Biased Scientists Claim ‘Masculinity’ is Unhealthy

Liberal elites and extremists are again wrongly declaring war on what the American Psychological Association calls ‘traditional masculinity.’

Masked behind a disguise of phony research, the APA has taken up the same gauntlet that radical feminists have been throwing down for decades. It’s an all-out war on the basic male strengths that make men outstanding athletes, captains of industry and the world’s most determined soldiers among other positives.

What was once merely a political debate driven by feminists and weak liberals trying to cut down the traits that make men proud leaders and achievers, the egg-heads at the APA are denouncing manhood on scientific grounds. Although psychology ranks among the more speculative of the sciences, leftists seem to think sticking a name with “Ph.D.” next to it will turn their fiction into fact. Keep in mind that these are the same class of snowflake liberals that call those who challenge climate change science “climate deniers” (idiots, basically) but hide in their safe spaces when biology determines there are only two genders.

The APA’s horrifying first-ever “Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men” rejects the very foundations of what fathers and adult males teach boys about the types of physical and mental toughness that will serve them well in life. As Stephanie Pappas states on the APA website, “traditional masculinity — marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression — is, on the whole, harmful.”

What’s particularly telling — if you are a traditional man — is that the same web page views all male achievements as bad.

“For decades, psychology focused on men (particularly white men), to the exclusion of all others. And men still dominate professionally and politically: As of 2018, 95.2 percent of chief operating officers at Fortune 500 companies were men,” Pappas states. “According to a 2017 analysis by Fortune, in 16 of the top companies, 80 percent of all high-ranking executives were male. Meanwhile, the 115th Congress, which began in 2017, was 81 percent male.”

Like the far-left Democrats in politics today, a person’s ability to achieve or lead is not what’s important. The fact that males — or as Pappas says, “white males” — are putting traditional masculine strengths to work and succeeding should be secondary to skin color and gender, according to liberals. Imagine if we selected captains of industry based on gender and racial discrimination rather than ability? We could all expect higher unemployment, a lower national GDP and steady spiral into Third World country status.

Pappas bookends traditional male strengths with statistics about violent crime before trailing back to common racism talking points used by liberals.

“Boys are far more likely to be diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder than girls, and they face harsher punishments in school — especially boys of color,” Pappas sates.

As Americans with brains that work, at what point do these tired old liberal racism arguments become ridiculous? Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be an elitist liberal attack if racism weren’t thrown in on the side somewhere. It makes you want to quote Clint Eastwood in the traditional masculine movie “Heartbreak Ridge.”

“You can beat me, you can whip me, you can torture me, just don’t bore me,” Gunnery Sgt. Tom Highway says. Inspiring traditional manhood, to say the least.

Since conservatives such as Fox News host Tucker Carlson and the National Review returned fire, liberal-leaning media outlets have come to the APA’s aid and helped it backtrack some of its wrongheaded claims to seem more palatable. Rags such as USA Today have pulled a few quotes out of context to help sell the guidelines.

“The APA defines traditional masculinity as ‘a particular constellation of standards that have held sway over large segments of the population, including: anti-femininity, achievement, eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure, risk, and violence,’” USA Today states.

The daily newspaper goes on the link traditional masculinity to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and quotes a female sociologist professor who claims that male achievements such as leadership, providing for a family or being a protector among others is “not just outwardly destructive but also inwardly destructive.”

It seems clear that the elite liberals are determined to strip away not just traditional masculinity, but also the very things that make men feel right about being men. It’s as if they look down their noses at male soldiers, athletes and innovators. These days, liberal elites have a new catchphrase called “toxic masculinity” for tough-minded and successful men.

~ Conservative Zone

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62 thoughts on “Biased Scientists Claim ‘Masculinity’ is Unhealthy”

  1. The liberals need to grow up! Sounds a lot like penis envy to me. Do these idiots stop to think how stupid and silly they sound and act? If you want credibility, there are better ways that acting like a bunch of jackasses! You embarrass every good woman in this world!

    1. Katee; thanks for being a “GOOD WOMAN” that has nothing to be embarrassed by the damn libtards far left #1 examples of a dem’s logo of the ass & bo’s treasonous whims to make all U.S. Citizens to be weak so the asinine dem’s can create their wannabe dictatorship over the U.S.A. ! Dem’s have proved to be U.S. Patriots # 1 enemy & balless bo with far left queers being the asses stench in the commie cesspool sinking below whale shit ! There is only one sure cure for the stench of socialist wannabe dictators and that is total elimination … !

    2. When I went to medical school, more than half of the class were females. The women are coming! No sign of penis envy.

  2. It posted to twitter but not Facebook. So thats their plan to also take our 2nd ammendment rights away. Take guns away from the mentally ill. Who could argue that? Think, who is the author of confusion?

  3. Society today has turned inward.. God created male and female..there is no other gender..yes, society today is not a Godly society..they removed God out of society..out of government, out of schools, even some churches are removing God..Evangelicals aren’t welcome in some churches..When Jesus comes back again, the rapture takes place, the Holy Spirit has left with the born again church, tribulation will take place and will be horrendous..The anti-Christ will rule for awhile but then Satan will in the end will be tossed into the bottomless pit..You may think this is all hokey pokey but the Bible tells it like it is..Every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father… Praise the Lord!

    1. I will say one thing. Back in 2016 after praying went to sleep i saw these bug like pestilence get the people that didn’t know God the coming of Christ gets closer and closer all we can do know is watch and pray always

  4. As for me, I want a MAN to love me, hold, kiss and cherish me. If I wanted a namby pamby, se;f-centered, unable to care for themselves like the left is pushing, I’d have a female around. NO THANKS!!! Females are my friends, not my spouse!!

  5. To all those who accept this as truth….READ the book “The Boy Crisis” for the real story, it will give you a better understanding of what has been happening for decades now. We must not continue to dismiss our Boys as irrelevant, they desperately need our support Today!

    1. More women than men graduate from America’s colleges and universities because boys are ignored, put down, and medicated into zombies in America’s public schools.

      1. That is how socialism eventually lets a dictator control any weak nation with male cowards ! The U.S.border attacks are now #1 examples of enslaved cowards that won’t fight the drug cartels & dictators for freedom 1 The dictators cartels, using cowards as an act of war with humans for weapons of mass destruction … !

  6. Here we go again, taking common sense and trying to brainwash us. Is that what, mental disorder is. Just come from the Holocaust Museum, that’s what Hitler did and we say never again. God needs to be in charge of our country.

  7. Libturds prove yet again that liberalism is a mental disorder on the level of idiocy. It certainly seems like all libturds are idiots and morons which definaiely supports the thesis that liberalism is a severe mental deficiency and should be totally barred from any form of government.

  8. For over 60 years I have observed the elitist liberal ideology is to bring the United State of America down to a third world status with their hope of controlling all of society and its productive capabilities, in every area of life.

    1. Remember the Cloward and Piven strategy ??? Along with LBJs Great Society welfare programs, gave our socialism a dose of steroids with the hopes of creating a massive bureaucratic collapse and a communist take over. ??? USSA anyone ???

    2. I have observed liberal ideology for over 77 years and you are absolutely correct. To destroy a country, the communist plan is to weaken it from within.
      Liberals are doing the work (knowingly or not) of international communism. Lenin called them , “Useful idiots”.
      The best way to destroy a country without going to war….. weaken the male population!

      Id est quod id est.

      1. You are absolutely right, Enigma. The commies spelled it all out in ’58. Destroy us from within. It is what it is.

    3. I am about to turn 74 and I am a proud white male. I have a degree in Psychology and declined to pursue it and work in the field for many reasons. I have served in the U.S. Navy in Viet Nam and I try to learn as much as I can about everything. These liberal Democrats are an enigma as most of their views and actions simply defy logic. There are men and there are women and that is it. This whole LGBT thing where they want us regular people to pay attention to their off the wall demands and behavior is absurd. This whole gay movement and this gay “marriage”, thing is fine…for them, if they keep it private. They don’t though, as they are militant about it and will attack and vilify anybody who dares criticize them or that do not go out of their way to support them. I do not care if they go after me. I did not see any women standing next to me when I took my draft physical, nor have I ever heard of any women getting a draft notice. There was no affirmative action in play there either. I feel that it is man’s duty to love and protect women, period. We are the stronger sex for that reason. This whole identity politics designed to divide our country and pit each supposed group against another is exactly what Russia has wanted to do since World War II ended, and the “Progressive Democrat Party” has handed it to them on a platter. Diversity is fine but it should never be used to define winners and losers or who gets the job and/or promotion for any reason. It should be done on merit and ability, not skin color or sex. Not everybody is fit to lead or able to do any job unless qualified. There are many many women in the population who are eminently qualified to do jobs in male dominated industries and in the military and it is incumbent on men to mentor and assist them in their endeavors. It is wrong for a government to force the issue, OR TO DENY that possibility. The beauty of this life and this country is that all people are different and all have differing abilities and interests and ideas. To force them into groups to use them to achieve a political end or agenda is wrong. Also to pay and use protesters to achieve an agenda by pretending that these people are a grassroots group that are there of their own volition. It is the same for the Black Lives Mater groups as well as the Occupy movements and the protests against Justice Kavanaugh. It was proven that they were paid to demonstrate. All of this is to bring down our government by bringing up issue after issue like this to further divide our country and way of life.

  9. What a joke! Those female professors are actually feminists that men won’t date, have trouble with relationships, wish they were men, and are mostly fat and ugly! You know..typical college professors with no life, socialists, and Democrat!

  10. Let burp and change these babies diapers, give them a psychological support toy and a dose of REAL-LIFE. HAVE WE AS A SOCIETY sank to this level of ignorance and stupidy? Our GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED EDUCATION (COMMON CORE ) Had dumbed down ,conditioned our children to a SOCIALIST AGENDA. Hiter had the HITLER YOUTH. We have COMMON CORE. Now being a MAN IS BAD! It’s going to take an unthinkable counter measure to stop and reverse this. GOD HELP US!

  11. Most likely written by a bunch of homos/lesbians who wouldn’t know a man if they saw one.Stop this stupidity before these defective minds infect our children with this crap. We need real men and real women to be treated with respect and equality.

  12. Demo-ratic liberal socialism is the LARGEST MENTAL DISORDER with the people who consider themselves as “IT” because they are F##k#d up in the head. Also those who must have “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” because they can not FACE the TRUTH about themselves!

  13. I would speculate that less than 1% of white US of A males are violent. Yes, up through the worlds history, all violent wars and ideologies have been created by deranged power hungry males against those that desired individual Freedoms. The 20th century became the standard when free peoples fought against those evil tyrants and actually won. WWI (a wild crazy excuse for a war), WWII (basically a continuation of WWI), Korea (the first declared war against communism) and so on. Where would we be today without the alpha males fighting on the front lines to make a wrong a right against imperialism, Nazism and communism.
    Examples, like millions of them, my Father, uncles and father in law, in Burma, North Africa, France, Iwo Jima. I joined some million fighting a political war in a hot and humid hell hole called Vietnam against the Maoist communist. Today, we fight against a 7th century barbaric ideology that demonizes other ideologies and women. Then there is still communism by many other names.
    I’m proud to be a triple alpha male from Americas Greatest Generation and can boost about my two sons and their sons, all good guys. Regards, retired engineer, Texan and US Navy vet.

  14. Here’s a problem with the article’s argument; look at all the mass shootings in this country. Who’s doing the shooting, men.
    When you look at cases of domestic abuse, overwhelmingly it’s men doing the abusing.
    When you look at hate crimes in this country, once again it’s overwhelmingly men doing it.
    When you investigate the crime of rape/sexual abuse in this country, once again it’s overwhelmingly men doing it.
    So obviously there does need to be some changes in how men comport themselves.

  15. Are these so called ‘scientists’ female by any chance?
    Perhaps someone should tell ‘mother nature’ this ‘fact’.
    The best way to conquer a nation is to destroy the male population; the best way to do it without firing a shot…..destroy their masculinity!

    Id est quod id est.

  16. Male and female are the components of our species. It has worked very well without this failed thinking. There are some bad people out there. We need to protect ourselves from them. If this means we need a strong, masculine sex, then so be it. It’s difficult to believe that there are those that feel lessened by this arrangement. I believe in equal rights and opportunity for all. With your outlook, that would not be possible because we would be ruled by outsiders. You are free to compete in business, athletic, politics, military and every portion of our life. Earn your position. When I was a young white lad, I learned that blacks were more gifted athletes. I competed to reach my level. I didn’t hold this against the blacks. Only GOD can make snowflakes.

  17. God created man to be the head of the family, church and government. Woman was created to be a help and comfort to her husband and take care of her family and home. There are only two sexes created by God and the Bible explains this perfectly. I’m sick of Liberals, Democrats, etc. as they are trying to destroy our country and decent people. Boys should be raised to be men as God intended.

  18. The DEMS/RINOS & Liberals have caused a violent movement in the USA that threatens the very foundations of our FREEDOM……..And it comes, unmistakably, from the LEFT……..

    The men in Congress, Senate, Obama, & even Hillary (poor BILL) are the reason they have shown us that MEN are lacking in Cajones……..Those dems/rinos/libs have been the ones that are continually listening to Pislosi and her empty headed ideas………

  19. Well, that is no surprise and it is a real issue with Liberals as there are no “Real men Liberals.” they are all sad, unhappy, snow flakes living in mama’s basement afraid of Real work, Real Women, and in general they are afraid of Living a Real Life., how sad that these coddled individuals end up in need of Mental Care & Government Aid just to function in their make believe world.

  20. oh great! the inmates of the asylum, are wanting to coach you.

    i, do not listen to have anyone’s thoughts in me. my manliness, is determined by ELOHEEM G-D not by the ignorant demonic world.

    i, have no doubt this is demon-ism, bestiality from the subtle talking critters of the fields. just like the last time this all, happened before..

  21. As usual, they have it ass-backwards, it’s feminism that’s a mental disorder, that they want to emasculate men with!

  22. My own mother (God rest her soul) used to say that the men, nowadays, act more like women, and the women act more like men.
    She was born in 1911 (as was my dad), and they would both say that women of their time were more feminine and men were more masculine.
    What is sad is that many parents and teachers are deliberately raising our children this way. Boys are told they should be more effeminate, girls more masculine. If this isn’t child abuse, I don’t know what is.

    Id est quod id est.

  23. Just because you are called a scientist doesn’t t mean you have one drop of sense . It’s scientists that try to tell us we are from apes . When they can never give you a change from like kind to like kind . Now we might suspect that these people are females who don’t know what gender they are or their wussie men with no brains and they too have satanic ideas about their unknown gender . I for one know where my origins came from . They can fall out of a tree or waddle up a bank. Either way this article is a dumbing down of half wits . There will always be men and the stupid females who are trying to end all men , will cease to exist . Women are simply the container to hold the seed of man . That’s what God’s says . And with no seeds to replenish the earth there’s no life . Food or human !. Humans are the seed of the man not women ! Women are nothing more than an incubator for his seed to grow in . Just like the earth is the incubator for the seed of the plant to grow in . For way too long men have been thought of as nothing in the life giving process . It’s all about the woman . When in fact she doesn’t supply the seeds to grow , That’s why they want to destroy the masculinity of the male . Won’t happen .

  24. People sleep peacefully in their beds at night, only because rough men and women stand ready to do Violence on their Behalf. One has to meet strength with strength. Is it not great that we live in the only country in the world that has all the people in the world living in it? I assume they all want to be free and live their life’s as they wish to live them and they can, because rough men and women do Violence on their Behalf. Remember that this nation could not be a nation without the sacrifices that the women of this nation have made also, all the way back to a long time ago. Rough men need to be, strength meets strength. Now to my real feelings, the break up of the family unit is proving to be not a good thing. We as a species have rolls to play, there’s a reason for that.

  25. So basically they think being a NORMAL MAN is somehow a mental problem but THINKING you are one when you are not is NORMAL.

    Sounds like someone needs to get a better understanding of reality because THINKING you are something you are not is a mental problem BEING what you were born as instead of acting like you are the opposite to appease those bent on everyone being forced to be POLITICAL CORRECT is not a mental problem.

  26. Oh my God, I’m inwardly destructive! How in the world did I last for 76 yrs.

    To quote a FEMALE (Drew Barrymore in “ET”) “Give me a break!”

  27. There are a lot of mental disorders in America today, but manliness is not one of them. I do however think the Woman’s movements and Hollywood are full of mental disorders.

  28. The Psychologists are also the ones who said that Queers and lesbians was a normal life style. Look what that has gotten us?

  29. I’m a senior citizen suffering from Toxic Masculinity! Who the hell is this Pappas women, and where does she come up with the garbage she writes about? She sounds like a over educated, over paid, DUMDASS!

  30. Real manliness is standing for what’s right and moral and being a role model for the same. More real manliness is absolutely needed in our culture. I wonder what these leftists consider to be manliness?

  31. I was young when the feminist movement made its formidable entrance to American society and I read Cosmo, the Women’s Room, and other feminist oriented literature and I agreed with much of it but certainly not all and I still don’t. Women and men are different regardless of what certain brilliant scientists proclaim and I have always preferred to let the men do the heavy lifting in exchange for certain things I do better than males. I don’t think women should have demanding careers, raise the children, do the housework and cooking regardless of who makes the most money. It simply isn’t fair. I don’t think secretaries (do they exist any more?) should be forced to serve coffee and scones but for the right price, I would do it albeit not with much enthusiasm. I am educated and I think I have talents that transcend such banal tasks but despite our new world of ubiquitous ‘offense’ at human nature and its infinite but usually unintentional acts of sexual harassment, racism, bigotry, etc., etc., etc.,I can handle being offended without making a federal case of it and suing the offender for millions of dollars. How dumb have we become? Males are being emasculated by the millions, women are actually the toxic gender with giant chips on their shoulders almost as big as billionaire black football players but when push comes to shove, they will often jump in bed with a powerful man if it will get them what they want. Then they wait thirty years and accuse him of rape. What a crock! There should at least be a statute of limitations on how long you can repress your horrific experience at the hands of a filthy man who did live up to his end of the bargain you agreed to and made you rich and famous. The fiasco of cultural Marxism, devised by communists and embraced by the democrat party, most of whom are avid commies, has gotten entirely out of hand.Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, that despicable witch Nancy Pelosi, and the list of democrat billionaires goes on and on. Why is it ok for them to be filthy rich, money they earned as ‘public servants’ yet they want the rest of us to live in a socialist, one world government ruled by the U.N., the most insidious, corrupt, den of thieves and crooks in the world It has become a joke, a laughing stock, a farce. I’ve quit screaming at the lying left-wingers on television, I just don’t listen to them any more. But now we’ve got it coming from every direction: academia, sports, politicians, the corrupt, lying, incorrigible media, every institution in America. The military used to be our salvation but even they have gone down the nasty path of political correctness and pussification and it’s so sad. We’re going to need some strong men and women but if things keep going south, we’ll be embroiled in a civil war and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready and I’m a female (I think). I’m a good shot, familiar with guns, a survivalist, and I’m also a fabulous cook and I keep my house clean because I like it that way. Male/female roles are not irreversible but there are simply some things men do better than women and they aren’t necessarily ‘toxic’. There are some nasty men out there but I meet more nasty women than men, women who simply detest men. Watch out for the insidious dystopia the leftists are trying to create for the good of the sheeple,, most of whom they consider so stupid they can’t make rational, sane decisions about their own lives. I can handle my life with no help from the hypothetical illusions of university professors like Elizabeth Warren, one of the dumbest, most dishonest women to ever enter the political arena, not counting Hillary, the Queen of lies, deception, and a nasty disposition. I can understand why Bill, who is a democrat and therefore innocent of sexually abusing dozens of women, didn’t consider his nasty, vile wife a viable candidate. Common Core is dumbing down our children, the Millenials are a lost cause, and if parents don’t put their kids in private schools where they learn non-revisionist history, math, reading, comprehension, writing and the basic subjects schools are supposed to teach, we are in deep trouble. Politics and social justice are the prime topics taught in school, as well as safe sex for kindergarteners, the horrible tenets of Christianity and the laudable, beautiful teachings of islam, which is a supremacist, predatory, death cult. Our world has been turned upside down. Truth is hate speech, evil is good, and good is evil. What happens next? Nobody can change human nature—nobody. Nobody can change Mother Nature. I don’t care how smart, erudite, or how many doctorates you have, without common sense and the intelligence to consider alternate opinions and ideas, you’re just plain stupid.

  32. Lying, misleading, deceiving, obfuscating, Antisemitism, Provocateurs, prevaricators , perjurers, Communists, all Democrat résumé enhancements. It is alright for a white woman and man to say they are black or Asian, a girl to take male hormones and compete as a girl and a boy to claim he is a girl and compete against girls. Thank you President Obama for the hope and change.

  33. They are trying to make men unwilling to defend our country. This is globalist B.S. so when they invade the U.S. liberal boys will run and hide. Little do they know that the ones who know this, conservatives, have 90% of the weapons. You will not convert us into crying liberals.

  34. Wow! I sure am glad I grew up under Traditional Masculinity—where boys played tackle football and ice hockey, were nice to girls, and were anxious to become men. Dad taught me boys don’t cry (when my finger. Was caught in a car door, which is likely why I most likely shed a tear on happiness than sadness. I once took a psychology class and concluded the instructor was barely on the edge of sanity. I don’t recall fear of much of anything. I mentored and promoted women and people of color. I have only recently learned how boys are treated in schools today which I find shameful. We had good teachers who treated girls and boys fairly. The Libs had started lying, however, telling our class that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat, when I knew he was a Republican!

  35. Totally demented leftwing MeToo idiots. Frankly, I like to see men masculine and women feminine. That’s not a crime and certainly not unhealthy. What a joke.

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