California City Removes Statue of President McKinley in Dead of Night

The quest to remove national monuments, sculptures and pieces of history that offend different groups has died down a bit in recent months; fighting over illegal immigration and walls is the latest cause making headlines. Despite this, a small city in California rekindled the argument over art and history versus politics when it removed a statue of a former United States President in the pre-dawn hours last week.

This time it was President William McKinley, and the statue was removed in the night, presumably to limit protest and controversy. Arcata California has been the target of Native American political groups and activists, who want the now-controversial statue of the former president removed (and demolished). The town took action in the dark of night, despite assurances that the public would be notified before any drastic action was taken. Instead, city council had the statue quietly removed before dawn, caving to the demands of Native American activists in the area.

At first glance, this popular American president does not seem controversial. This lifelong Republican fought on the side of the Union during the Civil War. Before his assassination in 1901, he was “one of the most beloved presidents in American history,” according to Politico. The Ohio-born president was responsible for the growth and expansion of the United States and the birth of American industry. Virtually all history books and biographies consider McKinley to be a good and popular president who furthered the cause of the growing nation at a time that leadership was needed. Despite this, his legacy has eroded in recent years, culminating in the removal of a public statue in his honor.

This is not the only time that a monument to President McKinley has been redacted or destroyed. In 2015, Mount McKinley was renamed Denali by then-President Barack Obama. The Alaskan mountain was originally named for the former president. In choosing Denali, the mountain is now known by its original native Athabascan name. The renaming occurred despite protests by the state of Ohio (McKinley’s home state).

Since 2018, radical protestors in Arcata California have been demanding the removal of a local statue dedicated to McKinley. According to the activists, President McKinley represents damage to Native Americans, including “settler colonialism” and “imperialism, white supremacy and genocide.”

The city voted and removed the statue without notice, despite promising to provide the public with details and a timeline. One activist organization, @7GenFund celebrated on Twitter:

“History was made today on Wiyot land! For the first time ever, a presidential monument was removed on the Arcata Plaza.

The statue depicted former U.S president William McKinley who left a genocidal legacy as many presidents before him, & after him have.#ItsAGoodDayToBeIndigenous”

McKinley appears to have been removed because of his status as a United States President, not for any actions of his own. While Confederate statues continue to be targeted for removal because of the alignment or actions of the people they portray, McKinley actually fought against the Confederacy and was by all accounts, a well-liked and a successful leader.

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63 thoughts on “California City Removes Statue of President McKinley in Dead of Night”

    1. They are working with liberal idiots and beating us without firing a shot, and the radical Muslims will continue to build bombs and use germ warfare without any means of stopping them because of the sanctuary cities and politicians hiding them or warning them Ice in in the area, is there not a group of lawyers that would do legal proceedings to prevent this you would think the FBI or CIA would do this but they are all crooked!

    2. You Americans are coward to labels like racism, etc and lack the guts of your fore-fathers and have blind patriotism to government corruption and having the false mindset that any government is too big to fight or fail! Now you allow and have liberalism’s lowering of standards to pacify all that hurts all , muslims in government positions hurting America along side the likes of the deep state, the anti-American rhinos and especially the anti-American democrats and their tool for their anti-American agendas the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES! Just because a pro American is President and on elections night made Clinton and the medias look like fools! Boy! what fools some American make allowing destruction from within!

      1. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Lincoln was next, after all if McKinley’s statue was removed, Lincoln who actually tried to bargain with the South (he was prepared to allow them to continue with some Slavery) in order to prevent the Civil War, would really be in for some scalping by these nut jobs.

  1. I would check the bank accounts of the council members, to see how much they got paid to do it. It appears on the surface to be a conspiracy.

  2. California is just a disgusting hell hole. No honor or pride for America. A bunch of brown shirt nazis. Thank you Obama and Hillary for turning California into a Third world country, dumbing down people. All fools.where are the true Americans in California?.

    1. Correction buddy. We are a Republic as it was designated by our fore fathers. Now it has had an adjective placed before that Republic and that is Banana. Have a great day.
      Rev J

    2. This is the biggest bunch of crap I have ever seen. This people are not Indians, they are renegades. These are the people whose ancestors who plundered and anihilated other tribes to take territory and make themselves stronger. They are allowed to do things that non-Indians can’t do, receive payments from the government, set up independent governments and PAY NO TAXES when they make millions off their Casinos.Some tribes have been given individual ownership of land and still have tribal reserve land and special access to what some say is the ancestoral land. Enough. I am not being racist and for those who think this is, check my past.

  3. This is happening because the silent majority lets it happen. And it will continue until our history is either re-written or erased.

  4. I’m sorry this happened. Let’s hope they do not take down his memorial in Ohio! His was the first President grave and monument I was able to visit!

  5. Hi,
    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. To be politically correct, for the now progressive crowd, the word men is wrong and the word ????? should be replaced by it. I have no idea what this new word should be. But I say screw them and I will stick with the original wording.

  6. When communists begin taking control of a nation, one of the first things they do is erase the country’s history, no matter how good and noble, and replace it with a “Politically-Correct” version.

  7. Extremist Islam does the same thing with Christian Churches. Destroying EVERYTHING that represents their enemy, Christianity. The Nazis did it with the book burning the books targeted for burning were those viewed as being subversive or as representing ideologies opposed to Nazism.

    This is EXACTLY THE SAME THING. The same naive people mixed into the dialogue of evil people perpetrate such acts in the end people will die.

  8. Follow the money trail and see who paid these council members. This Liberal Democrat rewriting of history needs to stop. You may not like the past but it happened and it needs to be remembered so people will know that things were changed for the better in most cases. The Liberals are destroying The United States anyway they can to take as much power away from the people as they can as shown by their actions.

  9. California is the most screwed up state in the nation. Poor California people have not had a decent governor since Reagan. Jerry Brown and the idiot now in office or anti American! Their other officials are all crooked or Mexicans faking being Californians…like their AG!

  10. what is next ? may be the statues to MLK because he was against same-sex weddings, against LGBTQ so-called rights and most of all he was a republican

  11. I do think the ones who removed the statue did it sneakily because they knew they were doing something the people didn’t want done, it should be found and out back up by the people, if they have destroyed it they need to have another made and out up , show your officials YOU THE PEOPLE will not stand for it , and if they continue to ignore you ,GET THEM OUT OF OFFICE.!!!!!!!!

  12. Roach says Disgusting to say the least. A lack of words to express the feeling of the majority. Political idiocy to try to erase history.

  13. History is history. If it happened in the past its history. Tearing down the monuments and the statues will not take that history away. Your ancestors my ancestors put those statues up there leave them alone! At one time they stood for something. You’re trying to erase American history and you can’t. You people need to get over yourself.

  14. How can these post from Vicki, Joe, Rev J, Pj, Fred, and mac be real? my time is 3/5/19 @ 10:28 AM. Where are they, Russia or China?

  15. The city council — are they Democrats or gutless (or both). It’s just too bad you can’t split that state up and give some of the people a decent chance at being truly American.

  16. That is one reason I moved back out of California , and so many others who can’t afford to live there. Tearing down reminders just makes them dumber so you can make the same mistakes over an over again.

  17. The tyranny of the minority strikes again ! Past time for people to stand up and fight back instead of sitting back and allowing our history to be rewritten and our heritage to be destroyed. I find those who demand such actions to be offensive. Perhaps a better solution would be to remove them !!!! This country had better wise up soon……it has been proven that those who ignore their history are destined to repeat it. In regard to those making these decisions about the civil war and rebellion ……. TAKE NOTE……just saying.

    1. Hey Bill, maybe now people will understand why liberals want to destroy the Second Amendment to our constitution. The first priority of anyone seeking to overthrow the government is to disarm the population so there can be no resistance. Check German history so it won’t be repeated here.

      1. So, I posted my reply at 7:31 am and it shows up as being posted at 11:31 am. I’m on the east coast so going back 4 time zones puts the timekeeper on the west coast of Africa. Why is someone in Africa so interested in American politics?

  18. I think California should be removed from getting federal funds,let the staete go to hell, they are not interested in this country so build the wall around that shit hole state.

  19. California is a ghetto that exists to pretend that its people are being represented by the thoughtful considerate leaders they think they are . Being an American means we all follow the same rules . And mob rule doesn’t take presidence over the legal citizens . Or just because an illegal doesn’t like it or a special group doesn’t like . It all must be put to vote by and with the legal citizens. That’s why our people have a constitution that these kind are destroying for their own gain . Weather it be money or power . The legal citizens allowed themselves to be run over by their choices of representatives. They allowed the illegals to vote and to have government positions that gave them authority over them . Now the illegals run the place giving themselves the wealth of the legal citizens and to take everything you people have .Stop running from your state and fight .Califorisns fought the rest of the country to make them be acceptable in the other states . It doesn’t work when you hand over your rights to communism or socialism. California is the example of hostile takeover by the insane . Moving to other states does not solve your problems as you bring your same rotten ideas with you and ruin those states as well . We are all about to go into a civil war because of Californians and their elected who are in Washington trying to destroy all of us . Quit being a bunch of wussies and stop that crap . Stand up for America .

    1. Amen to that! Erase history? Already doing that in books used in schools. Look at the colleges? Born and raised here many years ago! Been thru wars, rationing, riots, and plain pure evil demonrats ruining our state! ( there were a few good ones) Most just try to make we TRUE American citizens Miserable, and taxed to death! Gotta give all to the illegals and those who get paid to help them over run our once GREAT State! It makes me mad to see illegals in city government offices when WE have so many real CA residents that should be elected or appointed! Oh some air head in SF said they deserve to be in office cuz their kids go there! ALL AT OUR EXPENSE! Oh, and far too old to move!

  20. Please all You mexifornia idiots stop leaving Your pathetic state that you have ruined and coming to other states with your liberal idea’s,,,,stay where You are and rot in your shit hole cities like san fran-sicko…..we don’t want you and what you have become.

  21. This crap is getting way out of hand. They are trying to destroy all our history. Sorry folks, our history is our history and destroying monuments won’t change a damn thing, If you don’t like it, move somewhere else. We won’t miss you.

  22. Hey, there still an impressive monument to McKinley in Springfield, MA. When do you suppose they’ll go after that?

  23. What cowards. And exactly who gave them the right to do this without an equal vote from both Damnedocrats and Republicans?

  24. Postscript: I was lucky enough to visit the Denali wilderness area on vacation 3-4 years ago, and especially lucky to see then-Mt. McKinley in all it’s glory on one of the unusual days when it’s summit wasn’t enshrouded in clouds/fog. It was abundantly clear that folks up there weren’t happy with the McKinley name, honoring a person who never ever stepped foot in Alaska. Stunningly, less than a week after I returned home, Prez Obama renamed it Denali, returning it to it’s original Indian name. A fitting move.

  25. It’s amazing how people follow pelosi, Bernie and they can’t c for themselves Democrats are just using them.. Democrats want u to believe they care for u. Ur rights and family…..ha! They don’t care about unborn babies, don’t care about safe borders but they follow Bernie and pelosi like a herd of non thinking animals..
    Their idols are the 1%..
    They have many mansions (with immoral WALLS too). Wake up !/ What’s up? The herd just keeps on believing!!??!!
    M.A.G.A. We the People?

  26. We need to go into this cockamamie city and MOON those who are responsible for this! President Trump needs to sign an executive legalizing the MOONING of those responsible for the removal of the statue! Once the order it signed, it will be illegal to arrest, apprehend, detain or do anything to prevent the MOONING of these buffoons! The goal is for the culprits to face 5,000,000 MOONS and the order which legalized the MOONING of the culprits will remain in effect until Jan. 20, 2021 at noon with the President who is inaugurated that day having the authority to renew this order for four years!

  27. What a wonderful country we live in. We can all safely lay pen to our different opinions.

  28. Well, we all know the stupid is growing in Mexifornia on a daily basis as Mexifornia and New York state try to out stupid the other.

  29. California’s Liberal Radical Democratic Party insanity continues. They are determined to destroy American History and the freedoms of Americans. The People should sue the Cowardice Leadership in this city. Why is it that 10 individuals protest, dislike something for some radical reason, threaten to sue and the Cities bend to their demands over the objections of a 1000 residences. This Insanity must stop. Its time for the Courts to represent the People.

  30. And? You people sit by and let them. Try coming on and saying you stopped them. But oh NO. Keep it up and there will be nothing left but foreigners living in YOUR homes.

  31. This is 1984/Brave New World type of activity. While I can understand changing the name of the mountain back to the original native name, radical activists are trying to erase history because they don’t like that things weren’t perfect to their ideals. We need to remember history, warts and all, or we shall be doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. To the radicals, freedom of speech and thought run one way. You can say or think whatever you want about anything as long as it agrees with them. If it doesn’t you’re branded as a racist, sexist, bigoted, homophobic, etc. This is the way it was in Nazism Germany’s, communist Russia, and totalitarian regimes throughout history and around the world. Name the person and the state will find the crime even if there isn’t any law that was broken.

  32. He was a republican, that is why it was removed, it offended the snow flakes, the same as our now current President does

  33. “1984”, “Atlas Shrugged”, “Animal Farm” to name a few books which have predicted some of the insane actions now taking place because of a few radical idiots who don’t have a clue about history. Our schools have destroyed American pride, American values, everything American that I used to know and love. The insane beliefs of some of the radical Leftists are coming to the forefront and are being accepted by some who aren’t aware of the dangers of Socialism, Fascism, Communism, although there are records throughout history that show that all those isms have failed. Not only do they destroy individual initiative and entrepreneurship, they destroy businesses that hire workers; they lead to dictatorship where a few on high control the peons below. Is this in our future?

  34. So True! We are being destroyed from within. And a separate Nation within an Nation (Indian Nations allowed to be separate nations) within the USA is crazy! They receive Federal funds and because they have this automatically coming in many do not even work. That is what happens if you do not have to work for a living. Everyone should have to work and pay the taxes. But a Nation, founded on the Word of God, who forgets God is going to crumble and crumble from within. May God Almighty/Jesus have mercy on this Nation, the USA, and turn her (her people) around. When the righteous do nothing then things fall apart! Pray and seek God Almighty to heal our land.

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