Bob Woodward Bombshell: There was No Trump-Russia Collusion

Bob Woodward has been in the news a lot lately, and his latest book “Fear” has been praised by pundits from a variety of news outlets who note that Mr. Woodward has a reputation for accuracy and reliability.

Even so, his recent comments on the Trump-Russia collusion theory have gotten little or no coverage due to the fact they don’t fit in with the mainstream media narrative blaming Russia for President Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016. In a recent radio interview with Hugh Hewitt, Woodward made it abundantly clear that, in the two years he spent writing his newest book, he searched hard for evidence to back up the Trump-Russia collusion story but came up with nothing. When asked to confirm his assessment, he once again stated clearly that he saw no evidence of collusion between President Trump or any members of his administration and the Russians.

The statement comes at an awkward time for the president’s opponents. Many Democrats, both those in power and those who are running for office, are still using the “Russia-gate” hysteria to state the president is guilty of treason and thus should not be allowed to hold office much less appoint a new Supreme Court justice. Others are using the fact that Robert Mueller’ investigation into Russiagate isn’t finished to insinuate that the president has done something wrong or is guilty in some way or another.

However, the fact that investigators have yet to uncover any evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians should give thinking Americans pause. Furthermore, evidence is continually emerging that the scandal is based on shaky evidence manufactured by people who desperately wanted a different outcome in the 2016 election. Recent political developments are also helping to undermine the collusion theory as President Trump’s foreign policy engagements with Russia are actually proving to be less friendly than those of former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

At the same time, many Americans are not putting a priority on the Trump-Russia developments in the run-up to the 2018 mid-term elections. While the mainstream media is eager to report any new development, eagerly covering news such as Michael Cohen’s recent guilty plea and Paul Manafort’s decision to cooperate with Robert Mueller in order to avoid the ordeal of having to go through a second court battle, Americans aren’t really thinking about Russia when deciding who to vote for.

A poll conducted several months ago found that the issues American voters are most concerned about are immigration, healthcare, jobs and the economy. These day to day issues, which affect the lives of real people in real places throughout the country, are bound to have a far greater impact on who wins upcoming elections than manufactured scandals that have little to no evidence backing them up. Given this fact, it is not surprising that many Democrats campaigning for election, especially those who are seeking election or re-election in areas that Trump won in 2016, have stopped talking about the whole Russia collusion narrative and are instead focusing on practical matters that concern their voters.

Even so, it is important to note that the investigation is still having negative repercussions. It is costing the United States government millions of dollars in taxpayer revenue to investigate. Even more importantly, is it casting a cloud over international diplomacy, making it difficult if not impossible for President Trump and President Putin to have constructive conversations about important matters that impact the lives of billions of people around the globe.

The hysteria over the Trump-Putin summit earlier this year made it abundantly clear that those who actually believe Russia influenced the 2016 presidential elections will go to any lengths to malign an American president who would dare to meet with his Russian counterpart in an effort to improve international relations for the good of all involved. It would almost appear that many of the president’s opponents would rather precipitate a crisis with a nuclear power than have to deal with the fact that they lost an election they had expected to win with ease.

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22 responses to “Bob Woodward Bombshell: There was No Trump-Russia Collusion”

    • They are ‘obfuscators’ and the mainstream are their lackeys. Russian hacking was hatched to deflect the WikiLeaks and Seth Rich’s subsequent demise…at the time called them Keystone Kops and as I predicted then…Nov. 2016..they are STILL tripping over themselves trying to put together a case on Trump. Notice they are NOT going after any Democrats that they uncovered…convenient eh!!!

  1. Washington Democrats Communist at heart, are back stabbing vermin trying to take down America under the guise of helping minorities, youth, and un educated. Their is amendments against them but not enforced. They hide in the bowels of Washington working on ways to disrupt our country. We all know their names and choke hearing their venomous rhetoric against everything good about our country.

    • Democrat’s are Responsible for Creating THE Uneducated Minority Youth our Cities Run By Democrats look at Detroit, Chicago,Baltimore,Philly,New York City, Scam Francisco, Seattle, Houston with each day that passes more Violence Erupts and fewer become educated out of FEAR from the Willfully Ignorant in our Society. Dick Durbin should be called out on the Floor of the Senate to Explain why his District Containing St. Louis has become a Drug Dealers Paradise with Shootout’s and Drug deals going down on Camera’s in Front of Convenience Stores Threatening Innocent By standers inside the store. This is happening in every Democrat run city across the Nation Is this Where they get their largest Campaign Funds from the illegal sale of Gun’s and Drugs. With money Laundered Through Vegas and Atlantic City Casino’s.

    • The seditious 5th Column/Shadow Government headed up by the “organizer” is working overtime, with the blessing of the political elite/including the other ex presidents and they are ably aided and abetted by the corrupt sold out mainstream media that is fully controlled by the “puppeteers”, to destroy the Republic.Hillary Clinton is again openly calling for the “demise” of the Electoral College…1st battered by political correctness…2nd under steady pressure…and Trump must go…then the Republic is theirs…welcome to the NWO…

  2. Bob “Dullard” Woodward is a fraud or at the very least, a has been. While the biggest scandal of government corruption and abuse of power in the history of the USA is unfolding under his nose he has chosen, instead, to publish a tawdry gossip fictional piece based on anonymous sources and petty back stabbing by low level, immature, disgruntled government employees. Woodward should be embarrassed but he’s too self absorbed to embrace his obvious inability to function as a “journalist” any longer. Stick to dime novels from now on Bob. You have terminal “TDS” and have no further relevance.

  3. If Bob Woodward REALLY wanted to be an extraordinary journalist/author – he really should sit down with :
    Gregg Jarrett
    Sarah Carter
    Dan Bongino
    (…and probably a few more …)

    ….and see if they are telling the truth;
    then either corroborate or refute their stories.
    Then publish that !

    • Thank you to TF Sellers, your comments were great &”Watergate” Bob should have ReThought his second attempt to destroy a President of the USA.
      Thanks again to TF Sellers.

  4. He is being labeled a fraud by you, because what he said does not fit your agenda. So what do you actually know about that the rest of us know nothing about? You liberals will do or say anything to further your cause. Your using big words for someone who can’t see anything beyond their rose colored glasses.

  5. Mr. Bob Woodward seemed to be too anxious to relive his
    Watergate Fame or Infamy.
    Did he really believe that he could Bring Down another Duly Elected President of
    the United States?
    President Donald J.Trump is a Fighter for America, he will never allow a Left-Wing “Journalist” to Nail His Hide to the Wall.
    Bob, like all LIBS, believe that Americans are weak & will not Fight, but both President Trump & the Americans have
    Proven the “Watergate” hero wrong.
    President Trump was innocent of the “So-Called” Russian Collusion Charge & the President will continue to be Our American President.
    May God Bless President Trump & his Family.

  6. Perfect phrase “Thinking People”!!! Dems/Liberalism is a mental devect, there is in their brains that misfires. They are incapable of thinking for themselves.!

    • One of the things Liberals are missing is “COMMON SENCE”
      Common sense is like deodorant. Those who need the most don’t use it”

  7. Going by some of the leaked emails that were published, Hillary, had she won, planned to start a war with Russia. Of course, the neocons that loved her, as she was the biggest war hawk in congress, instrumental in the Afghan and Iraqi wars, loved the idea, they could gain more millions, never mind the radiation zones and millions of dead Americans.
    Many will not want to believe this, as it is too chilling and goes against practically a lifetime of two-party conditioning received ever since they took control of education, but this is what the system the nation’s founders warned against has devolved into. To the dual-named Kleptocracy, we are all considered expendable for their wealth and power

  8. Bob Woodward should be tared and feathered for putting out this open ended piece of garbage! This isn’t good authorship! it’s nothing but partisanship! Everyone I had respect for on the left has gone wonky. The author’s and actors I use to respect can’t keep their business separate from politics, Plus they have put down half of America because we don’t see thins as an elitist! we are Americans and should be treated as such. Bob you went from hero to Zero in my book! You can join lying crying Chuck Schummer in his pig pen!

  9. Woodard or not, we all know that there is a cancer in our country and it’s the Demo/commie party…Time to shut them down for good….

  10. It should be clear by now to anyone who pays attention to reality that democrats do not care about people having any rights.

    All they want is to protect their propaganda if you say or do anything even acts that do not qualify as speech (like vandalizing property or physically attacking someone) as long it was done to support their agenda they will defend it as FREE SPEECH, or FREEDOM OF THE PRESS but utter the truth about anything that contradicts that propaganda and its “HATE SPEECH” that must be silenced that anyone who does not blindly agree with them is somehow a racist, Nazi, fascist etc. all false accusations that clearly show they do not even know the meaning of those words spouted to harass anyone who disagrees with them.

  11. Thanks for writing the truth, you know Obama liked to take the US out but that was ok and if anyone stood against him it was discrimination. Well almost everything they could do against President Trump has been done, to me that is discrimination, he has got our jobs coming back, got more people working etc. What brownie points does he get ? non as far as I can see. Well President Trump this is one gal who is behind you 100% you keep stroking.
    It’s a shame this world is so mean and that there is people like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, these 3 are the ones I have heard about that have lied to the American people so many times, and nothing has been done, I guess that’s just America in todays times, everyone has to answer when they meet their maker and we all have to do that one day.

  12. I am a long time Democrat.
    I know that may be heresy to some on this site – but I was always one to honestly look at both sides of issues and opinions.
    Legitimate and heartfelt concerns were always there from both sides of the aisle; whether you agreed or not – I always felt it was important to know both sides. That’s what I always believed that ‘old-time traditional MOR Democrats’ were about.
    I no longer recognize my Party.
    It’s not easy for me to accept – but something went horrifically wrong with the Democratic Party.
    The blatant and blind loyalty to the Ultra-Left of the Democrats by the MSM and “Hollywood” is now unacceptable and almost repulsive by anyone’s standards.
    I am now a ‘follower’ of that “WalkAway” movement.
    You writers and readers of this (and many other) sites are very often ‘missing the boat’.
    There are, obviously, many other voters that feel the way I do….yet I really have to dig to find articles from the Middle and the Right that actually are trying (in a reasonable and thought out manner) to convince/recruit voters like myself……Middle-of-the-Road Democrats that simply hate what the Democratic Party has become.
    Instead of always ‘preaching-to-the-choir’ — you writers and readers need to sensibly, factually and convincingly pursue voters like myself.
    Done in the sensible, factual and convincing manner … you will get many MOR voters to shift to the Center-Right.
    If done well; they will vote Republican or at least split their vote.
    ( many Democrats will still talk publicly about supporting the Democratic Party; but vote Republican in the Voting Booth behind closed curtains … do not be offended by their ‘public’ support … as we all see everyday the ‘angry responses’ the angry Left-Wingers give to those that disagree with their views )

    Again- I don’t want to be insulting at all – but you guys are ‘missing the boat’.
    A single voter conversion is actually a 2 vote swing … one up on one side/one down on the other.
    This is a sway-able section of the electorate.
    Only talking to the base will simply solidify an already strong voter…

    …put legitimate time and efforts into those voters that may fall into that “WalkAway” category.
    Thank you for reading.

    Please feel to forward to your friends or copy them.
    Do your work … convert with intelligence, facts, and conviction.

  13. Truth Democrats colluded with the British intelegence agent Steele to forge a document to get illegal wiretaps on Trump and his campaign staff. They sold out other Democrat candidates through the D. N. C., and the PoDesta group, planted sleeper agents in all branches of the Federal Government and the Bureaucracy. They have been positioning for thirty years to attempt the coup but they may have lime Japan did on Dec. 7th, and 8th. only awakened a sleeping Giant.

  14. It is more than obvious that so called Democrats, actually Commieonazicrats, are morons that have no cognitive ability.

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