are millions of us and unlike some other countries we are armed and getting fed up with groups trying to take away our freedoms that the USA provides.

  18. WAKE UP AMERICA! The plans are already made, event they may “remain dormant” for a while .It is not only Sanders but all the other ones sharing his ideas. I lived in Socialist Cuba for 10 years. Properties were taken away from landlords- even those still residing in the island- and given to selected others. Mansions which were occupied by high government officials, other ones to members of the Communist Party.
    US and private companies owned by residents of all origins were confiscated. Same with bank accounts. The socialist regime decided that after a certain balance, the rest did not belong to you. So if you have saved for your retirement, bad luck. Where those fund went? Your guess is as good as mine.
    Defeating them at the poles is the American way, but do not discount invalid votes from those who are not US citizens, even illegals. I naturalized and have been a US Citizens for over 35 years and very proud of it. It hurts what some elements are trying to do to our country. We cannot let that happen!

  19. Dear Bubba Love — You nailed it! Every thing you wrote about the democrat position is absolutely correct. Every little (and, some not so little) thing they are trying to do NOW and have been doing these past decades is for the total erosion of the country we are living in. — But, more importantly, they are in almost total control of our educational system…thanks to Clinton making the Department of Education a Cabinet post. And, that control, is the strongest, most dangerous control for
    mind bending”. And, that’s why we have sooo-oo-o many left of left liberals in government.

    A comment by another contributor suggests the likes of these philosophic proponents be given a free, one year residence in ANY of the countries that “practice” their philosophy. Venezuela would be my first suggestion. North Korea would be another good option to further their education…if the intention is that their “host” country follows their current philosophy to “keep” them safe for their lifetimes.

  20. That s taffer is the kind of guy who would kill his own mother for bread, and gleefully live in someone else’s house like a squatter.

  21. This may sound convoluted, the only way democrap/fascists will save their party is to be defeated three [3] more times and purge them selves of the radical nut jobs, we will never become a ‘banana republic’, they will need to replace these anti American fools with congressman who love our nation.

  22. It’s been going in for a long time. Obama already had one of those law’s laws passed by sneaking it through on as a trailer on another bill, that allows banks deemed to big to fail to confiscate your savings, checking, and your IRA/401k’s. Forget FDIC That isn’t going to be in play either. I think this was a ploy so that when Hillary was elected (and they were positive she would be) They could begin
    the takeover of America. Whether you are a moderate Democrat or a Republican get out and vote for Trump. do not vote Democrat until they clean up their act and get rid of all the socialist/Democrats.

  23. Watch closely to what they are trying to pass in Congress. “The new way forward act” is sneaking in the back door. It will totally rewrite our borders and immigration policies.
    First look it up – then as you see how horrible it is contact your congressman / woman and tell them to vote against it. We have to expose this horrible legislature!!!!

  24. Bernie Sander and his follower should all be tried for treason and thrown out of this country, and have their belong taken from them. Their don’t deserve to be a American Citizens.

  25. We should care more about whom he chooses as his running mate, because in the event he would be elected, he would surely croak in office once he finds out how difficult being a US President really is.

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