California Introduces a Bill to Kill Free Speech Online

Many take it for granted that free speech will always be allowed in the United States. However, there is no guarantee that this is in fact the case. A recent bill introduced to the California State Senate would require anyone living in the state to submit any news story, blog post or even text message they want to publish online to state-approved “fact checkers” before putting their content up for the world to see.

The bill is called “Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan” and was introduced by far-left California State Senator Richard Pan. It stipulates that any individual who operates a social media website with a physical presence in the state of California will need to develop a “strategic plan” to verify any news story shared on that website.

According to the bill, the “strategic plan” requires that internet users in that state use fact-checkers to verify any news story being shared online, provide outreach to social media users regarding the sharing of false information and post a warning on any news story that has contains “false information”.

While the bill uses complicated legal language, it is clear that the “fact checkers” who would be required to check all social media posts containing news stories would in fact be state-approved workers. In essence, residents of California would be required by law to ask the state for permission to put up news stories. This permission would be granted or denied based on what a particular state-approved “fact checker” thinks about the story content. Furthermore, the bill makes it clear that the social media requirements aren’t limited to popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It includes any electronic service or account such as video sharing website, photography website, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, text messages and instant messages and email.

It is important to note that even those who do not live in the State of California are sure to be affected by this bill, as the law applies to all social media outlets based in the state. Any blog or social media website that runs on a California-based server would be subject to the new law, even if the person operating the site does not live in California. It is also important to note that what the California state government considers to be “facts” are often considered to be falsehoods by hundreds of millions of people throughout the country.

Consider the fact that a judge in the state recently ruled that Starbucks coffee cups must have a cancer warning. Bloggers and affiliate advertisers who publish news content promoting Starbucks could very well be required to post the same type of warning on their sites or face state-imposed consequences.

Unfortunately, the California government is more likely to go after conservative and libertarian websites that publish content contrary to its point of view. Websites that publish content shedding light on the many problems with vaccination could face harassment, legal action or both, as could sites that post anti-immigration, pro-gun or even pro-Trump content. Given the fact that the government cannot monitor every single site at first, it would likely go after the largest, most popular ones. Once the larger websites have been brought under control, the state could start hounding individual citizens who dare to express news-related opinions that are contrary to the California government’s point of view.

The implications of the “Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan” bill are downright scary. It would essentially limit free speech in a way that this country has never seen. What is more, it could encourage other far-left politicians on a state and national level to bring up similar bills. If such laws were to pass, the country’s internet could quickly become like communist China’s, offering a veneer of free speech to the masses while censoring any content that contains sensitive words or language that could offend the government and government allies.

Free speech is a cornerstone of liberty, and everyone should have the right to share news without fear of punishment. It is up to the readers, not the government, to research what they read online and then decide of their own free will to either believe or discard the information they have just heard.

~ Conservative Zone

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72 thoughts on “California Introduces a Bill to Kill Free Speech Online”

  1. Talk about Communism…I can believe that this will pass with our Liberal State officials as we have very little sane individuals willing to fight for us in this crazy state that we once called the Golden State. Wow, it is so sad to see this beautiful state of our losing it’s glory with these crazy idiots running around…I cannot wait until I am out of here. So sad to leave California but I cannot take it anymore. I feel as though I am being drowned out by this Liberal Socialism. God help us all…

      1. As per usual, a progressive socialist cannot conceive an intelligent retort or present any reasonable argument for their stance so they resort to pejoratives.

    1. I tried to post this to Facebook & it claims to be an “Unsafe Website” Its already happening
      Its getting embarrassing to be from Calif. Please don’t let the communist
      ideals come to America, If these people want to live in communist or socialist
      countries, Why don’t they go live in one for a couple of years. Why do they feel a need to destroy us. Don’t let them ruin America

  2. The Liberals dream come true if it passes – silence the opposition under threat of state prosecution (persecution ?)…

  3. Why doesn’t this include print media, television and radio? These outlets regularly report facts that end up having to be retracted or corrected. For example in December 2017 the NY Times reported that “CNN on Friday corrected an erroneous report that Donald Trump Jr. had received advance notice from the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks about a trove of hacked documents that it planned to release during last year’s presidential campaign.” This is but one example of how stories reported as fact are not true.

  4. So what are the CA commies going to do when I exercise my Free Speech rights on-line and I am physically in Texas? If they began to harass my website or comments on others, what is going to stop me from flooding anti-commie info from every site I can muster? What are they going to do? Send some CA goons to my State to mess with me? Fuck all these commie assholes, they all need to die.

  5. I maybe an over the top optimist but I have faith there are a lot of people in CA not as crazy as those making decisions in CA now. They will stay silent only for a while then the stupidity will reach a frenzy that they will stand up- and eliminate the dumb liberal perverted rules and regulations !

  6. Why would anyone except stupid people want to reside (started to say live, but that will soon be taken away) in the state of California?

  7. Mr. Pan certainly does not represent the Pan of Greek mythology in any way, shape or form. Free speech is a right I will NEVER give up for any legislator. Try and stop what I express and see what happens. Perhaps Mr. Pan should immigrate to China or another country that thinks a she does. I use the term “thinks” with great reservation in this case. I will read whatever I like and make my own decisions as to the veracity of what I am told. i don’t need anyone’s help to do this. Check out the Internet Mr. Pan and note what happens when someone lies or misrepresents any topic. Typical politician.

  8. The state of crazyfornia will probably hire the same gal that was doing the Florida recount in 2000. Every ballot that was presented – even if she did not look at it – she said it was for Gore. So, what will the official news source in CA be called? Pravda is already taken.

  9. There’s no hiding it, or glossing over it. The Liberals are going after Americas freedom. I didnt think they would be this emboldened with Conservative president in office……but here they are, attacking America. Almost like our own little ISIS here in the States. Hmmmm. And when do we start fighting back against this madness?

    1. Trump has brought out all the pus in the country but who would have thought that there is so much hatred. I mean it is almost as if the people who have the most like Hollywood and Zuckerberg etc are the ones who want to take away our freedoms and I can’t figure out why people with everything want to take away from others. Once I read that in this country the people who give the most to others were in the poorest of states and were very much into Jesus. The lack of morality nowadays has to be based on the lack of belief in God and narcissism.

  10. Hell no, keep free speech, protect our 1st and 2nd amendments. This is just to silence conservatives. MSM will still speak their ongoing lies. And the TRUTH from conservatives will be squashed. WE the people have to stand up to protect our rights. The liberals want us silenced and dead. CANNOT ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN.. We already know CA law makers do NOT CARE ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Their only concern is getting votes from the illegals because they can’t get the American public to vote for them.. CA law makers have said a fuck you to the American people. Now it’s time for the American people to give a big fuck you to Ca law makers trying to take our right’s away. Take our voice and our guns so WE Have NO way to stand up for ourselve or be able to protect ourselves. The police won’t help us. The police get their after it’s too late…. Only WE CAN PROTECT OURSELVES. KEEP FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET. Stop the lieing MSN who only speaks lies and incites violence against whites, conservatives, pro Trump, against America and against police officers. MAGA………

  11. Just when you think the Communists that run Mexifornia ..aka…Banana Republic can’t get any more insane..they do. Conservative speech is considered false -hate speech and must be curtailed by the Censors R Us crew.

    1. Wise up people of Commifornia. Vote the idiots out starting with Pilousey before it’s too late.
      Send Moonbeam Brown to the Moon. The Golden State is becoming the Rotten State!

  12. This former refugee from a communist hell recognizes easily these content control measures introduced by the progressive communist rulers of California. In anticipation of such measures this former Californian abandoned the state and now lives in Nevada.

  13. While free speech is still available in OUR COUNTRY…..FUCK YOU, California , and FUCK YOU, Governor, you are a total fucken moron….that’s my free speech………

    1. I was born in L.A. Co. and raised in Orange Co., CA. After high school, I moved to the SF Bay area where I worked and started a family. I worked during the Silicon Valley boom. Life was great and then liberals and Rinos took over and it’s never been the same since. I moved away in 1994 due to the high cost of living and jobs either closing or leaving the country. I wonder how long before CA idiots try to control personal emails (my family and a lot of friends still live there). I’m old school, so I don’t text. I am not part of the social media. I either email or phone. I respond to these conservative blogs, PERIOD. It’s just a matter of time before personal emails are monitored. I might have to go back to snail mail until CA abuses those rights also. If it hadn’t have been for high cost of living reasons back in 1994, I would have definitely moved because of political reasons now. CA was once a beautiful state with great jobs – it was one of the most desirable places to live in the US. I really miss the Pacific coast. It is now one of the most disgraceful places to live now. I sure hope these elitist politicians fall and the people can take their state back and bring it back to the great state it used to be. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to split the state into 3 separate states – Northern California, Southern California and California (Mexifornia). The worst part of CA is the elitist politicians ill-gotten gains and the Hollywood elite which would be in California (Mexifornia/Californication). All of my family and friends would be in Northern CA and Southern CA, thankfully. There’s enough signatures to put it on the Nov. ballot. I was married in Carmel in Monterrey Co. in 1982, but OH WELL – memories will suffice. Once the IG’s report comes out, perhaps there won’t be any elite CA left. This is Bob’s wife.

        1. What a wonderful idea, a State populated by homeless and illegals, and lets not forget the politicians. It would be fun to see how they would run a State with no tax
          money coming in. Where do these ideas come from?

      1. Well said and thanks for sharing. I live in NY and we are not far behind CA. There are more homeless than ever with DeBlasio as mayor of NYC. The city is filthier and the crime rate up.

  14. I can say one thing that many have to consider, Do not register or give up your guns. The left liberals main agenda is to first take away any rights to defend yourself, and secondly to make it easy to identify those whom hold a different opinion from theirs. Once Identified, and disarmed, you can become a target of the state, to ruin you thru legal bankrupting you and then probably imprison you for being independent and conservative. Many do not know that the so called fact checker sites are social liberal think tanks, run by the progressives. If you look up the boards and the affiliations these fact checkers are made up, it all traces back to the liberal controlled institutions in W.D.C. and was created to taint facts that can not be verified, or proven, but are considered the source to facts. I did a study once on the make up of FACT CHECK, and it was so amazing who runs that institution without even a balanced board for of any one other than Left liberals. Communist party of California has so brain washed every dumb voter to think progressives will take better care of them, than their own selves. This is the beginning of what our constitution was written to prevent in history, repeat of government control over its people, just as what happened in the colonial days with British. People that flee south america will find themselves in shock when they flee corruption to only become under communist rule as defined the most controlling and state sponcored of dictatorship in the country. I know that Yahoo has become a progressive information site, but i seriously think that we need to perhaps ditch the sites that offer free web mail and look for alternative and believe me, I am considering it.

  15. Definition of communism
    a : a system in which goods are owned in common and are available to all as needed
    b : a theory advocating elimination of private property
    a : a doctrine based on revolutionary Marxian socialism and Marxism-Leninism that was the official ideology of the U.S.S.R.
    b : a totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production
    c : a final stage of society in Marxist theory in which the state has withered away and economic goods are distributed equitably
    d : communist systems collectively

    1. E. A system where those at the top are corrupt and skim off whatever they can. The socialist and
      communist elite do not live in hovels, they enjoy the best of everything.

  16. Is this a surprise to anyone? MEXIFORNIA is one of the leaders in UNCONSTITUTIONAL “decrees” and TYRANNY.
    The time has come to REMOVE the COMMUNISTS from their so-called “government” PERMANENTLY or “practice” like this will be tried all over the U.S. and they will be successful into turning our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC into a third world SH##HOLE just like OSCUMBAG the GAY FRAUD MOOSLIME DEMOCOMMUNIST and his “followers” wanted from the get-go.

    1. Oscumbag (I like that name!) had 8 years to start (or continue) the destruction of America. Hillary was supposed to win the election and take the baton for the last 8 years of total destruction and life as we know it obliterated. They are not even trying to hide their attempts at the impeachment of Pres. Trump and their contempt of our great country anymore, now that they are exposed. All of the anti-Trumpers/conservatism is up front and personal now. It’s either we destroy them or they destroy us. I vote WE WIN!! Pray for the safety of Pres. Trump & family and for we the people, the Patriots! MAGA!!! This is Bob’s wife.

  17. never trust fact checkers especially if the communist / socialist left are in bed with the fact checkers which they will be
    and on some fact check sights already are. Where is the Supreme Court Decision before We the People can Approve this

    1. Who decides who the fact checkers are? Are they fact-checked, etc., etc., etc.? How can this be legal unless they change the Constitution (which they are trying their hardest to do anyway)? This is Bob’s wife.

  18. Richard Pan who is promoting this – has to be a Nazi. This time he is working to take away freedom of speech; the last time the power of parents to refuse vaccines for their children. Governor Soft-in-the-Head Brown signed that bill. As someone who has been into health studies for 57 years and knows that there is not one vaccine that does’t have side effects, whether you experience them or not…it opened my eyes to the fact that the people who are in power don’t give a damn about the people who are paying their salaries. They are catering to those who are making them rich. Time to wake up and put them out of business. Who is Dr. Richard Pan? We need to know all about people like this. Check their connections, when they are promoting evil legislation.

    1. There’s also questions about the government-mandated vaccines – mind control or population purging? This is Bob’s wife.

    2. maybe Richard is one of the rotten eggs that need to be broken to save the rest of the country and our constitution. get it?

  19. It is hard to believe that some Dumbass could initiate such a bill, but if his heritage and teachings originated in another country it is conceivable. Examine some of the crap Barak came up with that could trace to education in Indonesia. He was there until he was 17/18. There ought to be an amendment that, as well as being native born, a President must his formative years in the U.S. Native-born should be interpreted as born in this country of TWO citizens, not a parent born elsewhere AND spending a childhood in their native country.

  20. This so called “bill” seems to be a waste of time, in addition to being dubious. Who determines whether or not a new story is factual, or not? The person or persons making those decisions would need to be very intelligent and well informed, in order to determine if it is “fake news” or not. This being the case, most of the mainstream media would be banned in California, since it is full of lies and distortions. So if this bill passes, CBS, NBC, CNBC, and ABC news would be pretty much banned from the state of California, due to repeated false content. The only networks allowed in California would be the truthful ones such as FOX News, and One America News, which might be a good thing, since the brainwashed people in California would start hearing the real news and the truth for once.

    1. Maybe their “fact-checkers” would be liberal-approved MSM “journalists”and not the real news media. Who would verify the veracity of the checkers of the fact checkers? …and on and on. This is Bob’s wife.

  21. OMG, Commiefornia wants to submit news stories to their own “fact checkers”? now just who is checking facts and are they true facts or libtard bullshit propaganda promoted as facts?

  22. California, New York, Oregon, Massachusetts, Washington, Maryland, etc. Find a state with a Democrat Governor and you have a jurisdiction committed to the denial of free speech and other unalienable rights given by the Creator.
    If you vote Democrat, you agree that:
    1). American citizens have too many God given rights and the Government should take them away!
    2.) You are keeping too much of the money you earn and the Government should step in and take it away.
    3.). There are too many people in the USA with jobs, especially Black and Hispanic Americans.
    4.) Except for the wealthy, everyone in America deserves the same mediocre medical care. If you perish in a long waiting line for a medical
    procedure, tough luck sucker.
    5.) The protection of human beings right to life does not apply to the elderly, people with permanent metal limitations, and babies; however, the right to life should be extended to animals

    1. I do believe in protection of animals rights (not PETA). I think animal abuse is appalling. If one adopts an animal, they have the responsibility to take care of it. I would say that animals should be taken care of like children, but some people shouldn’t have children either (spay or neuter?). If there’s animal abuse, increase the charges and jail time. But I also believe that those abusive “care takers” that diminish the safety, quality of life, health and care of human beings should have to suffer the exact same treatment themselves. How do we abort an adult? We can’t suck their brains out – they have none. This is Bob’s wife.

  23. It could only be CA that would come up with this TYPE OF BS. AMERICANS are suppose to let one the most Socialist States in AMERICA tell the rest of AMERICA what they can/can not think and say. Maybe the CA State fag should be changed to something else, like maybe the swastika.

  24. If California is REALLY concerned about limiting conservative speech, which they are, they should secede from the United States.

    In the meantime, they must keep their Marxist, liberal hands OFF of our Constitution.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  25. I can’t see a so called “blue wave” coming in November when the left has advocated for the removal of the 2nd amendment and now in commiefornia they want to take away the 1st. You have to be a moron or a commie to vote for democrats these days.

  26. we will not follow your rules you winey little commy assholes. take your state and shove it. you people are pathetic ., evil, demons. the conservatives need to stand up against this tyrannical state, and use the second amendment if needed. don’t spread your trash to the rest of us, because we will not hesitate to use the second amendment against you!

  27. Notwithstanding the garbage level one sadly finds on The Internet, no small amount of which is unsolicited, unwanted advertising rubbish, I wonder as to the following. Were such legislation actually enacted, and the state brought a legal action of some kind against a supposed “violator”, would The Federal Courts, especially The Supreme Court have the intestinital fortitude necessary, not much I would think, to toss it as being obviously in violation of provisions of The Constitution, or might they “weasel word” their way around the obviously constitutional problems.

  28. It is very simple. Crazifornia, my home state, doesn’t want to be free anymore. We sell it back to Mexico, telling them that what we owe from trade agreement is now paid in full and California is theirs to deal with as they please. We build the wall all the way up the east side of Calexico and across the bottom of Oregon. If Oregon and Washington want to join in with Calexico, then we sell them back to France and we are good. I’m sure we can get a good deal on Hawaii from either Japan or China.

  29. Many unConstitutional liberal wet dream bills are put forward in CA every year. Only a minute fraction of them ever make it anywhere past Committee. Those that do are inevitably challenged in the US Supreme Court. This one would be challenged by a ton of entities almost instantly and then tossed out by the Court. The Constitution is rather clear on the matter. Additionally, the idea is insane from a logistical perspective that would have every news agency no matter how large or small filing suit against the State of CA. as there is no way a government office could keep up with vetting for truth every article, post, blog and statement on the internet by those with a “presence in CA”. In a world where news is 24/7 and getting the article out first can make or break it for a news company they will not put up with this. It is utterly foolish for liberals to think they would but I did say liberals so foolish is redundant.

  30. Maybe a law like this would convince a lot more technology companies to leave California, leaving the state with a lot fewer sources of revenue. As much as they favor censorship, Facebook, Twitter, and others would find their businesses deteriorating significantly if they lost most of their conservative users.

  31. It appears to me that the California Government is making sure that the next American Revolution will be started right here in California, and I guarantee that I’ll be on the front lines fighting as a Patriot for American rights, that California is taking away.

  32. Encourage Mexifornia to secede. Then allow the eastern counties there to rejoin the US. Next put a fence along the new border and don’t let any Mexifornians into this country.

  33. It is about time for the average California citizens to say enough is enough. It is time to show these so-called elite politicians who is the boss, at the ballot box. These politicians and Hollywood snobs are giving the whole state, and the normal citizens, a bad name. Once they stand up to the politicians, maybe, the exodus from the state will end. To paraphrase President Trump, it is time to make Californians great again.

  34. Many places in California already have basically made the freedom of speech illegal. On Berkley campus they only allow left winged, non-christian, or any intelligent people to speak if they disagree with them and they do not follow the laws to allow the opposing view because they will let nut cases and terrorist groups like ANTIFA and BAMN shout them down, commit violent acts to stop them from speaking, or even lute and vandalize. Schools in California, I am not saying all schools but many schools will not allow christians or even nonchristians who disagree with homosexuality, transvesticism, homosexual marriage, transgenderism, illegal migration, abortion, any other sexual deviant behavior, or this stupid non gender or gender neutral lunacy to speak their mmd which is their right according to the first amendments freedom of speech. Many so called teachers are not allowing students to give true scientific evidence that Global warming and man made climate change is a farce but will only like the left winged media and Bill Nye the Psuedo-science guys propaganda and lies to be considered fact. Many students have been ostracized, suspended, or punished in other ways for saying there are only two sexes, that you are either a man or a woman or if you happen to have been born with both pieces of plumbing you are a hermaphrodite but there is no other choice. There have been students actually assaulted for saying that addressing a boy as though he is a girl is stupid and vice versa by teachers and allowed to been ostracized by other student because they supposedly need empathy training, This is foolish and psychotic. The freedom of speech is being mixed in with the freedom of religion also and homosexuals are actually filing illegal lawsuits around the country singling out christian companies to take away their right to not be involved with homosexual marriage or other homosexual activities because they do not accept it as a valid way of life and consider it immoral which is illegal. The laws of the land do not require any business to accept a contract if they do not wish to. Only if there was a written contract with an individual or business. A bakery is NOT REQUIRED BY ANY LAW TO SIGN OR ACCEPT ANY CONTRACT FOR ANY FUNCTION FROM ANY INDIVIDUAL OR BUSINESS IF IT IS IN DIRECT OPPOSITION TO THEIR PERSONALLY HELD BELIEFS. The Freedom of religion was put into the Constitution first on purpose because NO group or citizen should be allowed to force any individual or business to do something against their religious beliefs and it is the most important freedom according to the founders because no one should be able to make anyone else be a hypocrite unwillingly. The Freedoms were given for the specific reason of protecting those who have different view from being told to be quiet, or forcing them to do something immoral against their will. The freedom of speech should be protected in all cities, counties and states and if any municipality will not protect the constitutional freedoms the representatives, government officials or employees, police, or other individuals that are in effect disallowing the freedom of speech by not allowing them to speak, causing disturbances, committing violence or vandalism, or in anyway denying the freedom should be arrested for this and imprisoned while being replaced by someone whom will abide by the constitution and not be a political activist in office where they do not have the right to do so. If you want to be an activist do it constitutionally or go to jail for a minimum of one year.

  35. I cannot wait for California to be hit with that earthquake and be washed into the sea. I hope you idiots do secede. You will be bankrupt in a month with all your useless social service programs.

  36. As long as the citizens of Californicate stand by and let all of this idiocy take place without impeaching these so called State Representatives and Senators, along with their idiotic Governor; then they deserve what they get. I’m still for drilling along the San Andreas fault line and implanting explosives in order for the elitists to have their own country underwater. Of which the vast majority of these nimrods live. 26 far western counties of the state is where all of this lunacy is coming from.

  37. It’s noteworthy to mention that the majority of California State legislatures are from other countries which could have a lot to with their views on free speech, press, religion, etc. This type of self created tyranny could greatly affect those who outside of California if the social networking platorm their blogging on is based in California.

  38. Does this mean the end of defamation of character ? Or that California bills are above U.S. Constitutional Law , and the Supreme Court? Is California going rouge ? And here I thought that Adolf Hitler was dead. Come to think of it, everything I learned in the Public schools is no longer correct.The weather reports are not accurate one day ahead, but reports 100 years ahead are. Most everything we know is changing, and everything we see, is seen differently by others. Are reports of UFO sightings off the table , and science unspeakable ? I wonder .

  39. Correct me if i’m wrong does’nt this fall under the perview of the well known publication “Pravda” ?

  40. California is attacking the “Bill of Rights”! Do they really understand what they are doing? They may think that they are only shutting down the opposition but they will destroy their own freedom as well.

  41. The state of MEXIFORNIA should have the balls to REJECT any federal money. After all they think they can SHIT all over the LAWS OF THE LAND. So they should NOT GET ANY fed funds. I agree Trump should include it as part of the wall

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